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Part ???: Put Your Head In The Game

A magenta rift in time opened, and out of it, Kennedy and five other anthromorphs fell. Kennedy landed on his back, but quickly recoiled of it and jumped right back on his feet. Scanning the area around them for anyone else, Kennedy wiped his hand by his forehead with a "Phew...." knowing that they were all safe at the moment.

Kennedy looked straight forward, confused. There were walls around them - thin walls, actually. They were very tall, about twenty times a grown human's height, so it'd be impossible to jump over them. Also, after a few couple meters, the path split - one going into the left, the other going into the right. Hmm.... looks like it's a maze.

Keira landed slowly on the ground, snatching her axe in time before it fell onto the ground. Her eyes scanned the area around her, observing every part. She then saw the path split in two, and the main idea clicked in her head. 'It's definitely a maze. Way to go...' she groaned mentally.

Flyby came zipping out of the portal, running up a wall and backflipping off it. "Where am I now?" He said, not having heard Kennedy.

Lee flew out of the portal as well, smacking into one of the maze walls. He picked himself up, getting a good look at Flyby for the first time. "Oh, crud.." He muttered.

Iris shot out of one of the portals, her left eye still glowing. She landed on the ground, glowed yellow for a second, and stood up. Her eye was no longer glowing, and she looked excited, as if she was about to say something. However, her expression quickly faded to one of confusion as she noticed where they were. " this?" she asked, looking around. "And why would someone put us in this...maze?"

The winged one snorted, “Clearly the villains would; they must be playing a game with us.” ‘And I don’t like the feeling of this,’ she growled in her mind. “I’ll take the left, and play dirty if I have to,” she continued, before sprinting towards the left part.

Flyby laughed. "I'm going with her." He said, then took off after Keira.

Iris stared after the two for a few seconds, then turned to Kennedy (who looked slightly more responsible than Lee) and asked, "What should we do now?"

A few seconds after Flyby and Keira departed, an explosion went off in their direction. Three sticks of dynamite went off as Kennedy facepalmed and looked to Iris. "I say, after those two get back, we split up into equal groups. Then, we'll be safe (as long as there aren't so many splits that we'll eventually be alone)." Kennedy tapped his forehead. "I'll try to keep all of your energy signatures in mind."

"That...sounds good," said Iris nervously, backing towards one of the walls for protection. "I'll just go with whatever group needs an extra member..."

The winged one zoomed in a straight line, before turning to the left, then right, or which ever way that wasn’t a dead end.

Flyby ran after her, then stopped, shouting. "Hey, you hear an explosion?"

"Explosion..." Keira muttered, while halting to a stop. She flew up into the air, seeing Flyby. "I did hear it," she yelled over to him, "But let me try to find a way out first. That explosion sounds like trouble." After that, Keira landed back on the ground, and sank into the ground, becoming one with her shadow. She was using Shadow Sneak to move around without getting caught.

Flyby simply stood there, blinking in confusion.

Three more full sticks of dynamite fell from the floor right in front of the duo and immediately exploded.

He shouted this time. "Hey! Shadow-girl! Stuff's going boom out here!"

Iris, hearing the explosion, looked at Kennedy and said quietly, "Should we go help them? They might have gotten hurt trying to come back here and might need help now..."

Lee stared at the ground. "If I know anything, my dad can handle himself..."

Keira came back, emerging out of her shadow on the ground. "Firstly, my name isn't Shadow-girl. It's Keira. And I do know that there was an explosion," she growled. "I'm going to scout the place, but you better watch your step."

"You got it, Keira." He grinned, the girl was beginning to impress him, and he began using the walls to spring over any explosives.

With her wary eyes scanning the place, Keira soared up high, getting a bird's eye view of the whole maze. "Now," she muttered to herself. "I'mma wait here till an explosion happens."

The two received a telepathic message from Kennedy - You must learn to strategize and not barge in headstrong. Rendezvous back to us so that we can form a proper plan. To Iris and Lee, it'd look like Kennedy was simply putting his index finger to his head and closing his eyes.

Keira warped back to Kennedy, landing smoothly on her two feet. "I got a nice view of the maze," she shrugged. "So what's the plan Kennedy?" Electricity was crackling around her, as she waited for the tiger to say something, and for Flyby to come back.

Iris backed away from Keira, looking worried.

Flyby zipped in, his power joining Keira's electric storm. "Alright, what now?"

Kennedy observed the group when everyone joined together, assessing everyone's strengths and weaknesses. "Healer, I've seen you heal Ion. I suggest you go with the more foolhardy group. Lee... you're a good assistance unit. I'll be strategist/direct attacker, and the two electrokinetics should go in different groups." Kennedy faced Flyby. "No offense but Keira is stronger than you by quite a bit, so you shall travel with Lee and I. We should take the right path, since it seems safer." He then looked at Iris. "Healer, are you okay with going along the more dangerous path? Keira can take some damage, but could you make sure she's not overtaxed?"

"I think we can handle the more dangerous path," Keira nodded. "As long as me and her don't have any problems with our HP and strength," she finished, before looking at the more dangerous path. 'Hopefully this goes well,' she sighed.

Iris, looking quite frightened, pushed herself against the nearby wall and nodded in agreement.

Keira then looked at Iris, before walking over to her side. “Hey, you okay?” she asked her. “Oh, and I’m Keira by the way, in case you didn’t know,” she greeted her with a real, kind smile on her face.

Iris, who now just looked somewhat worried, said, "I'm...okay. Just worried. And my name's Iris. ...Nice to meet you."

”Ah, okay then,” Keira nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll tank damage.”

Iris remained silent, not having any idea what "tanking damage" meant, but not wanting to ask and possibly offend Keira.

Flyby's ears turned downward. "Yeah...Fine." He shuffled his feet against a wall for a moment. "Jeez, how'd I get on a team?"

Lee, who had completely switched from the one that fought Tina to the one that frequently fell off things, was trying to stay...out of this, if possible. He dragged his feet to where he was standing behind Kennedy. "When are you going to tell them you're less useful than normal?" Onyx silently said, then proceeded to laugh at him. Lee just stared at the ground, not saying anything.

“We should head off,“ she growled, breaking the silence. “We must find a way to get back to the rest of the heroes.”

Kennedy nodded. "I agree with Keira. We should get going. Healer, Keira, if I need to contact either of you, I'll do so telekinetically." He tapped his forehead before walking forward. "Now, then, let's go."

Lee and Flyby followed Kennedy.

Iris turned to Keira and said, "I'm really sorry, but I'm...not very fast. Maybe I should hold onto you if we need to move quickly?"

”Yeah, but for now, let’s just walk,” she suggested, and started to walk towards the dangerous part of the maze, followed by Iris.

Power Battle

On Keira and Iris' path, there were a multitude of ticking bombs waiting for them. The landscape was also very rocky, with craters that could easily be overlooked (that sadly also had bombs in them). The walls strangely had holes in them - too small to escape through, but large enough to fit a thin object in.

Iris, who wasn't very familiar with modern technology, stopped walking, gestured towards the bombs, and said, " know what those are?"

"I believe those are time bombs, they explode when a some force is put on it, or when the countdown is out," Keira explained. She was now debating whether to fly, make it explode first, or just, 'YOLO' to the other side.

Iris, who now looked very worried, said, "Do you know how large an area they'll explode?" She started looking from side to side quickly and said in a hushed tone, "Are we safe?"

"I'm not sure, but I'll use my umbra electrokinesis to trigger them, then just hold on to me, and we might as well fly over the bombs," Keira decided, before pausing, and making sure if Iris was okay with that.

"Sure..." said Iris worriedly. Her left arm began twitching slightly, causing her to grab it with her right arm.

"Hmm, if not..." Keira then started shooting lightning bolts at the bombs, and as they exploded, she shielded Iris by standing in front of her.

Iris, who had assumed that the bombs would be deadlier than they were, was shocked at Keira's act of self-sacrifice, but calmed down somewhat when she realized that Keira was still alive. "...Thank you for getting rid of those bombs..." she said. "Can I heal any injuries that you might have sustained..." Iris trailed off and started looking blankly into the distance with a pained expression on her face, apparently lost in thought.

"No problem," Keira nodded, sighing. "And yeah, I might have some slight burns from the blow," she added, and faced Iris so that Iris could heal her.

Iris snapped out of her trance, looking slightly relieved when she saw that Keira's injuries were fairly minor. "Thank you," she said. "I'll make this as fast as possible." Her right eye started glowing a bright yellow, glowing yellow cracks appeared on her right arm, and a beam of light shot out of her right hand, connecting her hand to Keira. After a few seconds, the beam and the cracks disappeared, her eye stopped glowing, and Iris collapsed onto Keira, who was now fully healed. " temporary," said Iris, muffled somewhat because her mouth was against Keira. "I'll recover soon..."

"Thanks Iris," she muttered over to her. The winged one laid Iris down, letting her rest for a while. "If only you were an electrokinetic; I could transfer you some energy..." Keira then flew up, taking a good look at what was ahead; before landing slowly down next to Iris.

Iris, who seemed to be regaining some of her energy, propped herself up on one arm, looked up at Keira, and said, "Thank you...for...protecting me back there. It...was really nice of you. I—" Her voice stuck for a second before she continued, "I...didn't know you were that kind." Iris collapsed, propped herself back up again, and said, "...Thank you."

”You’re welcome,” Keira sighed. “I’ve been mistaken by many, and judged for years, I think it’s time for me to change their minds.”

From the walls, a storm of arrows came out from each side, trying to hit the duo.

Keira looked up, and used her axe to deflect the ones that were going to hit Iris. She then shouted over to her, “Run, Iris! Don‘t get hit!!” And she flew up, either destroying, or deflecting the arrows with her axe.

"I can't run," said Iris, trying to pull herself into a standing position and falling over when she was halfway up. "I'm in no condition to run...I can't ever run, but now I can't even move..." A look of panic overcame Iris's face. "I'm lost," she whispered. Her left eye started flickering blue, her left arm started uncontrollably twitching, and blue sparks started appearing near her left hand.

The winged one looked back at Iris, with her eyes widening. 'Fleet... Help me...' she pleaded, before he responded by surrounding her with a dark aura. Her right eye went black, before swirling around and around, like Fleetway's. She controlled the aura, wrapping it around the arrow storm, and destroying it into bits.

She then landed smoothly, her eye returning back to normal. 'Thanks,' she smirked internally. She soon came to check on Iris, kneeling down near her.

Iris turned to Keira, an entranced expression on her face. Her left eye now glowing a bright blue, and sparks continued to appear near Iris's left hand. "It's so close..." she said. "I can almost...touch it..."

The winged one was confused, but looked at Iris, waiting for her to say more. Her right eye became spiral, colored in red. 'Something's happening,' Fleetway's voice muttered in her head.

"The portals..." said Iris. "They're so...close..."

From the sky above the girls, Turles and his mother fell, Turles' mother hitting the ground first and Turles himself falling on her shell. "O-Ow..."

Keira snarled, before jumping back. She then groaned at who it was. ‘Seriously? The mobian?’ Fleetway’s voice growled in annoyance. Now she and Fleetway were having a mental debate, while in reality, the winged one turned to Iris, sitting next to her.

Iris's eye stopped glowing, the sparks disappeared from near Iris's hand, and Iris slumped back into her prone position momentarily before pulling herself into a seated position and looking at Keira with a confused expression. "What's...going on?" she asked, her eyes moving from side to side.

"Two mobians fell out of a portal," she bluntly stated.

Turles rubbed his head. "Ow... There's this bug-robot thing, and it's really hurty..." As if on cue, an orange bug like creature that looked like a human but with giant green eyes, a mouth cannon, and a blade for a left hand appeared around the corner.

Iris looked at the creature. Her left eye started glowing blue again, and the left corner of her mouth bent upwards into a half-smile. "Keira..." she said. "If you can distract that thing, I think I can..." Her left arm started twitching again, and her left hand started opening and closing, seemingly at random. " it...elsewhere..."

The winged one muttered a single curse in a language that she and her father speak, directing it at the being. She then Shadow Sneaked underneath the being, attacking it from the bottom, and lunging from its underneath it, her two scythes in her hands.

The bug-like robot blocked Keira's attack with its blade before surrounding itself with a green force field of energy. It then let the energy explode, trying to blast Keira back to Iris and Turles. If it succeeded, it would point its fist and them, turn it into a machine gun, and fire multiple bullets at the quartet.

Keira was blasted backwards, before she gained momentum, and flew up. She circled around the robot like an eagle finding prey, before landing on the robot, striking it with her blast of energy.

Iris had started coming up with a plan. She was going to place a portal behind the bug-like creature, and when it started extending some sort of attack in front of it (like its sword), she was going to place the portal there and thus launch it towards the robot's back. However, just as she was about to execute this plan, she heard Kennedy's first yell, causing her to lose focus. Wait... she thought. Keira needs my help...but they need my help too...Keira's counting on me, I'll help her first... And then she heard the second yell and completely lost focus. "I can't take this any more!" she shouted, closing her eyes and collapsing onto the wall. "Keira, help me!"

When she heard Iris’ scream, Keira looked back, before continuing to combo the robot. “Iris, go help them, if I’m too weak, I’ll rely on my Dark Form,” she shouted.

Iris heard Keira's voice and managed to use that to regain her focus. She wasn't quite sure what Keira had said, but had gotten the gist of the message: that she was supposed to help the others. "Thanks..." said Iris, opening her eyes, getting up, and starting to leave towards where the others were. After a few seconds, Iris stopped and turned her head to face Keira, her left eye again glowing brightly and with a similar half-smile to before (this time a bit more nervous-looking), and said, "Stay safe...I need you..." She turned back towards the passageway and kept going, this time moving fairly quickly.

The winged one kept fighting in a harsh way, aggressively using her speedy combos. First, her combo string went like this: Shadow Sneak —> Lightning Rain —> Fly —> Drill Dive —> Dark Axe. But either way, the robot might have found a way to ruin it. So she used a second combo... Axe Slay —> Drill Dive —> Dark Tornado —> Shadow Sneak —> Dark Lightning Storm —> Snare Drago Strike —> Clawing Stab.

The bug-like robot was sent flying into a wall by Keira's continuous attacks, being slashed, blasted, and bruised. When it came out of the wall, it was about to dash to the trio again when an ice sword emerged through its chest, causing it to crackle with electricity before exploding into a cloud of dark smoke. From the smoky cloud, five javelins were thrown at the heroes. Turles and his mother both ducked into their shells.

At this, Keira started flapping her wings, but as she was about to boost herself into the sky, one javelin hit her right leg. This slowed her flying start. The winged one winced at the pain, and as she rose into the sky, Keira pulled the javelin out of her injury. This left her right leg bleeding, but she ignored it, and still rose up confidently.

