Desert Sands is a fanfic by 1LugiaLover. It explains a bit more about Leona.


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Beginning Info

Our story begins when Leonardo has returned from college, and he first sees his 4-year old sister. She's gone to the daycare for a month now and seems to get along okay. They don't really have a castle, just a large house the small kids call a castle.

Chapter One: One Princess

"Mom, what's that?" "Your sister, Leonardo." "Sister?" "Yes. But I bet you spend so much time in your room, I doubt you notice though." "Oh. Does she do anything?" "Not much yet. Stop poking her! That's not nice." "Sorry. What's her name?" "Leona." "Sounds stupid." "Leonardo! One, that's not a nice thing to say, and two, we've told you about using that word." "Sorry, mum." "Now go on, it's almost bed time." "Alright." Footsteps pad away, and upstairs. Liana carefully places Leona into a small crib. She silently steps to the light switch and flicks it off. When Her mother is gone, Leona slowly raises one eyelid, and has a small, sly, smile on her face. "Hmph. Time for some fun." She reaches under her pillow and takes out a small, silver appliance. "Nice of Blues to make a small laptop. Parents. Never know what their children are up to during the night, and they think they're as cute as ever." She opens the appliance and types for a minute. She stops to adjust her shirt. "Hmm.... Nobody's online except that weird girl, Rosalina. She doesn't even smell like a normal Skunk! But.. I guess I can take a chance." A message comes up, saying "Hey Leona" Leona quickly types a message back. "Hi..." "Something wrong?" "No." "Alright. So how's life in the castle?" "Err... It's fine" "Ok. Oh! Parents coming. I'll see you at the daycare. Bye." "Whatever. I need extra sleep anyway. My 1st Birthday is soon." She curls up again and is soon asleep.

The next day, she arrives at the daycare, bright pink shirt, lavender shorts, and black dress shoes. "Hey Leona!" Gregory calls. Leona blinks. "Isn't that the boy that almost tipped the bus over last week?" She wondered. She walked over and noticed two dragons and a dog were also near. The dragons were arguing over which got the swing at recess, and the dog was texting on a play phone. "Hey. You're...Greg, right?" Leona asked the chameleon. "Yeah. I hear your birthday's Friday." He said. Leona nodded. "Cool. Mine's tomorrow." He said. "I'm going to come with a surprise for everyone." He smiled. "Let's hope it doesn't endanger the walls in ANY way" Leona thought to herself.

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