Desert Hawk

Car Type Trophy Truck
Horsepower 699 HP
Transmission 5-Speed Manual transmission
Top Speed 188 MPH (200 MPH; when slipstreaming)
  • Eat my dust
Super Formations
Affiliations Fow Toth Motorsports
American V.A. Tanner Foust
Japanese V.A. Masao Suenaga

The Desert Hawk (デザートホーク・ザ・トロフィートラック Dezāto Hōku za Torofī Torakku) is an anthropomorphic trophy truck, designed and driven by J the Hedgehog. It is an excellent off-road vehicle, designed to tackle any terrains (even mud), although it is not considered to be street legal, until now.


As a trophy truck, even though being anthro, the Desert Hawk isn't all too serious, even when danger arises. Like most of the vehicles, it will freely drive around when J isn't behind the wheel. It does not take kindly of enemies that attempts to take control over the trophy truck, let alone carjack it.

Physical Appearance

The Desert Hawk consists roof lights mounted on its roof, a spare tire in its back (whenever it gets a flat tire), a racing number "57" on both sides and roof, two blue racing seats on the inside and a gray steering wheel.


The Desert Hawk is an excellent vehicle to handle, because of its high durable suspensions, high performance engine, strong roll bars, etc. Even though it's just a trophy truck, it has the ability to "speak" (reasons unknown). One of the Desert Hawk's unique abilities is known as Decoy (Chaos Emerald is required to place it at its center console), which creates an illusion of the Desert Hawk (making foes explode if going through the Decoy; attacking it will not do anything). It also unleashes its slipstream when drafting behind a speeding vehicle (which allows it to go 2x faster), plus it is impervoius against magic attacks (unless its engine compartments are exposed). Its roof lights are essential, whenever it encounters a dark environment. This helps whenever their "friends" need help venturing through the dark.

The Desert Hawk has the ability to "drive" by itself, and can trap foes that will try and steal the Desert Hawk. If the Desert Hawk becomes threatened, it will trap its foes with a seatbelt, thus tightening it until its foe is destroyed. its second special ability is known as Sand Storm; when driving around sandy areas, it will perform donuts wildly, until a sandstorm commences, thus blinding foes that are trying to steal or damage the Desert Hawk. It's third special ability, Oil Slick can be used by spilling oil from underneath the truck, thus causing foes (or vehicles that challenges against the Desert Hawk) to either slide wildly or become sticky, making them impossible to escape (water can wash off the oil slick). The truck becomes unaffected, however. Here are its well known abilities:

  • Regeneration (can repair itself for 5 hours; or J can easily repair the Desert hawk manually)
  • Decoy
  • Sand Storm
  • Afterburner (gives it a little speed boost)
  • Oil Slick (deploys from underneath the truck)
  • Over-Rev (Intimidation attack)
  • Headlight Flicker (Intimidation attack)
  • System Virus Attack


While the Desert hawk is impervious against magic attacks and fire (even lava, including hot weather), it hates water (if its deep enough), because it will cause its engine to become waterlogged, thus rendering it undrivable (only J can repair it). It also hates blizzard (like any other vehicles), because it's engine compartments are prone to freezing, thus becoming a sitting duck if it cannot find any heated surfaces nearby.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Off-roading, participating racing competitions, car wash, beaches, Emerald Coast,


  • Water (if its deep enough), blizzard, diesel fuel (which renders the truck handle very poor), foods, enemies attempting to damage it

Relationships with Other Characters

While it does not have any relationships with other characters, J the Hedgehog considers the Desert Hawk as a "friend" because it does not show any threat against the others. Even though they end up attacking the Desert Hawk by accident, it does not show any signs of retaliation against others. Whenever it senses any danger, the Desert Hawk will race torwards enemies in order to protect innocent people from harm.

Theme Songs

Julien-K - This Machine from Sonic Heroes
MAD MATRIX from Shadow the Hedgehog
Sand Hill from Sonic Adventure (when J the Hedgehog drives the Desert Hawk in the desert)
Azure Blue World for Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure (when racing around the beaches of Emerald Coast with J)
Windy and Ripply for Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure (when racing around the beaches of Emerald Coast with J)
Work It Out from Sonic R
Super Sonic Racing from Sonic R
Shine from Burnout 3: Takedown
Get You Cornered from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 (in its super form)
Juno Reactor - Pistolero from Jet Moto 3


"Flawless victory." After getting S rank

"It is still great to complete mission." After getting A rank

"Not a bad job." After getting B rank

"I still made it either way." After getting C rank

"Failure is not an option." After getting D rank

"WHAT!? [followed by an angry car horn]" After getting E rank

"Let's rev things up." After being selected

"Target confirmed. Prepare for termination [revs engine]." Before a battle

"Target flawlessly eliminated. [revs engine three times]" After winning a battle

"V-V-Vehcle.. m-m-malfuncti-- [is shut down, with the truck's engine set ablaze]." After losing a battle

Other Quotes

  • "[starts up engine]"
  • "The sand is my best friend."
  • "I am built for speed and built for protecting innocents from danger."
  • "[engine idling]"
  • "J will win the race, because he only wants to prove it."