From the smoke, Kana skated out on icy rollerblades, allowing her to skate around the maze. Determined to defeat Keira, she turned her skates into shoes and eject blue flames from her feet, allowing her to fly. From there, she tried to spin dash into Keira with cryokinetic energy charged in her, aiming for one of Keira's nerves.

The winged one snarled, Kana had hit her. But it wasn’t enough to send her cowering behind a rock, though. She got knocked back, and some icicles gormed on where she got hit. Electricity zapped all around her, as she flapped her wings. The ice slowly started to melt, and she freely blasted into the air.

Kana burst into the air with rocket thrusters, following Keira. She created ice swords - one in each hand - and threw them at Keira, like they were discus. Then, Mecha Alexia tried to focus water around Keira's head. If Keira wasn't careful, Kana would trap Keira's head in an ice block.

The winged female dodged the ice swords, and turned to face Kana. She then used Snare Drago Strike, creating an electric dragon, and aimed her finger at Kana. Making a finger gun, she then ordered the dragon in a language that only the mobians of the Underworld Dimension knew; sending dragon in a frenzy, its target being Mecha Alexia. She then flew higher.

Kana, seeing the electric dragon Keira had made and knowing fully well that water conducts electricity, accessed her ergokinetic energy supplier and turned her arms into a huge fused triangular cannon. "OPERATION: OVERLOAD CRYO (ERGO)!" the robot chanted before firing a large blue beam of energy at the dragon.

Meanwhile, in the sky... The dragon made one last roar, and exploded into a wave of black electricity. Keira looked back, snarling. The winged one then Fusion Shard Warped infront of Mecha Alexia, before charging at light speeds at her, and whacked her on the head with the sharp part of her axe. She then used Lightning Rain on her, before warping again to where she left Turles and his mom. At that point, Keira went into speed-flying position, ready to attack Kana from below.

Kana took the blow lightly since it had not done that much damage, for she had blocked Keira's attack with an ice shield. Grabbing onto Keira when she warped, she was soon with Turles and his mother. Turning her arm into a cannon, she was prepared to fire an icy bullet when a shell hit the back of her head.

Kana turned around, and Turles had just been thrown by his mother (which was their plan). Turles then got out of his shell and started whimpering, seeing the robot tower over him. If Keira didn't react quick, Turles was soon going to frozen in a block of ice.

Keira had little time to register what happened, but when she saw the robot towering over Turles, she growled, and whipped out her twin scythes, and charged up her electricity. Once she was done, Keira disappeared into nothing but wind and a slight blur, being now at the speed of light. She then slashed Kana’s head and neck, before shooting towards the sky, watching Kana like an eagle watching its prey.

Kana didn't see Keira's attack coming and was knocked back into a wall, leaving a crater in it before falling down. Her quills were slightly cracked. Then, Mecha Alexia's irises flashed red, and she boosted up into the air again, trying to stab Keira with an ice sword.

At that moment, Keira's face was dripping with sweat, trying to hold off Kana's ice sword. With all the force she could muster, the winged female growled, and flew backwards, Keira's hands trying to push the ice sword's handle away from herself.

Kana didn't chase Keira this time - instead, she created a thick ice wall for the winged hedgehog to crash into. If Keira didn't realize where she was heading, then she would bump into it at full speed.

The winged one widened her eyes, before squinting it, and smashed her head at the ice wall. She winced, and spin dashed in mid air. Fleetway... she muttered, I need your help... And from that moment, she did uncurled from her ball, before doing Tornado Drill, making a hole in the ice wall.

Kana created two ice discuses and threw them at Keira, trying to throw her off. Then, speakers came out of Kana's shoulders, and they resonated the message "AZUL! AZUL! ASSISTANCE NEEDED!"

The blue figure appeared behind Keira, doing a spinning slashing move.

’MOVE!’ Fleetway’s voice yelled in her head. At this, the winged hedgehog used shadow sneak, going behind the blue figure. She reappeared once she was behind the figure, and tried smacking it with the flat side of her axe.

Azul caught the axe, and tried to snap it in half with sheer strength. Meanwhile, Kana fired a cryokinetic beam that would freeze the body part of Keira that it hit.

The axe was now surrounded by a black aura, and wasn’t breaking. Keira snarled, while inside her head, Fleetway was cursing. She then ditched her axe, and dodged the beam of ice by flying up into the air, before trying to land on Azul with Clawing Stab. Kana fired two more beams before dashing at Keira with an ice katana drawn, trying to throw her off. Keira put up a umbrakinetic shield, blocking the attack. Kana drew her icy katana and slashed at the shield rapidly, trying to break it. Azul roared, dropping the axe, grabbing Keira and trying to slam her into the ground. The force he struck with would put a normal Mobian in a concussion.

‘KEIRA DARKRES LIGHTNING, WAKE UP,’ Fleetway yelled in her mind, after she was slammed in the ground. She felt a little... Dizzy. Keira jolted awake, and shadow sneaked behind Azul, before flying above them. Her shield was low, so she had to deactivate it. Keira then used lightning rain on Azul, shot multiple shockwaves of electricity at Kana, before charging up a level four black lightning area damage attack.

Azul's body sizzled and reformed where the lightning struck. He then growled, jumping up to slam Keira into the ground again. The winged hedgehog flapped her wings faster, flying higher up into the air, trying to avoid Azul. She growled, and tried speeding up her charging time. Azul, having fallen back down, stared up at Keira, waiting for her to come down.

Keira kept flying upwards for a few minutes and stopped, flapping her wings powerfully once she was above the clouds. She then shot a series of black lightning shockwaves downwards. “Unsheathe Monoclaws...” she muttered, and kicked downwards on her spot, making the claws extend. She then nosedived downwards, and folded her wings to accelerate. Once she was under the clouds, Keira summoned her two scythes named ‘Double Crosser’, and carried one on each hand. She then kept her arms close to her side, still diving downwards. Kana tried to slam into Keira from the side before kicking her downwards.

The hedgehog hybrid had heard Kana coming, but had only braced herself for the impact, letting herself get kicked to the side, and downwards. Keira knew that sudden downwards acceleration might help her, and so, kept on diving while resisting the pain. She dived straight down, doing a drill dive to help speed her up, successfully catching up to her imcoming attacks. Once she had already adjusted her position, Keira cancelled her drill dive, and went in a zig zag position, trying to hit Azul with clawing stab, after her attacks had probably hidden her in the air. Kana created an ice shield with spikes on it so that Keira would be hit before firing two beams of cryokinetic energy that would freeze the body part they hit. ”Shoot,” Keira cursed under her breath, as her attacks broke the sudden ice wall put up in front of her. This revealed Keira, who was previously hiding behind her attacks. With her feet out, monoclaws extended, she tried and land clawing stab on Azul. She still tried to land a hit on Azul, even though her arms and shoulders were frozen.

Azul tried to grab Keira and smash her into the ground. Keira held her legs closer to her chest, and, with her monoclaws unsheathed on her boots, she kicked Azul’s arm away from her and tried stabbing him on the shoulders with the unsheathed monoclaws. Growling at the attack, Azul grabbed Keira's wrist, this time trying to break her arm off. The winged hedgehog retracted her monoclaws, and landed on the ground. She made the scythes in her hands disappear, and channeled electric energy to her free hand, and tried punching Azul’s hand off her, hopefully electrocuting him as well. Azul kept his grip, the electricity bouncing along his skin. "Nice try, Little Stormbreaker." And with that, he tried to stab her in the stomach.

”Well I hope you can hold on...~” Keira smirked. And she leaned on the arm that Azul had gripped, dodging the stab, and spin dashed. Azul's hand was shredded by the Spin Dash, but reformed after a few seconds. He then waited for Keira to stop moving to strike again. As soon as Azul's hand was shredded, Keira dropped to the ground, and used shadow sneak to get away from Azul (who had his hand reformed already) before starting to spam umbrakinetic attacks at him.

Azul just stood there, unfazed. "I used to serve a shadow-wielder, Little Stormbreaker."

"A... Shadow wielder?" Keira muttered at Azul. She eyes were already widening, as she looked to the ground. '...' the voice inside her head was silent, seeming to also be deep in thought, while looking out for her. Keira closed her eyes, laid her hands limp by her side, focusing.

"What exactly are you doing, Child?"

Keira put her hands behind her back, charging up a level five electric bomb. "I dunno," Keira muttered. "I'm confused by all this happening all so suddenly..."

Azul burst forward in speed, moving to slash Keira in the face. The hedgehog hybrid had just dodged to the side, hands still at the back. Kana dashed at Keira, trying to chop her in the neck with a hand full of cryokinetic energy, which could knock her out quickly. The winged hedgehog hybrid used shadow sneak, and moved away from them. Kana scanned the ground, keeping track of Keira's shadow and energy signatures, ready to pounce. The hedgehog hybrid emerged from her shadow once she was near her axe, taking it while she could.

Before Keira could fully emerge, Kana threw two ice javelins at her before three icicles erupted from the ground, threatening to stab through her chest. Keira had gotten stabbed on the shoulders by the two javelins, and used lightning rain on herself, destroying the icicles, and giving her energy to regenerate. Once she had fully emerged, Keira held her axe tightly, and waited for an attack. Kana created two icicles behind Keira, threatening to stab through her legs. Keira spin dashed with her axe sticking out, breaking the icicles, before heading towards Kana. Kana stood in place, blasting a projectile of cryokinetic energy at Keira's feet. To break it again, Keira spin dashed, before flying upwards. From there, the winged hedgehog hybrid charged up an attack. Kana stood there, seemingly allowing herself to be hit.

Keira released a level four Destruction Blast, and she also covered a large area that surrounded Kana and Azul. After that, she was seen getting a little tired. Once the blast passed by, she saw that apparently, the Kana she was trying to hit was merely an ice sculpture, though the blast had decapitated it. The hybrid sweatdropped, and went into deep focus, trying to sense where she was. From there, Keira got ready, with an umbrakinetic ball in her hand. Icicles appeared all around Keira, and they were all fired at her. She formed a shield around her self, and blocked the attack, still having her shield around her. A large sword of ice came from above and fell down on the shield. Then, five more just like it did the same thing. The shield broke when the first sword fell down, signaling Keira that she had to move. Once she saw five more, Keira flew to the side, and jumped on the side of the swords, getting higher in the sky. The swords hit the grounds before being lifted and fired at Keira again, trying to pressure her. She then took out her axe, and did a spin dash with her axe sticking out. She then homed onto the swords' sharp edge, attempting to break them. The swords turned into water at the last second, splashing Keira. Then, an ice cannonball was fired at her from behind. The hedgehog hybrid had an idea, and splashed into the water, trying to follow the flow. 'I'll trust you on this, you spiral eyed idiot,' Keira growled in her head. The first cannonball neared her, and a second one was fired. She then propelled herself upwards when the other one was fired, and was now airborne again. Keira then flapped her wings upwards, trying to find the source of all of the attacks. Icicles all rained down from above, threatening to stab and slash Keira. The hybrid, still having her axe, put it in front of her, before spinning like a drill, still heading upwards. An ice chain rose from the ground, trying to wrap around Keira's leg and take her down to the ground harshly. It successfully wrapped around her leg, and pulled her down, but once she was on the ground, Keira spin dashed with her axe out again, breaking free. The hedgehog hybrid then charged up enough black lightning in her, before shooting up at the speed of light. A thick block of blue ice fell from above.

Keira ended up having to avoid it completely, moving to the side. She then continued going upwards, after wasting time dodging the block of ice. After dodging the block of ice, a storm of ice arrows came blasting from the side. To counter the ice arrows, Keira spun around and around with her axe held out in front of her, becoming a drill going upwards. The arrows bounced right off her, only managing to hit and puncture her wings. The arrows turned into drills, trying to deal more damage. Keira spun faster, while surrounding herself with umbrakinetic energy. This created a black tornado that destroyed the ice drills. She winced after that, but kept on flying. Finally, the projectiles stopped, leaving Keira to do whatever she wanted. The hedgehog hybrid had just kept on flying upwards, getting ready if any other sudden attack happens. Kana suddenly appeared above Keira, completely vulnerable. When Kana appeared, Keira sent out a large umbrakinetic shockwave at Kana, and waited for any movement, with a 100% chance stun arrow charging in her free hand. The attack seemed to phase through Kana, but she stayed stationary. The hybrid growled, and poked the 'Kana', making sure if it was a fake. And indeed, it was. She then scanned her surroundings, and stayed near the fake Kana, with an electric arrow in hand. Two more Kanas appeared, one in front of Keira and another behind. They both flew at her with rocket boots. Keira didn't budge till the Kana's were way too close to her. Once that happened, she flew higher up, sending another large umbrakinetic shockwave at the two Kanas. The two Kanas turned into water, and three Kanas replaced them. They flew towards Keira, trying to kick her in the face, stomach and legs. Keira blocked it again by using her counterattack stance, before choosing to do a homing attack as her counterattack move.

Her first homing attack hit, but when she was going for the second one, it turned into water and froze when she touched it, freezing her inside of it in the process. The other Kanas tried to quickly beat the quite-likely-trapped Keira up with physical attacks. The hand that had the black electric arrow quickly changed into a ball of black lightning. Using it, she used lightning rain on herself to break free. The hedgehog hybrid then continued flying upwards, after getting rid of the remaining ice on her. She would fine herself flying into a wall of ice as the Kanas zoomed forward. 'That's it,' Keira growled. She created a ball of umbrakinetic energy, and clenched her fists. Keira then surrounded herself with it, and spun rapidly, till it became a tornado. With the tornado surrounding her, Keira smashed the ice block, and continued flying, but in a zig-zag motion. The Kana fired multiple arrows at the tornado, trying to hurt Keira as they were swept up with her. The ice arrows scraped her arms, notifying Keira. She quickly put up a shield around herself, before making the tornado explode, becoming a cloud of black. The Kana were blasted away and hit a wall before shattering into particles of ice.

Keira's dark purple eyes went from cloud to cloud, with her ears twitching. After a while, she charged up another ball of lightning, that formed into an electric arrow. The real Kana was down below, saying "Target has destroyed utility clones. Commencing full-on assault now." She turned her arms into a very large cannon and fired a beam of cryokinetic energy at Keira. Already sensing the beam, as well as hearing it, Keira cursed, as she braced herself for the beam. Her shield broke, and she was hit by the beam. Kana fired five arrows of ice at Keira before using jet feet to boost herself into the air. Keira, however, was struggling to recover from the beam, and was hit by all five arrows. She winced, using lightning rain again to help her regain energy. Kana fired two ice cannonballs at Keira, trying to zone her out. Keira quickly took out her axe, and smashed the ice cannonballs. The hedgehog hybrid then sped at Kana, sending out shockwaves of umbrakinetic energy. Kana blasted ice walls at the waves, and though they were all destroyed, they cancelled them out, allowing Kana to proceed. She fired a large snowflake shuriken at Keira. The hedgehog hybrid dodged it, right as a flash of golden appeared below her. "I'll open it up!" it yelled at Keira. The golden figure then opened up a portal below Kana and Keira. Kana tried to grab Keira by the neck and force them both into the portal.

