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Desty Design color one


Biographical Information
  • 15 (physically)
  • 10 (real age)
  • The Shining Family
Romantic Interests
  • Sora "Ryan" Kurai (boyfriend)
  • Road Runner the Hedgehog (Ex-boyfriend)
  • Dessie
  • Dest
  • Desty
  • Desweety
Team affliction
  • Team Kaosu
Physical Description

African Pygmy Hedgehog shaped Chaos emerald.



  • Blue furr and hair with black streaks on the arms, legs, tips of her hair, and stoumach.
  • Crystal Blue eyes.
  • Pink marking on her leg.
  • Hot pink top with a belt around the upper mid-riff.
  • Plaid green and pink sleeves. One is cut so it falls, with a strap holding it on.
  • Dark green and pink fingerless gloves.
  • Pleated pink and Hot pink shirt with a dark green stripe going through the lower half.
  • Light green and pink striped stockings.
  • Green and pink Jet shoes.
  • Black Inhibitor Rings on her wrists and ankles.
  • Black chocker/collar with a chain and cross on it.
Abilities and forms

Destiney Chaos Set.



Super Forms
  • Super Destiney
  • Angel Destiney
  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • Dancing
Theme Song


Cquote1 Keep this in mind! Life is like a roller coaster, so when things get hard I just sit back and try to enjoy the ride to the fullest! Cquote2

Destiney's main quote and veiw on life!

Destiney the hedgehog

Destiney is a blue, female, anthropomorphic hedgehog with Chronokinetic abilitys. She has a crush on Shadow the Hedgehog, and wonders what it is like to find others who are like her. Her life force comes off of the Master Emerald, and she depends on its energy greatly. Dest is also a living Chaos Emerald, and is actually insulted when people call her a Trigger Emerald.

Dessie is found mostly in forests, sometimes other places. Her younger sister Tianshi is almost always with her, whether she likes it or not. It's very hard to track her down since she never stays in one spot for to long, and you can't keep her held in an area either.


Destiney is the sweet and nice kind of girl that will gladly try to become your friend! She can be a bit shy around certain people or when you first meet her, but after getting to know you she can be very talkative. Dest can also be naive, because she has some lack of understanding many things. She dislikes arguments nowadays and try's to avoid having them with her close friends and such. Dessie has a completely loving side towards her younger sister Tianshi and twin Thirza, she loves them so much she wouldn't know what to do without them! She love's a lot of fuzzy and cute things as well, especially cats!

She can be very jumpy, and a bit clutzy, so be warned if you scare her you might be in for a shriek that will hurt your ears! Dest also has a tendency to lose her balance when she is high up in the, but she just makes an excuse that tree's don't like her. Although she can get scared easily, she is also brave enough to go into though situations and make her way out! Destiney also doesn't have a very big temper like she had before, so it's very hard to get her angered.

Back Story

Destiney's life started when she was morphed from the missing Orange emerald. Her beloved friend Shadow the Hedgehog had her right in the instance when she has been morphed, so it is believed that he may have been one to thank for transforming her. She has met Ms.Maria Robotnik and her grandfather shortly afterwards, and they were amazed with the story on how she had come to be. After a few short weeks on ARK, her soon-to-be older brother Mephiles the Dark has time traveled to her location on a mission. Destiney was unfotunately caught off guard by him, and in a short instance he got his DNA into her, thus making her his younger sister. She had passed out from this strange event, only to wake up with no memory of this event, and convinced herself it was only a dream. Then, a few day later she was just being bored with Shadow and Maria and she was given a green Chaos Emerald. Shadow told her that she should figure out something to do with it, and doing as she was told she had put life energy into the emerald. It had then turned into her twin sister Thirza the Hedgehog, and Destiney was so extremely surprised and shocked from what she had done. But after awhile she has gotton used to it and spent a lot of time with her. After what was her fifth month on ARK, they were attacked by G.U.N., and her time there was over. Destiney was then sent to the Sol Dimension for fifty year by Shadow so she would stay safe.

