Destructive Beam is one of the most bizarre and yet powerful attacks to exist.


The user begins to form a Hyper Beam-esque attack, with an extremely massive amount of energy involved. However, instead of unleashing the energy wave from the hands or mouth, as most techniques are, the energy is instead absorbed from the forming orb and fired from the eyes as a double-barrelled wave blast.

The technique is incredibly devastating to everything non-organic, disintegrating most mechanical and robotic opponents with ease, and can even destroy vast swathes of the environment around the user. The one exception to the non-organic rule is most forms of unaltered trees and plant matter, which do not possess the same bioelectronic field as an animal. However, Nature magic can recreate that effect, making the trees immune.

However, while the technique is unable to destroy an organic target, it has some very precise effects on them - almost all targets flinch away from the attack due to the speed and size charged into the blast. Indeed, only fighters with Inner Focus or those who do not fear death can face the beam head on and even consider countering it with a reply technique. However, if they do attempt to counter, then the beam can impact against their body, rather than dissipate against it. This effect is often the hardest part to deal with, as while a single blow will not kill a target due to the technique's inbuilt inhibiting factors, it will leave that same target unconscious and often with the vast majority of clothing, equipment and weaponry blasted from the target. For those with cybernetics, this can be lethal as their cybernetic gets critically damaged. As such, as a flinch-inducing technique, it has a unique distinction in its ability to only deal damage to someone immune to its primary effect.

However, don't think that the user has no side-effects from the use of the technique. While the attack doesn't leave the user temporarily immobile to recharge energy, it has the side-effect of temporarily blinding the fighter, meaning that for a reasonably amount of time, the chances of them hitting anything (or reusing the technique) is incredibly slim. As an added side-effect, excessive lifetime use is known to lead to the user going permanently blind. Even with an activation total as low as ten uses can lead to a permanent blinding to the eyes. However, if the user opts to replace their eyes with cybernetics, the technique becomes unusable or at the bare minimum suffers a 50% power reduction, leaving cloned or donated eyes the only way to bypass the loss of vision if the technique is desired to be used over the users lifespan.



Technique Rank

Due to the sheer power and bizarre effect of the technique, it bears an S-rank. However, the scarcity of users has triggered some theorists to label it as being either a Hidden technique, taught only to a small handful each generation, or an extinct one.

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