“I can go in myself!” she roared at Kana, spin dashing in midair to avoid her grab. Keira then tried smacking Kana downwards, before speeding down towards the portal, and reached her hand out to the golden figure. The golden figure took hold of Keira’s hand, as she dragged the figure into the portal. Kana was hit by Keira's strike, but then she flew down the portal herself. Turles' mother peeked into the portal.

"This.... is surely strange," she said, scratching the back of her head.

"What is?" Turles asked, running up. He accidentally bumped into her, however, knocking her inside. "MOMMY!" he yelled before cannonballing in.


Interventions: Setup

Kennedy waved to the females before facing Flyby and Lee. The males' path was less trigger-happy - simply a straight path with zig-zags and loops. However, red eyes were all around them, watching the triad, and if you tried to, you could hear the ground rumbling. Kennedy didn't try, however. "So, hedgefox... Care to tell me more about you?"

Flyby shook his head, not sure what to say. "There's not much to say? I'm a kid with some powers, who gets mixed up with some critters."

(Spoiler free version - Lee)

Kennedy shook his head with closed eyes and crossed arms, peeved at how little description Flyby gave him. After a quiet sigh and a mental facepalm, Kennedy decided to attempt to milk more information out of the hedgefox. "Let's start simple. Your name is?"

"Umm, Flyby. Flyby Freeborn. Or at least that's the name I was given." He answered. "Can't say I remember my parents..."

Kennedy smiled, happy that they were finally getting somewhere without vague answers. "Now we're past that hurdle. What would you say your occupation is? Or, what do you do for the entirety of your life?"

"I used to go gang-running, but... things got crazy, I had to fight some monsters, learned I was different from the other powered people in my city and that it came with a responsibility." He scratched his spines. "But truth be told, I've never really fought evil unless it got up in my face."

"Well, isn't that-" Kennedy was cut off when a green laser storm was fired at the triad from all directions. Kennedy was hit by a few in his limbs, but he deflected the rest.

Flyby jumped over any that came near him.

Lee hid around a corner. Though the lasers seemed to pass by Lee, Kennedy and Flyby had an onslaught of more lasers coming for them. Sighing, Kennedy teleported constantly, avoiding them. There was obviously not a lot of effort put into these lasers. Seems kind of strange they'd make it so simple.

Flyby was skillfully dodging them. Lee, however, was using his vantage point to try and figure out where the lasers where coming from. Suddenly, the lasers seized, and they turned into bullets rapidly firing at the trio.

Kennedy grunted. "Where are these coming from?" Now THIS is peculiar. Bullets are much slower than lasers, so why would they use lasers first? Trying to make us feel invincible? Ironic, for now, I feel like a trap could spring at any moment....

Flyby laughed. "Bullets are MUCH easier to dodge than lasers!" He began running, sliding and jumping over them. 

Lee was still mentally dissecting them. Kennedy sighed as the onslaught stopped. "That was annoyi-" he then fell down a black hole, it being a full thirty seconds before they could hear a crash.

"Errrrm....?" Lee said, looking down the hole. "Kennedy?"

Flyby ran over, looking down as well. "Oh, crud, what now?"

Kennedy was annoyed when he fell, probably because it was an effect of him not being able to see or sense anything. "I can't sense a thing... but I can feel an enormous amount of pressure." You don't need energy-senses to hear an organism licking its lips in excitement. Kennedy tried to light his hand with energy to create a light, and he succeeded, but when he saw the creature, he jumped back a couple of meters. "Flyby! Lee! Get down here, now!"

"Ladies first." Flyby insisted, to which Lee smacked him.

"G-get in there." Lee added angrily.

"Fine, whatever." The Lightning Renegade replied, jumping down into it.

The hybrid followed, landing on his face.

When the duo fell down the hole, they'd see something that was honestly hideous. It seemed to be a cross between a basilisk and a frog, and it was about ten feet tall. It had three tongues, eight legs, and four arms, and its five bloodshot eyes were scattered across its face. Seeing this monster tested Kennedy's gag reflexes, and as if that wasn't enough, there were five more behind it.

Kennedy looked at the two hybrids behind him, yelled "I think it'd be a wise move if we could SCATTER!" and teleported away in a flash of purple light. At that moment, the frog monsters leaped at them.

"On it, bossman!!" Flyby yelled, trying to run back out of the hole.

Lee gazed upwards at the creatures. "Umm........." He literally could not run or fight.

"I do think Kennedy is trying to kill us." Onyx stated.

Two of the frog-like beasts intercepted Flyby's run, sticking their tongues out at him as they drooled. They slurped it up before firing it in a ball-like projectile at the hedgefox, an orb of saliva coming from each of his sides. Flyby looked at both of them and simply ducked, letting the two balls hit each other.

When Kennedy saw a frog monster leap at Lee, he teleported in front of Lee, threw a Chaos Grenade inside of the beast's mouth, grabbed Lee's arm, and teleported a couple of meters away, stopping any of the frog guts from getting on the duo. Kennedy looked back at Lee, said "You know I meant it when I told you to scatter, right?" and teleported away again.

"I-i was in a hole.." Lee replied.

Iris arrived near the hole just in time to see Flyby running towards the edge of the hole. Stepping out of the way so that he wouldn't hit her when he emerged, she called over to him, "Excuse me, is anyone else still in there?"

Kennedy looked to Iris, momentarily distracted. "Yes! Lee, Flyby and I are all-" As he was vulnerable, a frog monster rammed into him at full force, causing him to be stunned for a moment. Angered, he created a large purple orb of Chaos Energy and manifested it before him. Then, he fired it forward, yelling "ERYNSPHERE!" The frog monster was disintegrated.

Iris carefully looked into the hole, noticing the steep walls of the hole. A plan started coming to mind. "Would it help if I attached handholds to the walls of the hole?" she called in. Then, remembering that Kennedy hadn't seen her most recent power acquisition, she added. "I think that I can make portals I could use them to attach rocks to the walls."

Kennedy looked to Iris after having fired the blast, smiling. "Yes, friend, that would be much appreciated. But please.... attempt to not get hurt or physically injured in any sense. I don't know if I'd be able to live with myself if-" Kennedy never finished his sentence, for another frog monster leapt at him. Kennedy saw the attack coming, however, and turned his arm into a purple energy blade. Kennedy then extended it and stabbed the frog monster in the stomach, killing it. Why can I never finish a sentence? I hate being interrupted.

Iris faltered for a second, her left eye flickering off and then back on. "Right," she said, sounding slightly less confident than before. "I'll do that..." Focusing on a nearby sharp rock, she opened up a portal near the top of the wall of the hole and then under the rock, causing the rock to attack to the wall as planned. Encouraged by this, she repeated the procedure on other nearby rocks, gradually adding handholds down the walls of the hole.

Kennedy saw what Iris was doing, smiled, and continued to battle against the frog monsters. Now able to recognize their speed and power, Kennedy quickly found out a way to counter their attacks.

Iris finally placed the last rock near the bottom of the hole, then called down, "I think that you can all climb out now!" Kennedy heard, stabbed the last monster that had come near him, and started running so quickly, he was dashing up the handhold. When he burst out of the hole in a flash of purple light, he landed right next to Iris.

"Nice thinking, healer. We (probably) wouldn't have been able to escape without you." I could've simply flew out and take Flyby and Lee along with me, but I needed to take care of the monsters. Whatever the case, I should at least help the shy girl's self-confidence.

Iris smiled, again her odd left-half-smile. "Thanks," she said. "I..." Her left eye suddenly flickered, and her expression changed to a worried one. "Where are the other members of the group?" she asked.

Flyby was out of the hole already. "I think it's just the shrimp in there."

Lee looked around, almost pulling the tape off his ears before stopping. "I-i'm coming up!" He shouted, climbing the rock ladder.

Iris, relieved, returned to her previous semi-confident expression. "That's good," she said. "I'm happy that I was able to help everyone get to...wait, Keira's..." Without finishing her sentence, she started moving towards the part of the maze where Keira was.

Kennedy, sensing the battle between Keira and Kana, started following Iris, quickly catching up to her and beckoning for Flyby and Lee to follow him. "Keira's having a battle right now. We mustn't waste any time!" Kennedy started flying a meter off the ground, getting in front of Iris. That's when a circular bomb fell in front of them and exploded immediately.

Kennedy took the hit, shielding Iris, and before Iris could heal him, he glared at her. "Don't heal me, child. Your energy signatures are dangerously low, and I sense trouble ahead. Go help Lee, the hybrid with blue tufts, out of the hole."

Flyby, who had jumped clear of the blast, ran back to try and help Iris and Kennedy.

Surprised by the explosion, Lee fell back into the hole.

Iris was noticeably alarmed by Kennedy telling her not to heal him, and her left eye flickered wildly before finally staying on. Iris then started moving towards the hole, but turned around after a second and said (while backing towards the hole), "If I help Lee...will you help Keira? We need someone helping everyone here..."

From the smoke, three figures emerged - Kennedy grunted as Medusa, Blizzard and White all jumped out. White crossed his arms and looked sideways at Mac's Chaos counterpart. "Oh, you're here. I honestly didn't expect you to make it this far. Did we not put enough traps?"

"Honestly, you did a pretty lazy job, with poor placement and timing. The hole with monsters was a nice touch, though," Kennedy replied matter-of-factly.

"I'm flattered," Medusa snarked. White got into a stance, ready to attack Kennedy, but Kennedy looked back at Iris, his gaze without a hint of nonsense.

"If you go and I go, that's leaving Flyby alone to deal with these three. Lee doesn't need any help-" His aura flashed purple as he looked away from Iris and to White. "I sense an energy signature near him, and it's unfamiliar enough to say it's not a villain. Luna presented all of our enemies in the first battle, so it is most likely someone on our side. Same with Keira - except it's Turles. Actually, I doubt Turles will do well in a fight..."

While Kennedy was busy monologuing, Blizzard frowned and looked around. "Uh..." She looked at Iris and leapt at her, fist ready. "I'll take on you!"

Kennedy, noticing this, yelled, "Flyby, at arms!" and attempted to stop Blizzard's sudden attack with a low roundhouse kick to the cheek.

It hit her and she fell to the ground from the kick, clutching her cheek in pain. "Ow... that hurts... a lot..."

Which left Flyby to go against White: round two.

Blizzard looked around confused as she finally stood up. "Oh my god, my brain feels like it's going to explode..."

Iris, watching Kennedy, Blizzard, Flyby, and White fight, quickly figured out a plan of action. These people are handling themselves, I'll be useless in a fight, and they're in between Keira and me, so I'll go get Lee, she thought. Since she was already near the hole, she quickly walked over to it, bent over (leaving her vulnerable to attack from behind, although she didn't think of that) and called down quietly, "Lee, can I help you get up here?"

Lee looked up. "I'm no help up there! Besides, I think there's something else down here..." He said, moving around in the cave's dim light.

Blizzard leapt at Iris, ready to try and punch her again. "I guess I'll try to fight you again, girly."

Interventions: Speed Battle

Flyby's body lit up with electricity. "Gotcha, bossman!"

White leapt at Flyby and stopped before he could run into him. Then, White shot fire from his legs like a jetpack, using them to boost him up and knee Flyby in the stomach. If it hit, White would fly over Flyby and kick him in the back several times before crashing down to the ground. The blow connected, but Flyby dumped a bunch of lightning as a reflex.

White's legs were temporarily nonfunctional due to the electricity being sent through them, and White landed on his stomach after the attack. Growling, White looked up at Flyby. "It looks like you've gotten smarter, kid." Slowly getting up, White started to dust himself off. "What you don't understand is that I'm working against Luna, just like you. But you'll have to go down before I can do anything." White bolted at Flyby, slid through his legs, turned around and tried to kick Flyby in the crotch from behind. Flyby jumped this time, springing to behind White and attempting a lightning dash.

Flyby hit White in the back, blasting the rabbit forward. White ran up to Flyby and started kicking with what seemed to be a fusion of Dance and action. He did this while shooting bullets at Flyby, trying to trap the hedgefox. Flyby jumped into the air, doing a lightning spin and dodging the bullets.

White dodged the lightning spin by jumping back, Flyby's attack leaving a small crater in the floor. White then ran at Flyby, used his legs to boost himself over him, and when he landed, he turned around and tried to sweep Flyby off his feet.

The Hedgefox fell in a heap, looking upwards in shock. White backflipped, trying to hit Flyby in the stomach with an upside-down kick. Flyby gathered his marbles and smirked, shooting a burst of electricity at White. White was hit in the back and blasted into one of the maze walls, but he recoiled off it, sending him flying forward while upside-down. He tried to drag Flyby's face in the ground when he landed, and if he succeeded he would throw Flyby up and kick him to the side.

All attacks hit, leaving Flyby unconscious. White grabbed his body and slumped him over his shoulder, now frowning. "Now, I have another traitor to take care of," he said, glaring at Blizzard. Then, he dashed near her group hoping to find them... but instead fell into a hole.

Interventions: Moral Battle

Iris didn't even try to block Blizzard's punch. As such, Iris was hit fairly hard, collapsing onto the ground a short distance away. However, after glowing yellow for a second in the part of her that Blizzard hit, Iris stood up, albeit slowly. "...Why are you fighting me?" she said. "I'm a healer."

"I dunno," Blizzard replied. "I need to do something."

Kennedy teleported behind Blizzard, aggravated. "You cowardly fool. Attacking a child? I disapprove." He tried to trip the pyrokinetic with a sweep kick. If the attack landed, he'd teleport into the air above her and fire Chaos Spears rapidly at her.

The kick hit Blizzard, knocking her backwards to the ground. Kennedy floated into the air, frowning. "Get out of my sight immediately, you DISGRACE!" Kennedy started firing a storm of purple Chaos Spears downward to Blizzard. When he was done, he yelled "ERYNSPHERE!" and fired a large purple orb at Blizzard.

Blizzard stood up, rubbing her abdomen in pain. She quickly ran behind a piece of debris for cover. One of the Spears grazed her leg in the process, however, and she yelped in pain. She crouched down and examined the charred flesh closely. It was bad, very bad. While Blizzard checked her wounds, a large orb of purple Chaos Energy neared her.

Blizzard heard it coming and jumped out of the way. Kennedy cursed and turned his arm into a purple sword, and then extended it, trying to stab Blizzard in the leg.

