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Part ???: Run Like You Mean It

A pink-colored rift opened up in the sky, and out of it fell six anthromorphs. Mac landed safely on his feet before dusting himself off. Hmm..... It looks like she's banished us. If so, we should try to find a way to survive in this new world before-

Mac flinched. Looking around them, it was like they were all inside of a volcano - lava trickled down from the sides, and below them, lava that was prepared to launch at them was boiling. Okay, I'm going to need some ideas.

Tel-Eth quickly activated his psychokinesis after falling out of the portal and floats down to the floor easily. “I can use my psychokinesis to control the lava.” He said. “It will give us more time.

Ion landed on his feet before looking at his surroundings. "LAVA! PFFT! I AM IMMUNE TO INTENSE HEAT!!! Lava won't hurt me!" Ion Thought to himself, knowing his power, nuclear energy is an heat based energy source, which is immune to intense heat. "I just need to be careful with the fusion shard. I don't want it to crack or I will be in a massive pickle!" Knowing the fusion shard is fragile and can't withstand intense heat as much as he can, He created a heat barrier for it just in case.

Jim fell from the portal, and as he landed on the ground, he started panicking. "CRIKEY! LAVA?! WHY'D IT HAVE TO BE LAVA?!" He breathed rapidly.

Skye landed on her two feet, and gave her allies a straight face. “Lava,” she groaned.

Out of the sides, Sephtis kicked a boulder, revealing himself. "Yo, everyone. As you've noticed, there's lava, and we're here, so you have to race us down... there." Right by the lava, there was an average sized door... but there was no platform, so they'd have to fly. "If we get there before you, the lava will gobble you all up." Sephtis then whispered to the other villains, "C'mon out, guys!"

The white wolf groaned again, before racking her brain for ways for everyone to fly. 'Or teleport...' the thought crossed her mind.

Tel-Eth starts laughing. “You call this a challenge?” Tel-Eth says “You’re less intelligent than I expected.” Tel-Eth grabs the Saviors with his psychokinesis and floats everyone across the gap. He then fires multiple bolts of psychokinetic fire at Sephtis.

Sephtis smirked. He brought out his spear and twirled it just as a flaming geyser rose up, causing the lava to whirl around and swallow Tel-Eth's fire. In fact, it continued to go on to charge at the Saviors, causing Sephtis to smirk. "Where are the other guys? I thought I told you all to-" Sephtis sighed. "SNACKERDOODLE! CODE RED! ATTACK!!!!"

A gigantic lava monster appeared, with a red scarf around its neck. Mercurius had shapeshifted into a massive serpent made out of lava. He then roared, and beckoned for the other villains to hop on his scarf. “Hop on it, you won’t be burned,” he chuckled. “I’ll give you a boost to where the hooligans are.”

Tel-Eth uses his psychokinesis to slow the lava wave. "I'll hold this off," he says. "You guys handle the monster."

Skye looked at Tel-Eth, and nodded, before using a White Lightning Blast on the lava monster. "It's going down!!" she yelled energetically.

Ion looked at Tel-Eth. "Hey, Mind if I give you guys a temporary speed boost when we get to the end!" He asked him, He had a plan to get to the door. "All I ask is to open the door before we escape this nonsense!"

The Genesis Lord opened a portal, releasing at least 5 fragments of Iblis to distract the Saviors. Ion growled. "Darn it! We don't have time for this! At least it's only five though!" The Genesis Lord Chuckles. "Pawns of Iblis! Embodiment's of the Flame! Do your worst to these worthless so called Saviors!" Iblis Fragments Flew towards the Saviors preparing their attack.

At this, the white wolf yelled, "YEEHAAAW!" As she threw more combos at the lava monster, she noticed the Pawns of Iblis, and grinned. She went in the middle of the group, and created a barrier made out of Holy Electrokinesis, shielding everyone. “C’mon guys!! Come up with a plan!! I'm confused!” she shouted. “Who will deal with what? And who’ll open the door?”

Ion glared at the pawns of Iblis. "I have an idea!" Ion then charged his power with the combination of the fusion shard creating a new attack. "Nitro Revere!!!!" He created Miniature Wormholes in which a barrage of Nitro Bolts came raining down on the five Pawns of Iblis, wiping them out of their way. "There we go! Path is clear!"

