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Part 3/2: The Beginning Clash

At Turles' House

Everyone was chatting in the turtle's comfy residence, either that or brooding and preparing for disaster. Mac shook his head. "Yeah, Vendeta, it feels like we've known each other before, but I know it wasn't me me, if you know what I mean."

Keira got up, and sat on the couch, biting her lip.

Elias was still munching on his cookies, savoring every bite.

Meanwhile, Tranq, deciding that nobody was going to pay attention to him simply holding a tray of cookies in their general vicinity, put the tray of cookies on a nearby table and shouted, "HEY EVERYONE, THERE ARE COOKIES HERE!"

Scarlet quickly walked up to Tranq and grabbed an oatmeal raisin cookie. "Oh, these are my favorite! Thanks a lot, cookie boy," Scarlet said with a wink before going back to the couch in order to savor her snack.

Elias nearly choked laughing. Nobody except him and Tranq had noticed the cookies until the latter was forced to announce it. Amusing.

Keira had just shook her head at the announcement made, shaking her head, and sighing. The winged one then continued nervously biting her lip, looking down at the floor.

Elias turned and glanced at Keira, his mouth full of cookie. He swallowed and said, "I'm not a telepath, but obviously you're worried about something. What is it?"

The winged one glanced at Elias, before biting her lip again. "It's nothing," she bluntly muttered, before continuing to bite her lip.

Kennedy walked to Keira, his face showing him in confusion and shock. "If it does anything to influence your feelings, I'm getting very confusing energy signatures in Trikon City Central right now. However, it may also be some of ours, but I'm just alerting the group."

She looked at Kennedy, her eyes widening. "We should go," she growled, her eyes narrowing, "It doesn't feel right not to."

Elias just continued to eat his cookies. "You do that," he thought.

Lee picked himself up off the ground, sneaking to one of the windows, watching them eat cookies.

"I'll admit, you do seem familiar" Vendeta tells Mac "What's your surname, anyway?"

"Hartley. Mac Hartley," Mac quickly said.

“Weird” Vendeta said “I thought your surname was Irvaron”

"Weird.... but you know someone named Mac? What was he like? His species? His abilities?" Mac asked frequent questions, as if he was interrogating Vendeta about himself.

Keira then used Fusion Shard Warp to quickly get her above the city. She then warped on a skyscraper, observing the situation.

Vendeta is slightly surprised by Max’s interrogation, but doesn’t show it. “He has those things people these days call Chaos Powers.” He said “He could fly as well.”

When Lee saw Keira vanish, he began talking to Onyx. "What do you think? Stick around and fall out of some more trees, or go check things out?" When Ion disappeared, he decided there was nothing for him to do here and ran to the city.

Tel-Eth looked around and saw Keira and Ion missing. He floated down back into Turles' house and looked at his mum. "Check the latest news reports," he said, "Now."

Suddenly, for a moment, the ground shook as a large, green light could be seen above the city and a strange, powerful energy could be felt coming from it. Something bad was happening. Or rather, about to.

"That looks like our fight" Tel-Eth says. He flies out of the house and towards the green light.

Kennedy cursed underneath his breath when Tel-Eth left before looking to the few people who were still in the house. "We don't have the time to check the TV. I can teleport us there now. We must get going."

Turles' mother's eyes bulged out of her head hearing this, but she didn't say anything. Tranq simply gave the cookies to Turles' mother with one hand and gave Kennedy a thumbs-up with the other. Mac, however, had a few things to say. "Kennedy, if you can, why didn't you? Whatever, Ken, just do your thing and get us there."

Elias finished the last of his cookies, wishing there were more. Oh well. He looked over at the rest of the group and sighed. He was probably going to get dragged even further into this whether he liked it or not. Might as well make the best of it.

Kennedy nodded, looking for approval from his teammates, and said "CHAOS CONTROL!" In a brilliant flash of white light, everyone sans Turles and Turles' mother were gone.

At Central Trikon

A multicolored rift in time opened on the rooftop of a building as tall as a house, revealing the presence of the Rulers... and the leashed Xavis. Everyone walked out of it in an orderly fashion, with the malicious Luna leading the group.

The area around them was busy, with cars driving by and people on the sidewalks. It was a beautiful summer afternoon, with yellow skies and only a small amount of clouds.

"Now then, everyone, use your individual abilities to make as much of a scene as possible. If you don't have any projectiles, then..." Luna slashed at the air with the golden Distortion Scepter as if it were a blade, opening up another portal. "After you. This will lead you to the ground."

Tina equipped her gun and flew down, determined to cause chaos but not actually hurt anyone. Sephtis twirled his spear around and gracefully floated down after her. White equipped some low-danger bombs and started throwing them around the busy area, and Luna fired bursts of energy from the Distortion Scepter, opening four rifts in time where they landed. Medusa grew limbs and extended them to grab onto a pole that she would grapple with, and Flash went through the portal.

"You're... still... not..." Xavis forced out as Luna dragged him with her by the leash, like an animal, his collar still producing enough electricity to restrain him. His ears suddenly perked up, and he looked to one of the rifts Luna created. "Wait..."

Blizzard frowned and followed after White. "So... what's in our arsenal in terms of bombs?"

White pulled his belt off easily, revealing his entire arsenal. "Depends. Are you into spherical bombs, dynamite, or are you a grenade guy? I'm more of a sphere bomb person myself, but I won't judge," he said, throwing half a stick of dynamite into the street.

"I'm more into using gas grenades and watching my enemies choke, but any bomb will do just-"

The words were interrupted by one of the portals spewing lightning, followed by orange blur flying out.

Not long afterwards, the second rift opened up. Out of it came a grey blur.

"Great. Interruptions," Blizzard thought sarcastically. "What now?!"

The orange blur stopped moving, becoming a solid shape. He was an hedge-fox with odd-looking boots, one glove and a red bandanna. "What the Sol Zone?!?" He shouted.

"If you don't tell us who you are, you'll regret it in a minute." Blizzard snapped. Flames suddenly burst from her hands, meaning she wasn't joking.

(Yeah, despite her name, Blizzard is actually a pyrokinetic. - Julia)

"Huh, looks like I found another one. This one doesn't look NEARLY as tough as Deathsledge." He thought to himself. "The name's Flyby!" He shouted out loud. "You a meta or a Symbyox?"

"What the what?!" Blizzard exclaimed.

The grey furred being had landed on his face. Slowly getting up, the Mobian shook his head. "Ouch." He was a grey, tan, and white dog, no more than 14.

Luna rolled her eyes, eyeing White. "White, round those two up. We might need some hostages." White, knowing that the two looked strange (or, at least the orange one did), he left his belt on the roof for Blizzard and jumped down to their level, an intimidating air in his landing.

As White looked at the two, he had a bored expression. "Hey, you two need to come with me. Comply, and no one gets hurt, but not, and.... you don't wanna know. So..." he said, preparing himself for a fight. "What's it gonna be, kids?"

"Pity." Flyby said. "If you were just a well-behaved meta, I was gonna let you go." Lightning wrapped around his limbs. "But now I gotta take you down." He seemed to vanish, reappearing in front of White and trying a spin kick.

Blizzard leapt at Flyby and attempted to strike him in the face. White smiled at her attempt, starting to gain trust in her.

As soon as Flyby attacked, civilians cleared the area - it was for their own safety, after all. Some stayed, either because debris was trapping them from the chaos that was being caused or because they wanted to see how the fight would turn up.

"OK, rabbit guy, you should follow her example!" Flyby said, dodging both attacks at the price of missing his kick. "Seriously," he said, turning to Blizzard. "If you got a Symbyox, it's almost as good as mine."

"What are you talking about?!" Blizzard shrieked, losing her temper.

Not responding, White jumped at the height to where Flyby's head was at and tried to kick him in the face multiple times at rapid speeds for a combo, shooting bullets downward toward Flyby's legs at the same time to trap the hedge-fox.

He counter-spun, causing a minor burst of electricity and throwing it at White. White countered back by blasting three flares of heat from his leg, one cancelling the burst of electricity out but the other two Homing in on Flyby. They would explode when they got near. Flyby was caught in the explosion, getting thrust backwards. "Jeez. I'm getting my tail handed to me out here." He growled.

Tina, elsewhere seeing the battle, tried to help by shooting a bullet at the back of Flyby's head. At the same time, White shot two bullets from his leg at Flyby's chest, trying to trap him once again.

He jumped high into the air, dodging both projectiles. Next he shot small bolts of electricity at each of their guns, trying to magnetize them to any near metal objects. Tina flew upwards to dodge his attack, but White's chest was hit, paralyzing him for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, Xavis watched the fight unfold from beside Luna on the rooftop. He would do something, but the collar around his neck and the rabbit's grip on his "leash" prevented him. Suddenly a chill ran down his spine. For a moment, he could feel... something. Some kind of powerful energy, far away and in seemingly every direction. He didn't know what to make of it. All he knew was something very bad was going to happen. And soon.