  • "[revs engine angrily at opposing foes]"
  • "You have left me no choice."
  • "Does not compute."


  • The reason why the Desert Hawk was given as an anthro because J the Hedgehog successfully installed its very own in-car computer voice from the center console of the truck, thus enabling it to "speak".
  • The Desert Hawk resembles as the Toyota Tundra trophy truck.
  • The word "Desert Hawk" comes from a small R/C plane from Wikipedia, whereas the "other" Desert Hawk is an anthropomorphic trophy truck.



Sonic Fanon Racing!

The Desert Hawk will make its debut as a drivable vehicle (driven by J the Hedgehog), thus making an excellent vehicle for driving through rough, grassy or sandy terrains.

Sonic Fanon R

The Desert Hawk is a playable character in Sonic Fanon R. It is considered to be the fastest character (even for a vehicle), but cannot drive through deep water, as deep water can slow it down.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Ultimate Clash

Here are the Desert Hawk's stats:

Attack Power: 9

Attack Speed: 8

Durability: 9

Ground Speed: 8

Special Attacks

Up: Barrel Roll - Rolls up high in the air.

Right: Head-On Collision - Its four wheels spins around for 10 seconds and speeds torwards opponenets with enough force to slam them head-on.

Left: Decoy - Activates a clone of "itself" and explodes on impact.

Down: Oil Slick - Spills very sticky oil from underneath the trophy truck, and any opponent runs through the oil, will get stuck, thus preventing escaping attempts.

Ultimate: Over-Rev - Revs its engine loudly for 15 seconds and unleashes an ear-piercing engine revving that will blast opponents away, regardless on how far trhey are from the truck.



Flame-designed Graphics

Hornet-styled Designs

Sol Dimension Racing Paintjobs

Sayings and Taunts
Opening Phrashes

"Ready to get over-revved? [revs its engine]"

"Time to show you the true meaning of racing! [revs its engine three times]"

Ending Phrases

"I am very indestructible to be destroyed! [revs engine loudly and spins its wheels at the same time]"


"If you are powerful, you'll have to catch me first."

"You cannot lay a dent on my bodywork!"

"Toughness equals defeat when I am around."

"Time to feel the heat. From my nitrous!"

Rival and Friend Beggining Taunts

"It's time for some derby batlle!"

Rival and Friend Engine Taunts

"Try not to rely on damaging my bodywork next time!"

Other media (Roleplay)

The City of Laws

The Desert Hawk will play an important part when J encounters the truck parked next to the sidewalk. After the encounter, J must find a way to take the Desert hawk somewhere safe.

The Last Ultimate Lifeform

The Desert Hawk, along with J the Hedgehog, will appear in Part 7 as one of its important roles.

Snow Days

The Desert Hawk appears in RP: Snow Days before being taken into the garage by J. Apparently, it doesn't have its capabilities of off-roading in the snow, so J decides to ride through the snow-covered city with his snowmobile, the FB-350.

Holiday Bash

The Desert Hawk, along with J, appears in the Holiday Bash Rolepay, where J uses the Desert Hawk to go shopping for presents and thus J will try to make this Holiday season a thing to remember.

Mobius Corners Metropolitan Airport/AirPlay Extension

The Desert Hawk appears in the Mobius Corners Metropolitan Airport (along with J the Hedgehog).

The Ultimate Race

The Desert Hawk, along with J, appear in this RP after receiving the news that the Desert hawk will be racing in The Ultimate Race. They go inside the Everchange Airlines airplane and both J and the Desert Hawk were suddenly teleported into another dimension. They are both greeted by Jill, who offers them for a tour, so J does accept, including the Desert Hawk.

Werehog Plague

The Desert Hawk, alongside with J, appears in this RP, where J takes control of the Desert hawk to find out where is the howling coming from, until they encounter Shanoa and Albus. The Desert Hawk drives Albus to the hospital, dropping him off. However, just as when the Desert Hawk drives off from the hospital to find J and Shanoa, its roof lights illuminate Werehog Kyle. It tries to escape, only to encounter Hunter (in his Werehog form) and pins it down, thus allowing Werehog Kyle to viciously rip its hood bonnet off. The Desert Hawk frantically uses Over-Rev to break free from Werehog Kyle and Werefox Hunter. It couldn't break free as Werefox Hunter savagely launches it up in the air and land on its roof hard. Then, Werehog Kyle then bites down its engine so hard, the Desert Hawk blows up in flames (with Werehog Kyle completely unaffected by the blaze). Right after that, Desert Hawk suddenly transforms in its Weretruck form and drives off to meet up with Werehogs Kyle and Shima, and Werefox Hunter. They split into groups, with Desert Hawk (in its Weretruck form) and Shima now search for their victims.

