This is an article about Despair Darkmind, a character created by Metal-Teccbad.
Full Name
Despair Darkmind
17 (body, he exist since 4 years)
3. August 3020
106 cm
41 kg
Eye Color:
Theme Song:
Rescue Me (Zebrahead)
Psychic / Electric


Despair is a Hedgehog, created by scientists with Chaos Energy. He has a normal strong body with pale skin. His fur and spikes are white, black and green and he has red eyes. A few black marks are around his eyes, on his eyelids and under his eyes. Despair wears black boots with red belts, closed by a zipper. Yellow bands are holding on his ankles and wrists, closed by a zipper too. On his hands he wears black gloves with red stripes.


Despair is very shy and doesn't talk a lot with others. He thinks from the most people that they are don't like him and don't want his near. That's a reason why he don't like other people and don't trust anyone. Despair isn't evil and he wants to help others, but his fears hold him away from helping very often. A main Problem of him is that, even he manipulates others with his abilities in fight, he is easy to manipulate. He don’t want to trust anyone and he is very angry about everyone because of his past. But he wishes deep inside his heart to find someone which he can trust. So he tries every time again to help when he thinks someone need help. He was created for a destiny which he can't fulfill so now he don't know why he still exist. So he want to find his real own destiny.


Despair was Created by Chaos Energy in the Year 3020. He should be the Protector of the Earth, but because Despair can't use Chaos Energy his creators see him as a fail. He should use this Energy to defend the earth, but even with a Chaos Emerald he can't use the Energy. Because of this they don't need him anymore and have created a new defender. But this one was very different, he was stronger and Despair was scared of him. After a few month the new one thought he can do what ever he want and no one can give him some orders. He blasted the complex and killed all which he gets. Despair hasn't help them because he was manipulated of him. They don't wanted him, so they don't wanted his help he thought. He was angry about his creators and makes the biggest mistake in his live. He has listen to his "brother" and flee from the Area without helping someone. Despair was scared about him. Scared about what he has done and what haven’t done by himself. He should be a defender and hasn't help. But they don't wanted him. They don't wanted his help. He was missing for 2 Years. in this time his "brother" become one of the greatest criminals in this time. Despair don't want to help him, he want to stop him. But he is a lot stronger than Despair, he can use the Chaos Energy. Despair isn't sure what he should do. This world doesn't want him, so he thinks. But he can't let it happen that the world gonna be destroyed. By a happening, where he tries to stop his brother, he falls into a timeportal. This was the way how he lands in our Time... Now he tries to come back to find his real destiny and to stop his „brother“.


Producing energy lightnings, using psychic manipulation and psychic attacks


He is fast, but at the most of his special attacks he couldn't move himself, or he could move himself just slow. Despair is very easy to provoke, to manipulate and to deflect. His own fears and thoughts hold him often back to do what he want.


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