He managed to pierce her leg (the same one the Chaos Spear grazed). Blizzard shouted some profanity of her own at Kennedy before she quickly limped behind a wall for cover. Kennedy saw her cowering and flew behind her afterwards. When she hid, he appeared in front of her. "Listen here, you prideless creature. Had you attacked anyone else, I might've shown you mercy. But no.... you attacked a poor, defenseless child. And for that, you will pay back in spades!"

Blizzard dodged quickly, and tried to hit him in the stomach with a punch of her own. "This battle isn't worth it! First we set up traps, now everyone's running around bashing each other! This wasn't the original plan!" She was talking to herself more than Kennedy. Kennedy caught the punch and nonchalantly tried to slap Blizzard in the face with the back of his hand.

Blizzard tried to bite his hand as he tried to slap her. Kennedy hissed at Blizzard as she bit his hand, but instead of waving his hand like crazy, he simply sighed and turned his hand into a sword again, hoping to counter Blizzard's attack.

At this point, Iris—who had been watching the battle between Blizzard and Kennedy from the sidelines and trying not to get involved—couldn't take it any longer. "Please, Kennedy and...other person, stop fighting!" she said. "I know that the...other person here may be doing something bad, but like she says, this is all pointless! Besides, what you did to her leg is terrible! If you're going to have to fight, you don't have to be making her suffer like this! Could I at least...fix it before you keep fighting?" As soon as Iris finished speaking, she clapped her hand over her mouth, shocked that she had had the gall to deliver a tirade to two aggressive people hitting each other.

Blizzard released Kennedy's hand from her mouth, and looked at Iris with a confused expression. This girl, who was on the other side, was standing up for her. Why? Blizzard hit her earlier, after all. 

Kennedy, who had just had the expression that said "I'm going to kill you until next week," turned his expression into a more confused one as he looked at Iris, levitating into the air. "That's... awfully kind of you. Perplexing, I'd say. Levels of empathy I can't and might not ever be able to reach. I.... I want to agree with you. I want you to heal this woman. But at the same time... you can't. Healing the female I'm battling is like healing Luna. If we can knock her unconscious, that puts us one step above her. So, until I defeat her, she gives up, or she tries to do something else to make me really want to say 'yes,' I'll have to say..." Kennedy slammed his arm into one of the maze's walls, trying to smash Blizzard face. "No." Not right now, at least. I'll have to try to see what I can do to this lady later. 

Blizzard ducked down and moved off to the side a bit. She decided in that moment that this was getting ridiculous. She was only in this alliance to kill Elias. That was the only thing keeping her in the game. He was probably dead by now. Scratch was a pro at making sure no one survived her tests.

Besides, Luna would probably kill them all anyway, after she got what she wanted. Blizzard could change sides. For now.

"What if I changed alliances?" Blizzard asked hastily.

Kennedy looked confused. "Well, that was sudden." I must've scared her into submission. I must control my temper with people like her... Kennedy pointed to Medusa, who was just standing there, watching everything. "Either convince her to join us too or punch her in the face - flip that coin." Kennedy then sent a mental message to Iris - I'm trusting you a lot, Miss - wait a second. Do I know your name? Anyway, I'm trusting you a lot. I don't want you to get hurt. You're a very brave person, you know.

"I'll punch her, gladly," Blizzard replied, smiling for the first time in a while. "She'd likely never switch sides. I never liked her anyway- she was a creep." She limped over to Medusa and said, "Hey, lady. Your ally just turned into your enemy." Then she attempted to strike her face with a fist.

Medusa was happily humming a tune when for the second time, Blizzard successfully landed a punch. Medusa spun around before turning to face the fox. "What are you doing? You're a ssssssstrage perssssson if you're attacking. I ssssshall remind you that I am one of alliesssss."

"Not anymore, snake-skin," Blizzard replied. Suddenly she launched a fireball at Medusa. "Fried snake-skin!" Medusa responded by turning her arm into a snake and firing a purple beam at the fireball, blowing it up. Then, Medusa raised her arm and slammed it down, trying to hit Blizzard with the 'head.'

Blizzard dodged quickly, wincing as pain ran through her leg. Then she attempted to launch a spear of fire at Medusa.

Iris, noticing Kennedy in her head, started thinking back to him. Yes, Kennedy, you know my name already— SHUT UP! I never told him my name! Kennedy, please excuse this other voice in my head. My name's Iris—he knew that already—BE. QUIET. PLEASE!...Kennedy, thank you for...trying to protect me...he isn't—...focus...focus...focus...Kennedy. If. that. person. is. on. our. side. now. can. I. heal. her?

Kennedy chuckled as he levitated down to Iris. Not at all, Iris. You have free will. But... ah, never mind. Do what you would like. Kennedy thought to himself, What is that other voice trying to tell Iris? She never told me her name, and I was trying to defend her.

Iris sighed in relief. Thank you, she thought. I'll go heal her now. She then walked over to near the place where Blizzard and Medusa were fighting and started cautiously moving to the side that Blizzard's injured leg was on, trying to achieve a line of sight between her right eye and Blizzard's injured leg so that she could heal it while avoiding being in the line of fire herself.

As Blizzard launched another fireball at Medusa, her leg came into Iris's line of sight, causing Iris to start channeling her healing powers at it. Blizzard's leg started healing, but there was no guarantee that the process would finish before Medusa attacked again.

Medusa bent over backwards in order to dodge the attack, but then she noticed Blizzard's leg started healing. "What the? How issssss that possssssible?" Medusa blasted her arm forward to punch Blizzard in the gut from afar.

Iris put her left hand (the one that she wasn't using to heal Blizzard) over her own mouth to make sure that there was no way that she could tell Medusa what was going on.

Blizzard leapt to the side, dodging. "Well, I have been experimenting with genetics recently," she lied, so Medusa wouldn't realise what was really happening. She then launched two fireballs at Medusa- one to distract her, while the other would loop around to hit her from behind. If it hit, it would give Medusa burns, but nothing life-threatening if treated properly. Medusa jumped into the air, dodging them both and leaving them to crash into each other.

"You remind me of my dad," Medusa said, glaring at Blizzard. "You act like I actually mean ssssssomething one sssssssecond, and then the next, you're gone, and now you're an adversssssary." Medusa hissed, and her put her arms out. They extended to Blizzard and tried to bite her face.

Blizzard actually felt bad for Medusa for one second. But it was only a second. She quickly dodged the punch and attempted to deliver one of her own. "I just realised that I didn't need this alliance anymore. I got what I wanted- Elias is surely dead. I'm sure Scratch made sure of that."

"You have too much faith, and at the sssssame time, far too little," Medusa said before wincing. Blizzard's punch hit, and she retracted her arm. "This allianccccccccce was nothing to you, wasssssssn't it? No opportunity to ssssstart over, jusssssst pure ssssselfisssssshnesssss." Medusa growled, and for a second, her eyes were watering. "Now I underssssssstand why they call ussssss 'villainsssssss' - ssssssimply becausssssse of people like you." Medusa ran up to the wall, recoiled off it, flipped, and extended her arm, trying to bite Blizzard's leg with it.

"What happened between you and your father?" Blizzard asked, dodging Medusa's attack. "Is whatever happened the reason you are in the alliance?"

"Perhapssssss you need to sssssssee thingsssss from a different angle," Medusa said, retracting her arm. "Life issssssn't fair. People are bad. And if you don't know what'sssssss going to go your way.... you jussssssst need to forccccce things to. I joined the alliancccccce becaussssse I'm not going to be the one hurt anymore. If people are going to feel pain, I'm not going to be one of the people reccccceiving it. But yet..." Medusa hissed, walking slowly to Blizzard. "Just when I thought I wasssss ssssafe, traitorsssssssss like you ssssstill emerge. It really issssss depressssing. However... it isssss not my job to quesssssstion your moralsssss - that isssss, if you even have any. If you join them, I will defeat you. I will no longer be weak." Medusa turned her arms into normal arms and slithered to Blizzard, trying to uppercut her in the chin.

Iris kept healing Blizzard, despite her conflicting thoughts. I feel kind of bad for Medusa...maybe I should help her...but I started healing Blizzard...I might as well finish that...even if Blizzard isn't the best person...she's counting on me...and I can't let her down...

"Who said you were weak?" Blizzard asked, blocking the punch. "I'll admit, I didn't like you when we first met. But now you're doing a real good job of making me feel terrible. Besides, something tells me that when Luna gets what she wants, she's not going to just hand over that pretty little sceptre of hers just because we helped get rid of a few problems like our enemies..."

Meudsa retracted her arm again, turned it into a normal arm, and slithered to Blizzard, trying to punch her in the cheek. "I'm not a hopeful. I know Luna'sssss not giving away that sssssscepter. I don't want it like a lot of our - or, in your casssssse, former - teammates. I don't want sssssssome exxxxxxxtravagant way to live.... I jussssssssst don't want to die."

Blizzard was hit in the cheek by Medusa. The fox fell backwards on her rear, rubbing her cheek. "Then why are you in this alliance in the first place? When Luna gets what she wants, she'll probably erase us from existence. Because she'd see us as a threat. Then we're all dead." Blizzard jumped back on her feet, back into a battle stance.

Medusa turned her arms into snakes again and extended them, trying to get them to bite the fox's legs. "It'sssssss better to flip a coin with a chanccccccce of good luck rather than leave the coin alone with no hope of sssssucccccceeding. We don't know if Luna'ssssssss going to betray usssssss or not - but if ssssssshe issssssn't, then I will take advantage of the ssssssituation. You are sssssimply giving up on what you don't know."

Blizzard jumped above the snakes and threw a fireball at her at the same time. Medusa quickly retracted her arms again so that they'd consume the fireball, converting it into purple energy. Medusa fired a purple laser at Blizzard, and if they hit anything, they'd surround it with rocks.

Blizzard dodged to the side, then jumped over Medusa with a flip. Then she turned and attempted a nerve pinch on Medusa's shoulder. If she succeeded in pinching her, Medusa would go unconscious.

(Yes, it's a Star Trek thing. Lol! -Julia)

Medusa quickly turned around when Blizzard flipped over her, and when Blizzard tried to pinch her Medusa slapped her hand away. She was about to try to punch Blizzard in the face when Kennedy teleported in front of her and caught the punch, making special care not to do any sort of harm to Medusa. With a somber tone, he said, "I'm sorry. I know what it is like to lose something - something big, something that was a part of you. But sometimes, you just have to do without that something - sometimes, that something is gone for the better." In my case, that is far too literal.

Medusa flinched, jumped back, and put her arms out behind her. She closed her eyes and started yelling childishly, "YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME! What do you even know about yoursssssssself?! You think that you're the hero, the goody-two-sssssssshoes that everyone has to follow because you're doing 'the right thing.' Well, guessssssss what? Ssssssssometimes, the right thing is the wrong thing! And you're doing the wrong thing, sssssssso, ssssssso much!" Tears started coming out of Medusa's eyes. "My life hassssss been hell-"

Kennedy's empathetic look turned into a bit of a darker one. "I'm sorry, but I don't think you can pull that card on me. If I can make any inferences from my interdimensional travels, then I know that you aren't the only one who has bad luck. That doesn't give you an excuse to give up and run away."

Medusa glared at Kennedy, pure anger in her eyes. "Sssssssstop acting ssssssmart! You don't know what you're sssssssaying! You don't know what 'morally grey' even meansssssssss! I bet for you, it'sssssssss jussssssssst heroesssssss and villainssssssss, and I'm the 'villain.' But no! You can't judge people jusssssssst on what sssssssside they're on! People have feelingssssssss, and backstoriesssssss, and people can be complicated! I'm complicated! I don't even know what I'm ssssssssaying anymore!" Medusa started to break down in a quiet fit of tears, and Kennedy, worried, looked to Iris and Blizzard, sending a telepathic message that said I. Need. Help. Please.

Iris didn't need Kennedy's message. Before he had even sent it, she had walked over to Medusa. "Shhhh," she said quietly, putting a hand on Medusa's back. "It'll be all right soon. Even if it's not good now, some day, it will be." She put her other arm around Medusa. "Please, trust me. It'll all be fine soon."

Medusa put her hands over her eyes. "How can you know that, though? How can you know that everything will eventually get better?" Look at me, getting advicccce from a thirteen-year-old. The intelligencccce of children issss really blooming, I sssssuppose.

"You're right, it may not get better," said Iris, "but you'll recover. Nothing lasts forever. Not your problems, not your sorrows, not your pain...You'll heal, some day, even if your troubles never end. I know you'll heal. Everyone heals, some day."

Medusa wanted to be angry. She wanted to think she had a right to be mad. She wanted to just ignore everything the kid said and punch her in the face. Medusa's tears started to dry up, and she looked at Iris. "I guesssssss winning thisssssss with Luna issssss my way of healing," she said, before trying to punch Iris in the face. Kennedy teleported over to Medusa and caught her punch, accidentally hitting Iris' arm in the process.

"My apologies," Kennedy said while looking back at the ibex. "Do you mind if I... y'know what? She seems awfully persistent."

Iris collapsed to her knees, unable to take the emotional overload caused by the person who she'd been trying to emotionally heal suddenly turning on her. "Do whatever you think best," she whispered, falling onto the nearby wall.

Kennedy looked at Medusa with a somber look before squeezing the snake's fist. "Do you have any pride left? Seeing what happened with the fox - Iris, could you find out what her name is? - I'll let you go... for now. Whatever you do after this is your responsibilit-" Medusa didn't waste any time to try to punch Kennedy sideways in the way. Her punch landed, and Kennedy was knocked back a small distance.

Kennedy growled. "Exactly what I was saying." Not even bother to turn his arm into a blade, he grabbed Medusa by the arm, but her arm over his shoulder while she was still behind him, and elbowed her in the back three times, causing Medusa to feel her body weaken. Then, after doing a couple of movements, Kennedy had a situation where Medusa's arm was behind her back and Kennedy was behind her. Muttering a "Find peace, for my sake," Kennedy chopped her in the back of her neck, causing her to fall unconscious.

Kennedy looked at the unconscious Medusa with balled-up fists. "...This doesn't feel like a victory."

Iris, who had been watching the battle even as she was collapsed against the wall, whimpered, "Why can't we all just get along? Why does someone have to be...a monster? And why..." Iris's voice got more tense. "Why can't the monsters be good people on the inside? Why?...Why does it have to be this way?" Iris's left arm started tensing violently, and her left eye started flashing brightly. "Why?"

"That's just the way things are," Blizzard said. "Some people just do bad things for good reasons. Sometimes it's the opposite. You can't expect everything to be peaches and cream, no matter how much you want it to be."