Blizzard performed a roundhouse kick on Flyby, then did the same to his grey furred companion. She leapt back at Flyby, pinned him to a wall and said, "Okay, kid. You have twenty seconds. Start talking. Who are you?"

The young canine shook in fear, lying on the ground. It took him ten seconds to stand up. He said his full name rapidly. "James Walker."

"I'm Flyby. Didn't I already say that?" The hedge-fox answered.

Blizzard just snarled at him. "Why are you here?"

"I don't know, just sorta fell into a shiny hole." He replied.

White slowly started to walk over to the two and approach them, but Tina blocked his path, guilty when she saw Jim. "White," she said, placing her hands out. "I don't want you to do anything to the one named James Walker. He's probably an innocent boy who was sucked into a portal!"

White parried the arm she thrust out to block him, guilt consuming him but not trying to let it show on his face. "Tina, we'll just-"

Tina threw his arm back and backhanded his face, slapping him with the backside of her hand and ultimately taking him by surprised. He rubbed his cheek after staggering back, stunned. While White tried to comprehend what had just happened, Tina walked over to Jim.

"Oh, you poor soul! You must've been taken away from your family, James? Don't worry, little guy, I won't let them do anything to you," she said, glaring an apparently paralyzed White down. "C'mon, James, just either follow me or don't do anything, got that?"

Jim took a deep sigh. "I think I'd rather follow the second option."

Keira was watching this scene unfold from the sky, but as she swooped down to help, she got attacked by a Chaos Riptide. ‘What...’ she growled in her head. A portal appeared in front of her, as she backed away a bit. But as she saw who appeared after that, she started snarling. A dull, stormy grey Fusion Shard came out first, before returning to the hands of it owner, a shapeshifter.

He smirked insanely, while closing the portal behind him. “Well, well, well... Look who we have here,” Mercurius spat scornfully. “The Dark Lightning, princess of the Dark Underworld Kingdom... We meet again...”

She glared at Mercurius, and summoned her axe in her hand, ready to fight. “Don’t say my title, it’s irritating,” Keira snapped.

Mercurius then turned into mercury liquid, dropping onto the skyscraper’s flat top, before reforming into a golden hedgehog with spiraling eyes, and a red cloth that’s wrapped around his leg. He smirked, before launching another Chaos Riptide, in which Keira blocked with her axe. He then shot off into the sky, before the winged female chased after him, sending dark lightning bolts at his face. And it became the start of an airborne battle.

Ion warped in the area and noticed chaos unfolding in front of him. "My Chaos... So much Chaos...." Ion then Smirked. "Just the way I like it! Now I can actually fight for once!" Just then, A devilish laugh was heard behind him. "Well, Well! Neo Hedge Towers, You have grown in strength and speed, However, I won't hold back, regardless of circumstances!" The Voice said evilly! "W-what!!! Genesis Lord!!! That's impossible! I killed you!"

"Maybe earlier in the timeline you did!" Genesis Lord said Quite seriously, and evilly.

"Darn you..." Keira growled.

At this, the shapeshifter snorted, "Why don't you use your real power?" He then used Black Hole Trap.

"Pssh," she smirked. "Do you really want to see it that badly?" Her right eye turned red, and she clenched her fists. Keira then shot blasts of black lightning at Mercurius, keeping him occupied while she summoned up energy to escape. And once she did, her right eye became violet again, and she smacked a ball of umbrakinesis at Mercurius. The shapeshifter dodged it, and got chased by Keira.

Lee was on street level, dodging stray blasts of lightning from Keira's temper.

Sephtis was on Mercurius and Keira's trail, following them through the skies with his spear, ready for a genuine battle. "Mercurius!" he exclaimed while smiling, keeping up with their fast pace. "You okay with a team battle? It'll be fun~"

"Psssh. As much as I hate help... 2 vs 1 seems fun," he grinned. He then quickly reverted back to his normal self again, before sending a Mercury Blast at Keira, attempting to slow her down. He then nodded his head at Sephtis.

Meanwhile, White noticed Ion and approached him extremely quickly, aiming to take him out fast. He charged his leg up with heat and tried to kick Ion in the chin. Meanwhile, Tina left Jim to help White, trying to kick Ion in his back while flying.

Lee aimed his left hand, forming it into a fist and trying to hit Tina with a shockwave in order to help Ion.

'You sure you don't need help?' Fleetway smirked in her head. Keira shook her head, but when she near missed Mercurius' blast, she sighed. "Fine, go ahead," she sweatdropped, her right eye once again becoming blood red.

Xavis wasn't sure what to make of the chaos unfolding in the streets below, but the constant electricity from his collar had made it difficult for him to think at this point and left him in a sort of dazed state. Suddenly he felt it again, that strange, powerful energy, but it was-

For a moment, the ground shook and the sky was filled by a lime-green light as an overwhelming, erratic, cacophonous energy could be felt from everywhere. The same energy Xavis had felt earlier. Whatever it was,

It was getting closer.

"I... I have a very bad feeling about this..." Xavis said concernedly after things returned to normal. The energy still lingered, though. He could feel it.

A white light flashed in the sky, to Luna's delight. Emerging from the air, Mac, Kennedy, Scarlet, Vendeta, Tranq and Elias all fell from the sky. Team Mask all landed on their feet, sad that Luna was back for another rematch.

Elias scrambled to his feet, having initially landed on his rear. "Great. Just great."

Mac saw Luna and grinned, however. There was a different feeling inside of him. "Hey, Lune. You wanna go for a Round 2? I don't really think I need an explanation-" Before he could say any more, Flash quickly dashed up to him and punched Mac directly across the cheek mid-sentence, interrupting him. The battle had officially started.

Sephtis flew in front of Keira, blocking her path. "Hey, girlie, I'm gonna show you what I'm made of! I'm a Briona, you know, so you should be really scared right now." In midair, he twirled his spear and tried to bonk Keira on her head with it (while still flying backwards) in an attempt to knock her straight down.

Keira dodged to her side, a frown etched on her face. She then sent out umbrakinetic shockwaves at Sephtis, and sent multiple projectiles - made out of black lightning - at Sephtis, trying to stick to how she normally fights.

Tina was hit by Lee's attack, knocked into the wall of the building - and actually inside the building. Infuriated by the sudden attack, Tina dashed to Lee and tried to kick him in the face with a vengeance. Lee dove out of the way, hoping to gather enough time to activate the unequipped parts of his armor.

Meanwhile, Scarlet and Kennedy were standing in one place, unsure of what to do - at least, Scarlet was. Kennedy noticed. "Scarlet," he began, catching the eye of Medusa. "You get the snake female. I'll try to get Luna and end this as quickly as possible." With that, Medusa charged at him while slithering, but he jumped to Luna's rooftop, leaving her for Scarlet.

Elias stood, trying to figure out when to jump in, and where. So much chaos.

Scarlet peeped. Dammit, Kennedy, always trying to leave the kiddie work to me! She sighed as she took her gun off her belt and shot three bullets at Medusa, which the snake lady dodged. However, Scarlet grabbed Medusa's neck and threw her to a wall, injuring her.

Kennedy landed on the rooftop Luna and Xavis were on, shaking his head. "This is all really disappointing, Luna. You're a lost soul out for revenge against the world. You've lost all potential you might've had to become a decent person." He got into a fighting stance, about to attack but waiting for her reply.

Smiling, Luna didn't even try to entertain Kennedy. She just glared at Xavis with a malicious face and said, "Sic 'im, boy."

"N... No," Xavis refused, his collar then zapping him. He nearly fell to his knees.

Tranq noticed Jim lying defenseless on the ground and quickly made his way over to him, dodging around the various battles taking place. Once he reached Jim, he moved himself into a posture where he could defend both Jim and himself from oncoming attacks. "Don't worry," he said, smiling at Jim encouragingly, "I've got you covered."

However, appearing right behind Tranq was a mechanical menace.... Kana, the roboticized version of Alexia the Hedgehog, had just appeared behind him. Her arm turned into a cannon, and she fired a beam of cryokinetic energy that would not freeze Tranq, but instead damage him and it had the power necessary to hit some nerves. "ENEMIES LOCATED. EXTERMINATION PROCESS BEGIN."

Tranq heard the cannon fire and turned to block the beam with his shield. Unfortunately for him, he was not quite fast enough to get his shield in between the beam and himself, causing the beam to connect with his left arm and knock him over backwards. Realizing that he was very vulnerable, as well as that he was putting Jim at risk, Tranq rolled onto his back as he landed and started scooting away from Jim, holding his shield in front of himself with his right arm (which was still undamaged, due to Tranq's method of descent) and thrusting it in Kana's direction repeatedly in an attempt to draw her attention while simultaneously defending himself.

