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Part 1: Danger Brews

In a base separated from the rest of the world in hideout, there were three Mobians - a purple eagle wearing a red headband and a black hoodie, a white rabbit wearing casual green clothing, and a grey bat wearing a short red shirt. They were all sitting at an iron table, seemingly waiting for people.

Luna the Bunny arrived in the room, taking a seat. The area around them was made out a bricks that were stable and would be hard to break. "White, Tina, Sephtis... of course, only my three disciples are the first ones here." Luna sighed and looked at a grandfather clock that was placed in the room. "They should be here any second now - it is almost time for the meeting."

Suddenly a nearby door slid open, revealing a white furred, female Mobian Fox wearing a midnight blue suit. On her head was a black helmet with holes for her ears and a yellow visor over her eyes. She also had black gloves with matching boots.

"Sorry for being late, but I had to dispose of something that required my immediate attention," she spoke. She glanced at the three disciples and continued, "I don't believe I've met you three. I'm Doctor Blizzard Cooper."

Luna walked over to the doctor and put her hand out for Blizzard to shake. "Greetings, Blizzard. I'm happy that you arrived - we couldn't have a member of this operation chicken out on this ordeal, could we?" Luna shook her head with a "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Blizzard, these three are my subordinates - the most loyal to me."

White followed Luna, hands in his camo pockets. "Hey, Blizz, if it's alright if I call you that. I'm White Ainekas." White tried to be as respectful and responsible as he could as to not embarrass Luna, but Sephtis flew over and noogied White, ruffling the rabbit's black hair.

"Heya, Blizz-" Sephtis started, only to be stopped by Luna (who covered his mouth). "My apologies, Blizzard. I think it shall be best for us to reveal just who we are when everyone arrives. It'd be stupid to introduce ourselves every time another walked through the door."

A gust of wind went through the room, blowing any small objects into the air as a slice in reality's flesh formed a few feet away from the group and a solid blue figure stepped through.

"I take it you are responsible for these dimensional disturbances?" His eyes glowed a fiery red and few features could be made out, but his hands ended in claws, giving a jagged appearance to his sleek build.

Luna looked at the figure. "And you must be Azul." She took her hand away from Blizzard and waved. "Yes, I am the one who invited you, Luna the Bunny. Make yourself comfortable here, and don't be shy to take a seat - I have many of them."

"I'll stand," he insisted.

Blizzard, after shaking Luna's hand, took a seat herself. "Mmhm. Nice. Plenty of room."

Luna, grumbling, started to scratch her chin and shake her head, noticing that Savage, Medusa and Flash still hadn't arrived. "Oh, what a pity. I guess I shall reveal my plans to you two. My-" Before the hybrid could continue on any further, the door flung open, revealing a green, scaly and limbless snakes with pythons for hair, followed by a yellow and cyan-spotted cheetah with dark blue hair that was long and went behind his head, making him bangless.

"Hello... Issss thisss the right place?" the snake-lady asked, putting extra effort to pronounce the "s" sound in every word. "My name isssssss Medussssa the Ssssnake... I am not ssssure who the fellow behind me isss, however..."

The cheetah behind her bolted into the room at super speed, quickly taking a seat rapidly. "Hi, guys! My name is Flash, and I want in on this whole 'universal domination' ordeal!" Flash spoke very quickly, and though he pronounced his words correctly, it was still hard to hear him.

"Huh?" Blizzard didn't quite hear him right. " Did you say 'universal doughnut?'"

"I said universal domination, whoever you are," Flash repeated, not knowing how fast he was speaking. "And I want in on it. Besides, this Luna girl got fleets of armies and mercenaries! I'll be with her instead of against her." Flash chuckled nervously while Medusa began to take a seat.

Blizzard raised an eyebrow skeptically, but did not reply.

A sudden electric crackle could be heard from another room, sounding as if something had hit some kind of energy field. Luna placed a hand on her hips, chuckling. "Sephtis, Tina, go bring in the cage." The bat and the eagle quickly dashed in the corridor where the sound was coming from. She looked over at the group, smiling. "Our pet can get very cranky when he is hungry."

