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Part 2: Distortions in Time

In the busy area of a sidewalk in the especially lively Trikon City, Turles was leading a group of people who were thrown into the Lamak Zone to his house. He was smiling, keeping a young and cheery mood, but Team Mask (Mac, Kennedy, and Scarlet) could not understand his joy. Nonetheless, they continued to follow him.

"I say we ditch him the second we know what's up," said Mac, trying to convince his team to follow his decision. "He's a useless little kid - we'll do fine without him." Plus, having some kid as your leader doesn't exactly help your pride... Mac crossed his arms and shook his head.

Scarlet scratched her chin when she heard Team Mask's leader's idea, but Kennedy put a hand up to stop him from talking. "Mackenzie, this boy is yet a child. There is no need to insist on being so dishonorable to a mere... six-year-old, I'd say," Kennedy argued while running, causing Scarlet to be even more confused and Mac to sigh.

Elias let out a sigh, still floating in Vendeta's psychokinetic sphere thing. He was already sick of this universe.

Ion was actually already used to it, He knew someone who has similar powers and abilities. "Question, Is everyone not used to this like I am or is it just me?" Ion asked everybody out of curiosity.

Elias just shrugged.

“Are you sure that following this kid would work?” she asked the gang. Keira flew higher into the air and descended near Vendeta.

"What choice do we have?" Vendeta asks "We don't have any other direct leads. If this kid can help, than we might as well follow him.”

The winged one huffed, knowing that Vendeta was right. Soon, she flew near Turles, asking in a fake enough tone, “Wanna lift? I’ll fly, you direct me to where your tree house is.” But she knew that she was only asking him to speed up the process of this short run.

Turles grinned in an energetic and goofy matter and raised his hands for Keira to take. "YAY! FLYING! WHOO!" He was very giddy, apparently, but he managed to focus on walking and raising his hands at once.

Kennedy and Mac went closer to the group. Mac cocked his head toward Turles. "He's an immature brat. We get our lead and ditch 'im right away, that's what I think." Kennedy, hearing this, could simply sigh and shake his head disapprovingly.

Keira sighed, her face became a straight face, looking at Mac, agreeing with him. She then let go of Turles’ hands and flew near Ion again.

Elias cracked his knuckles, watching curiously. Kennedy was willing to stick with the kid, while everyone else wanted to ditch him. "I say this: we stick with him for now," he said to them quietly, "and if he knows nothing useful, then we leave him to torture other people with his stories of 'the universe is doomed.' I don't know. What do you think?"

While hearing these thoughts about Turles, Mac nodded and scratched his chin, not noticing when he walked straight into a house - Turles house. "C'mon, guys!" Turles said, walking around the house (there was no gate). "Let's go talk about important stuff!"

The winged one snarled quietly, not finding this useful at all. And yet again, she wasn’t good with kids, and never will be. A voice then popped up into her head

Elias wasn't in the least bit bothered by her snarl. In fact, he didn't really care for his own idea himself.

Now they've arrived, Vendeta lets people go from his psychokinesis.

Elias plopped on the floor on his rear. "Ow!" He looked around the house and asked himself, "Why a hardwood floor??"

"Alright, kid," Elias spoke. "Start talking, or we're leaving. What information do you have that possibly could help us?"

Vendeta floated next to Lee outside the treehouse, seeing the treehouse would fill up rather quickly.

The winged one had chosen to near the entrance, as she was uncomfortable being in crowded places. She leaned on the wall and folded her arms. She then gave the ground her usual, ‘Side Look,’ also listening to the conversation that was going on up there.

"Hi there!" came a voice. Anyone who looked in the direction of the voice would see a black hedgehog-penguin hybrid with cyan markings and gray gloves and shoes cautiously approaching the treehouse ladder. "I heard you guys talking about something interesting, and wanted to get in on the discussion. Do you mind if I come in?" This last comment was directed at Turles.

"Where the blasted heck did that Ion guy go?" Turles asked, shaking and scratching his head before shrugging. He then looked at the hedgequin. "Yeah, come on in! The more, the merrier, that's what I say."

Mac's eyes opened wide, Kennedy facepalmed, and Scarlet's face was flushed. Mac was hoping that Turles would give his explanation soon so that they could ditch him as soon as possible. "This kid is a complete idiot... for all we know, he let a stranger into an important meeting..."