Iris sighed and stood up. "Right...I know things can't be good or make sense all the time," she said resignedly. "I was brought up in a war, where everyone was hurting each other all the time for almost no reason, so I know everyone in the universe can be evil sometimes, Iris, so just shut up—" Iris put her hand over her mouth, shuddered slightly, then removed her hand and continued, "Yes, I know. Sorry for being so immature before. I just thought I had figured out something that I could finally do with my life to help people, only for it to go away, and I started thinking: Is this the way my life is going to be forever? That every time I find something really good to do with my life, it goes away before I can make it be really useful? I couldn't get good enough during the war to make a difference before it ended, I couldn't find a job after the war before I was taken here, I couldn't make anything better here...and you won't appeal to these people either, Iris, so like I said before, shut up already." Upon this other voice coming out of Iris, Iris looked incredibly unnerved and stood frozen against the wall for several seconds after the voice stopped speaking.

Kennedy looked somber when Iris said the first part of her speech, but when the other voice started coming up, Kennedy growled, his fangs showing (which didn't happen so often). This girl seemed to be bullying herself! Kennedy knew that the age range of people with depression has getting larger and larger, but this was different - almost like a completely separate entity was in Iris. Worried that this other entity would notice if he tried to search Iris' energy signatures, Kennedy simply began to spoke. "Iris, I myself do not know what is getting into you, but if it is another entity or voice inside you - I apologize if that sounds strange - then please kindly tell it to shut up." After rolling his eyes (at Iris' other self, not her main one), Kennedy began to reply to Iris again. "Anyway, Iris, I know what you're saying. You've grown up in a setting where pain was the norm, so you wanted to help from a very young age. Now... you're heartbroken seeing that you can't help anyone. As cynical as it may seem... some people need more than a prep talk in order to convince them to stop letting their rage be unleashed unto others. And if you have a troublesome life-" Kennedy's voice cracked, as if he were trying to hide in a fit of sadness. "I give you pity. I give you so much pity. But then... I suppose life's just cruel that way."

Iris's other voice started to speak, but Iris put her hand over her mouth, stopping it. It continued to speak to her in her mind, though.

Didn't you just say that? it asked. Why's he re-iterating what you're already saying?

To comfort me, I guess? thought Iris's normal personality.

Then, the two voices came as one: At any rate, we should probably go help the others now.

To Blizzard, and to Kennedy (if he hadn't been reading her mind), it would seem to come out of nowhere when Iris, after having been silent for a few seconds (actually having the mental conversation detailed above), abruptly said, "Who am I supposed to go help now?"

Keira, thought the other voice.

No, we have to ask first, thought Iris's normal voice.

Fine, thought the other voice grudgingly.

Blizzard clasped her hands behind her back, waiting. "And what am I to do?"

Kennedy grimaced before looking to the area White was in. "I guess he's next."

Blizzard frowned. "Let me guess... I'll be the one to kick his butt?" Kennedy simply nodded in reply.

"And...what do I do?" said Iris.

Blizzard let out a sigh. "Another day, another battle." She headed off to the hole, where White was.

Kennedy replied to Iris, "Come with me. If the fox needs assistance, we help. Then again... no. Let's go together, if you don't mind." Kennedy then followed Blizzard.

I guess we follow him, then, thought Iris's normal voice.

But Keira... thought the other voice.

We'll be better off if we follow Kennedy, thought Iris. Then we can come back for Keira.

OK... thought Iris's other voice, and Iris took off after Kennedy.

Interventions: Sidelines (The Hole)

Within the hole, a pair of sharp blue eyes set there sat on Lee. "Hello there," a voice said somewhat nervously.

Lee looked up to the mouth of the hole. "H-hi... I gotta go. I think someone needs help." He hurriedly began climbing the "ladder".

The blue eyed wolf walked closer to the wall Lee was climbing, allowing the light to shine on him. He was white with black stripes and brown wrist bands. He was also covered in bruises and was holding his left arm with his right.  

"Sounds like a big rumble up there, what's going on?" he asked.

The fox hybrid looked back down at him. "Nothing good, that's for sure."

Lee emerged from the hole, watching the chaos; His ears cocked back so nobody would notice him with ease.

The Blue-eyed wolf, Chase began climbing up the wall. Grabbing the footholds with his one good arm be started going up.

"I can do this, I can do this, just got to hold on." he said to himself. However, the two would find White and an unconscious Flyby (who had just past by Lee) fall into the hole, causing them to start to drop. If Chase didn't move, he'd find himself trapped underneath the duo.

Chase seeing two bodies falling down the hole right above him. He would jump to his right to avoid being crushed by the two. He used his claws to dig into that part of the wall since he had missed a handhold in order to avoid an fall.

"I hope those two are ok." He said as he watch the two pass by him. He then began his descent to help them out. White quickly got up and threw Flyby off him before getting into a stance.

"Okay, if you don't know where you are or how you got here, come with me. If you don't want to come with me, you can join KO Kid over there." White pointed to Flyby before continuing. "I believe that after that battle, I just want to get this whole thing over already, so could you please... not? It'll save you a lot of pain. I'm sure Luna would love it, actually, if you considered assisting us."

"And how am I suppose to trust you?" Chase asked still hanging on the wall.

White grimaced. "You aren't. Based on what I said, join me or fight. I suggest you join - that way, you'll live."

I am not in the mood to die today, so I'll go with him to the surface at least. If he turns out to be a bad guy, I'll just go over to the good guys, Chase thought to himself.

"Fine, I'll come with you," Chase said.

White nodded, slumped Flyby over his shoulder again, and started to climb up the handholds. So, the lightning kid's down. That should leave the ibex, Kennedy, and that other hybrid I hope that Azul and Kana aren't failing miserably, White thought while climbing upwards. He then rolled his eyes. Luna's making my life a pain in the ass. I can't wait to finish her.

Lee scurried up the handholds, thankful White hadn't noticed him hanging there. When he reached the surface, the hybrid dashed for cover.

Chase allowed White to pass him, then began climbing himself. He was surprised by how white could climb so easy with another guy on his shoulder. White climbed up onto the surface, saw Lee, threw Flyby to his right, and burst at Lee, trying to kick him in the stomach. Lee jumped away from the kick (and out of his hiding spot), showing a decent amount of athletic skill. White lightly growled and fired fire from his legs, causing him to be boosted up faster, using rapid shots in order to keep momentum. He used this to send himself flying towards Lee and tried to kick him upwards in the chin.

Darn, I was hoping to hear what was going on before a fight broke out, Chase thought. "Wait wait what's going on here, why are you two fighting?" he asked while flailing his arms around.

Lee didn’t answer, too busy dodging White's onslaught.

Chase, seeing that the two were ignoring him, rushed over to Flyby to wake him up.

"Come on, get up please." Chase said as he began shaking Flyby.

The Hedgefox opened his eyes, looking around. "Wasshappening?"

"That's what I want to know," said Chase as he pointed to the chaos going on around them.

"I suppose I'm supposed to go whoop on someone now?" Flyby asked rhetorically.

"I still want to know why everyone's punching each other, I doubt this is for fun," Chase said, hoping to figure out what side to join before it got any more serious.

White, seeing Flyby awake, left the fight with Lee to dash over to Flyby and Chase and try to kick the hedgefox in the stomach.

Blizzard suddenly leapt down from the edge of the hole and kicked at White's head. "Sorry, but not sorry at the same time. A good supervillain has to do what a good supervillain has to do." White was taken by surprise, and she hit him before he could hit Flyby, knocking him to a wall.

Chase, who had entered battle stance when he saw White charge at him, gained a confused expression as he saw Blizzard kick White in the head. White, on the other hand, knew exactly what he needed to do. "So, I take it you've balanced the pros and cons of each side. You might want to check your math if you're going to battle against us. Even if you get past me, you'll have to deal with Scratch. Then, Luna'll be looking for your head in a void. Are you really willing to take that risk?" Not waiting for a reply, White leaped forward at Blizzard.

"Well OK then...back to my question," Chase said as he turned back to Flyby.

"Um... Ok, white rabbit guy is bad, the Symbyox lady was bad...?" The Hedgefox said.

"So should we help the lady?" Chase asked.

Blizzard attempted to punch White in the gut as he leapt at her. "Yada, yada, yada... that's all I hear. Maybe you should check your math. You know, you're pretty a pathetic villain! Not paying attention to your surroundings!"

"....what was that?" White said, his eyes now with a bit of anger. He fired a burst of fire from his robotic leg to boost him upwards and kick Blizzard's arm away as a counter. Then, White landed on his feet and glared at the fox. "Hold up. All you know about me is that I work for Luna, and you don't know why. It's not cool how fast you're jumping to conclusions and slapping labels on people." White got into a stance. "People like you are why I'm doing this in the first place. One-dimensional eggs like you are going to be cracked." White burst out in speed before jumping over Blizzard and trying to kick her in the back of her head while airborne.

"Naw, I think she's good," Flyby said.

"Well, should we help out your friend over there?" Chase said, pointing towards Lee.

"You can if you want to, I'm not helping the boygirl." Flyby answered snarkily.

"Well, I guess I will, then," Chase said, then began to sneak off to Lee while trying to not get attacked by White.

Blizzard quickly avoided the kick. She looked at White with narrowed eyes. "Excuse me...? Did you just call me one dimensional?! WHY YOU DAMNED ********!" She threw several balls of fire at White.

White flipped in order to dodge the fireballs before landing on his feet and smiling at Blizzard. "I'm done with my rant, but it looks like yours is a lot more physical." White then got into a stance. "You're not even bothering to listen to reason, dumbass. Ready to lose?" From his legs, White fired multiple bullets at Blizzard's leg.

Wait, a mobian using bullets? Yup, definitely not home anymore, Chase thought as he snuck over to Lee. Lee was hiding behind a rock.

Blizzard managed to dodge most of them, but one grazed her on the side. "Fine then. What's your reason for working with Luna, 'Mr. I'm so ******* special?!'"

(Um, yeah, a lot of cursing from Blizzard in one day...- Julia)

"I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you," White said before leaping forward and attempting to deliver quick aerial kicks to Blizzard's face.

Blizzard swiftly dodged, and frowned at him. "Seeing as we're already trying to kill each other, it doesn't really matter."

White simply replied, "I'd rather die because of you than because of my own stupidity." Then, White fired a flare of fire at Blizzard's stomach which would explode when it got near her.

Lee decided it was time to move, jumping towards Blizzard in an attempt to knock her out of the projectile's way.

He succeeded and Blizzard was unscathed. "Uh, thanks... random... stranger?" She stood up and dusted herself off. Then she looked at White. "As for you... if you're so hyped up on dying rather than just telling me why you're working with Luna so I can at least begin to frickin' understand what you're going through, then why don't you just let me kill you now and save us both the trouble of long, painful deaths?!...well?! Answer me!"

The Hybrid ran back to his rock, seeing his momentary usefulness had ended. White, seeing Lee shuffle on back, decided that since there were no more Rulers there besides a traitor, he could afford to spill it. "I'm a double agent... for myself. Luna trusts me a lot, so I'm going to take advantage of that to take the scepter from her. But... I need to look convincing."

"He's telling the truth," Kennedy said, apparently there the whole time, leaning by the wall. "I just read his mind. His intentions are... justified, I suppose you could say."

"Now who's a traitor?" Blizzard thought. She didn't say it, though. Instead, Blizzard told White, "Alright, since Mister Know-It-All-"

"What was that?" Kennedy asked, annoyed by Blizzard's statement but ultimately deciding to let it go.

"-up there says your reasons are justified, we'll make you a deal... I'll help you make you look convincing. In return, you can supply us with information. It's a win win. You get the sceptre, we get the bad guys. And I get to keep my legs."

Iris, who had likewise been lurking out of sight, said quietly, "May I go help Keira now?"

Kennedy looked to Iris and sighed. "Iris, I would say yes, but I'm afraid that you'd be hurt. I sense another person near Keira - we don't know if he's a friend or an enemy. No offense, but you aren't the most powerful - if he ends up going against us, while the chaos being challenges Keira, he's going to come after you. I don't like those odds," Kennedy said, before repeating, "No offense."

Iris stood silently for a second or two, looking pained, then said, almost whispering, "Kennedy, I need to tell you something privately. Can you connect to me via telepathy again?"

Kennedy didn't like the expression Iris wore - it made him feel depressed. He wasted no time to say, Yes?

Kennedy, thought Iris, I have another mind now. I don't know how, but I do. The thing is...this other love...with Keira. And it...she...wants to see Keira again. Really wants to see Keira again. I promised her that we could rescue Keira after everyone else, but're saying we can'' I can't go, this was grimacing by this point, visibly struggling with having two minds.

Kennedy's face shifted into a surprised one, and then one trying to reason things - Iris would be able to hear Kennedy thinking to himself. Well, I fear that she wouldn't be safe...then again, who am I to get in the way of young love? With a sigh, Kennedy said to Iris, Yes, you may go. You can create portals, can't you?

I can't create portals... thought Iris, followed by her other mind continuing, that's me. Iris's first mind then picked up again: Anyway...thanks for letting us go. I'll just warn you, though...I know you think I feel this way about Keira, but that's her. My other mind. I just want to see her as a friend...Iris looked pained again and said, Right, I'll go help her now. Take care of yourselves...don't die, I guess? Then, almost imperceptibly, Why do I feel like this will be the end? Iris then slowly walked off towards Keira.

Meanwhile, White was still looking at Blizzard. "If I go the 'Blizzard' route, then Luna's going to find me out pretty quick. I need to make it look..." White fired fire out of his legs, boosting him forward before he fired two flares of fire at Blizzard's chest. "...believable."

Something in Blizzard decided to secretly help him out a little anyway. And help her keep her legs. She dodged slightly to the left, but let one of the blasts hit her right in the right shoulder. The white Fox fell backwards onto the ground, clutching her shoulder in pain.

Chase had witnessed all of this and had no clue what was happening. "Ok, I have had enough," he said and just bolted over to Lee hoping he could tell him something.

Lee was too busy standing around looking stupid. White, seeing the duo doing nothing, decided to burst forward and try to kick Chase in the stomach.

Kennedy stood there, thinking about what to do. He shouldn't let White attack him...but then again, he wanted to see what the wolf could do. With his blade-arm out, Kennedy waited for something bad to happen.

Chase, realizing what was about to happen, sidestepped to the left to avoid the hit. Blizzard stood up, still clutching her shoulder. White's back was turned. She launched a fire ball at his back. If it hit, it would deal quite a bit of damage, but it wouldn't be life-threatening if treated. White missed Chase as a result of the wolf's dodge, but when he turned around to face him again, he saw the fireball. White leaped high into the air, dodging it before firing seven bullets, four at Blizzard and three at Chase.

Blizzard dodged the bullets quickly, throwing fireballs at White as she went. White fired flares of fire back at her, clashing with the fireballs and cancelling them out. White used this momentum to blast himself backwards. 

Chase went for cover, not wanting to test how effective these bullets were compared to the ones back home. Ok, I got to do something about his legs, Chase thought to himself.  