Luna looked at the grandfather clock yet again. "We still have Savage to wait on. Oh well. If he is killed in battle, that is on him." Luna sighed, chuckled and shook her head. "So, I assume you all are able to comprehend the plan I am about to reveal?"

Flash nodded quickly, shaking his head so fast you could see ten afterimages. "You betcha I am! Let's get this explanation started!"

Medusa nodded when Flash finished his first sentence, somehow able to understand exactly what the fast-paced cheetah was saying. "Assss do I. I am prepared to hear our sssstrategy," Medusa said.

"Fine," Azul said in his stone-like voice.

Blizzard eyed Medusa warily. She didn't like the way Medusa hissed when she spoke. Medusa, oblivious to the fact that she was being stared at, continued to look to Luna. Luna noticed, however, and she took that as a sign that Blizzard was ready.

Luna looked at all the group, staring at everyone. "Welcome all to the meeting. I'm glad that most everyone appeared on time - I shall... talk with the few that joined in but didn't come." Luna snarled and shook her head. "My name is Luna Raven the Bunny. I am a fusion between life and darkness, to put it lightly. I am the leader of this operation, and I have sketched an outline in advance."

White waved at the crowd when she finished her sentence, relieved he wouldn't just be seen as a disciple for much longer. "Yo, everyone. My name is White Ainekas, and I'm one of this edgelord's business partners." White chuckled, blowing the black hair that strayed from his head near to his face. "I'm pretty much a normal guy, but I'm pretty physically advanced, and I have this." He pulled up his camo pants to reveal a prosthetic leg. "I have robo-legs, and they double as guns."

Sephtis put his pointer finger up and opened his mouth to speak, but Tina was completely oblivious to his attempt and started her own introduction, making Sephtis fold his arms, shake his head and stick his tongue out at her. "Hello, everyone! My name is Tina Dante the Bat, if we're going to go by full names." Tina took a second to breathe, regaining focus as she realized that Luna was going to erase her if she messed up. "I've been a childhood friend of White since the olden days, har har." Tina immediately cringed afterwards. Har har? C'mon, Tina, you can do better... hope they don't notice it.

Sephtis grinned excitedly the moment Tina finished, brushing his feather by his beak while smiling. "I'm Sephtis Briona, child of the famous assassin Leunga Briona the Fifth! I can fly, make really cool beatboxing noises-"

"Be a total dork," Tina quipped.

"Act as stubborn as hell," White added.

Sephtis groaned and stuck his tongue out at his teammates. "I'm really good with swords, guns, spears, spears, spears, jackhamners (don't ask), and bows, but I'm really really good with spears. I have one called Kyoya in the room, actually." Sephtis pointed over his shoulder, behind himself into the corridor.

White and Tina walked over to him, the former smiling with lowered eyelids and the other sassily sashaying over to the twelve-year-old, hands on her hips. Sephtis then forced them all into a group hug, placing his hands on their shoulders. "Together, the three of us make Team Watts!"

Luna smiled at all of her disciple's introduction, hoping they left a good impression before turning back to the crew. "You see, my three disciples-" White cringed. "-and I have devised a plan that involves world domination.... multiple world's, actually. A nearly infinite amount."

Sephtis decided to continue when he saw Tina open her mouth for revenge (though she was only yawning). "Though 'nearly infinite' doesn't make sense or actually exist, we're talking about big numbers here. After getting the required materials from a rather unlikable source-" Luna growled, making the three members of Team Watts visibly flinch a little, with Tina sighing when Luna stopped, happy she was alive. "-we're planning to do something really meta." Sephtis turned to Luna, waiting for her to reveal most of the rest.

Luna placed her palm out, and out of thin air, a golden sceptre appeared. Luna twirled it around before pointing it at a vase on the table. "I assume you all can see this? This is called the Distortion Sceptre. It has the ability to manipulate space and time, and also erase things from history." She fired a burst of energy at the vase, causing it to dissolve into purple sparkles. All memories of it would be wiped from their brains, save for Luna. Luna rested the scepter on her seat. "Using it, we shall open and distort rifts in time to create a world to our liking. Any questions?"