"Thanks for letting me in," said Tranq, entering the treehouse and sitting down. "I'll try not to get in the way."

Elias chuckled softly at the group's reaction. In the back of his head he wondered where Ion had run off to.

”I’m out,” Keira muttered, and hopped outside.

Elias heard this, and said, "You know what, I'll be right back." He clambered out of the treehouse and landed next to Keira. "I'll join you, if you don't mind. It's bad enough that we're being led by a child, but letting a complete stranger into the conversation? What kind of parents teach their kid to do that?" He thought a moment and continued, "Not to mention we're complete strangers ourselves. And Ion still hasn't shown up."

“Yeah, ok,“ she agreed, speaking as her shadow.

Kennedy could only sigh when he saw the group start to separate. Shaking his head, he teleported to Elias and Keira, causing Scarlet to grumble. "I think we're not going to get anything done at this rate."

Scarlet stared Turles down, causing the boy to peep. "Don't do anything, kid." Scarlet looked at the people who were still in the treehouse. "Once we can get those three dummies back in here, I'll have Turles explain."

Elias asked Kennedy, who was giving them both a fierce glare, "What?"

"You two need to get yourselves in that treehouse right now. I'm not going to let who-knows-who scatter time and space because you two are too cool to listen to a child who just wants to help." Kennedy pointed to the treehouse. "If you have too much pride, so be it. You can stay here in this dimension because you both are too stubborn." And with that, Kennedy teleported back into the treehouse.

Ion was outside thinking on who the threat could be when he remembers the figure and what he or she looked like. "This rabbit... who could he or she be, All I Got was a super short look and I knew something about this figure was kind of odd!" Ion then sees Keira and Smiles a bit. "Hey! Sorry about that, Kind of decided to stay behind for a bit. You seem ticked Keira, What's wrong?!" Ion noticed Keira isn't in a good mood and asked to make sure she was ok.

”Hey Ion,” she greeted back. “Came here to find ya, and to escape torture,“ she added with a growl, returning to her normal body.

Elias' face flushed and he said to himself, "I only came out here because I was looking for Ion, not because of that kid." He glanced over at Keira and Ion. "Which he's here now, so back to the treehouse it is." With that, he climbed back inside, giving Kennedy a quick glare before turning his attention to Turles.

A figure in a black coat with neon blue trim appears in the shadows near Keira and Ion. Vendeta senses something is up and glances over in their direction.

Ion senses this and looks at the figure. "Who are you?! Friend or foe!?" Ion asked the Figure nearby.

"Depends on your definition" the figure replies in a metallic voice. Vendeta spins round in mid air, recognising the voice. He then flies towards the figure, grabs him, and hurls him into the air. The figure spins about in mid air for a moment before floating there.

"I would prefer it if you didn't interrupt us, Vendeta" the figure replied "I am Tel-Eth. And, although it may not seem like it for some of us, I am here too help"

"Lies." Vendeta replies "You never help anyone but yourself."

Ion looked at Vendeta. "Wait, Lets see if he has Similar Goals to us. Then we can determine if we need him!* He then looks at Tel-Eth "better tell the truth or we will throw you to the side like waste!" Ion said quite sternly and intimidatingly.

"As much as I would like to see you try" Tel-Eth replied. "It would simply waste time. What are your goals here, exactly?"

"Tell me yours, First! Then maybe I would!" Ion replied back with a very Intimidating Glare. He isn't Fond of him, knowing something about Tel-Eth is off.

"Too stop the universe falling apart and saving lives" He replied.

"Saving lives?" Vendeta repeated "When has your objective ever been saving lives? You started the Guardian Civil War"

"Too stop my planet's destruction. I'm not a mindless killer, Vendeta. You on the other hand..."

Suddenly, Vendeta jumps off the ground and flies towards Tel-Eth. The alien grabs him with his psychokinesis before Vendeta can land a blow. Kennedy, using his own telekinesis, cancels their battle by sending a message through their heads - Quit it, you two. Fight after the explanation.

Turles abruptly started speaking. "Hi, everyone! My name is Turles, and this is my treehouse! Pretty cool, huh?" Turles grinned. "But let's get to what y'all want to hear - I saw the main guy who is doing this all! Actually, she's a girl... a bunny, too..." Hearing this made all of Team Mask flinch.