Kana created an ice wall right in front of her (but behind Tranq) to both counter and defend. She was planning for Tranq to smack into the wall, and in the meanwhile she'd charge up another cannon shot and she'd attempt to blast him once again with a cryokinetic shot. The plan worked, since Tranq was looking in front of him, not behind him, and so he banged directly into the wall, causing him to see stars. Realizing how vulnerable he was, Tranq simply held his shield between his torso and Kana, hoping that he could see well enough and move his shield fast enough to block a shot from Kana to whatever part of his body she was aiming at.

Flyby started getting impatient to join the fight when Savage noticed him and attempted to remove Blizzard.

Blizzard snarled as she was knocked backwards. Then she turned for some reason and noticed Elias. "You! You're gonna die, traitorous scum!"

Elias got into a fighting stance and threw the first punch.

The remaining portal finally opened, and out of it came a brown Eurasian lynx. Jim immediately recognized the lynx. "Lena!?"

Vendeta joins Kennedy facing Xavis and Luna. "Looks like you could do with backup. You know these guys?"

Kennedy smiled when he saw Vendeta appeared. "Ah, Vendeta, thank you for deciding to join me. I admire your bravery. And yes, I know the purple bunny, Luna. She is a Black Arm with dangerous abilitie-" Before Kennedy could finish his sentence, a purple blast was fired at him from Luna's Distortion Scepter, blasting him back a few feet.


Xavis was taken aback by this. On one hand, he wasn't going to fight those he knew were trying to stop this madwoman, but on the other he could never allow Melissa to die, and he knew he had no chance against Luna in this state. He was conflicted. He didn't know what to do. There was nothing he could do. No way for him to win. No escape from this torment. This slavery. His will and ego were shattered. With a tear running down his face, he gave up, and looked to Vendeta. "I'm sorry." Within a second, Xavis was right in front of the white hedgehog, aiming to punch him with enough force to launch him a couple hundred meters back.

Ion and the Genesis Lord where fighting, Tho Ion was at a disadvantage which was a surprise to him. "You... How did you... get stronger, HOW!" Genesis Lord laughs at Ion. "You think I was going to Attack you without being prepared, No! Besides, I am a Successor of the Time Eater and you only know who I am and what I can do! In fact. there are 7 others who share my power! Regardless You would be Fodder to me anyways!" Ion growled viciously. "I Killed you before, I can do it again!"

White was closing in on Ion, yelling to the Genesis Lord when he got in the hedgehog's range. "Hey, Genesis Lord, I'll help you out if you don't mind!" Once again, the rabbit charged his leg with an immense amount of pure heat and tried to kick Ion in the stomach and burn his chest.

Blizzard blocked Elias' punch and kicked him in the stomach. Then she performed a roundhouse kick and knocked him on his back. She attempted to pounce on him, to strangle him, but Elias rolled out of the way just in time.

Tina was surprised when Lee dodged. Looks like this guy's a kid, and he's really quick... but if he's strong enough to retaliate, I won't hold back. She then turned around and tried to kick Lee in his cheek sideways with a fast and powerful leg. The kick connected, Lee went flying into a lamppost, splintering the base. "Ouch.." Something clicked in his head: The armor covering his left arm peeled away, revealing it to be made of a silverish substance. He grabbed one of the loose cables, wrapping it around his wrist for an extra special punch.

Tina was hit square in the nose, and she staggered back, slightly dazed. Before Lee could hit her again, she put her hand up. "Listen, kid," she started, removing her hand from her face and revealing a slightly bloodied nose. "I get the feeling that neither of us want to hurt each other too much. I'm just following orders, so why bother to resist?" Before he could answer, she flew right to his stomach and performed an upwards kick, aiming for Lee's chin. If it hit, it had the power necessary to send him into the air. He went into the air, but his watch displayed three diamonds which he then swiped together before he hit the ground. Lee's backpack turned to dry liquid, reforming around him in an black armor with glowing blue markings. "You want to cause chaos and destruction? I'll do everything I can to stop you." Jets came out of the shoulder pads, and he tried to force Tina further into the sky.

Tina had the ability to fly, however, and she zoomed into the air, waiting for Lee to follow her up. "You don't get it, kid! This isn't about the world! It's about Luna! We're trying to help her by seeing people can be good!" Tina took two guns from the back of her belt and fired six bullets at Lee, three from each gun. "And if I have to hurt you to do so, then so be it!" He blocked with his right arm, the bullets squished against the plating and fell to the ground. He jetted forward, charging her and forcing her to retreat further into the skies, still shooting bullets at Lee.

Lee flew much higher upon seeing the ground troops were beginning to fall. He suddenly dropped, slamming into the ground in strength mode. Tina, seeing this and knowing how physics work, she flew a few meters to the right, hoping that Lee would miss her and crash into the concrete road.

Sephtis, seeing how Keira got faster, got in her way once again, dodging her rapid electric blasts. "Hey, Merc, you're going to have to do something," he said, right at Mercurius' left. "Try distracting her. I'll get my spear and try to land a blow." And with that, Sephtis dove away to retrieve Kyoya (his spear).

"Roger that," the shapeshifter smirked back at his, 'somewhat' newfound pal. He then started using combos to slow her down, as another fight of explosions occurred in the air. Mercurius succeeded in getting Keira's attention, as he continued to keep her busy.

Sephtis smiled as he grabbed Kyoya, seeing how Mercurius was participating in the plan. Nice one, Merc! Now, let me just try to use Kyoya for something cool... Kyoya lets me control wind, so I'ma summon a gust! Sephtis twirled Kyoya around as he flew back into the sky, blasting gusts of furious wind at Keira in an attempt to throw her off and leave her vulnerable to Mercurius.

Mac and Scarlet crossed paths, both facing off against Flash and Medusa. Flash quickly unleashed a barrage of fists to Mac's gut, knocking the mercenary in Scarlet's way. He crashed into his teammate, and they were both sent sprawling on the ground. "hey, Scarlet, try not to get in my way. This could get dangerous."

Scarlet rolled her eyes and charged at Medusa again, who had grown snake-like and scaly arms (but she was still legless and slithering). While she did that, Mac charged himself with an immense amount of electricity and dashed forward, using speeds that would let him keep up with Flash. The two butt heads before meeting each other's fists several times.

Ion sidestepped at high speeds. "Missed!"

Genesis Lord laughed evilly. "Good luck with him White! I got business with Luna, She asked me not get involved too much." the genesis lord warped away from the conflict, causing White to facepalm and shake his head. After a few seconds of disappointment, he looked at Ion.

"Hey, you're the kid who can control atomic energy, right? Luna told me some things about you, about how you're very powerful, and how your abilities are to be feared." White charged an extreme amount of heat in his legs, letting him become faster and stronger. "I'm not going easy on you, y'know." He dashed towards Ion and tried to sweep kick him and trip the nuclear hero.

Elias scrambled back on his feet and kicked Blizzard in the knee, then shoved her backwards.

Savage stood in front of Flyby, grinning madly. "Uh, hey, thanks." Flyby said, stretching his arm.

"I wasn't rescuing you." He replied, then punched Flyby against the wall.

Azul stood atop the building, watching the various fights.

Tel-Eth floats down near Azul. "Who are you, then?"

"Not your adversary, as it happens. but that does not seem to matter, does it?" He gripped a chunk of the roof, attempting to use it as a weapon.

Vendeta flies back from Xavis' punch, but quickly steadies himself in midair using his psychokinesis. He then fires several Psychdarts at Xavis.

Tel-Eth grabs the piece of the roof Azul ripped off and keeps it floating in mid air, unmoving.

Azul burst through the roof, shattering it in a shower of stone while flying at him.

Tel-Eth grabs Azul with his psychokinesis. “Pitiful. Are you really that unimaginative?”

Azul swung his right arm up, slicing open a portal in front of him and trying to jump through.

Tel-Eth lets him escape. “He’s gone. Lets look for bigger prey.”

Ion warped out of the way and reappeared. "Two words! Try me!" He Said before Grabbing him by the face and Throwing white quite far. "I am gonna enjoy some payback you cheap shooting scum!" Ion lashed in fury before dashing so fast, it was like he was invisible and Attempts to kick him in the face in a helicopter motion. "NITRO HELI-KICKS!" Ion yelled enraged.

Instead of kicking him into the air, Ion's attack made White tumble backwards quickly, trying to regain his balance. However, he fell backwards before landing upside-down on his hands and breakdancing, shooting bullets and flares in every direction.