Another electric crackle could be heard as Luna said that, though much louder than previously.

"Can we use it for personal revenge?" Blizzard asked, tenting her fingers. "Like... bringing our mortal enemies from other worlds to this world and then destroying them?"

"That is no issue for me. My enemy was in pursuit when something happened." Azul stated. " Regardless, If he does appear; I will deal with him."

Luna smirked, smiling mischievously at Blizzard. "I admire your vengeful thinking. As for the question, yes, don't be scared to erase common nuisances from all of history when you have this. Actually, I was going to ask - do any of you have enemies that have the potential needed to pose an actual threat to the operation?"

Blizzard replied, "There's Elias. He can be dealt with, as he is... somewhat eccentric and prone to confusion."

”Yes,” a deep voice came out of the shadows. “Her name is Keira, but I think I can handle her.” A silver-dark grey hedgehog came out of the shadows. He had crimson eyes and clawed black metal shoes, also a blood red ripped cloth tied to his right leg. “My name is Mercurius, a demon shapeshifter, at your service,” he added with a smirk.

"My pursuer is nothing but a scared boy bearing the name of a destroyer." Azul said, unfazed by Mercurius' arrival.

Blizzard eyed the blood stained cloth on Mercurius' leg. "What happened to your leg?"

”It’s just tied there to remind me of how many lives I’ve slain, and an everlasting scar is there,” Mercurius answered calmly.

"Oh," Blizzard simply said. "Okay."

Luna walked over to Mercurius without the slightest hint of anger or hostility. When she was directly in front of the shapeshifter, she bowed respectfully and put her hand out for him to shake. "Welcome, Mercurius. I assume you have heard the plan. Thank you for joining us - you will be immensely useful to the operation if you are as tough as you look."

”Thanks, Luna,” Mercurius nodded back at her. “I overheard your names as well, so we won’t need an introduction,” he added.

"There's something I don't understand: If you can erase things from history, why do you need us?" Azul asked.

Luna turned to Azul, nodding. "The scepter isn't strong enough to do all the work on its own. It needs two hours to recharge after use, and thus I must gather allies for backup. Plus, having powerful teammates is something everyone needs in a plan."

Blizzard rubbed her hands together excitedly. She couldn't wait to get started.

Soon after Luna answered Azul's question, a large cage was rolled into the room by a hurried Septhis and an exasperated Tina. It had energy-limiting green walls that held an angry-looking brown hedgehog with glowing orange eyes, chest fur, and flame-like streaks along his limbs; who had an dark-silver collar around his neck and golden rings on his wrists and ankles. The room quickly heated up with his arrival. At seeing him, Luna grinned. "Good job, you two."

Blizzard jumped up, startled. "A hedgehog??" For half-second, Blizzard could swear her eyes met with the hedgehog's. But, thinking of that traitorous Elias, Blizzard quickly lost all pity for the hedgehog, and she averted her eyes. She sat back down in her chair, wanting more than ever to get revenge.

The hedgehog snarled, his eyes becoming bright red and the room becoming even hotter.

A tiger suddenly appeared in an empty seat at the table. He had orange fur with black markings on various parts of his body, his right eye was green while the left one was a blur of grotesque red. "I got your message." He said. His hands ended in claws similar to Azul but the razor-like shapes were on his feet as well."I'm Savage," The tiger introduced himself. "And if you plan on bringing pain to heroes... I'm all for it." He added, looking at the other members of the group.

The hedgehog within the cage let out a roar, and suddenly rammed himself into its wall with a force that shook the room, and almost tipped the cage over. At the same time, he was repelled by the energy-resistant barrier with the same electric crackle as before.

Mercurius closed his eyes with his back facing the wall, very bored. He crossed his arms, also listening to the conversation.