Turles continues, providing more details. "Yeah. Once, my family was going on a hike, and I saw this purple hut that was near the mountain. Near it, a portal appeared, and four people came out! One of them was her!" Turles bit on his nails. "Then, she turned to three people following her and started talking over 'dividing and conquering the separate dimensions!'" Turles felt exhausted.

Tel-Eth floats down too the treehouse and listens too Turles, bringing Vendeta with him.

"Hm" He said "So this is the right side."

Ion remembers this. "Yeah, I saw something Similar actually! I barely got a Look. All I can tell is that whatever this bunny is may have allies too! Speaking of which, what color was she... If you don't remember then that's okay!" Ion said quite Calmly.

"She's purple," Tel-Eth abruptly interrupted. "I don't know her name, but I know about her cause."

Tel-Eth lets Vendeta go from his psychokinesis. Vendeta floats near Tel-Eth, although he doesn't look happy about it.

"I seen a White Rabbit, actually! Might have been Female too but..." Ion looked down quite infuriated. "...GRAHHH! I can't believe I was CHEAP-ED ON A SNEAK ATTACK! DIRTY LITTLE--" Ion Lashed in anger after being humiliated by a simple yet dirty trick.

Mac attempted to noogie Ion from above. "Heh heh heh, look at you, getting your butt owned by White." Mac laughed, though he actually understood how Ion felt because he'd been in the same situation before.

Ion Chuckles a bit. "Well, At least I can get payback for that moment!" Ion said, cheered up a bit.

Elias just frowned. "So... what now?"

"BUT WAIT! This rabbit girl said that she was going to need new allies, which means there's more!" Turles gasped before going back to a neutral face. "oh and she has this staff or whatever that controls time and space themselves but whatever"

"Say that again?!" Elias said, an eager look on his face. He really wanted to know if that rabbit girl brought them there.

"She's the one who's done this all," said Turles, exasperated. Mac tightened his fists, and Kennedy simply closed his eyes and shook his head. Mac was about to say something fierce, but Kennedy put a hand up in order to stop him.

"Scarlet, Mac and I most likely know this villain," Kennedy explained, an angry expression on his face. "Her name is Luna, and she is a being with an immense amount of power. This explains why I haven't gotten her signature readings for the past few months."

Scarlet crossed her arms, not believing what she has hearing. But... Luna's dead, isn't She? Scarlet shook her head and discarded her confusion. "This is going to be tough, and we must coordinate our strikes with extreme precision."

(Eh, decided to change it slightly. - Julia)

Keira had only snarled loudly, her arms folding while leaning on the tree trunk below. She then flapped her wings, landing in the treehouse. She was already annoyed, lost, and angered by the commotion they were making. But before she could do anything, she had a headache, and flew down to curl up into a ball on the grass, before it all went black.

’A vision,’ she mumbled. ‘But by who?’ she asked herself, as she had these weird visions, before hearing a voice in her head.

Elias asked, "Who the heck is Luna?" He frowned and then thought, "Where did Keira go? Must still be outside..."

Ion Looked at Keira, who was next to him, leaning outside the treehouse still listening to the conversation. "KEIRA!!! Crap, why now and why her of all people!" Ion worried.

"Who is Luna, you ask?" Mac chuckled and shook his head. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Luna is a revenge-craving genocidal maniac who manipulates others to get what she wants... whether it be physically or mentally." Mac groaned, remembering the beating Luna gave him when they first met.

Elias just frowned.

’Where am I?’ Keira mentally asked. ’I remembered that I blacked out, before I went to this place... And those visions...’ She walked around in the sea of blackness in her mind, after blacking out on the ground. She then hear two familiar voices. One saying that he will join forces and destroy their little group into pieces, and the other promised to give her strength.

In reality, the winged one was still curled up into a ball, mumbling stuff as she blacked out. She said only two names, over and over again, before jolting awake, holding her head, and squinting her eyes in pain. “Arrrrggh....” she groaned, sitting on the ground, leaning on the tree trunk.

Mac, not liking the awkward silence (and getting uncomfortable with Keira's moaning), tried to break the ice. "So, any ideas for a plan? I say that we all go to Station Square, blow some crap up, make a scene, get Luna's gang to track us down, and then... well, we'll make a mess of them!" Mac smiled mischievously, but Kennedy didn't seem all too fond of his counterpart's plan.