Mac flailed his arms around, extremely uncomfortable. "Hey, Vendeta! Lemme go so I can let this kid have it!" Mac was very surprised when a yellow and slightly-blue flash zipped around on pillars that rose through the ground. Oh... it's that speedster!

Tel-Eth looks at Mac. "Fine. But if you mistake me for that pitiful hedgehog again, you die." He lets Mac and any of the other Savours in his predicament out of his psychokinetic hold.

Skye then used Shield Blast, as her shield exploded, blowing the enemies slightly away. Her body was now surrounded by white lightning, as she took out her scythes, and combined their flat part together, becoming a double sided scythe. After that, Skye, with lightning speed, launched at the lava monster’s chest, throwing her double sided scythe like a frisbee. She soon was doing quick combos, before warping back to where the other Saviors were.

Ignoring the lava monster, Mac saluted to Tel-Eth as he fell down. "Thanks a lot... Vendeta." Mac had a good laugh while falling before quickly transforming into his High Tension equivalent and preparing for an attack from Flash. Flash jumped off the hard and thick pillar he was on and delivered fast punches to Mac's chest, knocking Mac into another rising pillar. Mac jumped off of it, shooting bullets at Flash, but Sephtis flew up, grabbed the tiger's leg, and threw him at Skye.

Meanwhile, Flash recoiled off another pillar and jumped at Ion, wanting to assist the Genesis Lord. Sephtis followed Mac.

”Eeeeep!” the white wolf squeaked as Mac hit her. ”You alright?” she then asked him; while sitting down on the ground after Mac crashed into Skye.

Mac rubbed his head, charging his being with electricity. "Hmm... There's more people - not good people - that are supposed to be here... why aren't they attacking us?" He then yelled to Jim, "HEY! HELP US OUT, HERE!" Before Mac could rant on any longer, Sephtis blasted furious gusts of wind at them that blew Mac back.

Ion spin kicked him into the face while igniting his jet shoes. "Don't even try it McBlur!"

Flash was quickly sent flying back into a pillar that shattered as he hit it. However, he jumped off the shards and charged at Ion again, moving so fast, it would seem there were ten Flashes. "It's Flash!" they all exclaimed quickly before bursting at Ion. "Genesis Lord, help me out!"

At this time, Mercurius sent a big wave of lava at Skye, attempting to burn her. "Nooooooo!" she yelled childishly, whilst running around in circles, before putting up a force field to block it. She soon warped above Mercurius the current lava monster, and used White Lightning Rampage, striking him with a lightning storm, a scythe combo, and ending it with one, ginormous lightning strike, that blasted Mercurius' current form into pieces of lava. He soon was forced to change form, and shape shifted into a serpent. As a serpent, he lurked in the lava, striking whenever a false move from the heroes was made.

Savage stood in the crater made earlier by Sephtis, watching the duels. He was disappointed Flyby had missed this, still wanting to prove to him who was the best. It suddenly clicked in his mind. "This isn't the Flyby I've fought."

The Genesis Lord Chuckles. "No thanks, You chose to fight him, you finish it! Luna recently told me to Stand back, she has other things planned for him. I was tasked to only send in Iblis fragments to stall the heroes. Clearly didn't work!"

Ion Growls and charges his energy. "NITRO IMPULSE!!!!" Sudden't a burst of nuclear came out of Ion's Body, Engulfing him and Flash, sending him back farther than last time."I don't care who you are or how fast you can be... I've dealt with speed freaks myself and beaten them! I've even beaten the ultimate life-form himself which isn't an easy task to accomplish and yet, I did! You won't even be able to hit me even if you try! You can't beat someone if you can't find a way to overpower them! Now if you excuse me! I have to catch up!" Ion prepares to skate. "Later, you jerk!" Ion then dashed at high speeds, clearing many gaps in order to catch up which happened so fast.

Flash had dodged Ion's attack with his insane speed, reappearing in front of the hedgehog. "Hey," he said, trying to roundhouse kick the nuclear hero in the cheek. "I don't care how strong you are! You can't defeat what you can't touch!"

Ion was kicked in the face, It knocked him back a bit but Ion had enough of him. "OUT OF MY WAY! YOU DON'T WANT TO MAKE ME ANGRY!" Ion glared at him.