"And what do we have here?" Savage said, walking up to the hedgehog's cage. He grinned, as if challenging the prisoner to ram the cage again.

The hedgehog glared at Savage with a low growl in his throat.

Blizzard frowned at the action, but said nothing. She didn't care what Savage did. It wasn't her problem. She did think that riling the hedgehog up was probably a bad idea...

Luna smiled at Savage, a bit of maliciousness is her grin. "Savage, greetings. You should really learn how to appear to meetings on time." Luna shook her head. "This is my personal pet, Xavis. Xavis, say hi," Luna teased the hedgehog, causing her three disciples to chuckle and burst into an explosion of yuks and giggles.

Xavis closed his eyes with a clear tension in his posture. "When I get out of here, Rabbit, you are dead," he said stiffly. He then opened his eyes, and his arms bursted into flames. "ALL OF YOU ARE DEAD!!" He slammed his fists into the cage, shaking the room and nearly tipping his container once again.

Savage's smile grew larger as his imagination ran rampant of what he could do with Xavis' power. "That's only if you escape.." He said.

"Oh, that's not all," White said with a smile. "There are some people we've traded blows with... as a bit of revenge, we captured one if their friends, raided Eggman's place for a decent roboticizor, and, well.... C'mon out, Kana."

A blue hedgehog resembling Alexia the Hedgehog walked into the room with a robotic feel to her. Like how Metal Sonic's eyes were red, hers were blue, the whites of her eyes her black, her two droopy spikes looked metallic and we're separated by metal circles as they went down, her fingers were like metallic thick needles, she had a triangle in the middle of her chest and her limbs were iron tubes.

"What? N-no..." Xavis' expression quickly changed from one of anger to one of horror as he put together what White had said, then even more quickly changed back to one of anger. "You MONSTERS!!" He slammed against against the cage once again.

The tiger looked Kana over. "I've fought a robot before, well...and a clone...and the original. That was a hard fight." Savage said, going off track. " but I've never had the pleasure of having one on my side."

Blizzard tented her fingers. "So... who's he?"

Luna smirked deviously as she picked up a remote on the table and pushed the button, smiling maliciously at Xavis as she pressed it. "Oh, just a slave that needs to be shut up."

The caged hedgehog screamed in pain as the collar around his neck shocked him with electricity. He got down on his knees, grasping at the dark-silver band to no avail; his eyes flickering to voids of static and his voice modulating artificially.

"An android of some kind?" Blizzard asked, slightly curious. She heard his voice modulate at he was electrocuted.

"Yeah, guess you could say that this feisty hedgehog is an android. A creation of an insane doctor. He's not so cool when he's angry, though - he makes especially scary threats." Sephtis shuddered to empathize on his point. "Plus, he bites. Not your actual skin, of course, but it's the thought that counts if you ask." Sephtis crossed his arms and shook his head at Xavis.

Luna twirled the scepter around, smiling. "So, this is what we're going to do next. I have thought that there is a possibility that I may have brought some unwanted guests to my Zone, some of which some of you have already... familiarized yourself with. I already have seen a small group - thus, we are going to divide and conquer. I have another guest that will be joining us. Here's a rundown."

Luna waved the scepter, projecting an astral image of a busy area in Trikon City. "We attack an area where many civilians reside, drawing attention - particularly, the attention of our enemies. We distract them with a short physical dispute before shipping groups of them off to alternate Zones." Luna groaned, remembering what a Kitsune suggested to her. "We need to decide who goes where. There will be three areas - a maze, a race, and a - I didn't suggest this - a singing competition. White, Tina and Sephtis will be there to guide you all on what to do."

"If they somehow survive and succeed to complete the challenges, there shall be a gladiator match featuring two of our foes, Xavis (the slave) and one of you lot who seems competent enough. Though there should be nearly no one left, I'm going to take on the burden of killing the few remaining survivors myself. Do I make myself clear?"

Blizzard made note of this silently.

"Y... you're..." Xavis tried to say between lonh, shaky breaths, but was too weak from the electrocution and collapsed.