"I say we wait for Luna to make a scene. Knowing her, it's only a matter of time before she gets the impulse to start some trouble." Kennedy shook his head. "Besides, doing it ourselves would involve causing Chaos, and there's absolutely no way that I'm going to possibly injure an innocent civilian because there is a bunny going around throwing a temper tantrum."

Ion looks at Kennedy and nods. " I agree with your plan! I may not be skilled at strategy, but I certainly don't want to hurt the innocent." Ion still quite worried about Keira. goes to attend to her afterwards. "Keira..."

"And when we do attempt to apprehend Luna," Elias spoke, "what'll we do to disable her?"

"What powers does she have?" Vendeta asks Mac "If we know what she can do, we might be able to counter it."

Mac grunted, shaking his head. "She can manipulate memories, lunar energy, steal energy, and can be an overall idiot. It doesn't sound like much, I know, but Luna ain't a girl that should be taken lightly if ya wanna live, trust me."

"Anyone who can manipulate space-time shouldn't be taken lightly," Elias muttered to himself. But at least they knew what they were up against. Thanks to the kid...

The winged one stood up, ‘We must stop them immediately,’ she noted, her headache fading away. She then saw Ion, and nodded her head in a greeting. “The enemy has a new strong villain that me and my friends know,” she mumbled to Ion. “He’s called Mercurius, and he is a shapeshifter. He casted me some visions of his own making, trying to cause fear into the victim.”

"Man! How are we gonna fight two who can mess with minds... ah well, not a problem for me really!" Ion said to Keira before continuing. "Keira, I know this may sound like much but, Can you at least try to resist these visions!? If you have trouble I will let the others know. I'm just glad your okay!" Ion said with confidence and worry.

"Why should she resist them if they tell us about our enemy?" Tel-Eth asked Ion.

”Well, I cannot exactly say whether Mercurius is going to send me another one, but he will somewhere in the future,” Keira pointed out. “And I will try to not blackout like just now. Thanks for worrying though, Ion.”

That's right, y'all, just heap my ass over to the useless pile. I swear, it's like they think I'm good for absolutely nothing! Ridiculous! Scarlet shook her head, tired of being ignored. She opened her mouth to speak, but Mac was oblivious to her attempt and interrupted her before she could let out the tiniest hint of a peep.

"Keira, please, if there's one thing you can do to provide to the group, please don't blackout like that. It makes me feel.... uncomfortably weird." As to empathize on his point, Mac shuddered. Her moaning kinda reminds me of Marlee when we were younger. Way to give a guy the shivers.

Elias, seeing Scarlet's distress, said to everyone, "Uh... I think Scarlet wanted to say something."

"Oh, no, let Mac go on. I'm just going to wait for my turn!" Scarlet replied, her eye twitching. And also resisting the urge to shoot him...

Elias flinched slightly, but it was barely noticeable. "Er, okay. I guess."

Keira shrugged, “Well that headache is like getting shot to the head then being left to die, so, yeah, and I was groaning.”

”But I cannot guarantee I’ll faint again,” the winged one muttered, “Because It’s Mercurius who‘s controlling the level of pain. And Scarlet, go on, what do you want to say?”

Scarlet huffed, veins throbbing. "I was just about to say that if Luna has something that allows her to manipulate space-time, we can't be less careful. I'm willing to bet that if she's already messing up the entire place, she knows how to use it well. She's probably got a high level of skill with whatever she's using."

Keira nodded, playing with her electrokinesis. “Well then, should we ditch ‘em?” Keira asked, referring to Turles. As Turles was still in the treehouse, he could hear this and immediately gasped.

"I'm betting that you're talking about me!" Turles said, nearly to tears. "I was helping you guys, and now you're just going to leave me... why...?" Turles' eyes were watering, almost crying. "Do you guys do this to your friends? I have information all of you could never get! And now, you're never going to get it!" Turles quickly climbed out of the treehouse and ran into his home.

”Ugh, kids these days,” Keira cursed under her breath. “I’m never good with kids, give me one, I’ll only make them cry,” she muttered. “I’m going to call Celestia and ask her for information.” Keira soon asked Celestia via communicator, asking her everything. From Mercurius and his new... ‘Group.’

Tel-Eth laughs sligtly. "Is anyone else seeing the irony in this?" He asked, specifically looking at Vendeta.