After White shot himself far back enough, he landed on the wall and recoiled off of it, bursting at Blizzard with speed. He'd fire a flare on fire at her head before shooting into the air over her, reloading his legs, and landing behind her.  

Chase began grabbing some small rocks, hoping to jam the bullet and fire mechanisms in White's legs. However, because White was wearing pants, the rocks simply touched his pants and slid downwards, falling onto the ground.  

Blizzard performed a dodge roll, though her shoulder was complaining because of it. She couldn't worry about the pain right now, though. White tried to kick her in the back of her leg, which would temporarily disable her right leg for a moment.

Blizzard quickly used her pyrokinetic powers to lift and levitate herself. She quickly moved away from White, then, instead of using fireballs, she shot at him with a fiery laser with her powers. "If you think fireballs are all I can do, think again! Hahahahaha!" White's eyes enlargened and he jumped back, barely dodging the laser before sending heat to his legs. Then, he tried to jump high, fire a burst of fire from his legs to send himself forward, and kick Blizzard in the back.

Chase waited for White to have his back turned to Chase, then rushed toward White, going for a shoulder tackle.

Blizzard dodged the kick somewhat, but got it right in the shoulder (the same one with her wound.) "Son of a- you'll pay for that!" White tried kicking her in the side of her head while she spoke, seeing her distracted.

Blizzard attempted to punch him in the face with her fist at that moment. Chase chose the moment Blizzard's punch landed as the time to rush in and tackle White. White's leg ended up kicking her fist, but he twirled around and tried to reverse roundhouse Chase in the face with his heel.

Blizzard flailed her hand around in pain. "Ow! Ow! OW!"

Chase got smacked in the face and lost 3 rings. Then, White tried to sweep kick him before attempting to grasp his neck and throwing him to the wall. Chase was slammed into the wall and lost 3 rings again. "Ok then, let's try this," Chase said as he got off the wall eyeing his opponent.

Blizzard hovered nearby, watching stupidly. "Um..." White, hearing her, quickly turned around in order to try to kick her in the stomach.

Blizzard dodged, shooting at him with a fiery laser from her hand. "You're a butthead!" White was hit, being blasted to the wall and possibly hitting Chase as he was sent flying.

Blizzard struck a goofy victory pose, grinning. "Victory! In your face!"

"Ughh, can I catch a break?" Chase said as he got up from the attack, which had cost 5 more rings. White, a bit damaged, tried to grab Chase's leg and throw him to Blizzard.

Chase heard White coming and delivered a swift kick to the chin to him.

Blizzard frowned, watching the duo fight. "Two against one... or is it one against two?" She shook her head and sighed.

White was flipped over, but he landed on his feet and tried to kick Chase in the crotch.

Chase would dodge to the left. "You dirty little..." he said, knowing what White was trying to do. Chase then tried to claw White's face with his empty hand. White tried to kick Chase's hand to the side before attempting to grab his hand and put his leg to Chase's stomach before firing a flare of fire.

Chase avoided the grab and then went for a leg sweep. I hope his legs don't have some lock up system. White was sweeped off his feet, his back hitting the ground with a THUMP!, but he pointed his legs up and fired a bunch of bullets at Chase's chest.

Blizzard crossed her arms, watching the scene lazily. "Booooring..."

Chase ducked to the right to avoid the bullets though still got nicked by a few and lost 3 rings. He then tried to grab the closest of White's legs to jam a rock in the barrel. Chase succeeded, and White's leg was jammed - however, that didn't stop him from trying to put his other leg to Chase's chest and try firing a flare of fire.

Chase grabbed said leg and moved to the the left, though his already hurt arm got burned and he lost 3 more rings, bringing him down to 8. He then tried to kick White in the stomach with his right leg. White has hit, but took the blow before jumping backwards onto his hands and beginning to breakdance. Then, White fired fire from his legs, causing a fiery whirl to surround him and Chase, threatening to burn the wolf.

"Ok, so you want to dance, huh, then let's go," Chase said, getting into battle stance, keeping his tail close to try his best to not be burned. White, seeing this, fired two flares of fire at Chase's head, trying to both hit him and knock him out, which would be a burning combo. 

Chase saw them coming and ducked allowing the fire balls to pass by. Then he threw some of his remaining rocks at White hoping to knock him off balance. White kicked the rocks back at Chase's chest before getting onto his feet and trying to stomp onto his stomach. 

Chase lost 3 more rings from the rocks (now only having 5 left), but as White ran up, Chase did a leg sweep, hoping to trip him again. White was tripped, but he flipped over and tried to hit Chase back in the head with a downwards heel kick. Chase rolled out of the way, got up, and then went to elbow White.

Blizzard rubbed her hands together, now thoroughly entertained. "I should have brought popcorn and a lawn chair! Hahaha!"

White was hit in the back, but he twirled around, jumped by a small amount, tried to kick Chase in the face twice before sending three kicks to his stomach, legs and head each before firing a flamethrower of fire from his leg, which would all do some heavy damage as a combo.

Chase kept White from hitting in the head but got hit int the chest, legs and was hit by the flame thrower. Losing the rest of his rings, "Grrrrhhhhh, you are going down," Chase said in pain. Finally, White walked to Chase and tried to kick him sideways in the face, trying to knock the wolf out.

Chase caught the kick with his right hand through in pain from the burn. Then went to slash White's face with his left hand. White has hit, but the moment he was attacked he fired an explosion of fire from the leg that Chase had just caught, aiming for Chase's face.

Chase was hit bad but he slowly got to his feet. "I really didn't want to do this," Chase said through his teeth. He was then surrounded by a golden aura, his hair stood up and his black stripes began to glow as well. White continued firing flares at Chase's head, unfazed. 

Chase dodged the fire balls with ease, then rushed at White at a speed far beyond what he had been moving at before, about to give White a strong gut punch. White was hit in the gut, coughing up some saliva, but then he looked up, smiled, and tried to deliver five fast kicks to Chase's legs. Then, he'd jump back, let him legs land on a maze wall, and boost him forward, jumping over Chase. Finally, White would try to sweep kick him and stomp on his stomach.  

Chase would block four of the kicks, then get hit by the last one, but one White would go for the sweep kick, Chase would jump and try to butterfly kick him White in the face. White was hit, but he decided to jump high into the air and fire flares of fire downwards, making it seem like a minefield. 

Chase running like crazy dodging the fire. "You know any of you could help right now," Chase said out loud. Kennedy, hearing this, simply walked over and projected a purple shield, blocking all of White's fire. The rabbit muttered a curse before jumping back.  

Kennedy sighed. "Sir, good job. I was going to wait to see where you stood, strength-wise, but I guess that it's best if you leave this to me at this point. Given your plea for help, I'm being less assured that you can handle him by yourself. No offense." Three large purple darts were created in the air, and Kennedy was about to fire them before getting an idea. "New ally - please tell me what your name is - what if we work together? I'm sure it'd be more efficient."

"My name is Chase the Wolf, and yes, I would like to work together." Chase said.

Kennedy smiled. "Well, Chase, let's start by zoning him-" White, not waiting for Kennedy to formulate a plan, burst at him and tired to kick him in the chest, Kennedy took a few blows and grunted, but annoyed, he grabbed White's shirt and threw him to a wall before flying to that wall and punching White in the gut. Then, Kennedy clutched White's leg and threw him on the ground before placing a small orb on White's chest. Kennedy teleported away, to Chase, and the orb exploded, sending White into the air. White fired three flares of fire at the duo, and Kennedy, not expecting them, was blasted backwards.

"You okay there? I have an attack that could take him down, but we got to slow him down," Chase said to Kennedy. Kennedy nodded before flying into the air. White grumbled and tried to kick Kenendy in the face, but the tiger caught his leg and started Spin Dashing, sending both of them crashing downwards and causing a ton of smoke to appear. After the smoke cleared, Kennedy grabbed White's shoulders and pinned him to the wall.

"Alright, time to end this," Chase said as he cupped his hands in froward of himself, the black circles on his hands glowed and sparked. a ring of energy built up around his hands energy also built up in his hands. Then he said "Mystic Ring Blast," and fired a golden energy beam at White, hoping Kennedy could dodge. Kennedy looked back in time in order to teleport out of the way, while White was consumed by the blast, causing a golden explosion to occur. Then, when everything cleared, White was on the floor, dazed, while Kennedy was simply brushing himself off.

"Haa, how do you like that, tough guy," Chase said, breathing heavily. Chase then fell over but caught himself with his left arm. "Man, I am still rusty," Chase said, as his stripes turned black again.

Blizzard laughed. "Now that's what I call a butt kicking!"

Chase moved his hair out of his face, as it couldn't stick up without his mystic power. "Thanks for the complement, Lady. Now can someone give me some answers?" Chase said.

"Uh..." Blizzard pointed at Kennedy. "Ask pretty-boy over there."

Chase turned over to Kennedy and said "What's going on, one second I was in Mystic Jungle fighting an enemy of mine, the next i am underground and surrounded by monsters? I fought them for who knows how long and when I finally get out, I am in a maze with a bunch of other people fighting each other."

Kennedy sighed. This is going to be a bit of a doozy... "I am Kennedy McLeod - it's probably important you know that much. But we're not talking about me, here - we're talking about the biggest threat, Luna the Bunny. Luna is a Black-Arm/rabbit hybrid who was seeking revenge, but then we foiled her plans. She has somehow come back, and gotten her hands on a powerful scepter that allows her to manipulate space/time. Her reasons and goals are unknown to us, but we do know she is planning nothing good, as she has used her newfound ability to band together a group of misfits." Kennedy was careful to use the word "villains," seeing Medusa's outburst from before. "Luna would be enough of a threat without the scepter - she can manipulate energy, steal energy, has telekinesis and telepathy, and she's pretty good with a dagger. Her along with her group of wannabe rulers are going o be a pain to defeat - thus, I ask for your assistance. I'm not forcing you to, but I think there's a higher chance of you getting back to your own homeworld if you help us."

Blizzard looked back and forth between Kennedy and Chase, waiting for the latter to say something.

"Ok I understand this well enough, I'll help ya guys out." Chase said still messed up.

Blizzard frowned. "So... what now?"

"Well, first we should probably pick ourselves up and heal," Chase said, looking across the area.

"Speaking of healing," Blizzard spoke, "where is Iris?"

"Iris, think I heard that name around here," Chase said, while poking himself to see just how well done his right arm was.

"Uh huh," Blizzard replied. "Probably because she was with us earlier. Pretty kitty boy, where is Iris?" These last few words were directed towards Kennedy.

Roundabout Finale

Finale: Setup

A golden portal came from the ground, and out of it came a golden figure, Keira, Turles, Turles' mom and Kana. "Wait a minute, what the heck is going on over there?" Chase said, hearing the battle from a certain winged hedgehog and chaos being.

Kana fired multiples cryokinetic blasts at Keira. "Looks like they're deep into battle," stated Kennedy. He then remembered what Blizzard asked him earlier and opened his eyes wide. IRIS! Connecting a telepathic link to her, Kennedy told her Iris, come here. Keira has arrived.

Already on it, Iris replied.

The golden figure let go of Keira’s hand, and went in a battle stance. Keira blocked Kana’s attack, and used lightning rain on Kana. Kana created a ice wall to block the lightning attacks before firing balls of cryokinetic energy at Keira. Kennedy teleported in front of the teenager and swatted them away with his sword-arm. "Keira, how long have you been fighting this pale imitation?" he asked, annoyed by Kana.

“Eh, for a while,” Keira smirked at Kennedy. ”Not for that long.”

At around this point, Iris could be seen walking back towards the group, having started even before Kennedy contacted her when she saw that Keira and her assailants had left where they were.

"Alright, we need a battle plan. Flyby, Lee, Chase! Are you three okay to assist us?" Kennedy asked, his mind already forming a strategy as Kana boost at Keira again.

Flyby nodded, cracking his knuckles with a sarcastic laugh.

Lee looked at the ground, muttering something. His head shot up as a portal opened to his left, Azul flying out of it, grabbing him and vanishing into a portal on the right. Coming out in the maze, Azul threw Lee up against a wall and aimed a claw at his rib cage.

"Oh, now he appears," Kennedy said with a sigh, sending four Chaos Spears his way. "Here's the plan - Flyby and Keira should be the main offense. Chase and I can be backup support fighters. Then, Iris will be our healer. Blizzard, do you think you could help with Azul?"

Blizzard nodded. "Yeah, sure, why not?"

”Well I am 40% burned but I’ll try anyway.” Chase said while grabbing 3 rings from the ground.

”Alright...” Keira nodded, as she dodged Kana, landing near the golden figure.

Suddenly, a portal opened in front of the turtles (who were lying on the ground, groaning).

The golden figure‘s red, spiral eyes looked at the portal. “Fleetway?” Keira then called out to him. Fleetway, being the golden hedgehog with spiral eyes, looked at Keira. “Do you want to help, or...” she then continued.

Fleetway’s answer was a simple, “No.” And he opened a portal to the Underworld Dimension, hopping inside and closing it. Keira blinked, and propelled herself upwards.

Tel-Eth and Xavis both appeared behind the heroes, a wall of psychokinetic fire coming up to guard any remaining Rulers.

"It seems we haven't missed out on all the fun," Tel-Eth said "Xavis, fetch."

Iris, who had arrived near the fighters, shrunk against a wall to protect herself. What am I even doing here? she thought.

Only two of the Chaos Spears thrown at Azul hit him, knocking him away from Lee. The third one hit the wall next to Lee's head. "U-u-u-h...."

”Oh great, that’s just what we need,” Chase muttered, noticing the new challengers.

Keira landed, and turned to look at the newcomers. But once she saw Xavis, she widened her eyes. “Is that... No. That can’t be,“ she growled, and charged up her umbra-electrokinesis, forming an arrow.

"I think it can be, quite frankly," Tel-Eth replied "I assure you, Xavis is quite mindless. He is not doing any of this against his will, he is merely following his instincts. And as for me...well, I chose the side who had some kind of sense. Of course, I would have prefered to toy with you while my facade of heroism was still up, but Luna wants results and I'm inclined to give them too her. Now get out of my way, child."

Tel-Eth pulled the Distortion Shard out of his pocket, keeping it out of sight from everyone other than Xavis.

Kennedy looked at Azul. Lee's too fragile to fight him in his current state. But that brown hedgehog from before looks powerful... no, Blizzard can handle the blue monster. Kennedy, not wasting any time with words, tried to deliver a swift kick to Xavis' face.

Kana, meanwhile, charged at Chase and fired multiple ice arrows. "Combat style: efficient. Target edit fulfilled. Objective: in progress."

Keira sped towards Tel-Eth, firing a few blasts of umbra-electrokinetic energy at him. ”Mindless, huh?” she muttered.

"I assume you know what the word means?" Tel-Eth said, casually sidestepping the blasts.