Keira had now gotten hit by Sephtis‘ attack, before getting hit by Mercurius’ combos. The shapeshifter then messed with her head, and sent another massive headache to Keira. This was successful, leading to Keira's sight and wings failing her, sending her crash landing at high speeds. Once she hit the ground, she curled up into a ball, holding her head.

Sephtis smiled at Mercurius. "Nice, man! You did great! Since you did a a brilliant job, I'll allow you to finish her off," he kindly said, throwing his spear to Mercurius.

Blizzard flung Elias against a wall, then attempted to deliver an uppercut. Elias barely managed to block it.

Ion dodged multiple times and noticed Keira about to die, he used his fusion shard while dodging to stop time for a bit before dashing at white and hitting his Vital points before starting time back up. "Flashpoint Strike!" Since Ion presumably didn't know most of his weak spots are in his legs, White was stunned for a minute before charging after Ion again and firing a flare from his leg.

Xavis crossed his arms in an "X" formation, materializing a shield made of red Chaos Energy in front of him to deflect Vendeta's Psychdarts. He then reabsorbed the energy, stepping forward and throwing his arms outward to release it as a volley of Chaos Spears.

Vendeta flies straight upwards, the Chaos Spears flying harmlessly under him. He then creates a Force Blade in his hand and dives towards Xavis.

Kennedy, since Luna was no longer focused on him as she was watching Xavis, tried to kick her sideways in the head, but his hit phased through her and she grabbed his leg, allowing her to throw him at Vendeta to protect Xavis.

Kennedy crashes into Vendeta and the two land on the ground near Xavis. “Damn it...shouldn’t have been so obvious...” said Vendeta. Kennedy, annoyed, got up and teleported behind Xavis, determined to stop him and Luna.

"I see you are doing this unwillingly, hedgehog. But you must realize that this 'Melissa's' life does not matter as greatly compared to the septillions we must save." Kennedy's right arm transformed into a long, purple blade made out of manipulated Chaos Energy. "Stand down now, and I might not have to hurt you."

"No," Xavis said in a low, agitated voice, "You don't unders≠'nd!!!" He attempted to spin a#oun1 and k5ck the…tiger in the sid; ¶f the head, r®ality seemingly bre°king apart a%ound him in blo[ky chunk% _f red, gree$, and blue l@ght.

Kennedy flinched at the breaking reality, the confusing energy signatures from the new life form and Xavis paining him. He was sent off the building, and hit his back when he collided with the floor, his arm returning to normal.

Lee grinned slightly, his plan was never to hit Tina. He collided with the ground, causing it to crack in an attempt to distract the villains. The cracking spread like a spider-web in every direction.

The winged hybrid growled, trying to shake off the now fading headache she suffered from Mercurius. Black electricity crackled around her, as her right eye flickered from red to purple. She shut her eyes, trying to focus and stay awake, but with the still fading headache and reoccurring visions, Keira found it hard to wear it off. But after she had managed to steady her breathing and stay calm, despite the visions, she exhaled, muttering, "Give it all you've got."

Mercurius had thrown the spear which was aimed right at Keira’s head, but a umbrakinetic cyclone surrounded her. From inside, Keira threw the spear back at Mercurius, who caught it with a smirk. ‘So this might be the start of her true power,’ he smugly muttered in his mind. ‘I’ve finally triggered it...’ He then threw the spear for Sephtis to catch, before shouting at him to get ready. He then started his combos, hitting the cyclone.

Sephtis started to charge at Keira and ask Mercurius for his spear back, but he was caught by surprise when a magenta motorcycle hit him in the face, driving him into a wall. It drifted in circles many times before stopping, revealing a female, white hedgehog with upward quills and pink-dyed hair looking over the fight, smiling as she took golden shades off. Heh heh, looks like I made it in time! Schnee though, looking at the damage of the battle. She was about to follow up her attack on Sephtis, but he flew out of the wall and to Mercurius and left Schnee behind, making the leader of Team Saturn huff.

Sephtis caught his spear in midair and twirled in around, crashing down to the ground for an attempted blow to Keira. However, Lee's crash down on the ground finally did something useful - he was thrown off when he lowered down to the ground, and crashed a few meters behind Keira. Cursing, he threw Kyoya at Keira's back.

Sneer Aniciram just happened to walk by when she noticed the battle going on. Well, this should be interesting, she thought to herself, and leaned on a nearby building. Maybe I can find some entertainment after all. She hadn't been forced through a portal or anything, but she had heard the fighting from a few blocks away and wanted to check it out. It appeared to her there was more than one battle going on, and she yawned in slight boredom before sliding down and sitting cross-legged on the ground. Hmph, nothing to shake a stick at...

Mac and his electric powered-up self was still racing with Flash, trying to get as many blows on him as possible. Darn it, this whole battle is so unorganized! If only us saviors had come up with a plan for teamwork instead of just running off, we might've been more- Before he could have another though, Flash punched him in his left cheek, throwing him off-balance, and sending him sprawling on the ground.

Flash dashed to the grounded Mac and stopped a few feet in front of him. "Dude, you seem pretty cool, so why are you trying to stop us? I never really wanted to hurt all of y'all, but you're making it tough to not kick you in the stomach now." Flash's quick way of speaking made it hard for Mac to hear him.

"What are you saying?! What are we doing?! Why won't you just give up before-" Interrupted by Flash for the third time, Flash bolted up to Mac and kicked him in the stomach into the air. Then, Flash seemingly teleported to where Mac was and upside-down kick him back down to the ground, Mac's landing leaving a small crater.

Oh, boy, now it's ON, Speedy! Time for High- Once again, Flash stopped Mac mid-thought by landing on his back while he was lying on the ground, severely injuring Mac and taking away a lot of his power. Flash sadistically continued to stomp on Mac's back, practically torturing the mercenary.

Does he really think I'll give him the time to pull another trick out from his sleeves? Flash thought, beating Mac even more. Maybe I should use him as an example - show these others what happens when you get in the speedy Flash's way! Picking Mac up off the ground, Flash spun around rapidly and threw him to his left.... towards Kana, Jim, and Tranq.

The defeated Mac sailed right by Kana, passing her and instead homing in on Tranq, breaking the ice wall she had created in the process. Seeing how this occupied Tranq, Kana used her charged energy to fire a cryokinetic blast at Jim, aiming to freeze him. Schnee followed Mac's launched body, chasing after it on her motorcycle.

Tranq didn't even see Mac coming (partially due to his temporary vision impairment). All he saw was Kana firing at Jim. In a heroic effort, he threw himself between Kana and Jim, holding his shield out to defend himself and Jim with. However, the dramatic tension was destroyed when Mac crashed into Tranq, causing Mac, Tranq, and Jim to land in a large and silly-looking pile.

"Man, and here I thought I would get some entertainment," Sneer commented, loud enough for maybe someone to hear. "Everyone's a moron, aren't they? Little kids, petty squabbles..." She fiddled with the stud in her ear. "Why should I give a damn?" She uncrossed her legs and instead opted to lay against the wall, one leg tossed over the other. "What are they fighting for anyhow? The world's not gonna change 'cause of blood."

Scarlet, who was just sent flying close to Sneer by Medusa, glared at Reens' Moebius counterpart. "Girlie, we're fighting so that you and everyone you love don't die in a gigantic apocalypse of whatever the hell these douches want. Don't act like-" Pulling a Flash on Scarlet, Medusa extended her snake arms, and her hands became tiny snakes. Frightened, Scarlet charged balls of energy in her hand and fired them at Medusa. The snake swallowed them all before firing a gigantic red beam at Scarlet and Sneer, Scarlet creating a red force field to protect them, but getting pushed back slightly.

Azul appeared near Lee, backhanding him over the females and almost out of sight, before jumping into another slice. Lee crashed into an empty lot as a much larger portal opened above him. Azul sprung from it, clutching a semi-truck trailer as a weapon and bringing it down.

Sneer raised an eyebrow (eye-ridge?), not getting up. "Who cares if I live or die, you know? Everyone I love either hates me or died, and I don't care if I die or not. Why are you protecting me? Protect yourself. I don't matter to you, and you know that." Her eyes narrowed. "And don't you dare call me 'girlie'. If anything I'm your senior."

Scarlet grunted, barely keeping the force field up. "For one, girlie, I'm 19, and if you're going to be sour, then dodge. I don't like you, Kennedy's busy, and Mac's energy signatures are fading, so save yourself. I'm no hero." And with that, Scarlet jumped up onto a rooftop, evading the beam and leaving it to Sneer.

The umbrakinetic cyclone blasted away the spear, and disappeared. Keira now had a mask, that covered the right side of her face, her cuffs now having chains attached to it. "You disappoint me, shapeshifter," she bluntly commented, before blasting to the top of a skyscraper, Mercurius not far behind.