"What my arch-nemesis is trying to point out" Vendeta said, looking at Keira "Is that you're thinking about abandoning this guy because of he's a kid and you're a $€#%ing teenager. If we were following your logic, me and Tel-Eth would be the only people here. If he can help us, let him."

"Well, that's insulting," Elias muttered.

”Exactly what I was going for, but...” Keira paused for a while. “I’m not going on a wild goose chase just to say sorry. It’s not my type. But we could try though, I’ll go get him.” And with that, she blasted off, locating Turles’ house.

Once she did, she knocked on the door, and carved a message on the front porch. It said, ‘Turles, sorry I was talking about ditching ya, and we might as well need your help. If you accept our apology, then come to the nearest tree you can find, and I’ll give you a lift. -KTWH’ And she waited on the nearest tree. ‘I hate kids,’ she scornfully thought. But decided to save her rant for later.

Turles, who was in the house, crossed his arms and opened the door. "You promise I'll get to fly with you? Pinky swear?"

Keira just watched from a nearby tree top, her violet eyes glowing. “Yeah, as long as you’re not afraid of heights. And that you’re not gonna ‘pretend’ to fly,” Keira muttered. The winged hybrid then carried Turles on her back, shooting off into the sky.

Ion sighs. "I would never really do such thing to a kid like that... I will help her out... I know about kids more than anything and you should thank Vanilla for that!" Ion jumped outside and dashed towards Keira.

As Keira spotted Ion, she descended, landing on Ion's side, dropping Turles. The winged hybrid sighed, and glanced at Ion, before muttering a simple, "Done."

Meanwhile, Elias walked out of the treehouse onto the deck, seeing Lee hanging from the railing. "Something wrong? You've been very quiet this whole time."

Lee stared at the ground, silently hoping Elias would forget him or something.

A few moments passed and Elias said, crossing his arms, "Well? I haven't got all day!"

The hybrid turned his head, looking at Elias. "Umm...erm... I .. Uh" confidence seemed to raise slightly in his voice. "I'm just listening."

Elias frowned. "Right. I'm going back inside." With that, he waltzed back into the treehouse. Without even so much as a "thank you."

Turles jumped off Keira's back, in high spirits and a good mood. "So.... I've presented only a tiny bit of the stuff I I know, but I can tell you even more!" Turles looked around at everyone. "But before that, does anyone have any questions?"

“The people the bunny was with.” Vendeta asked “What did they look like?”

"One was a white rabbit who had black hair and camo clothing, along with a red and black belt. One was a young, purple eagle who wore turbo-gloves, a black and red hoodie, and shorts. The third was a grey bat with green glasses, and she wore pretty average-looking clothing." Turles tried to put as much effort into describing their appearance as to not look like a kid and so that they wouldn't attack any innocents.

Ion stood there hearing the description and clenched his fist tightly. "The white rabbit! He is the one who knocked me unconscious!" Ion snarled quite viciously and infuriatingly. "Oooo, once I get my hands on that b****rd, he will have one hell of a beating!" Ion exclaimed, adding to the sentence.

Keira had just sat on a branch with her wings spread out, keeping her balance. She then crossed her arms at Ion's reaction and warned him, "Just try not to get too into it. There are others we need to stop too." At this point, a voice spoke in her mind. 'And you will have to stop that son of a glitch... Heh. I would love to take that soul of his and devour it.' She smirked, and replied mentally, 'Getting into my mind so quickly, spiral eyes? Otherwise, you got a point, Fleet.'

Ion Looked at Keira and nodded. "Thanks for your advice but, I am well aware of the situation. I will make sure they pay dearly for messing with time and space all to enact their plan." Ion smiled at her, he cheered up after that thought.

”No problem Ion,” she nodded back, giving him a double thumbs up.

Turles looked around, seeing that nobody had any questions anymore. "Well, it looks like the meeting has been wrapped up! However, I won't let y'all just walk away when you're in dimensional danger! Come into my house - I'll ask my mom if she can make us all cookies! Not chocolate chip, though." Turles then slowly climbed down the treehouse, motioning for the others to follow him.

Mac shrugged, sticking his tongue out at Kennedy as the mercenary's Chaos counterpart walked up to him with an incredibly smug look on his face. "See, Mac, the child isn't all that bad. You should be slower to judge - the next time you suggest someone is unfit to give someone important information, I'll get on to you about this whole ordeal."