Ultimate City

The Desert Hawk and J appears in Ultimate City, where they are greeted by Sharna the Hedgehog. Then, the Desert Hawk drives off to meet up with Shadow and teases him by getting close and bumping Shadow's bike. Eventually, the Desert Hawk challenges Shadow and see if he can beat the Desert Hawk.

J's Horrible Syndrome

The Desert Hawk appears in this RP and senses that J is in danger. It starts up its engine and speeds towards the hospital where J is. It waits outside, most likely because since the Desert Hawk is a trophy truck, it cannot get inside and must wait outside and hear Dr. Carson's news. The Desert Hawk joins the search for the cure to eliminate J's syndrome before its too late.

Mobian Mechahazard

The Desert Hawk appears in this RP, along with J, as they must stop Eggman from roboticizing the others.

RP: Tales From The G.U.N

The Desert Hawk appears in this RP. The truck senses something happened over at the G.U.N. HQ and finds J and the others, including several G.U.N. soldiers.

Otaellu Island

The Desert Hawk appears inside the ferry boat, where J, Sharna and Ryu are, and goes on an adventure on Otaellu Island.

The Overlanders

The Desert Hawk appears in this RP, where it finds J and mentions about the U.A.C.S.A and that Johnny has been kidnapped. They must warn the others and they must rescue Johnny, before its too late.

The Sol Incident

The Desert Hawk makes its debut inside the Sol Dimension, (along with the others) as it searches for J and the others inside the Sol Dimension and return back to their own dimension.

Ghost Hunters

Here, the Desert Hawk gets possessed by Gamygin.

Time Crisis

The Desert Hawk appears in this RP. Alyssa mentions the Desert Hawk's future self to be very old and rusted out version of itself, rendering it nearly undrivable.

Johnny's Birthday Bash

The Desert Hawk, along with J, appears in this RP as they set up decorations for Johnny's 19th B'Day.


The Desert Hawk appears in J's garage, as he performs undergoing maintenance to his truck after the race. It rivals with Kyle's dune buggy, The Grudge, but even though the Desert Hawk didn't win the race, they now have bigger problems to deal with. Zombie clowns appears and J is completely struck with fear of clowns (and his flashback contains about what happened at the carnival when he was 5 years old) and the Desert Hawk and the others must take down the zombies, along with J, who will try his best to conquer his fear of clowns.

Sonic Fanon Kids

The Desert Hawk makes its debut as a small R/C vehicle form. After Vertigo and Kaizer (in their infant forms) are taken inside the building, it tells Ryu and the kids where do babies come from. The Desert Hawk gives Ryu a hint; which is the "Opposite of daddy". She then tells it that they come from "mommies" and since she guessed it right, the kids were astounded to hear this.


The Desert Hawk, along with 3 other vehicles (after the MACH10, driven by J, won the race), go inside the Galaxy, piloted by the Tyker pilots, after the trophy truck has successfully sent a distress call to Joshua, knowing that the Desert Hawk, RG-15, Thresher XL (with Ruby and Hali inside) and MACH10 could be kidnapped by S.T.A.I.N. All four vehicles, including Ruby and Hali, arrive at Tyker and are taken to safety.

Sonic X Next Gen

The Desert Hawk, along with J, will make its debut as one of the important characters in the series.

The Mobius Wars

The Desert Hawk, along with the Thresher XL, RG-15, El Lobo, MACH10 and J, will appear in this story aas one of its and the vehicles' important part of the story.

Bad Things That Happened to the Desert Hawk

Mobius Corners Metropolitan Airport/AirPlay Extension

  • Part 13: Its engine exploded caused by Spike the Wolf and it is also muted (which prevents the Desert Hawk from making sounds) caused by Spike.

RP: Werehog Plague

  • Part 1: Its hood bonnet was ripped away by Werehog Kyle. It uses Over-Rev to hold Kyle and Hunter back, but this enrages Werefox Hunter which causes him to grab the Desert Hawk from behind and savagely slams the truck on its roof, instantly shattering its roof lights. Its engine is also bitten hard by Werehog Kyle, which causes its engine to explode. Werehog Kyle is unaffected by the blaze, but Werefox Hunter steps back a little bit because he hates fire. The Desert Hawk eventually transforms into its "Weretruck" form.


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