It became another aerial battle, except Mercurius was now sticking to Luna's plan, in which was not to back down, and he was also battling at full potential. He fired mercury beams at the now dark winged one, as she dodged them all easily; only because she was now faster than the speed of light.

"Fine, have it your way sourpuss," Sneer shot back before leaping up and dodging the beam with unusual grace. "You're less annoying than Reens is, I'll give you that." She landed on the balls of her feet before looking around. "If I have to get involved, then so be it." So, what exactly am I supposed to do now?

Kennedy, seeing how they were all losing, grumbled and teleported to the defeated Mac, seeing Kana and Schnee in the process. Blast it, Aqua, she got you too! Kennedy fired a Chaos Spear at her, knocking her into Schnee. "Everyone, regroup!" he yelled.

Sneer looked around, then felt a pang of regret in her chest. "What? What is this... feeling? Ugh. It makes me sick." She ran around a bit, trying to find Scarlet and the others in her party. "This is just so... freakin' weird. A minute ago I didn't care what happened to her, and now all of a sudden I'm a pansy?" Sneer grunted, avoiding other battles that were still going on. "I think I'm having a feeling. How do I make it stop?"

Tel-Eth flies over to Kennedy, circling him and Mac in psychic fire. "Everyone get inside the circle!" He shouts "I can protect you while you're in the flames."

Vendeta staggers too his feet and looks at Xavis. "You don't have to do this." The hedgehog says "We can find Melissa or whatever her name is and free her. You don't have to fight for the wrong side. Just tell us where she is."

Ion was still trying to hold White off when suddenly he fell to the ground, he was running out of ideas on how to counter white, he didn't want to use his burst form just yet. "Darn it! First time in a while that I had a run for my money! I admit, You are something white but, I am holding back and for a good reason! This isn't my full power, not that power is the only thing I rely on!" Ion told White while trying to avoid and block his attacks. White, trying to focus, didn't reply, and the two continued to battle, their blows clashing several times.

Keira's right eye was now swirling, just like Fleetway's. She moved forwards to blast Mercurius in the face, before punishing his mistakes with a combo string. Keira gave no time for Mercurius to attack, but got pushed away by the shapeshifter's mercury blast.

Sephtis twirled his spear and around and quickly tried to whack Keira sideways in her face, attempting to deal what resembled a final blow to the winged demon.

Savage and Flyby were busy running in circles around everyone when Kennedy made his call. "Well, seems these guys at least aren't trying to kill me." Flyby said, turning towards them.

"Nice try, kid." Savage said, shoulder slamming him Into another wall.

Elias abandoned the fight against Blizzard and ran over to Kennedy. He leapt over the flames Vendeta was creating, his coat catching on fire. He quickly smothered the flame with his hand.

"Get back here!" Blizzard shrieked. Then she saw Vendeta and Xavis. "Looks like that kid will do the job for me..."

"I don't know," Xavis answered, then looking to Luna, "She's the only one who can know. The only one who can find her. And I can't... I... ngh..." He clutched his forehead as he suddenly received a sharp headache. Others who could sense energy would likely start to feel the same, as the massive, chaotic energy from earlier began to build up within the sky.

Clutching her own forehead, Sneer paused her growling. "Damn it! This energy is strong... it feels kinda like the stuff that Anarchy Beryl puts out, only stronger. Is that what these people are fighting against? 'Cause if it is, then - erk! - they ain't doing a good job with it!" She morphed her left arm into a plasma cannon, reminiscent of Reens', and blasted several plasma blasts towards the sky.

"What's wrong?" Vendeta asked Xavis "What's happening?"

"Vendeta!" Tel-Eth shouts over "We need to get out of here!"

"Do you feel that?" Onyx asked, silent as usual. "Yeah.." Lee replied. "Maybe it's not such a bad thing we're under here? Whatever that is, it's going to decimate everyone." The dark voice stated. "Come on,, that's not how we work." Lee began pushing against the massive weight, stopping when circuits began popping. "Okay, so that's not gonna work."

Scarlet, partially separated from Sneer, was running and trying to escape Medusa (who was trying to bite her with her extendable snake-arms). "Come here, my pretty!" Medusa said, trying to catch Scarlet. "You'll make a fine sssssstatue when I have control over the world!"

Scarlet opened her palm, and three small red balls of energy came out of it. She threw them all at Medusa, trying to escape to Sneer, and made her attacks all home in on the snake woman. Scarlet was just to Sneer when she started to say, "Hey, if you're going to cooperate, follow-"

She never got a chance to finish. A purple finger beam was fired through her chest, causing Scarlet to grumble a few times before coughing up blood and having her eyes roll into the back of her head, defeated. Luna (who had apparently teleported) had just seemingly killed Scarlet.

Luna looked to Medusa. "You. Your name is Medusa, am I incorrect?" Medusa, frightened Luna was addressing her, quickly peeped and nodded. Luna sighed. "If you're anything like the myth, you should be able to turn this fox into stone. We'll need to preserve her."

Medusa nodded again and charged a grew beam in her mouth before firing it at the unconscious Scarlet, turning her into marble. Luna zapped the stoned Scarlet with the Distortion Scepter, keeping her in a pink bubble. "I'll be taking her."

Kennedy, seeing this, was extremely angered. How could Luna do such a thing? Making Aqua a robot was one thing.... but this crossed the line. He placed his palm on Mac's chest and transferred energy to him, giving him slight consciousness. "Tel-Eth, please, tell the other heroes we need to regroup," he asked.

Elias stood next to Kennedy and Tel-Eth, unmoving. Great. They just lost one of their own to a psychotic maniac with the ability to manipulate space-time. "Of course, it's a little hypocritical of me to think that, since I'm a bit screwed up myself..."

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Tel-Eth nods. He flies away from Kennedy and co, the fire still burning.

Sneer's eyes widened. A low growl coursed through her throat. "Damn it... damn it... damn it!" She lunged at Medusa and Luna, her eyes blazing and her palms growing hot. "Now I have an idea what's going on here! You bloody ninnies! How can you do this?!" She let go of a wave of fire, trying to burn the both of them. "Leave her alone! She didn't deserve that!"

Luna teleported her and Medusa elsewhere, dodging Sneer's attack and reappearing on top of a rooftop. "Such an angsty girl... No surprise, considering you originate from that hideous land Moebius," Luna says, looking down on Sneer. "So much negativity... I will wipe trash like you out of existence!" Luna twirled the Distortion Scepter around and fired three lasers at Sneer which would explode when they hit the ground or her.

Schnee stopped herself from going into the dogpile, but when the psychic fire erupted, she tried to drift away from it in an attempt to dodge. It knocked her and her motorcycle away, sending them flying into the truck Lee was under and breaking it in half. Schnee, angered, took off her metal bracelet and transformed it into a bo staff, but then she noticed Lee, who reminded her of an injured child. "Hey, kid, are you all right?" she asked.

He stood up. "I'm fine, thanks for... That. He said, motioning to the broken truck. "The whole thing was a no, but half...." He lifted one of the pieces above his head. "This'll cause a ruckus."

"Ya think?" Schnee said, glaring as Flash the speedy cheetah approached them.

"Hey, wasn't that Tina girl fighting you?" Flash said, getting into a stance, causing Schnee to smile and twirl her staff around.

"Kid, go, I got this guy," she said, prepared.

He ran a few meters before throwing the chunk of metal at Luna, who obviously seemed the leader.

"Hideous?! Oh, I'll freakin' show you hideous!" Sneer dodged the first two lasers, but the third exploded right in front of her. She was thrown back and landed straight on her bottom. Thinking fast, Sneer converted her arm cannon into a flamethrower and, literally, threw balls of fire straight towards the rooftop. "How's that for a piece of trash?!"

"Pitiful," Luna said as she fired three purple beams from her fingertips at the balls, destroying them by swiftly flying straight through. "Mediocre at best." Luna manipulated the lasers to all home in on Sneer, one from above, one from in front of her, and one behind her.

Keira had gotten hit by the spear, causing her to be pushed further away from the shapeshifter. After the combos ended, Keira warped onto a random skyscraper, and just stayed there, range attacking.

Blizzard leapt at Keira and kicked her in the back. "Up for a round?"

Keira got knocked forwards a little, before warping on top of Blizzard, and grabbing Blizzard's wrists with her chains. Keira then pulled Blizzard towards her, before doing a combo string (Air Attack -> Zap Force -> Snare Drago Strike -> Chain Grab -> Home Run -> Drill Dive -> Lightning Rain). She then flew off to fight Mercurius and Sephtis again after that.

Blizzard, stunned, collapsed to the ground a second, then pursued Keira. "Coward!"

Sephtis, seeing Keira approach him and knowing Mercurius was injured, twirled Kyoya around and fired three gusts of powerful wind at Keira, trying to throw her off-course and stall for time. Mercurius needed to heal, and a certain eagle was going to help him! "You're going to be alright, Merc," Sephtis said, trying to reassure the shapeshifter.

