"We need fear to grow stronger, but too much of it could make us go crazy. I need to build up some strength so you and I can venture, and kick a** while we do it!"

-Derrick to Scamper after she agreed they be a team.

Derrick Celestia (デリックセレスティア Derikku•seresutia) is a 14-year old hedgehog/echidna hybrid that is known for his kindness, and friendliness, not to mention some know of his reckless, destructive side. And also being the son of Maxine.


The vested hero of fear himself.


Attire as a child

He wore a simple, sleeveless red shirt, complete with somewhat baggy, brown-like shorts. He wore the same gloves as a teen, but they were quite oversized. Derrick also had some white and yellow shoes.

Atire As a Teen

Derrick wears a simple, dark leather vest, which tends to show off his furry stomach. He also wears a nice blue pair of shorts, with black and white strapped shoes. And his gloves? Well, they're like Knuckles' gloves. Except, without the spikes. He also wears brass knuckles under his right glove for when he needs to fight or spar. Occasionally, he wears black and blue cuffs he bought from Vicent to stop some of his thoughts/dreams malice. He wears it on and off to maintain

Physical Appearance

He has slightly gigantic ears, which makes him look a bit taller than his usual height, along with his somewhat massive three red bangs, that stretch over the center of his face. Derrick also has shimmering violet eyes. The rest of his body appears to be a shade of orange vaguely similar to Maxine's.


He has a minor split personality disorder like his mother. But he's usually very hilarious, fun-loving, friendly, kind, and so forth. He's very caring and such as well. He can also be quite idiotic too.


Derrick has some attacks based off of Rokushiki. He doesn't train exactly that much, so he could be a little rusty on some!

  1. Soru. Derrick's signature move, in which he likes to top off with his Bura Suna [brass knuckles]. He is able to go at incredibly high speeds, to either avoid attacks, or cause great ones. Whether or not Derrick decides to severely damage someone with it, he might just jump and skid, raising his brass knuckles.
  2. Rankyaku. A very speedy attack as well, in which allows him to kick into the air so swiftly, that he creates a slicing wind.
  3. Shigan. Derrick is quite rusty on this one.. however, this would allow him to pierce a finger into the opponent, leaving a mark similar to a bullet.


Before Anyone Set Sail

As far as it always was, Derrick always seemed to be protected. Either by his mother, or Elizabeth, the loyal nanny - and I guess you can say bodyguard. He was quite naive, but still lively and determined as he is in the present day. He kind of lived the simple life as a child. Somewhere around the time when he was a boy, he managed to find an emerald, in which he decided to guard for a while, until he found out a... Mobian? was hatching from it. In which case, the wolf patted his head, then just left. That was one advenure, now comes another.

After The Sailing

Maxine was leaving onto the ship of the Insane Pirates. That's when all the things she ever said to him flooded back into his head. "Fear is our enemy," or, "Always stay positive," and even "Be sincere. A lie hurts more than the truth.", and etc. Tsu would always take care of him. And since he was beginning to read things, Derrick found this note on the couch. It was from Maxine, saying she's giving Scamper to him. To tell you the truth, he thought Scamper was a boy. She was a simple Earth mouse. Couldn't speak, and all. Being a nice person, one day Derrick asked Tails if he could construct a voice-communication collar. Which of course, worked. That's when Derrick found out Scamper was a girl, which made him feel incredibly bashful. But she told him he shouldn't worry.

From then on, they were best friends. For about the next... three years? In which when they were 7, one day he was caught by surprise, because Scamper was Mobianized. Truth is, she wanted to fit in, and was tired of being small, and having to use a collar. So she was Mobianized by Stein Zankokuna. -- One who was a bit of a cruel man at the time.

Did I mention some days before Valentine's day Derrick called Scamper fat? He was a stupid kid... but he was going to make up for it on Valentine's day.

Stein got irritated that she hasn't shown up to pay the debt for their deal on her Mobianization. So on Valentine's day, right when Derrick was going to apologize, he captured her. That caused Derrick to have somewhat of a mental breakdown. And he spent the rest of his days, for the next 6 years to get her back. Sure, he occasionally saw her around. But he couldn't apologize YET. Some things were worth waiting for. In that mean time, Scamper also got a weapon injection, so she can transform into a weapon, and Derrick would wreck stuff with Mari.

Derrick finally beat Stein, and took his hallucination amulet when he was 14. His arm was shot, and Scamper ended up sacrificing her life for Derrick, because Stein was going to use a finger-gun move. But it doesn't end there. A very nice woman of a different species, named Esvianna, healed her wounds.

That was Derrick's chance. He took out a white rose for her, saying that he was sorry, and it didn't matter how long ago it was. He needed the perfect chance. In which she then forgave him, and after a while, they went out.

Stein and Derrick, after a while, made a "silent"(?) truce when this woman named Rina moved into town. They all started to become best friends, haha.

After some while, Derrick, Stein, Rina, Scamper, a reserved girl named Delaney, Derrick's friend Oliver, and others were called into joining the Organization that Fights against Evil (O.F.E.) by Denis, which was actually primarily to fight the cruelest members in Stein's family. Like his brother, or to name the cruelest, their uncle.

Today, Derrick is a sincere, and determined kid, who has a goal to be the best member the O.F.E.'s ever had. -- Not just the first member, honey. For he seems to take his job very seriously.

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