This is a page about Destiny & Fate, two weapons created by XophPsycho


Destiny and Fate take the appearance of traditional Japanese Katanas, with curved, single-edge blades that are about two feet long each. They have black, leather hilts with crystal-like spheres at the end, and circular hand-guards made of the same crystal-like material. The two swords are almost completely identical, the only difference between the two is that the crystals on Destiny are red, while the ones on Fate are light-blue.


Destiny and Fate have had many wielders over the eons. Presently, Destiny is in the possession of Xavis Pyrovolt, who- no matter the timeline- also obtains Fate at some point in the future.


Destiny and Fate have two main powers that have withstood the test of time. The first is that they are both completely indestructible, unable to be broken, bent, or even scratched by any force in existence. This comes with a bit of a downside however, as while the blades cannot become dull, the also cannot be sharpened.

Their second ability is that they can temporarily harness and infuse their blades with the power of whoever wields them- if said wielded has a power, that is. For instance, if the person is pyrokinetic, the blades would burst into flames; if electrokinetic, electricity would course through them, and so on. The drawback to this is that the user is sapped of their power while the swords harness it, and could become drained if used excessively- especially with both. Fortunately, this ability is manually activated by the wielder, and will last only for as long as they want it to- or until they are too fatigued for the swords to draw power.


The exact origin of the swords is unknown, as they seemingly predate most forms of history, but they are generally believed to have been created by the gods for some long-forgotten purpose. They have had many wielders and have travelled across the globe over the course of their long existence, being used by the forces of both good and evil- and even against each other. At some point the two had become separated, and both eventually became lost.

After some unknown length of time, Destiny had been found by Dr. Eggman, and was given to his latest creation, Xavis, for use in training. Upon Xavis' escape, he took Destiny with him, and the sword has stuck with the hedgehog ever since. Meanwhile, Fate remains undiscovered, but will at some point in the future be found and eventually make its way into Xavis' possession.

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