This is an article about Derek the Deer, a character created by SPop120 on 08/5/2013.


Derek stands at 4' feet. He has a rather mucular build. He wears a red short-sleeved t-shirt and black jeans. He has two guns holstered to his belt, and a silver buckle at the middle of the belt. He wears black shoes, with a silver buckle at the top. He sometimes wears avaitor sunglasses. He has growing velvety antlers portruding out of his head.


Derek is rather caring and kind. Is a bit flirty, but always has good intentions. He has a rather joking attitude. He is honest and a bit too outgoing. Derek can be a bit too devoted, but he is brave and is always willing to help others and do the right thing, no matter how hard.


Derek was born along with his two other brothers. With being the oldest triplet, when his mother died and his father left he was left to care for himself and his two brothers.At first they scavenged what they could, then went to go look for their father, who took them in until they became of age to get a job.

When Derek got a job as a behavioral analyst/specialist and formerly a detective at the local police department, he spent much of his hours outside of the home. His brothers rarely saw him, let alone did he see them. Derek was very devoted to his work and didn't pull away.


Neurokinesis- Derek can manipulate and read other's thoughts, calming them down to make their behavior and motives easier to read.

Pathokinesis- Derek can also manipulate other's emotions, making them feel certain things in attempt to toy with someone's mind, or to more easily persuade someone not to do something.

Mnemokinesis- Derek can search through another's memories, to see if any traumatic experiences has happened during their life during interrogations. All of his powers are rather useful to him, but this one is one of the most useful.

Telekinetics- Derek uses telekinetics to lift up objects one would not normally be able to. It takes a lot of brain power and drains him immensly, but he uses it wisely, and only in emergencies or to enhance the use of his abilities.


Disorder- Derek can induce this psychic attack onto others if they are not cooperating with him. It is also used as a heavy torture method if he is investigating someone, or they are attempting to fight him. This normally wards them off for a minute.

Mystic Dash- Derek can use this to fly, or to follow others in special situations. He rarely uses this, and uses it only when necessary.


Derek hates his mother's death and father's leaving being brought up to him, as it brings up painful memories. He can also be built up easily and broken down quickly. He can easily get emotionally distraught. However, he cannot get stressed out in high-pressure situations, but can be stressed out if something bad happens to someone he loves.

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