Mac chuckled wholeheartedly as Team Mask started to climb out of Turles' treehouse. "Don't act like you didn't mess up - you said he was six, but there's no way a kid as young as a kindergartener could ever have a dictionary as large as that. I'll say eight, give or take."

"Mac, just shut up about the kid's age and start thinking about what type of cookies you'll want once you're in the house. I freaking swear, if they don't have oatmeal raisin, I'll be the one shipping poor souls off to completely different dimensions," Scarlet said, following her teammates.

"I prefer Snickerdoodles to be honest but, I don't mind if I get meh cookies." Ion chuckled a bit trying to living up the day.

Elias said, "I did want chocolate cookies." He climbed down the ladder and followed the others. He quickly made note of the fact that Tranq hadn't said much, but he decided it didn't matter. Not right now, anyway. "But I can settle for jelly cookies or oatmeal raisin cookies, since you don't have chocolate chips."

He followed the others into the house, but not before glancing back over at Keira and Tranq, wondering if they would follow as well.

Keira shrugged, and decided to follow them inside. She then beckoned for Tranq to also follow, to not fall behind the group.

"Do genocidal aliens eat cookies?" Vendeta asked Tel-Eth.

"No." He replied "I don't think they work well with a shape-shifting metabolism..." Both of the space travelers follow the others inside.

Tranq, having just gotten his shield unstuck from a loose plank in the treehouse, and noticing Keira beckoning to him, followed after her.

Elias walked inside the house, and immediately noticed the carpet. It was nice and soft, almost fleecy.

As everyone got into the house, Turles immediately burst into the house. It had lots of carpet, and generally looked quite nice. "Welcome, everyone! Please, enjoy your stay! My parents are, like, totally convinced that you guys are from alternate dimensions, so just wait!"

"I imagine seeing a portal open up from nowhere can do that to you, " Scarlet quipped, going to take a seat on one of the many couches in the house.

While she did that, Kennedy walked over to Lee. "Salutations, Lee. I pray you are up for useless conversation?"

Mac, wanting to confront a problem he'd felt from the beginning, hurried to Vendeta. "Hey, psychic guy, you mind if we talk?"

Elias walked over to Scarlet, sitting next to the couch on the floor. He never liked couches. Or even beds. He liked to be on the ground or floor. Or carpet, in this case.

"I assume we also need to engage in this... uh... social... what's it called?" Elias asked. He didn't do small talk very much, so he had forgotten what it was even called.

"Interaction? Conversation? You could probably ask my friend Schnee how to, and she'd give you a whole crappy musical on the subject." Scarlet chuckled, remembering one of her friends, before looking into Elias' eyes intently. "So, I must ask - in your world, what is it like to be a Grandmaster? Grand, is it not?"

"Not really," Elias replied. "If it weren't for this cursed body of mine, I'd hightail it to another universe willingly and never look back. Though I'd probably bring Manchester with me, but everyone else can destroy themselves for all I care." Elias thought a moment and said, "If what you say is true... about Luna's powers... them there's nothing to go back to. She'd have killed them all. No Dark Legion to lead. No Manchester to run off with." Then he went silent, looked away from Scarlet and stared into blank space.

"Well.... Luna's a jackass, yeah, but she has empathy - I've seen it. Even though I hate her guts along with all of her bodily features, she has potential to become a not-bad-guy." For a few seconds, Scarlet was staring into space, remembering Team Mask's last encounter with Luna. "You'd see it in the way she treats those who are close to her, as if they were her children."

Scarlet stopped staring into space and shook her head quickly, not believing any of the words that were just swimming freely out of her mouth. "But potential or not, she's done messed up stuff. She's a bad person who needs to suffer for the pain she's caused, the innocents she's killed." Scarlet's eyes started watering. "C'mon, Eli. Surely, in your world, since you're a person with a lot of power... you've met someone who's done bad things, but doesn't exactly have a bad heart?"

Elias turned to look back at her. "I had amnesia. I don't remember knowing anyone prior to that strange energy wave that hit my world two years ago. All the people I remember meeting, which are very few, either have a good heart or a bad heart. Maybe I shouldn't make snap judgements. At least, if she did kill them, I know that they'd have put up a fight. Even Manchester, despite her 'do no harm' policy."

