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Facing Deraj one on one is a very bad idea.

"Everyone has value, you just to need to find what it is."-Deraj's personal motto.

Deraj Ivan Bradanska is a Moebian European fox (although his fur color is green) and the founding member of the Anti Mobian Federation. Deraj has lead his family name, the Bradanskas to become one of the most influential families on Moebius. Deraj is also a gifted psychic who posses genetically inherited abilities from his mother. Yet it is Deraj's ideas and words that make him such a formidable opponent in the political field and amongst his adversaries. To Deraj his best weapon are his words.


Deraj is around normal Moebian height. He appears to posses green colored fur (quite possible a skin mutation or recessive genetic trait from either of his parent's bloodlines). He is known to posses myopia and thus commonly wears glasses. He is known to wear a brown trench coat, (because trench coats are awesome for villains). He is known to wear a belt with a holster carrying what appears to be a vintage Mauser c-96
800px-Mauser C96 M1916 Red 4

Deraj's preferred sidearm, the German Mauser C96. Deraj acquired this relic during his travels to Mobius Prime in the "Great Peace" era.

which he uses for target practice and for novelty.

One interesting aspect about Deraj is due to his Aspergers his face doesn't seem to show emotion unless hes in an intense situation. Deraj is known to smile, cry, and show animosity like everyone else but usually his face shows a blank emotionless expression even when he's clearly interested in a topic.


Deraj is a very cunning and calculating individual, as well as a fierce politician.He often gives off either an demeanor of being calm and apathetic or an eerie calmness and quiet tone when he's angered. While he is known to be obsessive over some issues, as well as to constantly banter he is also very vocal and let's his thoughts be known in the best way he can make them.

While Deraj is known to be stubborn at times he does know when to fight and when not to fight. In fact this tenacity of his has gained him victory over his opponents in many situations. When on command of soldiers Deraj always seeks to give his enemy hell by attacking in places they wouldn't expect and to show ferociousness that makes them pay dearly for their tactical errors.

Yet often Deraj can also be very approachable about situations. He is known to be very down to earth as a leaders and politicians can go by. Deraj may even have episodes of child like curiosity about himself as well as quirks, but as he will tell you looks can be quite deceiving.


Deraj was the  son of a anti-Mobian politician within king Willem's kingdom, (the father of King Jules and the grandfather of Scourge) and a to Moebian gypsie.

It was his mother who in fact named him however. She used the name of "Der", (the ancient Moebian god of knowledge,  wisdom,  and most importantly questions) combined with the word "raj", (an ancient Moebian word meaning "mystical force".)

Deraj grew up in a family that was divided by interests.  Deraj's father wanted his son to grow up to become a successful political member within Willem's kingdom, while his mother knew of Deraj's latent psychic abilities and wanted to teach him how to utilize and control his psychic powers he inherited from his psychic ancestors.Despite this conflict of interests between his two parents had over their son's future both of them never the less sought to peacefully teach young Bradanska about their lessons in order to persuade their son to join in each others respective family business.

Despite both their best efforts to sway their son to their own professions Deraj found an interest in education and teaching. Deraj's ponderous demeanor led him to choose his own profession as a teacher and educator.

After the passing of king Williem Deraj's passion for teaching caught the eye of his son Jules. Eventually Jules offered Deaj a position as his minister of education within his kingdom during the Great Peace. This offer was accepted by Deraj on grounds that he would be able travel to the prime world in order to study abroad and learn more about his dimensional brethren.

With the approval of his king Deraj said goodbye to his parents and set off to Mobius Prime and eventually the SOL realm to study abroad on thier customs and culture. It was on SOL where Deraj discovered the "SOL Guardians" or her majesty Queen Blaze's personal psychic bodyguards and knights. This fateful visit would later give the idea to Deraj to bring education on those gifted with psychic powers become Psychic Guardians in service to Moebius within the AMA.

Yet it was his visit to Mobius that radically changed his viewpoint of primal Mobians from those whosecretly held animosity towards them on his homeworld.Through out his travels on Mobius Deraj met with other species and Mobian civilizations and he became more sympathetic and understanding of them. Not only had he learned more about the Mobians, but it changed his mindset that perhaps they could be seen as equals compared to Moebians. This would later have the Anti Mobian Federation take a progressive mindset towards their primal brethren, as well as make the AMA try to steer clear of harming thier direct Mobian brothers/sisters while battling GUN, the Swarm, the Neonians, the Coalition, and Eggman's armies.


"If you only knew the full power of the mind!"~(Deraj showing his opponents that there is more to strength than brute force)

Deraj is known to be a gifted psychic with genetic origins. Over the course of his years and with the help of his mother he had learned to harness and perfect his own latent psychic abilities. He is known to be capable of levitation, telepathy, limited telekinisis (mostly pushing or pulling something towards or away from his direction), and even mind control. Deraj can also sense when another psychic is around, even when the other individual is unaware of being a psyker themselves.


Dispite his social issuesDeraj is known to be very auditory and very good at politics as well as inspiring his people.


Deraj's social skills have improved over the course of the years from his childhood and he has learned to cope with many of his quirks and to deal with many of his own personal fears, (such as being afraid of lightning or heights.)

His auditory skills have also progressed over the years as well, he has learned several different languages including but not limited to: Mobian, English, Hirobian, ancient Moebian, Cavarian, Livharian, Turantan, and Igarrian. He has also learned to pronounce the "th" sounding words such as "think" more clearly, as well as have becoming more adept in rolling his "r"s when speaking Cavarian and Livharian.


"Gicandice my dear, can you please put me down!"-Deraj spazzing out when his first child Gicandice Lulissa Bradanska lifted up her father for the first time as a todler.

Despite Deraj being a fiercesome opponent on the battlefield as well as in the polls Deraj Isn't perfect. His body is somewhat fragile due to being more of an intellectual rather than a melee fighter making not very resilient against pure brute force against a character with super strength. He is prone to meltdowns when he gets depressed and is often known to obsess over details. It is perhaps possible to jam his psychic powers and/or distract him by playing music that he despises; (country, pop, dub step, Justin Bieber) as well.

Also long distance attacks are advised when facing him as most of his powers have to be within range of you to take effect.Long ranged weaponry such as a sniper rifle would in theory catch him off guard from the assassins presents several meters away.


  • Deraj is known to have a phobia of lighting and in battle that could be used against him.
  • If Deraj had a voice actor he would be Joe Kucan for obvious reasons
  • Deraj actually was a character made before Jaredthefox92 entered into the Sonic fandom and his name's origins have changed but his first name stays the same. To compensate Deraj is most often refereed to as "lord Bradanska" or simply "Ivan". .
  • Deraj was originally inspired by both Kane and Yuri from the Command and Conquer series, but has since evolved into his own character.
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