Mercurius muttered, “Thanks Sephtis.”

Blizzard, catching up, quickly launched a ball of flames at Keira.

Tel-Eth flies over to Lee and Schnee. "We need to fall back," he tells them.

Schnee staggered, surprised and disappointed she wouldn't get any action. "Wha? That sucks! But if Mac and Kennedy are with you guys, I guess I really don't have a choice." Shrugging, Schnee ditched Flash and started running to the fire.

Sneer paused, her face flushed with fear. If I had some Anarchy Beryl, or anything close to that, I could go super... But now, I'm gonna get fried like a catfish! What can I do?! Sneer cowered, dropping to her knees and shaking, her arms covering her head. Well, if I die today, then it will be for nothing. I will have no regrets... except for poor Scarlet... She squeezed her eyes shut in frightened anticipation.

As the ball of flames hit Keira, she launched a Dark Tornado at Blizzard, before using Lightning Rain on Sephtis and Mercurius. She had ignored the attacks, as the dark elsctric aura around her became stronger. Moving faster than the speed of light, Keira used her chains to again pull Blizzard towards her, before doing another combo (Scythe Slash -> Drill Dive -> Dark Tornado and Dark Lightning Blast -> Shadow Lightning Storm -> Demon Slay).

Blizzard fell to her knees, stunned. "Okay, I think it's time for some new tatics."

Keira roared a roar of power, as her aura was bigger than ever before. She hyperventilated, half afraid that she’ll lose control over herself again.

'Trust me on this. It's time to have some... Fun," Fleetway's insane voice ringing in her head.

And with that, Keira pulled off some combo strings, her projectiles being countered by their moves. Mercurius, although he was severely beaten up, still kept attacking Keira. And after a moment, he shapeshifted into Dark Fleetway, using the speed to counter her attacks. Sephtis was able to dodge some of her attacks, but he was still hit by a few of them.

Tina, flying behind Keira, tried to spin kick the winged demon in the back. "Need some help, Sephtis?"

Kennedy, seeing Sneer was in trouble, decided to teleport away from the group to get to Sneer. By rapidly teleporting, Kennedy was able to deflect all three of the lasers. "Luna! I shouldn't have held back when we were finishing you off. I'm not gonna let you escape this time!"

Luna snickered, laughing at how naive Kennedy was being. "Oh, this is sad to watch. Only fools have pity on their enemies, Kennedy."

Kennedy got into a stance and charged up energy, his clothes rising as if there was furious wind. "Well then, I guess this time I won't be so pitiful."

Luna, still manipulating the lasers, aimed them at Sneer again, but Kennedy still deflected them. Luna, aggravted, started to look like a conductor, moving her hands in multiple directions in order to have control of them Kennedy was still quickly teleporting around, blocking them. It looked like a brilliant-looking purple laser cage, and a grey tiger teleporting through it.

Meanwhile, the chunk of metal neared Luna, but it was zapped into bits and eventually disintegrated by the furious lasers, zapping through it several times.

Kennedy sent a telepathic message to Sneer - Run to the fire, miss.

Ion fought White for a while, but in the end Ion knew he could beat him just yet after all that time trying to defeat him. "This isn't going to work even if I keep going! I need to retreat for now as much as I hate that!" He thought to himself. "Sorry about this but, I am cutting this battle short but, don't get the wrong idea! I will be back to kick that sorry rear end of yours! You may have seemingly won this battle but, you haven't won this war!" Ion told White before warping to the others in the ring of fire, He was quite beaten up but, It was bruises and cuts, the cuts weren't that bad. "I need a bit more time to train myself to get stronger! I hope Keira is alright!"

Elias stood, watching the carnage. "So much for regrouping."

Blizzard attempted to surround Keira with a barrier of flames, but found her powers to be too weak. "Just when I need them!"

R-run to the fire? Sneer opened her eyes and saw Kennedy fending off the lasers above her. She turned her head to the fire in question, and scrambled up from her position, heading for it as fast as she possibly could. Just don't get killed because of me, kid. I've already caused one death, and I don't need you dying on me too. She sprinted to the ring of fire, pausing before passing through it. There's no way they're gonna keep me around... but at least I can die in peace.

Keira had gotten hit again by some basic attacks. And after Tina had kicked her, Mercurius stepped in, firing a Mercury Blast at her. A gigantic Shiny Silver Dragon, made out of mercury, lauched at Keira, slamming her downwards. She then sent out her own dragon, made out of black electrokinesis, and directed her own dragon towards Mercurius. And when the dragons collided, they exploded, and Keira blasted off into the sky once more. ‘They’re all ganging up on me,’ she noted to herself. ‘There must be some attacks I can use to defend myself...’

Meanwhile Xavis watched all that was happening from the rooftop, unable to move as the pain in his head increased with the energy building in the sky. It was an endless cacophony of meaningless noise to the sensors and processors within his brain, overwhelming his senses as he tried to make sense of the indefinite. Others would likely feel the same, but to less of a degree.

Soon the artificial hedgehog screamed in pain. Other electronics in the area started freaking out as the energy above started peaking exponentially. Xavis himself went into what could only be described as a seizure.

The ground lightly shook, the sky flickered to black in large, square chunks, and a soft, green light above the city began getting brighter. To those who could feel it, it would feel like reality itself was being pulled both towards and away from from the light. It was al∅os4 |ime...

Lee's armor peeled off him, doing a strange dance in the air seemingly on it's own; His left arm however, was reshaping itself into random shapes beyond his control. "No!" He screamed, shoving it into the dirt in attempt to stop the nightmare.

Sneer looked up at the sky, her eyes growing even more worried. This is just like what happened in my home dimension... except far worse. She tried not to let her face show anything as she observed the others in the circle with her, but the sense of worry and panic was clear. We're all gonna die... and there's nothing I can do while in this circle! I have to do something! Ignoring the fear in the back of her mind, Sneer jumped back over the psychic flames and took off running towards Xavis' direction, though she had no idea he was there.

Sneer ended up crossing paths with Schnee, who was running to the fire. Deciding something bad must've been happening (and ignoring the obvious clue that was in the form of the entire sky), she followed Sneer, hoping to find trouble and stop it.

The winged demon had looked up in the sky. She had suddenly started to feel her power overwhelming her, corrupting her slowly. 'Fleet, QUIT IT! Take it back,' she growled mentally. But Keira was only replied by silence, as she now had little control of what she was doing. Shortly after, her communicator crackled with white lightning, a voice now speaking through it. A faint voice was heard, saying, "Hang on Kei, I'm coming."

Tel-Eth flies over to Vendeta. "We need to fall back" the alien tells him. Vendeta takes one last look at Xavis before he and Tel-Eth fly over to the ring of fire.

Flyby and Savage stop their battle to look up at the glowing sky.

Tranq finally woke up from having been temporarily stunned when Mac landed on him. Tranq pulled himself to his feet, noticing that his vision was no longer blurry, and, still trying to defend himself and Jim (not having noticed that everyone else was escaping to the circle of fire, due to him being unconscious) spun his shield around and tried to hit Kana with the now-revolving shield (which was still protecting him, since the flat was towards Kana).

Kana, instead of firing her cannon, fired a triangular blast from her chest to catch Tranq off-guard.

Jim got back on his feet, sighing. He realized that he had to join the battle or die doing nothing. Jim then started forming a shield made out of crystal around himself as a defense mechanism.

Then, after running behind him (hoping the diversion would work), she fired a cryokinetic blast at his feet, attempting to freeze him to the ground. After that, she fired a weaker laser at Jim's shield, trying to weaken it.

The crystalline shield began to crack slightly. Jim, however, did not panic. He instead waited to make an attack.

All of a sudden, Lee's nanites switched off: His arm up to his shoulder disintegrated into dust, he clutched the bleeding stump, having the circuits ripped out, and squeezing it in pain.

"Huh?" Sneer saw Schnee in her peripherals and groaned. "Look, why are you following me? Get to the circle! Reality as we know it is breaking apart! And you're following perhaps the most useless person in the world!" She skidded to a halt, looking up at the sky and gesturing to it. "The same thing happened in my dimension before I got here, and if you wanna save yours, then regroup with the fire. I can't have people keep risking their lives for a ... well, not very good person... like me..." she trailed off, not wishing to curse. "I couldn't save mine... but maybe I can give you enough time to save yours."

Tranq, whose shield was directly between himself and Kana, effortlessly blocked her chest blast without even trying. The blast towards his feet did take him off-guard somewhat, but he tried to block it nonetheless by dropping to the ground and spinning to block the blast with his shield. The block worked, but he landed on his injured arm in the process, which caused him to stop about when he got to the point where he could block the blast. He could feel himself losing consciousness again from the pain caused by the blow. "You...person..." he said, vaguely pointing his shield at Jim. "Try to hold her off..." Tranq lapsed into unconsciousness.