Back to Mobius

Destiney eventually found her way out of the Sol Dimension, 50 years after the incident of ARK. She got back to Mobius and to her friend Shadow's surprise, had appeared right in front of him! Destiney was so happy to see such a familier face after being away for such a long time, so she tried to hug him as soon as she saw him. After being on Mobius for awhile and getting used to it, she began trying to meet newer people and make new friends. So she began adventuring, exploring, and going around in many places to see who she could meet. Her path crossed with a lot of people who wanted to use her power, but she was clever enough to escape them and continue her adventures!

A New Friend

When Destiny heard that Eggman captured a hedgehog named Shade to make clones of her so he can rule the planet, she took off to save her. Shade was helpless when Destiny found her, and made a remark to Eggman saying "Hey Eggman! This is a new one, capturing defenseless girls." Destiny used Chaos Spear on Shade's cage to break it open and grabbed her, leading her out of Eggman's base. Destiny and Shade have been best friends ever since and will stay that way forever! She and Shade will fight some times (mostly because they both like Shadow) but they can put this aside for a friend in need.


Destiney has many Chaos, Music related, Dark, and Light powers, some of them can be deadly if done right. She also has Exclusive Chaos Power to herself, see the list below for the description.

Chaos Armaghedon: Chaos Armaghedon is a deadly version of chaos blast, which is used by Destiney at full power. She charges up as much chaos energy as she can before releasing the orange and black attack.

Sound Charm: Sound Charm is Destineys Crystalline instrument that she can either Charm/Hypnotize people into doing as she says for an hour at most, or she can use it to control any type of element around her. If it is powered down it will be come a harder, more weapon like version called, Diamond dagger.

Chaos Cyclone: Chaos Cyclone is Destiney's wind based attack, she uses invisible chaos energy to create a funnel dead center on her opponent. If done right, it will daze them and they will lose energy.

Pure Mind: This Ability is a serenity charm. Destiney go's into Angel form, and she is able to clear the mind of someone who has been corrupted by darkness. It work's by using positive effects.

Light Rays: Destiney uses this attack in her Light Form, it's an attack that can blind if she times her Light based Chaos energy. This is another one of her own exclusive attacks, that she can use on her own.

Ultimate Chaos: Ultimate Chaos Is Destineys most powerful attack, but the downside is it uses all of her energy. So if she uses it, She normally wins, but there's a Knockout. The way it works is, Destiney will charge up an immense amount of Chaos Energy, and she gathers up more than she can handle, and releases it in an explosive form, that can shatter weak shields, and has a half chance of her winning a fight.

She also has attacks she can use with other people, and teamwork is a MUST if these few attacks want to be done correctly.

Chaos Bind: Chaos Bind is a 2 or more user attack that allows the other person to give the attacker all of their strength. It come's quite useful when Theres an opponent the team cannot beat alone.

Super Nova Wave: This Attack allows Destiney and 2 other people to create a wave of Extreme, Hyper energy, and is used as a last resort of they cannot beat their opponent.

Destiney also uses reguler Chaos attacks, such as, Chaos Blast, Chaps Spear, She can also use the Reguler Light Speed Dash.

Fate and Destiney

Destiney's darker energy had somewhat grown a demon from her, and that demon became her evil counterpart. The counterpart came with the name Fate, sounding the opposite of Destiney. At first sight they didn't get along at all, and Fate did everything she could to infuriate her. They got into a fight and it was proven that they were somewhat complete opposites, and mortal enemys. Putting these two together is not the wisest idea at all and will cause a fight between the two for a dominance.

Infused to become a Hedgecat!

Destiney had become infused with the Iriomote Wildcat not very long ago, and now she transforms into a

Hedgecat! She gave herself a name in that form since not many could recognize her like that, she called herself Mew Litemon. Now that she is both Cat and Hedgehog like that, she sometimes thinks that's how she should be, but that's not true! She is also considered a superhero like that.

Often her power pendant becomes shattered or smashed, forcing her to transform. But luckily it fixes right after she takes on Hedgecat form! Her tail will turn into her cat tail whenever she gets way to exited, and often surprises people when they see it.