"BRING IT ON THEN, SLOWPOKE!" Flash taunted loudly before attempting to perform a combo attack on Ion. He would sweep the hedgehog off his feet, punch him in his stomach, kick his chest and launch the hedgehog to Mac and Skye with a much more powerful roundhouse kick.

Ion got hit hard then flipped on his feet, starting to glow a mix of a dark red and a orange aura. "YOU ASKED FOR IT THEN, THERE'S NO TURNING BACK NOW PUNK!!!" Ion then bursts out in fury changing himself into his enraged state, Nothing Changes about his appearance besides his aura and his eyes, which are now Crimson Red. "I'M GONNA KICK YOU DOWN THEN BURN YOU TILL THERE'S NOTHING LEFT YOU LOW LIFE!!!!" Ion dashed towards him before warping behind him and attempted to smack him so hard that he would be knocked out cold.

Flash was hit by the attack, but instead of being immediately defeated, he was knocked forward. "Argh! Cheap shot!" Flash started zipping around Ion, yellow streaks everywhere. Then, under Ion, a lava geyser rose up from the bottom of the floor.

Skye widen her eyes, and sighed, "Right, Mercurius is still underneath there..."

So she engulfed herself in her white lightning barrier, and dived in head first into the lava. There, she fought against Mercurius, trying to lure him out, while casting attacks that sometimes flew out of the lava surface, hitting random things.

Above the two, ten stone statues of Mobians fell from above, looking to fall on the duo's heads. Mac, ignoring Jim, fired a blast of electrical energy from the statues, blowing them up. Mac then pointed at Savage. "I know you guys are only here to distract us, so I guess that I'll just have to extract you!" Mac charged up a grenade of lightning in his palm and threw it at Savage.

Savage laughed, then dodged the explosion and began running further into the volcanic death trap. Mac jumped up, recoiled off one of the pillars, and tried to slash across Savage's chest: It felt like hitting a wall. "Sorry, kid, I've been hit there before." Savage said, then slashed back as a counterattack. Tel-Eth lets the lava wave settle and looks at the battle around him before seeing Savage. No. he thinks to himself. He's not worth it...let's see who is.' Right on cue, Sephtis flew over and twirled his spear around spear around and gracefully threw it at Tel-Eth.

Jim surrounded himself with a crystalline shield, which was smart because Mac was sent flying right by him, causing there to be a furious gusts of wind. Mac lunged at Savage again, trying to punch him in the face. If he landed the hit, Savage would feel nothing.

But it turned out even worse: Savage's fur turned the same color as Mac's, his hand crackled with electricity and he thrust it at him.

Tel-Eth catches the spear with his psychokinesis. It then turns in the other direction and flies back at Sephtis. Sephtis caught it in midair and twirled it around before blasting five furious gusts of wind at Tel-Eth. Then, he dived, trying to stab the telekinetic.

Mac disappeared before Savage could punch him, creating an afterimage. From behind, Mac equipped Angel and tried to stab him from behind.

It pierced slightly, but Savage didn't seem to care. Electricity began working it's way up Angel towards Mac.

Still swimming in the lava, Skye and Mercurius were still battling. Until Mercurius shot out of the lava's surface, shape-shifting into a gigantic, non-mobian dragon, before diving in again. After a while, he fished Skye out of the lava, trying to squish her. But she fought back, using her power and her weapon.

Mercurius then flew over the saviors, before shooting fire balls from his mouth, directing it at them. Mac suddenly stopped his attack and fell on cooled, molten ground. "Hey, dude, why are you even fighting us? What's your pro- Oh crap."

Mac ditched Savage and leapt at Mercurius, winking at Skye. "Hey, Shocker Girl, wanna trade places?" Then, he put his arms in a "P" formation, started charging up electricity, and surrounded himself with a shocking yellow aura. "TASER LASER!" he yelled, firing a yellow laser at Mercurius.

"Why not?" Skye grinned back at Mac, and shot a Pure Charge Beam at Savage, attempting to snipe him.