"I'm not that stupid," she muttered in response. 'Fleet? Any thing I should know about?’ Keira mentally asked Fleetway, hoping that he at least knew what the newcomers could do.

'You just said that you weren't dumb, Kira...' he smirked inside her head. 'Go observe them for yourself,' he grinned. At this, Keira made a straight face, and miserably propelled herself into the air. Keira then swooped down, and threw the umbra-electrokinetic arrow at Xavis, attempting to stun him. She then followed up with lightning rain, hoping that he would get hit, before landing on the ground.

Xavis caught Kennedy's foot, but was hit by Keira's attack and stunned for a second, as she had hoped.

"Move aside," she growled, and sped towards Xavis, trying to slash him away. Kennedy, seeing this, turned his arm into a sword and sped towards Xavis as well, slashing at him right after Keira did for a team attack.

Xavis broke out of his stun just before Keira attacked and backhanded her away a couple meters. He then swiftly caught Kennedy's blade-arm and aimed a hard punch towards the tiger's face with his free hand. Keira spread out her wings, and slowed herself to a stop.

Finale: Chase and Iris vs. Kana

”Out of the fireplace and into the freezer.” Chase said, as he had dodged the ice arrows. He then went to punch Kana as it was running at him. Kana put an ice wall in front of Chase, and gave it spikes on the side he was on, trying to get him to run into it.

Chase saw the wall coming and jumped to avoid it. He planned to deliver a severe kick to the robot if he was able clear the wall. Chase got over the wall, but when he got near Kana, she made an ice spike rise up out of the ground, attempting a nasty crotch blow to Chase.

Chase used one of his legs to push off the ice spike before he had gotten hit in the important area. Though his other leg got cut and he lost his three rings. “Are all of you savages, like seriously,” Chase said to the robot, giving a highly disappointed look for playing dirty. An ice block appeared above Chase's head before falling.

Chase tried to catch the ice block, but he ended up comedically down because of it. His hands were stuck under the heavy block. “Hey, you know, this helps the burn at least,” he said, trying to keep the enemy from having total satisfaction.

Iris noticed that Chase seemed injured—and, furthermore, was not moving, allowing her to heal him with ease—so she cautiously moved to where she could hopefully see the leg wound that he obtained from the ice spike, after which she started trying to heal the wound.

Kana created another ice block and let it drop, trying to land it on Chase's back.

Iris noticed the ice block falling towards Chase's back. After a moment of indiscernable thought, a plan suddenly clicked. Both eyes lit up as she continued healing Chase with her right hand while creating two portals with her left hand: one between the ice block and Chase, and one behind Kana. "Get away from him!" she yelled. The ice block slammed into Kana and knocked her forward as she turned to face Iris. Then, she started rocketing towards Iris to attempt to grab her face and slam it against one of the maze's walls.

Iris dodged to the side, using her portal powers to push the ground up under her feet and propel her in the right direction, then using the same powers to stabilize herself upon landing, all while continuing to heal Chase. "Please help out when you can!" she called to Chase. "I'm not sure how long I can keep this up..." Glowing blue cracks started appearing on her left arm as she created another portal, this time to try to slam a piece of the wall near Kana into Kana. Kana turned around and kicked the piece of the wall to Iris before firing an ice cannonball at her.

Iris dropped to the ground to avoid the obstacles, then used her portal powers again to launch herself into an upright position, slamming into a nearby wall. Feeling hurt and incredibly dizzy from the collision with the wall, Iris looked around frantically for something that she could use against Kana. "I really need help here!" she yelled.

Chase suddenly felt a rush of energy, after getting into an awkward position he managed to kick the ice block off of his hands. "Man that hurts," he said to himself as he shook his hands around to get feeling in them. "Sorry I am late Miss, but you can tag out now," Chase said as he began sparking with electricity.

Iris smiled at Chase, then glowed yellow as she quickly healed herself up from her recent collision. "Thanks, Chase," she said, then stopped glowing and slumped over unconscious, exhausted from the strain of utilizing powers that would normally be beyond her capacity to invoke.

Chase turned to Kana and entered a battle stance. "Time to send you to the scrap yard," he said, eyeing the robot. Kana got into a stance as well, and ice spikes rose beneath Chase. Chase felt the ground rumble and jumped away from the area.

What was that back there? I know I am rusty but I shouldn't gone mystic against that guy. Chase thought to himself as as he got out of the way.

Kana's arm turned into cannon, and she fired cryokinetic bursts at Chase's feet. If they hit, they'd freeze his legs to the ground.

Chase snapped out of his self scolding and jumped over the ice blast. Chase attempted to take the opportunity of his jump in order to kick Kana in the face. Kana sidestepped the kick and tried to stab Chase in the back with an ice sword.

Chase realizing Kana had a sword behind, allowed himself to not find his balance as he landed causing the sword to only scratch his back as he fell. Then Chase quickly used his left hand to lift himself just enough to attempt to leg sweep the robot. He succeeded, and Kana landed on her metallic face before firing a cryokinetic cannon upwards. It would freeze wherever it hit.

I got to disable that cannon now! Chase thought to himself. The blue-eyed wolf scrambled to grab the cannon and attempt to tear off the panels on either side. When he grabbed it, a cryokinetic spike shot upwards from it, and Kana tried to kick Chase in the stomach.


Chase stumbled back from Kana due to being kicked in the stomach. “ Wait what do you mean former self?” He asked, perplexed by the robot's statement.

"I WAS FORMERLY FLESH ALSO. HOWEVER, CREATOR HAS SHOWN ME MY TRUE PURPOSE - TO ASSIST HER IN HER ULTIMATE GOAL. IF THAT INCLUDES DEFEATING YOU, THEN SO BE IT. ORDERS ARE ORDERS." Kana lunged forward with lots of speed and tried to grab Chase's face before slamming it into one of the maze's walls.

The blue-eyed wolf tried to jump over the charging robot, he hoped to kick it in the back of the head and send her into the maze wall instead. His kick landed, but she ran on the wall instead before jumping off of it, firing multiple cryokinetic bursts at Chase.

Aww come on, today is just not my day. Chase thought to himself as he saw the robot land on the wall. Chase saw Kana beginning to fire at him, he managed to the run right and avoid the attack. I got to discharge as much static on this thing as I can, Wait it said it use to be alive. Chase thought while dodging the freezing blast. Kana made a water whip and tried to lash it around Chase's leg. If it hit, then it'd freeze and Kana would throw him to a wall.

I don’t like the look of that. Ran through Chase’s head when he saw the metallic menace begin whipping around. The wolf quickly jumped back in order to get out of the watery whip’s range.

“Hey so being a water controlling robot, from a 1 to ’my circuits are fried’ do you give lightning bolts?” Chase said hoping to Light Gaia roboticized beings couldn’t lie.

"INFORMING AN ADVERSARY OF A POTENTIAL WEAKNESS WOULD BE A FOOLISH MISTAKE," Kana said, creating another in her free hand and lashing it at his face. Chase quickly ducked under watery whip as it cracked through the air. Come on, come on you got to think of something, Chase thought to himself.

“Is that sass I hear? I doubt whoever made you into this would be happy knowing you still had some free will.” Chase said hoping to get something out of his foe. The wolf in an attempt to form a plan used his senses to quickly survey the area. He realized that some of the Ice had been broken into smaller pieces by Kennedy shooting... whatever he was shooting, which gave Chase an idea.

Kana didn't respond, instead jumping up and throwing three ice shurikens at Chase before falling down and attempting to punch his cheek.

Chase ran to the left in order to avoid the robot’s attack, as well to equip himself with some froze projectiles. Man, I wish I had better understanding on how this robotizing thing worked. Kana's feet turned into rockets and she boosted herself forward, armed with a spiky frozen gauntlet. Then, she punched downwards, trying to hit Chase smack dab on the cranium.

Chase heard the roar of the rockets realizing that he was about to be rammed into. Then, he shifted his momentum towards his foe, and jumped into a butterfly kick hoping to land a overhead strike. He succeeded, but after he landed his blow, Kana tried to grab his leg and slam him onto the ground.

Kana grabbed the wolf’s leg out from under him with a hard thump as he hit the ground. Chase quickly thinking, used his strength in his captured leg in order to position his foe’s arm in the perfect spot to attempt to kick it with his free leg. His kick worked, and Kana flew back before flying into the air and firing a storm of icicles at him.

Chase scrambled to his feet and blitzed under the robot, forcing it to have to turn around if it wanted to go after the wolf. I need to do something but what? I can’t tear it up - it used to be alive. I got to do it. Chase thought to himself. Kana fired two missiles from her back, leaving them to home in on Chase.

Finale: Kennedy vs. Xavis

Kennedy's leg cut into Xavis' arm, causing him to drop the tiger. Xavis then went to punch him with his other hand. Kennedy heard Iris' call and turned around to face her before getting hit with Xavis' attack. "Blast it... it's you or the girl, isn't it?" Kennedy growled before trying to blast a spiky Chaos Spear at Xavis that'd drill into whatever place it hit.

The spear hit Xavis in the chest, just below his collar, and wound up pushing him back as it drilled into his flesh. He actually looked to be in pain as it began cutting into him, with blood spurting out from the wound. The ground sizzled upon contact with the crimson liquid as if it were acidic.

Xavis' hit landed, causing Ken to grunt loudly before turning his leg into a sword and aiming a kick to Xavis' stomach. The hedgehog turned to avoid the attack, it only barely cutting him across his front. He tightly grabbed Kennedy by the neck and raised him up, and was going to slam him into the ground.

Kennedy extended his leg-sword to try and cut Xavis' arm, while he tried to put his palm against Xavis' face and place a tag on him.

A bit of the blood landed on Kennedy, causing the tiger to yelp. He fired bursts of energy from his legs at Xavis, allowing him to boost himself back.

Xavis was knocked back by Kennedy's attack, falling onto the ground and clutching at his wound with heavy breaths. Kennedy then teleported several times, firing Chaos Spears from all directions.

When the dust settled from Kennedy's onslaught, Xavis could be seen slowly getting back onto his feet. He hunched over once upright, panting, and lowered his hand from his now cauterized wound. His breath getting harder, he then rushed at the first person in his line of sight. Kennedy raised his arm, and it grew into an incredibly large purple sword. Then, he slammed it down, trying to hit Xavis' back.

It hit, knocking Xavis forward. He was able to catch himself, springing back up and around and attempting to tackle Kennedy and pin him down by the shoulders. Kennedy was tackled, but he was trying to escape the hedgehog's grasp by wiggling around. Xavis' grip tightened, his fingers digging into the tiger's flesh as he tried to tear him in half. Kennedy yelped and he turned his arm into a sword again and slashed at Xavis' arm, using his other hand to throw a Chaos Grenade into the air.

Finale: Blizzard and Lee vs. Azul

Blizzard, after waiting for an opportunity, jumped forward and attempted to deliver a roundhouse kick to Azul's face. "Hey! Why not pick on a hotter tamale, eh?"

(Anyone notice that reference to Archimedes?- Julia)

Azul's head twisted to the side, then spun back to face the Fox with an unimpressed look in his eyes. "I suppose I shall have to deal with you first." And with that, he slashed at her repeatedly.

Blizzard dodged his slashes and launched a few fireballs at him. "Be glad I'm going easy on you, pup. If you surrender now, perhaps I can avoid injuring you fatally. If you do not... then get ready for a universe of pain."

The blue entity raised his arms, blocking the fireballs with little damage to himself. "Pup? I am older than you can imagine, woman." He said before jumping towards Blizzard.

Blizzard simply stepped to the side. "You kidding? I've been through more in five years than you have in a hundred years."

"I doubt that," Azul stated before vanishing.

Blizzard let out an annoyed growl at her quarry having escaped, then walked over to Lee. "Are you alright, kid. Not that I care, but I'd rather not have another encounter with Kennedy's angry side. Which is not very pretty if you ask me..."

"I know..." Lee muttered, getting to his feet. "Wait..." His ears twitched. "Duck!"

Azul had popped up behind her, trying to slice Blizzard's neck open.

Blizzard obeyed and the only thing that got cut was the tip of her ear, thankfully. "Oh... so you want to get dirty, huh? Well let me help you... by turning you into a pathetic pile of ASH!" She tried to blast Azul with a laser of fire.

While thrown back by the volcanic blast, Azul showed no serious damaged taken. He stood up before warping behind her again.

Blizzard whirled around, frowning as she threw a punch at him. Apparently Azul seemed to be impervious to fire... The punch hit him square in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. He lay there for a few seconds, before warping away. Now that Blizzard was away from Lee, the blue energy creature appeared in front of him and plunged his claw into Lee's midsection. The attack went right through the youngster, cracking the wall on the far side. Lee didn't scream, just clenched his teeth. 

Blizzard raced towards Azul and Lee. "****! Don't you know it's not sportsmanlike to attack an unprepared opponent!" She picked up a piece of metal bar on the ground and attempted to impale Azul's chest with it. 

The bar actually affected Azul, with the length of metal getting stuck in his torso. He angrily tried to pull the weapon out to no avail. 

(Guess I don't have to worry about Lee accidentally getting stabbed. :) -Julia) 

Blizzard gripped the pipe more firmly and tried to push it deeper into the wound. "You are pathetic. Like an ant being crushed by a boot. How fitting." 

(Little late for that, lol.)

Azul released a screaming roar that made the ground shake. He tried to teleport away, but the bar was holding him there. "I'm going to DESTROY YOU!!"

"Uh..." Blizzard let go and backed away slowly. "Lee, you might wanna run."

The Flynx began trying to run, which was rather slow.

Azul began hacking and slashing at Blizzard, who was out of reach. Blizzard wanted to smirk at how ridiculous he was looking right now, but at the moment, Lee's safety was kind of a priority. The last thing Blizzard needed was a pounding from Kennedy later.

She went to Lee and said, "Lean on me, I'll help."

"O-oh... um, thanks." He did as she said.

Blizzard started to get them away from the very angry Azul. "Keep pressure on your wound so you don't bleed out all over my clothes, kid."

"Yes, ma'am." Lee undid his bandana, tying it around his torso.

Blizzard helped him do that, then led him behind a piece of debris for cover. She sat down and motioned him to do the same. He plopped down, finishing the makeshift bandage. "T-thank you, again.

Azul was just stuck for the moment.

"Uh huh," Blizzard replied. "We need a plan of attack. Any ideas?"

"We... We need a distraction. He teleports, but from what I can tell, he's not good at fighting multiple people. I'm in no state to be fighting... I can distract him." Lee said, looking down. "I don't want to die here..." He added, muttering under his breath.

"Kid, that Azul looks pretty viscous," Blizzard told him. "He might kill you if you act as a distraction. Okay, here's my plan. I'll distract Azul, and you run like hell until you find that silver cat- I forgot his name- and stay with him unless he says otherwise. Okay?"