Scarlet stuttered for a bit, looking for the right words to say, but never getting the right words to respond with. After a bit if silence, Scarlet fixed a bit of her hair in front if her face and started laughing. "Ha, hahaha! Elias, this is really new, haha! Since I've been living with Mac for so long, I thought all privileged people would have no troubles. I'm such an idiot sometimes!" Scarlet wiped a tear from her eye - whether it was because there were onions in the kitchen, she was depressed, or she was laughing too hard, not even Scarlet knew. "Sorry for getting all serious know you, Eli," Scarlet said, lightly punching Elias in his fleshy arm.

Elias scratched his head. One second she's solemn, the next she's laughing like he said a joke. Whatever. He didn't care. "It's fine, I suppose. I would hardly call my occupation 'privileged', though." Elias paused and continued, "You live with Mac? Are you two together or something?"

"Oh, heavens no, perish the thought. I was just living on the streets, and he let me stay with him, that's all. He's way too immature and unbearable for me to date - I still have a lot of dignity to uphold, and he hasn't ever been known for meeting standards." Scarlet sighed. "Mac is unpredictable, you know. He always does his own thing. I bet you can at least make an accurate guess what your Manchester girl is going to do most of the time."

"She's a little eccentric actually," Elias spoke. He then looked back down at the carpet and started humming a random song.

Meanwhile, Tranq walked over to Keira. "Hey, Keira?" he said. "Thanks for reminding me to follow everyone else in."

Keira nodded at Tranq, before sitting near where everyone was. The winged hybrid then looked down at her crossed feet and legs, seemingly deep in thought.

Ion Looked at Scarlet. "Definitely wouldn't Ship, that's for sure. I on the other hand, If I were to date, in which I am currently Ill Prepared for, Have grown maturely in personality, though not by a massive amount." Ion said, quite seriously.

Tranq noticed Ion apparently talking to himself and walked over to him. "Excuse me, Ion?" he said. "If you're trying to talk to somebody here, I think they're engaged in their own conversations, so you might want to try entering the conversation of whoever you're trying to talk to before talking to them...Just a friendly suggestion..."

Vendeta lands on the floor of Turles' house while Tel-Eth floated back up too the tree house.

"Fools are letting their guard down" the alien muttered too himself "They'll be coming. I know they will."

Ion sighed at Tranq and nodded. "Yeah, I guess you have a point. I am not always mature like I said a minute ago." Ion said to him.

"Don't sweat it kid." Vendeta told Ion as he floated past "I was the same several years ago."

Turles' mother, an elderly woman whose scales were beginning to gray, walked over to the heroes with a plate of cookies. There were iced sugar, sugar, strawberry, raisin, and pretty much every type except chocolate. "Greetings, all of you, Turles told me he was going to invite you all."

Elias, after stopping his humming, gladly walked over to Turles' mother and took one of each cookie. "I'm absolutely starving now, those smell so good!" He was about to walk away with his fists full of cookies when he said very hesitantly, "Er... thanks, Madam." Then he walked back to his spot next to the couch and started eating his cookies.

Tranq also walked over to the cookie tray and took a couple of cookies. Unlike Elias, he remembered to thank Turles' mother immediately after getting the cookies: "Thanks for the cookies!" he said, starting to walk away as he ate one of the cookies. Then he stopped, did a double-take, and walked back to Turles' mother. "Do you need some help distributing the cookies?" he asked. "There are a lot of people here, and I think that most of them have forgotten about the cookies by now..."

Turles' mother smiled warmly. "Thank you, I work very hard on these treats. Also, it would make me very happy if you could assist me in passing them out!" she said, putting them on a counter and starting to give everyone cookies, distributing them.

Tranq smiled at Turles' mother and started distributing the cookies.

Mac pointed at Vendeta. "Psychic dude! You! Get down and talk to me!"

Vendeta floats over to Mac. "What do you want? I was going to eat cookies."

Mac scratched the back of his head, trying to get the right words out so that he wouldn't sound too awkward. "Yeah. Well, it's you. I feel like I've seen you before somewhere. Well, not me... but me. Like, as if my body wasn't like, a thing yet, but my soul was in a different vessel." Mac shook his head, confusing himself. "Do you get me?"

Vendeta raises an eyebrow "I think the phrase is "we've met in another life"."

Lee was still clinging to the rail when Onyx's presence surged, causing him to release his grip and pinwheel backwards.

The party continued to chat, not knowing that at this moment, malicious people were planning to do something really... dangerous. When will the heroes notice? Only time will tell.

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