Tel-Eth doesn't see the wind coming and is knocked back against the wall. However, he blocks the spear with a Force Wall. Sephtis flies behind him and tries to kick him in the head sideways. However, Tel-Eth teleport dashes out of the way and throws bolts of psychic fire at Sephtis. The attack sends Sephtis flying into a pillar that shatters, dust in the air. Sephtis flies out of the dust, catches Kyoya, and tries to stab Tel-Eth in the back. Tel-Eth stops Sephtis by grabbing him with his psychokinesis.

Ion was still fighting, He used a technique that creates afterimages of himself and it was enough to give flash troubles Ion was extremely fast in his Burst form, Not factoring how angry he is at Flash.

(Boom, Ion's alternate power source, and is currently using it's power)

Mercurius growled at Mac, and breathed fire at him, after taking a hit from Mac.

Savage flanked left, trying to get behind Skye.

The white wolf had her electric shield up, and stood her guard. “Aw. No fun,” she pouted.

Ion then started to calm himself and decided to think of a plan on the fly. "If I can't attack him then I guess I can immobilize him," he thought before speaking. "Guys! Cover your Eyes! I got a plan that would buy us some time!" he shouted to his allies (and friends too).

Mac was blasted near Ion, onto a hot surface that burned his back. He quickly rolled off and blasted himself onto another surface. "TICK-TOCK, IO-" He was interrupted when the frozen Sephtis dropped his spear on Mac's head.

Sephtis was yelling at Tel-Eth, aggravated. "Lemme go, lemme go! Don't you think you're getting a little too in-character, Tel?"

Tel-Eth walks up to Sephtis "It's called keeping up the illusion, you idiot." He whispers to him "No matter who's side i'm on, I should kill you for being too stupid to live". Tel-Eth then throws Sephtis away to where he had entered the volcano.

Sephtis was thrown into a dislodged boulder, causing it to break into pieces as he fell. Sephtis swooped back up into the air and rose after catching Kyoya (which had rebounded off Mac's head). "Okay, Tel, I get you're no Mr. Sunshine, but the edge is just dripping with that." Septhis twirled his spear around and threw it at Tel-Eth in order to distract him.

If Ion didn't hurry up whatever he was going to do, the group would be in trouble, because Flash was hurrying at them, recoiled from falling boulder to falling boulder so fast that it looked like a corkscrew of blue and yellow.

"Nitro Flashbang!" Ion threw a sphere of nuclear energy which acted as a Flashbang Grenade, blinding and deafening everyone who looked. "We only have a brief moment to make a dash to the end! Lets head out now before this wears off!" Ion signaled everyone to make a break for it while he dashed at high speeds in his burst form.

"Of course." Tel-Eth says. He stops Sephtis' spear with his psychokinesis and follows Ion.

Sephtis and Flash were both blinded by the light, and though Sephtis used his wings to suspend himself in midair, Flash fell into a stone pillar, causing him to be stuck there. Sephtis, not able to hear anything but knowing that they were escaping, started yelling (even though he couldn't hear himself). "HEY! YOU GUYS GET BACK HERE!"

Mac smiled, transformed back into his base form and followed Tel-Eth, ready to escape. Nice plan, Ion! he thought.

Savage, after running several circles around Skye, performed a homing strike, trying to shatter her shield.

The white wolf smiled at Savage, and make her shield explode, creating a blast of white lightning energy around her. She then jumped up, and summoned her scythe, and Fusion Shard warped towards the fleeing group of heroes. "See ya later!" she cheekily shouted, running after the saviors.

Savage giggle/growled, rushing after her.

Tel-Eth flies in front of the group, blocking the exit.

“Unfortunately, due to that idiot Sephtis, I will have to do with sooner than expected” he says “Apologies.” He then grabs Skye and Ion with his psychokinesis.

The white wolf widened her eyes, and steadied herself. “Hey!” she growled. What is he doing?! Skye mentally snarled.

Mac got into a fighting stance when he saw Tel-Eth grab Skye and Ion, growling. "Back off, Tel-" He didn't get to finish, before a crazy fast Flash charged into him, knocking them both into a pillar. Flash leapt away from it, hoping to escape, but Mac grabbed his foot and threw him onto a dry floor. Flash landed on his stomach, quickly got up and sighed when Mac landed next to him. "Speedster, what's your problem? You don't even seem remotely evil, you're just here."

Flash sneered. "I don't think a rich kid like you would get it. When you can't beat them, join them, and I sure can't beat Luna." Flash smiled. "But I can beat you."