Finale: Keira vs. Tel-Eth

As Xavis and Kennedy dueled, Tel-Eth used his psychokinesis to throw Keira towards one of the maze's walls.

”Shoot,“ Keira snarled, as she smashed against the maze wall. She looked at Tel-Eth, and fired black lightning shockwaves, before shadow sneaking to get near him. Tel-Eth teleport dashes past the shockwaves, but hasn't noticed Keira's shadow sneak. She then appeared behind him, and tried punching the back of his head with her right hand fueled with umbrakinesis. Tel-Eth is knocked into the wall, letting out a low growl as he floated away.

"You hit me," the Aldion said "Impressive. You'll pay for that."

Tel-Eth activates the Distortion Shard and the ground bellow Keira turns into quicksand. The female hybrid growled, and was forced to stand still, till she could figure out what to do. No, she couldn‘t move at all, and the only way possible in her mind was going downwards...

Tel-Eth flies towards Keira and uppercuts her, keeping above the quicksand. The hybrid gets flung into the sky, but quickly recovers, stopping herself by flapping her wings. Keira then sends huge umbrakinetic shock-waves, before flying behind it. Tel-Eth creates an orb of energy around him, blocking the umbrakinesis. ‘He blocked it,‘ Keira mentally muttered, and once shortly after her attack was blocked, Keira spiraled downwards, using shadow sneak. Tel-Eth floats in mid air, unable to detect Keira.

"you can't run forever, child," He mutters.

Till Keira was underneath Tel-Eth, she cancelled shadow sneak, and used lightning rain directly on top of her, hoping to hit him. She then flew in front of him, launching several umbra-electrokinetic shockwaves. Tel-Eth teleport dashes up to Keira and tries to uppercut her. Keira was flung into the air for a brief second, as the uppercut hit her. She then wasted no time, and flapped her wings, propelling herself into the air.

'Need help?' a Fleet's voice appeared in her head. She responded by growling at the voice, racking her brain for a suitable combo. While she's doing that, Tel-Eth creates a Force Longsword and flies towards her, trying to stab her. Keira flew straight at the Force Longsword, and faked upwards, throwing a black lightning arrow at the Aldion. The blasts are too close to Tel-Eth for him to dodge and he gets thrown back into a wall, making a crater and spraying up a cloud of dust. The winged hybrid then flew straight at him, taking out her axe. Tel-Eth floats out of the wall, creating another Force Longsword to combat Keira's axe. When she was near him, Keira jumped over Tel-Eth, and shot a few umbrakinetic shockwaves once she landed. Tel-Eth is hit by the first one, but quickly blocks the rest with a Force Wall before psychokinetic fire curves round the wall and aims at Keira.

The winged hybrid widened her eyes, and quickly propelled herself upwards. The fire curves round, homing in on Keira. Instead of trying to dodge the flames, Keira had simply charged her wings up with umbrakinesis, ready to take the hit. The flames fly straight at her, hitting her in the chest. Keira was flung backwards, managing to tank the damage and shield herself for a split second by using her wings. The flames on her wings eventually died off, while her right eye glowed red. 'That was close...' Fleet's voice rung again.

"Why couldn't you just stand by me and help?!" Keira whispered furiously. "Instead you use your power to tap into my head and- You're so annoying sometimes..." Fleetway heard her, amused. She then lunged forwards, and threw a large umbrakinetic bomb at Tel-Eth, attempting to blast him. Tel-Eth grabs the umbrakinetic bomb with his psychokinesis and hurls it back at Keira. The winged hybrid sped forwards, using her axe to slash the bomb in two. The bomb exploded, knocking Keira back a few meters, before she managed to skid to a halt.

Vines coiled around Keira's legs as Tel-Eth activated the Distortion Shard, trying to keep her on the ground. Tel-Eth landed on the ground and creates a warhammer in his hand before swinging it at Keira's head. Keira growled as she was pinned to the ground. The only logical way was to use her destruction dome to break free, but seeing that Tel-Eth had a weapon in hand, she quickly used shadow sneak, reappearing a good few meters away from him. She then started propelling herself into the air, before darting at the Aldion, slashing at him.

Tel-Eth is surprised by Keira's sudden escape, and wildly swings the warhammer behind him, attempting to hit her or at least drive her away. Once she reached him, Keira jumped over Tel-Eth, shooting an electric arrow, attempting to stun him. As she landed, Keira shot a few shockwaves at the Aldion, keeping her distance. Tel-Eth gets hit by everything, falling to his knees.

”I won’t fall here,” He said. “Maybe I should stop holding back against you, child.”

Keira's eye twitched at the phrase: 'holding back'. She had internally thought that psychokinetics were more difficult to fight, but it turned out that he had been holding back all this time... to say that she was merely annoyed was an understatement. The winged hybrid growled, a few zaps of black electricity cackling around her. "You should," she answered. "Go all out on me, and I'll do the same."

”As you wish,” Tel-Eth said. He placed the Distortion Shard on his chest and it was pulled into his body as he shapeshifted around it. Now, the Shard was embedded in his chest. As soon as he finished, he vanished, teleport dashing behind Keira and throwing a kick to her head.

The winged hybrid was confounded by his speed, and was kicked to the head, hitting the ground. She gathered herself together, her right eye flickering red. She coughed, smirking. "Now we're talking," Keira's smirk became a devious smile, before shooting a few shockwaves at Tel-Eth. Shortly after that, she used shadow sneak, waiting for the time to strike.

"I asked you to go all out, child," Tel-Eth snarled "Now STOP PLAYING GAMES!"

Tel-Eth uses the Distortion Shard to create two massive orbs of light, dispersing all the shadows around him and clearly showing Keira's location.

Keira stays still, before rushing at Tel-Eth while still in shadow state. Once she was near him, Keira disabled shadow sneak, and warped behind him, shooting an umbra-electro arrow at Tel-Eth. Keira aimed for his back, hoping to stun him for a combo. Thanks to the light, Tel-Eth clearly sees Keira coming, and although he didn't expect the teleport he reacted quick enough to dodge the arrow. He then fires a massive torent of fire at Keira from his hand. Keira spread out her wings and dodged upwards, before unsheathing the claws on her boots, swooping down like an eagle catching its prey. At the last possible moment, a wall of fire springs up between Keira and Tel-Eth as the Aldion flies backwards out of Keira's range. Keira flies higher, narrowly avoiding the flames. She then creates a ball of electricity, shaping it into an electric dragon. She then hopped on the dragon, heading straight for Tel-Eth. Tel-Eth teleport dashes directly next to Keira and tries to Force Palm her in the face. Keira fell off the dragon, wincing in pain as the Force Palm hit. Managing to catch its tail, Keira controlled it to flick its tail upwards, so that she could hop right back on. She then sent the dragon to home on Tel-Eth again, not giving up. Tel-Eth raises his hands and uses the Distortion Shard to make two lightning pylons appear on the walls, dispersing the lightning that made up the dragon. He then flies straight at Keira.

The winged hybrid flew off the dragon as it started to disperse, rolling away from Tel-Eth right before he came at her. As the Aldion flew at her, Keira decided to do the exact same thing. Putting her hands at her back, she flew right at Tel-Eth. With a plan. Tel-Eth creates a black longsword in his right hand, the sword covered in ornate carvings. He then raises it before him, ready for Keira's attack. Keira flew straight at him, twirling around rapidly and surrounding herself with umbrakinesis - forming a black drill. Tel-Eth flew straight at her, sword outstretched to meet with top of the drill. Keira stretched a hand out downwards, and stopped twirling. She then tried to side-kick Tel-Eth, before casting a huge, dark cloud over them, letting it rain lightning. Tel-Eth swings his sword up to block the kick, before looking up at the cloud.

"Not bad." He said. He then teleport dashed above the cloud and soon several spears of psychokinetic fire pierced through them, heading for Keira.

Keira smirked, and shot upwards, her wings propelling her higher into the sky. She dodged the fire, and used her axe to help protect her. While she's focused on the fire, Tel-Eth teleport dashes behind Keira and tries to uppercut her. Keira takes the uppercut, and gets flung upwards, before shooting a stun arrow at Tel-Eth. She knew it wouldn't hit, but she had to at least try and observe. So she stopped herself from flinging too far, her wings beating to keep her in air. Predictable enough, Tel-Eth flies to the side of the stun arrow and throws two Force Blades at Keira. The winged hedgehog smacks the Force Blades out of the way using her axe, rushing at Tel-Eth. Tel-Eth stays where he is, waiting for Keira to get in close.

The winged hybrid got close, holding an electric arrow behind her. Keira gritted her teeth, knowing that he was up to something. Tel-Eth stayed still, his coat fluttering like it was in some kind of wind. Keira then neared Tel-Eth, as if aiming to ram into him. She folded her wings behind her back, accelerating. Clutching her axe handle tight, she rushed at Tel-Eth, throwing the stun arrow. The arrow went straight through Tel-Eth: it was an illusion.

”I’d hope the wind would give it away,” Tel-Eth said, his voice coming from above. “But clearly not.”

The real Tel-Eth divekicks Keira. Once she saw that it was an illusion, and heard Tel-Eth's voice, Keira muttered, "Warp." As Tel-Eth divekicked her, Keira disappeared and reappeared behind Tel-Eth, having used the Fusion Shard engraved in her axe. The winged hybrid then fired a large, quick beam downwards, hoping to hit him and at least knock him downwards a bit with a fairly weak but large attack. Tel-Eth is hit but quickly manages to recover, throwing psychokinetic fireballs at Keira. She blocked the fireballs that came at her, using her axe and wings. Keira then attracted a lightning cloud, making it rain lightning on Tel-Eth. Tel-Eth flies out of the cloud, teleporting dashing away from lightning bolts if need be, before teleport dashing behind Keira and trying to hit her in the back with a Force Palm. If successful, he would follow up by creating chains and trying to wrap Keira’s wings in them. And it was successful. Keira flapped her wings, only to find out that chains were limiting her movement. While Keira was chained, Tel-Eth rapidly bombards Keira with fireballs, hoping the limited movement would give him more opportunities to strike. As the fireballs hit her, she gritted her teeth and bit her tongue, tempted to yell.

'Attack power's high... Probs a trickster type,' Keira thought, still gritting her teeth. She then quickly surrounded herself with a black tornado out of instinct, as it cut off the chains slowly by slowly. After the chains were cut, Keira warped behind Tel-Eth, she tried slashing the enemy twice, if either slash hit, in a blink of an eye, she will then combo into a black lightning-fueled punch, causing a minor explosion. As Keira teleports behind Tel-Eth, he kicks out behind him, hoping to hit her in the stomach before she hits him. The winged hedgehog got kicked, but recovered by re-warping near the telekinetic's foot, and tried to continue her attack. Tel-Eth is hit by a few slashes but quickly teleport dashes behind Keira. He goes to punch her, and as soon a he finishes this attack he teleport dashes to another location, repeating this technique constantly to confuse and outrun Keira. The punch hit her, sending her forwards. As she stopped herself midair, Keira's eyes darted around, noticing that he was warping around. But she made no attempt to move or attack. Tel-Eth continues trying to attack Keira, continously teleporting. Keira charged up enough electricity, and continued to dodge the Aldion's attacks. Tel-Eth quickly realises he's getting nowhere and finishes his string of teleport attacks with a grab, ramming Keira into the ground if he succeeded in grabbing her.

The winged hedgehog frowned, "Tired?" As Tel-Eth grabbed Keira, she stabbed the Aldion with her electric arrow, hoping to stun him. But she got hit by his follow up, and stood up after getting rammed to the ground. Tel-Eth turns his hand into a tesla coil and draws the electricity away. After Keira stands up, he throws psyschfireballs at her with enough force to create a crater in the ground. She observed his move - taking the electricity away from her arrow and drawing it away. As he started to attack, Keira moved in a zig-zag motion, dodging his attacks. But she got hit by one, in which left her on on the ground, slowly recovering. Tel-Eth teleports over to Keira and tries to kick her into the air. If this succeeded, he'd teleport above her and try to kick her into the ground before bombarding her with fireballs. Keira used Night's Shield, using her umbrakinesis to create a wall to block Tel-Eth's attacks. She then summoned her axe, touching the shining crystal. Keira warped, reappearing in front of the Aldion and trying to deliver a swift slash to his arm. Tel-Eth’s arm vanished from his body and regrows a second later before he tries to hit Keira’s jaw with an uppercut. With her reflexes finally kicking in for once, she leaned backwards, enough to dodge the hit. She then grabbed Tel-Eth's arm, and if the grab was successful, she'd channel her umbra-electrokinesis to her hand, using it to shock the Aldion with it. Tel-Eth is shocked by the attack, but he creates spikes on his arm to try and stab Keira.

'Shoot,' Keira winced in pain, as a spike stabbed her hand. Quickly, she pulled her hand out, gritting her teeth because of the injury. She then created a quick lightning arrow, shooting it at Tel-Eth, before using her axe to try and slash his side. Tel-Eth teleport dashes behind her and tries to kick her in the back, aiming to knock her forwards. If this succeeded, he'd teleport dash above her and divekick her into the ground. As he teleports behind her, Keira folded her wings, letting gravity take its course. She then reopened her wings, once she was low enough to dodge the hit, and tried to slash Tel-Eth's legs, before warping away. Tel-Eth teleports away mid divekick, reappearing in front of a wall. Keira uses her Fusion Shard to warp towards Tel-Eth, appearing in front of his face, before attempting to slash his sides again. Tel-Eth teleport dashed behind Keira, performing a back kick to try and knock her into the wall. If this succeeded, he’d turn round and try and use his psychokinesis to smash her into the wall repeatedly before throwing her into the ground.

Smash. Keira winced and bit down on her mouth, drawing out blood, as she got smashed onto the wall. As Tel-Eth's attack was done, she laid there on the ground, black spots appearing in her vision. Keira took rapid, shallow breaths, panicking. Her strength was draining, and her mind was fuzzy. 'Is this where I lose?' she thought, grabbing the ground like her life depended on it. Tel-Eth floated down to the ground next to her and crouched over her.

"Don't worry, child," He said "I don't mean to kill you. Luna demanded you alive, so you shall be alive when I take you too her. And besides..." He started whispering now "All the heroes must live for our own sakes."

She backed off towards a wall, leaning on it for support. "What do you mean, 'heroes must live for our own sakes'? You should just kill us instead," the winged hybrid suggested lastly, shrugging like she meant it.

"Soon enough," Tel-Eth replied, lifting Keira up with his psychokinesis. The winged hedgehog gave the villain a look of unamusement, before sluggishly opening her hand, as a black portal appeared. The axe handle slipped from her grip, falling into the portal. Once it closed, Keira surrounded herself with a translucent, umbrakinetic barrier, already making a plan.