Mercurius rolled his eyes; he didn’t like being told what to do, but he nodded anyways. Although he despised this ’group’, and was regretting it little by little, but it was for his own will; killing the Dark Lightning herself. “But Keira is mine to deal with,” he deepened his voice, making himself clear.

Luna chuckled at the notion he made, but Sephtis laughed. "Ow, the edge is cutting deep with this one. If we kill the girl, what're you gonna do about it? Stop acting as if some personal rivalry trumps everything that we're working for." Sephtis was getting worked up - he hated guys like Mercurius, but to stop himself from causing a fight to break out of nowhere in the worse time possible, he shut up right there and then.

The shapeshifter sighed, shaking his head at the rest, and ignoring most of what Sephtis had just said. He transformed into a shadow, and stayed like this for a while. But there was one part where he wanted to retort back... “I’m not acting, Sephtis, and I don’t have a sense of rivalry. All I want to do is to see defeat in their eyes for once. And if we defeat Keira, demolishing them should be easier for us,” he sighed, his patience failing him. “But have we decided our jobs?” he asked Luna, making sure.

Tina finally took this as a chance to speak. "We were actually hoping you'd suggest who goes where."

"The first one is a maze, next is a race, and a singing competition," Mercurius revised. "So we dwell in those locations? Or do we attack them?"

Luna quickly answered before Tina could speak. "I create rifts in time in order to separate you all. I send you all to different locations depending on where we decide everyone goes now."

He nodded. "But first, we gotta ask everyone where do they want to go," Mercurius added.

Luna nodded back before looking at the entire group, realizing that it would be easier to decide who would go where if the group knew what exactly each place had to do. "Anyone with an above-adequate memory would excel in the singing competition. When you are there, you must either have our adversaries play specific patterns on a piano or have them sing a song and only letting them glance at the lyrics for one minute. Tina shall be your advisor if you choose to join."

"Next, the maze. I personally nominate Dr. Blizzard for this category, because you must place traps for your adversaries at every wrong turn. There are only two ways to escape - if you mess up and take a left instead of a right, you might find a bomb waiting for you. White also is packed with explosives, so naturally, it is best if he is your advisor for this area."

Blizzard didn't say anything in reply.

"Finally, there is a race. I personally nominate Flash for this category for obvious reasons. Though him getting in the seat quickly might merely be an effect of excitement, and whether or not him speaking fast is simply his manner of speech, that is a brilliant and impressive display of speed. In this area, you, along with two robotic echidnas with speed-biased modifications shall race against the heroes in a course of danger and lava, hidden in the core of the Marble Zone. You mustn't be fair and righteous in this area - you will have to play dirty in order to survive. Sephtis, with his aerial speed, will be your advisor for this category. Now, we may begin self-nominations and recommendations."

Flash raised his hand, giddy and excited to go to the race. "Well, one thing is definitely sure for me - I'm going to own all of our poser enemies at the race with my tremendous amount of speed!" He was talking extremely quickly, even faster than normal for him.

"I'm for the race, as I'm of an exceptionally fast nature. " Savage said.

"Savage and Flash shall participate in the race - thank you both. It is by far the most dangerous for the group, so I must commend you for deciding that you will assist us of disposing of our competition. You have my gratitude."

Suddenly, a Portal appeared and a Voice is heard. "So, You must be the ones who is messing with Time-Space, If so then You could have two whom can instead of one." The voice stopped for a moment before A figure came out of the portal. The figure resembled a purple hedgehog with two gears on his wrists and Shoes resembling that of Silver's, his pupils are on a Violet color while the white that should be outside is pupils are different in color, Red Looking. "I also heard of those events and your heritage, Ms. Luna! Tragic I must say! Allow me to help you on your quest to rid the old and make anew!" The figure said, evilly.

Blizzard already didn't like the Genesis Lord's presence. Something smelled fishy. She let out a low growl to show her displeasure.