Mac took his two guns, Zip and Zap, out, frowning fiercely. "Oh, you're going to regret that, Speedster." Mac then fired ten bullets at Flash, five from each gun. Flash easily evaded them all and delivered a swift punch to Mac's stomach, but Mac took the blow and kicked Flash in the chin, sending him upwards. Then, Mac started charging electrical energy in his palm, causing it to began to form into a ball.

Flash starting falling down, and right before he hit the ground, Mac threw the Thunder Grenade at Flash's stomach, carrying the cheetah all the way through a bunch of pillars before exploding, disintegrating everything that was near the explosion (besides Flash). When Max looked through the destruction and smoke, he saw a fried Flash lying on the ground.

"For someone so fast, you-" Mac was about to tease his opponent, but Flash started to get up, causing the tiger to roll his eyes. "You just don't quit, do you, Speedy?!" Before Mac could potentially harm Flash even worse, Sephtis divebombed into him, taking Mac through to floor. Then, Sephtis threw Mac to a pillar, to which he simply hit it and started falling downwards into the lava.

Mercurius, in the shape of a dragon, used his tail to slam Mac downwards, letting him fall faster. He then let out a roar, blasting fire around him.

"Unfournately, Flash is correct." Tel-Eth continued "I found it unlikely you would win this war, so I chose the other side. After all, they can offer me so much more than just victory."

Ion is held by Tel-eth's telekenesis. "Vendeta would be furious! DARN IT! WHY CAN THINGS BE SIMPLE!" Ion then sighs before looking at the the others that where still fighting.. "'Guess it's one thing you can't get for being a hero and is only a dream! You guys, would be nice if you LEND A FRIGGIN' HAND!"

Tel-Eth chuckles to himself. "Good luck with that." He says, as him and his prisoners fly upwards towards the mouth of the volcano.

Skye growled, and tried to used her scythe to breakout, but it was no use. She mentally prayed. "What are we going to do?" she sent a panicked shout towards Ion. "Guys! Yoo-hoo! Up here! HELP!"

Mac took out his sword Angel and stabbed a pillar, stopping him from falling into the lava. Using his blade to place himself, Mac recoiled off multiple pillars as a streak of lightning, moving so quickly that not even Flash could keep up. After his incredible burst of speed, Mac was pooped, and when he landed next to Jim, he reverted to his base form. "Hey, kid, we're about to lose two of our own. What can you do to save us? You better hurry-" Mac said, looking down at the bubbling lava that was just about ready to erupt. "-we don't have much time."

The shapeshifter reverted to his original form, landing on a pillar. He smirked, before turning into a blob of toxic mercury, and slid off to follow them.

Ion then smirked. "I have to figure it out Skye! I haven't fought a telekinetic in a while and it's been quite some time!"

The white wolf nodded, looking at the rest of their friends, as they were taken away.

The Genesis Lord laughs evilly. "So this is it?! The Nuclear Hero has fallen from grace by the likes of Tel-Eth, To be honest, I have expected this outcome and now, I think it's time to end this farce once and for all, of course, under Luna's approval! You've failed to escape and look where you are you so called 'saviors'! Under our heels with no way to fight back even if you try! So struggle all you want, Plead under your breath, scream all you can but, know this... no one is gonna save the lot of you and with Luna under control of the multiverse... no the omniverse! You will not even exist to see it change. Soon enough that barrier will break between realities and I will have finally have taken the so called "Real World" over. Creation and destruction is nothing compared to what we can do alone! It would all be thanks to Luna for her undying help to make it a reality! (Please note that this was the Genesis Lords Goal the entire time is to take over our world and teach us that we aren't "Gods", So there is a reason he breaks the fourth wall, because he wants to go beyond it and take over our universe to teach us a lesson.)

"Shut your mouth and let me think, dumbass!" Mac yelled, before looking to Jim. "You don't look the strongest, kid. What can you provide to the duo? If you can't really do anything, I'll hafta carry you, if that's alright."

Jim thought for a second. "Uh, see, I can control crystals. A-and I've been practicing a new technique..." The dog concentrates, and a crystalline structure starts forming around his back. The structure eventually turns into a pair of crystalline wings. He sighed. "If this works, I can fly and... get those two... Also, I-I can attack with crystals! That's useful, right?"