Meeting Kisshu

Destiney mew Kisshu when she was with her sister Tianshi, and her friend Thirza. He appeared out of nowhere and just kissed her. She was magorly shocked and ticked off and yelled at him, asking him who he was. He replyed by saying his name was Kisshu the Hedgehog. Then out of nowhere Kisshu attacked her and she transformed into Mew Litemon. Kisshu had lost but he knew she had weak points that he could use to torment her. Now Kisshu is her Arch-Enemy when she is Mew Litemon, but will it stay like this...?

Discovering her inner Litemon

Destiney had discovered that she contained a Legendary Litemon as an inner personality through a battle with Fate the Demon. She was surprisingly getting beaten badly since Fate had gotton stronger, and began thinking that she wasn't going to win. But a voice began speaking into her mind and giving her words to speak out loud. As she said them aloud she unwent a transformation and then looked like an entirely different girl, and that's because she was! Destiney had transformed into Darangel the Litemon, and then Fate was somewhat easily defeated. Now she asks Darangel for help in dire fight's and situations where she needs her most.

Her Forms

Super Destiney

Destiney does NOT have a reguler super form at all, in fact it bares a resemblance to a magical transformation. Her furr and hair become a bright shade of pinkish lavender, and her eyes become the same shade of golden orange she was as an emerald. She gains large feathery and angel like wings, plus the ability to fly and use the feathers as spears. Her attire also changes in this form, seen as she has a bit of armor and more flowing and graceful clothes.

Angel Destiney

Destineys Angel form is quite the mystery to many, since it's unknown how she got this. Some think of it as her hyper, but it is truly Angel indeed. She is able to heal, revive, and protect like this.

Dark Destiney

This form has been extinguished.... meaning it doesn't exist anymore.

Destiney's dark form may be a bit frightening at sight, but it is accually highly controlled. She uses Dark Chaos abilitys and has a bit of a dark and quiet personality like this. It is not triggered by anger since Fate the Demon had appeared.

Aria the knight of Time.

Destineys SATBK version of herself is known as aria the knight of time. She was accually created by Merlina as an artificial knight in this version, and thus she is still the same happy go lucky girl she is in the reguler sonic world. Her sword go's by the name Arcerias, its a fancy name I came up with. She accually has powers, very similer to chaos powers, as Aria.

Extreme Gear

Destiney has an extreme gear named Chaos Jewel. It's a Sky blue board with somewhat small jewels in the sides, the jewel are accually shaped like Emeralds! It also has golden orange circles around the jewels, along with highlights of the same color on the board. This gear is good for areas with a lot of cornering, but very bad for area where power is needed.


Dash: 3

Limit: 2



Friends, Rivals, and Enemys


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put your chars name here if you consider her a rival

  • Blaze the cat
  • Violet the Hedgehog
  • Skyler the Hedgehog
  • Geno the Hedgehog, # 59
  • Natalie the Hedgehog (Because of turning Half Good and Half Bad)
  • Rik The Spidermonkey


put your chars name here if you consider her an enemy



Mephiles the Dark

Destiney has a very bad relationship with her brotherMephiles, because they have absolutely HATED each other for the entire time they have known one another. She also is frightend of him because he has learned a technique that he can use to make her fall under his complete control. And Destiney ADORES ticking him off, and that usually ends with her getting injured, so we can say that these two are a hate bomb. Another part of the bad blood between them is the fact the Mephiles, making Destiney his sister, she grew a cold type of Darkness in her heart, and can unleash it if provoked enough.

Memphis the Light

The relationship between Destiney and her older Brother Memphis is wonderful, she loves him and would do anything for her eldest sibling. And She knows how much he cares for her, and when she told him about how frequently she is chased around, he told her that she wouldn't have to run around anymore, and that made her very happy. Memphis and Destiney have a very good relationship between each other.

Matthias the Shining Darkness

Matthias is the goofiest guy Destiney has ever met, and him being her brother, she just thinks that very speacial. Destiney wants to help Mattias, because even though he's older than her, she has been around more and she can help him understand things better. Other than that, she hopes that he can make more friends, and be a lot of help to the world.

Tianshi the Hedgehog

Tianshi is Destiney's highly random sister who follows her around like a little lost puppy. Destiney think it's a bit strange that she is Tianshi's "Idol" and try's to learn how to do a lot of the things that she can do. She has taught her and is even happy she is making friends and learning how to do things that really interest her.