Blizzard slipped away and hid behind a building, trying to recharge her powers. "This isn't going well."

Tel-Eth flies over to the unconscious Tranq, picked him up with his psychokinesis, and flew away to the ring of fire.

Vendeta arrives at the ring. “What the hell’s happening?” He asks.

"Don't look at me!" Elias exclaimed irritably. "Kennedy told us to regroup. Next thing I know, he's running off playing hero!"

Jim looked to the circle; his eyes widened. "Oh, b*****... this can't be good. This can't be good at all."

”I don’t mean about the battle,“ Vendeta said “Something’s wrong right now...I don’t feel right...”

Tel-Eth flies over to the group in the ring and places Tranq there. “It’s the thing in the sky. It’s doing something. It’s altering reality."

"So then what do we do?" Elias asked. "Find the source and destroy it?"

Just as he spoke, the green light suddenly concentrated into a small, bright point, and for a moment, it felt as if time itself had stopped. Then, like an explosion, a portal opened, and most of the malfunctioning electronics shut down -- including Xavis.

The portal was unlike anything anyone would have seen. It was a large, swirling vortex of green and white, it's shape was blocky, like a low-resolution circle, and the ene»gy wi‡hin it was an inc7mprehe‰sible :nf›nity.

It»felt ±s {f rea«ity w&s8bein- torn ap°rt.

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Suddenly, some unidentifiable object shot out of the portal at high speed, closing the rift and undoing its effects on the sky and affected technology. The ground shook as it landed between the two groups, the force of impact creating a large web of cracks in the asphalt and an uproar of dust and debris.

Jim looked through his shield at the event, puzzled. He tilted his head, but he stayed in his position.

Lee moved towards the flame, hoping his regen would clot his arm.

Luna, who was previous snarking at Kennedy and enjoying everyone's misfortune, suddenly stopped when she sensed the creature's power levels. When she was scattering time, she'd heard of this figure. He was scary. She didn't need him interfering. Suddenly, Luna tapped her scepter on the ground, and all of the heroes were teleported on one side while all of the villains were teleported on the other, with an invisible barrier separating the two. She looked to the figure. "Greetings. What are you here for... X?"

Kennedy, who was previously blocking incoming lasers, was quickly teleported, and he landed on his heinie. Confused as he stood up, he looked and saw all of his allies with him. "Everyone! Now that we have the chance, let's come up with a plan while Luna is distracted!"

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(Probably heroes, seeing she was helping them before. -Skyblade)

"We need to get out of here" Vendeta said "There's hardly anyone here that hasn't been injured. If we couldn't win against them at full strength, we won't stand a chance against them now"

Jim managed to hear Vendeta in spite of their somewhat big distance between each other. He shouted a reply. "Yeah, and where do you plan to go? Don't say 'anywhere but here', either."

“Honestly, anywhere but here would work fine by me” the hedgehog replied “But maybe we could ask the guys who know this dimension best.”

"Well, whatever you all decide to do, make it snappy," Sneer yelled to them from where she was. "I'm not about to see another dimension go up in flames that aren't mine." She crossed her arms and scowled, but the fear was still evident if anyone looked at her close enough. "And once I get close to that jerk of a bunny... it'll be rabbit stew for dinner," she added under her breath.

"Come on, where are they?" Lee asked himself, looking around for his nanites that'd been left behind and wondering what to do about his evident handicap.

Savage growled. "I don't care about this "X"  person, I've got a debt to settle. He threw himself at the barrier, slashing at it with all his might while Flyby chuckled. "So, we staying or leaving?" He asked anyone who cared to listen.

"Maybe we can find a deserted building to hide in until we can figure out a strategy," Elias replied. "Had this situation been different, I would have suggested going to Turles' house, but that would just put him and his family in danger..."

"No, not again," Keira had managed to mutter. She tried to focus, but her vision was failing her, while she tried to take over her own body. Her hand lifted up a ball of umbra-electrokinetic energy, throwing it at Mercurius. But shortly after it was thrown, a blast of white lightning countered it, and her power was now draining at an alarming rate, 'Took you a while, Fleet,' she muttered in her head.

At last, she collapsed on the ground, her dark form fading away. A white wolf sat near her, and touched Keira's hand, warping her to inside the barrier. "The name's Skye, by the way," the white wolf grinned sheepishly at the group. She then continued to heal Keira, also letting Keira absorb some of her white lightning.

Jim broke his shield open; thousands of crystal fragments scattered across the ground. "Let's go, then."

Sneer huffed. "Go where? Some abandoned building where they could catch us at any moment?" She crossed her arms tighter, eye-ridges furrowed. "The echidna guy already said we can't go to... whoever Turles is, and as far I know, there aren't any safe buildings near here."

Mac coughed a few times, indicating he was still alive and well. "Heresy heresy, the great Hartley is down, but not out. Now, listen, guys... I have a confession to make." He took a raindrop-shaped, blue gem out of his jacket's pocket. "This? I got it earlier when I sensed the rifts in time. It's all we need to win this thing, I need to hit Luna with this. But... I'm in no state to go against all of these guys alone. I need y'all to create a diversion."

Kennedy nodded, happy that Mac was alive and well. "Let's review what we know - Luna has the scepter, her servant has Chaos Energy in the form of a fire, the white rabbit has prosthetic rifle-legs, the grey bat can fly and specializes in kicks, the purple eagle has a spear that allows him to manipulate wind-"

"The cheetah has super speed," Mac continued. "The snake lady Scarlet fought has snake arms and stone breath."

"And they have a mechanic Alexia, who has cryokinesis-"

"WHAT?!" yelled Mac and Schnee, not believing what Kennedy had told them. Mac's rage had given him enough power to stand up. "Oh, that little purple bunny, let's see who'll get the last laugh when I chop your head off your body and stab it into your-"

"Do we know anything else?" Kennedy interrupted.

Lee stopped looking around to speak. "Azul can open portals and is unbelievably strong. Savage can steal organic powers and forms, except my SB power, but that'd be useless anyhow, he's also fast, strong and nearly indestructible. Short version: Those are two of my worlds strongest villains out there."

Skye went next. “Mercurius can control and manipulate mercury, and can shapeshift,” she explained nervously. “He’s one of our team’s greatest threat.”

"Ugh... Right, sorry, I'm here now... After all this time and I still can't stick a landing..." A male voice said from the cloud of dust between the two groups. Suddenly, the dust began rapidly dispersing in all directions, as if a strong wind was coming from the center.

In the middle of the road stood a tall human figure with pale skin and a mop of brown hair swept over his left eye, and who appeared to be wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans, and black shoes. However, his right arm was a thick mass of some dark-gray, sludge like substance ending in long, sharp fingers, and his entire body looked like it was slightly melted, but was reforming itself.

He opened his eyes. His right eye was dark-gray with a bright, glowing, crimson iris and a thin, slit pupil that seemed to pierce one's very soul. He looked to the heroes, then to the villains. "So... what have we dropped into this time?"

He then looked to his right. "Well, obviously. I just wanted to be dramatic." After a momemt, he spoke to himself again. "Oh, right... I don't think anyone else remembers that, though."

Jim tilted his head in confusion. "Uh, who are you, mate?"

Skye eyed the newcomer suspiciously, before seeing Keira wake up a bit. The winged one then saw the newcomer, and scanned him for a bit, before lying on the ground, staring at the newcomer's shoes.

Blizzard growled, teeth bared. She did not like the looks of this newcomer.

Something banged into Ion, bounced off of him, and fell over, revealing itself to be a small, chain-mail-clad female ibex. She glowed for a second before standing up and turning to Ion, speaking to him the moment that she was upright. "I'm so sorry for bumping into you," she said. "I was trying to heal you and then that thing over there scared me and I banged into you. I'm really sorry, sir..." She trailed off, waiting for an answer from him.

Blizzard scrambled behind a building and watched curiously.

"That's the guy who showed up in my dimension before I was plopped here," Sneer growled, her eyes not leaving the one known as 'X'. "He didn't tell me his name or anything, but I could recognize him from a mile away." She balled her hands into fists as they warmed up. "He's been added to my hit list."

Ion was startled but, he looked at her and closed his eyes before smiling. "It's okay miss, I'm not gonna hurt you!"

Elias frowned and thought, "Never mind..."

Flyby laughed, he was standing in front of the barrier, making fun of Savage. "So, we stay?" He asked no one in particular.

"I hope not..." Lee thought to himself, still watching the air.