Mac smiled. "Very, kid. How about this... You attack the bird-boy from the skies. Since the speedster is already pretty damaged, I'll handle that guy who can't shut his freaking mouth. We'll both have to watch out for the shapeshifter, but I think we can do this." Mac crouched down and put his fist out. "You got this, little man, okay?"

Jim gulped and looked upwards towards the sky. "Um... y-yeah. You're right!" He successfully flies off to battle. Sephtis spotted him nearly immediately and flew up at great speeds, trying to punch Jim in the gut from above with a killer blow. If he landed it, he would then fly above Jim and spike him downwards. Jim quickly conjured three large purple crystal shards and threw the towards Sephtis, hoping at least one of the would hit. Sephtis saw the attack, gulped, and flew to the side, dodging but not really succeeding either.

Sephtis got a good look of Jim before smiling. "Oh, you're a flying kid too? That's super cool! Don't hold back, okay?" Sephtis charged forward tried to slap to Jim in the face three times, back and forth. He succeeded, and Jim groaned. Sephtis then tried to spike Jim into an obsidian pillar, succeeding. Jim left a noticeable impact on the pillar and started falling to the ground, considerably wounded. Sephtis flew to the ground, trying to punch Jim in the cheek. Sephtis succeeded.

The Genesis Lord Glares at Mac before laughing evilly. "I could erase you from existence but, it's not my goal! I only want to show you that you are weak, exposed, and soon, removed from reality!"

Mercurius appears as himself, and growled. “Stop rambling about that,” he snapped at the Genesis Lord. “Shut up and do your thing or something!” Mercurius yelled, retransforming into the dragon.

"Thank you!" Mac said to Mercurius before powering up, a blue aura surround him. Mac equipped Angel and burst out at the Genesis Lord, trying to slash across his neck. The Genesis Lord grabbed the sword with one hand before punching him in the gut. Mac took the hit, but he released an electrical discharge from his body afterward, trying to electrocute the Genesis Lord.

Mercurius, still in the shape of a dragon, swooped towards the discharge Mac sent, taking the hit. He roared at the Genesis Lord, before splashing into the lava, taking a little swim.

"Tsk, pain in my a**, Fine! Distortion Field!" The Genesis Lord created a distortion which acts as mines that hover in the air. "Distortion Missiles!" He then sent Genesis Energy Missiles towards Mac at high speeds, If one of them is hit, it explodes. Mac fired multiple lightning bolts at the missiles, but one of them hit him knocking him back. That didn't stop the tiger, though - he quickly fired multiple bullets at the Genesis Lord, trying to making the best out of every situation.

The Genesis Lord conjured up multiple rifts in time space which the bullets entered before being sent right back at Mac, only they were covered in Genesis Energy. "Bullets aren't gonna hurt me, but they can hurt you!" He said evilly. "Know your place scum! You will fall by the might of the Genesis Deities and the Black Arms! We will rekindle the darkness that once plunged all of time into despair and the Light will be Erased once the world is rewritten in our image!" He said before splitting himself into multiple distorted copies. "A phantom in it's original form! I am that phantom, One who Killed many and Erased trillions of miserable, innocent lives before you, Neo Hedge Towers' Dimension was one I have erased but, now... I have new goals, One where I have no need to destroy, only to conquer as "we" end your pathetic adventure to "save" the multiverse. Bah! You can try to be the saviors but, can you really be called one! You failed to save that girl and look at you, Losing to the likes of a mere Princess! Face it! You failed and soon, You will be erased! Gone without a trace!"

For a few moments Mac was silent. Twirling Angel around, he deflected the bullets with ease. "Shut the hell up, asshole. You talk too much!" Mac's aura flared and he put his guns away. "Too tough for bullets? Screw it, then! We'll settle this like men!" Mac started dashing at the Genesis Lord and fired a blade beam at him, trying to knock him out of the air.

Mercurius stood on a pillar, sighing and sweatdropping. “Like men. Pfffft,” he sneered and set up a mental countdown till the volcano explodes. For the meantime, Mercurius decided to snipe and help defend his ‘allies’ from a distance.