"My, I Come to aid and I already get displeasure! You will get used to the likes of me sooner of later, as for the whole ordeal, I assume Among large group of heroes is a grey hedgehog I presume, From this time period no doubt." The Genesis Lord Asked the group. "My arch-nemesis and one whom will show him how he couldn't stand up to me, as will all who oppose me... and you of course!" He added.

Luna glared at this new character, awfully suspicious. She didn't feel like wasting her breath on him, however, so she was pleased when White replied. "Okay, look at the real world, dude. You're not going to just teleport in here and get your way. However, since you obviously know stuff about us, you're going to need to sit your ass down before we all pummel you, which I can say we'd all like to do right now."

"If there's anything I'll agree on, it's that," Xavis said weakly, not even bothering to lift his head from the floor of his cage.

"Listen, We have common Goals! We Both want to rid of the heroes and rule all of reality under our own names! We both want to be the alpha of a wolf pack that won't stand for any who threaten our very existence. Trust me! We are more in common than you think. The Black Arms and the Genesis Entities would benefit from an allegiance. You specifically, Ms. Luna." The Genesis Lord held out his hand. "I am known to be one of those entities, What do you say, shall we Help each other In achieving our goals and rule the Multiverse under our own names in the matter of business." The Genesis Lord seems quite determined and willing to aid Luna, His facial expression was proof that he was serious about the matter.

White rolled his eyes, but Luna was pleased by his dedication. "Please, if you would like to join, take a seat.... whatever your name is."

Blizzard's growl ceased, but she still felt distrustful of the Genesis Lord. Tina, abandoning her group, shuffled over to Blizzard, hoping that they'd relate. "Not a big fan of this time rift surfer either? Hashtag relatable, am I right?" Tina tried not to seem awkward, but she was fiddling around with her thumbs.

Blizzard nodded in agreement and whispered softly, "If you see anything suspicious about him, don't hesitate to tell somebody, Tina. It might save our lives."

Mercurius snarled, while he crossed his arms and side glared at the newcomer. "He doesn't look trustable," the shapeshifter muttered, enough for the mobians around him to hear. He then scanned the newcomer, and soon was observing his every move; as much as he can, before smirking at himself. 'Scan, complete... I am now able to shapeshift into him,' he thought victoriously.

"I am the Genesis Lord, Second Strongest Genesis Entity and arch-nemesis to Neo Hedge Towers also known as Ion the Hedgehog. This Grey Hedgehog has done too much in the past and I want him out of my way along with the heroes. So I felt like this would be a perfect chance to finally rid him but, I knew I couldn't do this alone. He has grown quite far in my time and I can tell things have changed in this future, Even going as far as freezing most of my best Minions in time using his fusion shard." The Genesis Lord Explained.

"Since most of our allies' powersets are in my knowledge, this is the best scenario - at the race, Flash, Savage, Sephtis, Mercurius and Gene, as I shall call the so-called Genesis Lord, will be there to antagonize our antagonists. At the maze - White, Medusa, Blizzard, and Azul shall set up traps to kill or severely damage our enemies. Scratch, who is an ally of mine, and Tina will attend the rhythm challenge. Anyone else who joins the group from now on will go there to accompany them." Luna announced this all, expecting her group to understand their placement.

"I would Love to be the one to antagonize my enemies just so we can Crush them dearly! Fall into Traps, Die by a pitfall! It doesn't matter as long as we can execute this plan of yours! I will Gladly take this position!" The Genesis Lord says quite generously and menacingly. "I would prefer the Grey Hedgehog to be in either the Maze or the Race. Up to you Ms. Luna!"

Xavis sighed. "You're not gonna get away with this, you know," he huffed, lifting his head from the cage floor and glaring at the Genesis Lord before directing his attention to Luna.

"Noted, Gene, I shall put Ion in the race. Now, Xavis, stop whining, you are powerless to stop us. There is no one who has a chance at defeating us all, and you're going to work with us, you mutt." Shaking her head, Luna turned to face the group. "Now, does anyone have any suggestions or questions?"