Darangel the Litemon

Darangel is the inner personality and inner being to Destiney, but despite that they are quite the opposite they get quite well. The two different sides are very intuned and at various times Destiney can see Darangel outside of herself, although that is a rare occasion. They communicate without worry just as Destiney would with Thirza, and have no problem trying to help each other. Darangel loves to nickname Destiney with the word Hikari, which is Japanese for light. Destiney understands why Darangel would call her such a name, and then decided to call Darangel Naito, which is Japanese for Night. They get along in such a way as if they were balanced out with Darkness and Light.


Shadow the Hedgehog

Destiney has known Shadow the longest she has known anyone, and she has had a crush on him for awhile. He gets frustrated when Destiney is attacked, and protects her if he decides to. They could have a relation in the Future, but right now it's just a crush, he does want her though.


Gwen the Mouse

Destiney and Gwen have a sister like bond between each other, and when they met everything was accually pretty surprising for each other! At the beginning of their friendship, they both got sent to different time periods, and got to met their Future and Arthurian counterparts. They both eventually found their way back, and became friends!

Twister the Fox

Destiney met Twister on Angel Island, and he was very nervous about meeting her, but they became good friends. When she comes around sometimes he think she's there to tease him, or play with him. But of course Destiney loves to hang around with her friends!

Kayden Ouron

Destiney is Also friends with a boy named Kayden, whom she met when she was saving Shadow from Violet the Hedgehog. She also talked to him about Kaialee, and she STILL knows that he's in love with her. And she does what she can for him, even teaching him and Kaia a move called Chaos Bind when they couldn't beat out a monster.

Kaialee the Hedgehog

Destiney is a good friend of Kaialee, and she met her at the same place she met Kayden. They were help to each other on Space Coloney ARK when they had to go and fight, and then there was something else. The two had to fight in a torunament, luckily they were still friends, and Destiney won.

Dalton the Cat

Dalton and Destiney met when Destiney was wandering around, she saw Dalton, and jumped up into a tree to say hi. That scared him a bit, but they talked and eventually became friends. Another day their paths will cross again, until then, they just keep do what they are doing.

Robbie The HedgeBoy

Workin on it

Thirza the Hedgecat

Thirza is Destiney number 1 best friend and she wouldn't know what she would do without her! They have a highly sisterly bond and get along so well it's as if they were made for each other. Destiney and Thirza are both superhero's on the same team. Dessie loves Thirza with all of her heart and hopes that they will never be apart.

Mario and Sonic

In Mario and Sonic at the winter olympics, Destiney is a speed type (although she is labelled as a Chaos type). Her best event is snow bourding, and her worst is skiing.

In Mario and Sonic at the olympics, Destiney is yet again a speed type, Her best event is Swimming.


  • I'm not Dessie....
  • Litemon Blast!
  • Litemon Beat!
  • Mew Mew Check!
  • Mew Litemon Burst!
  • I'm a Living Chaos emerald!
  • Shut up
  • I'm not afraid!
  • Blue Strawberry flavored cats.... AWESOME!
  • Mew Litemon DNA switch! Turning into Mew Litemon!
  • Hyoji sa reru Darangel!


  • She likes Strawberrys!
  • Cats are her favorite animal
  • Her voice actor is Amyrose1515!
  • Her favorite color is Blue
  • Her family can peirce her
  • She is partly (key word is partly here) based on Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew
  • Sometimes if she's angry but not in the mood to use Chaos, she'll whack someone with an umbrella
  • She speaks Japanese to summon Darangel

Outfit gallery

These are Destiney's different outfits!

First design

  • Heres our first outfit
  • Heres another picture
  • Another...
  • To be honest, this is a dancing outfit
  • This is a cute little outfit
  • Another nice outfit
  • Cute!
  • This is her in a school outfit, cute
  • Here is another outfit
  • Cute!
  • Epic!
  • Honestly, this is some sort of ballerina costume
  • This is what happens when im bored XD
  • A very cute one indeed
  • A bad attempt at a dancer

Current Design

  • the first one with her current design!
  • Dessie's idea of a "formal" Dress
  • cutenes facotr: 10/10

Gallery of designs

These are Dessie's Designs

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