The Genesis Lord smirked. "Try it, only one man has ever beaten me! I will not make that same mistake again!" The Beam hit a fake and it fades, another Genesis Lord attempts to knock him to the ground. Mac put his fist up to block the punch. Then he tried to punch the Genesis Lord in the face with an electric fist.

A portal appeared in the air, above a black floor. From it, Schnee, Vendeta, and Lena fell out. "Now the party's started!" yelled Schnee. "Miss Lynx, why don't you go help the dog? Hedgie, let's go assist Mac!"

"Yes, Ma'am," Vendeta replies, flying towards the Genesis Lord and uppercuting him as Mac finishes punching him.

Mercurius raised a non-existent eyebrow, muttering, “More of them?” He then jumped into the air, sending multiple mercury waves at Vendeta and Schnee, before landing onto another pillar. Vendeta creates a large, curved Force Wall to stop the mercury hitting him or Schnee. Schnee nodded at him.

"Thanks! I'll go after him - you should help Mac." Schnee grasped her hand, and a silver gauntlet formed, which then turned into a silver suit, like a discount Iron Man. Then, flying above the Force Wall, she fired bursts of energy at Mercurius. The shapeshifter turned into a snake, letting the attack go over him. He then jumped into the lava, turning into a giant lava dragon that emerged from the surface. Schnee gulped and fired a shock grenade at its chest, trying to blow it up. Instead of swatting it away, Mercurius swallowed the grenade, and plunged in the lava again.

Lena sprinted towards the falling Jim. She noticed that he was unconscious and panicked. Savage, despite all events pointing to his death, stood between the two. With his left hand, he reached out and caught Jim.

The Genesis Lord took the hits, though it did some damage, it wasn't noticeable. "Fools, it'll take more than that to truly damage me! Distortion Push!" He yells, trying to push the two away from him. "I will not fall that easily!"

"Good," Vendeta said as he flew straight upwards over the Genesis Lord's attack. He then fires psychdarts at Genesis Lord from above. Mac smiled at Vendeta and then fired a flurry of electric blasts to join in.

The Genesis Lord smirked. "Distortion Edge!" A edge like energy wave was launched at the both of them. Vendeta casually floats out of the way of the Distortion Edge and flies towards Genesis Lord.

Mac did a flip to the side to avoid him before yelling at Vendeta. "Ven! I'll try to rush him - you fire projectiles to distract him!"

"You could have told me that earlier!" Vendeta said, still flying towards Genesis Lord.

"Aw, crap... guys, the lava's gonna blow!" Schnee said, waving her arms in panic. "We have to defeat them all really fast if we want to, like, not be melted!"

Mercurius' dragon head popped out from the lava, before blasting upwards, landing near the heroes. He then let out a roar, and proceeded to spit lava balls at the heroes. Schnee tried creating a force field to reflect them back at him before firing several plasma bursts. Mercurius looked at the plasma bursts, and took the hits, oddly grinning widely with pride. Lena successfully dodged the attacks, but found herself soon trapped in between lava. Schnee continued to throw shock grenades at Mercurius, desperate to affect him. As Schnee threw the grenades at Mercurius, he changed into a lava monster, swallowing the grenades instead. He then reverted back into the lava dragon, blasting fire from his mouth. Schnee couldn't react fast enough, and she was blasted into a pillar on the wall, and she fell onto an obsidian floor, growling. Mercurius turned back into his original mobian serpent form, and shot burning, toxic mercury on the floor. Schnee adjusted her gauntlet and surrounded herself with an energy field, reflecting the mercury. Lena was still trapped in between the flowing lava, which was coming towards her even faster than before.

"Checkmate," he grinned. In his right hand, a spear made out of mercury had been created. The shapeshifter grinned widely, walking a few sluggish steps, taking his time in aiming. Now, he appeared to be much weaker, as he had shapeshifted faster than he needed to before. And a part of him was used for creating weapons. He didn't have time to regenerate.

"Fool! You think you got the upper hand! DISTORTION FREEZE!" He uses his power to stop Vendeta in his tracks. Freezing him in some way. He can still speak, he is just can't move.

"FORGOT SOMEONE?!" yelled Mac, coming from above with a hoistened Angel (remember that scene of Trunks slicing up Freeza? like that). Then, he slashed downwards, and if it landed, he'd follow up with a rapid series of slices before firing a Thunder Grenade point-blank to the Genesis Lord's face.