The room began getting hotter as Xavis' glare towards Luna deepened. "You can say and do what you want to me, Rabbit, but I'm never going to work for you."

Blizzard raised her hand. "Where will Xavis be at this time? While we're trapping our enemies and such?"

Mercurius kept leaning against the wall, sighing in annoyance as he did. “Should we use him as a bait?” the shapeshifter suggested.

Genesis Lord Nodded. "I think he would be good bait for the heroes in order to trap them in their respective Challenges. Would be a perfect way to Surprise them so we can move with the plan." He said agreeing but, Knew who is in charge.

"Hey!" Blizzard snapped, irritated. There were some boundaries she wasn't afraid of crossing. "Now wait just a minute. I want him as one of my assistants. He's the creation of another scientist, right? I could use the information he has! Then we can use him for bait."

Luna looked Blizzard up and down before shaking her head, chuckling. "No offense, Blizzard, but I doubt you'd be able to handle him. Plus, I will need to use him first - which means bait - and then you can try to take him from me - I'm not letting him go. He shall be one of my assistants." Luna sighed. "We'll discuss this later. Is everyone ready to go?"

Blizzard nearly snarled at Luna, but held back. That would just make things worse. "I suppose so," she said simply.

Luna then glared at Xavis, giving him a deathly and threatening look. "Pyrovolt. Remember to try and kill our opponents. If not, I do not think that your friend Melissa will be very happy with the results, and neither will you." Luna pushed another button on the remote, and the cage deformed, the walls disappearing.

Xavis' eyes suddenly widened, his pupils becoming razor-thin and his irises turning a burning red as Luna spoke. The room started getting much hotter, and the lights flickered momentarily. He closed his eyes, tension building across his body. "Did you just threaten her?" He asked slowly, stiffly, standing in place as the one thing keeping everyone there safe disintegrated.

"Melissa?" Blizzard asked, standing up. "Who's she?"

White sighed. "I think the arsonist hedgehog would be glad to inform you on his personal relationships, even though he's being held against his will by a bunch of people who are going to mess up time."

"That doesn't answer my question," Blizzard replied. "But it's something we can worry about later."

"You've made a grave mistake, Rabbit," Xavis said in the same tone once the wall between him and them was gone. In what seemed like an instant, Xavis had Luna raised against a wall with a hand tight around her throat. "I told you you wouldn't get away with this. And here we are. The perfect opportunity to stop this disaster before it even begins," he snarled, tightening his grip on her neck.

Luna, prepared for this, pushed the button on the remote that would electrocute Xavis. Just in case it didn't work, Tina took out a gun that was on her belt and placed it to Xavis' head, while White placed a leg propped on Xavis' shoulders, putting him at electrocuted gunpoint.

The hedgehog screamed in pain as electricity coursed through him once again, releasing and stepping back from Luna as he grasped at his collar.

Blizzard bit her lip and held her hands behind her back. A plan was forming in her mind. But she had to do it when she and Xavis were alone. The problem was getting him away from the others for a few minutes, which would be all she needed.

Luna started to walk outside. "Okay, then, everything is settled. We shall get going, now." Her "disciples" followed, motioning for the others in the group to also.

Azul followed slowly, pondering asking Mercurius about partnering, seeing they had similar opinions about the Genesis Lord.

Savage walked right behind Luna.

Xavis on the other hand stayed in place, watching the others leave with an ever-deepening glare of his rapidly flickering eyes. The electricity produced by his collar had died down to a mild shock, which was enough to keep him from attacking. Or willingly moving, for that matter. Luna noticed, and she walked back in the room with a gloomy face as she pressed a button on the remote, causing a string-like thing to shoot out of his collar. Luna proceeded to grab it and drag him intothe portal.

Blizzard studied the shock collar for a brief moment, trying to figure out what kind of lock it had. "Hm. Remote controlled." And so she followed the others out, committing this information to memory. "I must find a way to get my hands on it..."

And so, the villains maliciously left. Little did any of them know just how big of a hole they were digging.

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