”And I don’t have to move, genius.“ Vendeta replied, using his psychokinesis to keep Genesis Lord still so there’s no way he could dodge the sword.

He would take it. Terns out, it was just a mirage. He wasn't even there. (Ya know, like how demigra did on Xenoverse, basically that!) "Hehehe, the fact that i'm not even here to begin with makes this all the more fun!"

Before knocking him away, Mac grabbed the Genesis Lord's quills. "The hell are you on about?"

Mercurius comically craned his neck over to the Genesis Lord. 'This guy... gets on my nerves...' he thought, sweat-dropping. With a sluggish step, he turned to look at Vendeta, throwing the spear. Vendeta catches the spear with his psychokinesis and spun it round to face Mecurius before firing it back at the shapeshifter. 'I'm playing catch like a kid, am I? Well done, baka,' Mercurius thought, wanting to throw his spear at the Genesis Lord so badly. He caught the spear again, throwing it at Lena.

"You still persist! Very well then. It seems my time here is finished!" The Genesis Lord grabs Mac's leg, twists it, then throws him aside. "We will meet again, oh and for you Vendeta! I was only faking being caught by you! It can affect me if you have a stronger mind then what Tel-Eth has, then I would consider you a threat! Ta ta, for now, Saviors!" His Mirage then vanishes from sight, leaving the battlefield to the others. He was just holding them back. They wouldn't have much time before the place would start falling apart.

Crap... Mac said, slowly getting up before pointing his blade at Mercurius and Savage. "We don't have time for you guys! Go to hell!" Mac threw two Thunder Grenades at them before looking at Vendeta. "You get the kid! I'll grab the girl!" Mac then raced towards Lena with a furious burst of speed.

Vendeta looks back at where Genesis Lord was. “Stronger mind than Tel-Eth?” he wondered allowed. “Tough words from a man who doesn’t have a mind himself.” He then flies off to find Jim.

Well then, guess I should start escaping! thought Sephtis, flying to to the top of the volcano.

Mercurius cursed, transforming into a lava monster and dodging the grenades. He stayed in the lava for a moment, regaining his energy to warp him back. Till he was ready, the shapeshifter jumped out of the lava, changing into a dragon and warping away.

Vendeta picks up the unconscious Jim with his psychokinesis. He looked over at Mac.

"Ready to get out of here," he said. "By the way, we'll probably be walking into a trap once we leave."

"Whaddya mean?" asked Mac, still heading towards Lena.

"We were told by Luna to come and collect you because her own forces sucked at their job. She's set up an arena in another world. Three guesses why."

She's.... helping us? Why? Well, I won't complain for her being an idiot. "What are your guesses?" replied Mac.

Vendeta sighed “They’re going to get us to fight, Mac.”

"We're fighting her? It'll be nice to get some sweet revenge," said Mac. "You might want to stand back when I'm against her though - I'm not exactly sure you can measure up to my guns," he continued cockily, flexing.

Jim finally started to regain his consciousness, his eyes slowly opening. As he was becoming more aware of his surroundings, he noticed he was being held in the air via psychokinesis. He looked puzzled. "What... what happened?" Jim said, unaware of how he got knocked out.

"Basically, we won," Vendeta replied "Well, as much as we could at this point, anyway."

"Feel free to throw a crystal or two at that guy who rambles too much," Mac grumbled. Then, the door to escape shimmered, and Mac smiled. "I'll get the lynx." He then ran over to Lena.

"Uh... 'guy who rambles too much?'" Jim asked, confused. He then saw his friend trapped. "Um... yeah, please go get her. I'll... I'll figure out who you were talking about."

A blue door in the volcano began to glow, and the volcano also rumbled. Mac tripped. "Whoa, yeesh! We gotta get outta here soon - this thing's gonna blow again!" Mac turned into a lightning bolt and grabbed Lena before the lightning could get to her. "Excuse me, miss? You okay?"

After Mac grabbed Lena and Vendeta and Jim followed him (along with Schnee lagging behind from her bout with Mercurius), they began to head to volcanic door, opening it up and revealing a multi-colored rift in which they entered. They were the last of the groups to complete their challenge... but would that challenge be the last one?

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