The ibex, who hadn't responded immediately to Ion to avoid interrupting Flyby, said to Ion, "Thank you..." She looked around. "I think I'll start healing you while I introduce myself to everyone else." Her right eye started glowing a bright yellow, and a beam of yellow light starting shooting out of her right hand, connecting with Ion and starting to heal him. She raised her voice slightly so that the others in the group could hear her and said, "Hi everyone. I'm Iris, and since I accidentally wound up here with all of you, do you mind if I heal up any minor injuries you may have?"

Skye was too busy giving energy to Keira, absorbing electricity from the air, and directing it for Keira to take. The winged one soon managed to sit, but with her burns and injuries, sitting was painful. ”You okay now?” the white wolf asked the winged one.

Keira responded with a nod, before making sure what she was seeing. “Darn it, why are you here, pure fur?” she asked plainly.

The white wolf chuckled, and sat down next to Keira. “I received a message from the grey wolf to keep an eye on you,” she grinned. She then looked at the group, before grinning at Keira.

Luna floated over to "X," right through the barrier (yet the heroes still wouldn't be able to touch her). "Hello, 'X.' What business do you have here, I wonder? I'd rather have you not interfere with my plan, so what exactly is the thing that intrigues you?" If I can find out, maybe I can remove it and he'll vanish, right out of my sight...

"Apologies for my unresponsiveness, I'm just getting used to existing again. Or whatever his excuse for taking so long is..." The human figure said to no one in particular.

His head then snapped toward Luna, his eyes staring directly into hers. "Now first of all, my name isn't 'X.' I understand why you refer to me as that, trying to keep me a mystery to the rest of you puppets, but of all the names I've gone by, none of them have ever been just 'X.' That's always gone to him." He pointed to the deactivated Xavis, whose limp body jolted upward and eyes flared to life as he began to reboot.

"Secondly," the tall one said, looking back to Luna, "You want to know why I'm here? What brought me into your little plan? It's simple." He leaned his imposing six feet down to match her eye level, mere inches from her face. "You."

Wait... does he want to fight against her? Sneer released her pent-up aggression with a sigh and uncrossed her arms. If he does, then why is he going through so many dimensions just for one person?​ She formed small fireballs in her hands, just in case.

"This can't be good." Vendeta mumbles to himself.

Elias let out a low growl. "Obviously!"

Luna twirled the scepter she was wielding around, getting into an offensive stance. "If you insist, Xophtré, I shall say your name. But I do not need intergalactic genocidal scum like you who wanders around the universe without a purpose or a goal getting in my business." Luna shook her head and huffed. "I'm scared of you without this Distortion Scepter, but with it, you are beneath me." She pointed it to him, and it glowed purple at the tip. "Now.... disappear before I make you, trash!"

Kennedy flinched when Luna powered up the Distortion Scepter, confusing Mac. "Ey, Kennedy, what's up? If tentacle-dude kills Luna, it's A-Okay." Mac scratched his chin a little. "I can't sense his energy though, so he's probably one of the weakest beings that have ever existed."

"You're wrong," Kennedy corrected, scared. "If you thought Luna was a problem... the creature Xophtré is even worse. I've seen him before-" Kennedy made sure to leave his dimensional travels vague. "-when I was out, and he is a menace. The reason you can't sense his energy... is because it is beyond your body's comprehension."

Schnee whistled. "Ooh, scary. However, if he has a chance of defeating the woman who turned this girl you've been looking for into a robot, then I approve of his behavior. If he tries to hurt her... I'll be on stand-by. Mac, you stay here and let Kennedy recharge your energy. I'll be back-up."

Luna heard this, however, and knew she wouldn't stand a chance against Xophtré if someone kept interrupting their fight. She motioned to Kana. "Kana, attack the white hedgehog. Kill as soon as you can." Luna surrounded Kana with an aura that'd let her go through the barrier, and the mechanical cryokinetic walked through.

"Doggone it, bunny wabbit," Schnee said, facing Kana as she twirled her staff around. "I hope you're ready to get dismantled, robo-faker!"

"So that's why I can't feel anything," Sneer huffed under her breath, lowering her hands. "I sure hope he only has one target on his list, or otherwise things are gonna get messy." She backed up from the other heroes slowly, looking around. "Now if I can just make a run for it..."

Vendeta floats over to Schnee's side. "One robot against a dozen heroes. This bunny of yours sure is smart."

"Let Xophtré do his job" Tel-Eth said "If he kills Luna, he'll have done half the job for us."

"Before you all start fighting," said Iris softly, "those of you who are injured might want to stay back for a minute so I can heal you while the others fight the...robot." I think that's what they called it, thought Iris, who had never encountered a robot before and so didn't know what that word meant. "I think your battle would be easier if you were fully healed...or at least mostly healed..." She looked around at the group, assessing how damaged they were. "I think I can heal all of you all the way..." And then she saw Lee with his missing arm. Images flashed through her mind of herself next to her sister, unable to heal her sister's missing lower arm back into existence. Iris snapped back to reality and said, "Except for him," gesturing at Lee. "I...can't make his arm grow back. But I think I can heal the rest of you."

Lee looked at her curiously, seeing she was the first to notice. He bit his tongue, though, not wanting to admit the unique nature of his arm.

Elias, also having a cybernetic arm, felt similarly. He approached Iris and asked cautiously, "How do you heal people, exactly? Like, is it some kind of special power?"

Keira growled, “No thanks, I don’t really need healing. I’ve gotten my strength back, and that’s all that matters.” The winged one then launched off into the sky with her axe in hand.

"H-hey! That's rude!" the white wolf huffed, and sent an apologetic glance at the ibex. She looked up at the winged hybrid, and sighed,

Sneer took a quick look at Iris, then to Lee. Her eyes softened as she looked at him. "Nanites, right?" she asked. She then looked back to Iris. "Get everyone who's hurt back. I'm gonna try weakening Luna's barrier. Since Xophtré's here, he'll be distracting her long enough to start breaking the barrier down." She grit her teeth and focused, the fireballs growing larger.

A swarm of dust circled Lee's arm, growing closer and closer to him. It formed at first what was obviously supposed to be a bone, then muscles, then skin, a final layer of "fur" spread on the other layers and punctured his skin, causing him to wince. His fur was silver on the left side, in contrast to the light orange that adorned the rest of him. He spoke in a relieved manner to Sneer. "You're absolutely right, Miss ... Nanites."

The humanoid chuckled, then laughe{, real∅ty dist-rting ∞round h}m. "Y≠u naive, vain little bunny." He began walking in a circle around her. "First of all, it's interdimensional, not intergalactic. Secondly, you really think that little stick makes you better than me? HA! And third, I did have a goal once, and it was just the same as yours. And I came so close to accomplishing it -- it was just within my grasp! But the gods obviously wouldn't allow it. They shut me out, tore my power from me, and trapped me within one of my own rifts for what felt li%e an et∞rn%ty!!" He took a moment to breathe, then looked back to the rabbit. "But you set me free. You gave me another chance, and seeing as we share the same goal, I am obligated to assist you -- for a share of the profit, of course."

Ion just stood there trying to Analyze the situation, Observing, and Finding out how to counter this entire situation, he was healed enough to get back into the fight but, decided to sit back for now and come up with a plan.

Luna halted her aggression as her eyes softened for a second before hardening into a fierce glare once again. "You'd work with me? Well..." Luna's eyes seethed with hatred. She didn't like doing business with powerful people. She liked talking with above-averages, like the Genesis Lord or Septhis. That way, she knew if one of them rebelled, it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to get them back into shape. "What do you want in return? Money? Love? My soul?"

Iris was going to answer Elias, but got cut off by Keira; then was going to answer Keira, but was cut off by Sneer. Finally, she decided to respond to Elias, since she couldn't respond to Keira due to Keira's absence and there wasn't really anything to say to Sneer. Making eye contact with Elias, she said, "Yes, my healing is a special power. Also, I can heal people quickly if someone is needed desperately in the fight, but it exhausts me, so I'll have to recover a lot after healing that person. It will probably work better if I can heal everyone at normal speed." She visually scanned him, trying to determine if he was injured and, therefore, if she should offer to heal him next.

"Mm-hm," was all Elias said in reply.

"No, those things are worthless to me," Xophtré answered, looking away into the distance, "All I want is some of existence to myself. But more importantly..." He looked back to her with his soul-piercing red eye. "R≤ve≈ge!"

He took a moment to collect himself, then continued. "Think about it, if the gods were able to stop me, then they're more than certainly going to stop you. But if we worked together, they can be annihilated, and unable to interfere with our plans!" He let out a short, unstable chuckle. "So what do you say?"

A sigh escaped Sneer's lips as she breathed out. "So are we gonna do this or not while she's distracted? If you're gonna do something with that rock you better do it fast when the barrier comes down! I'm not gonna wait forever!" She looked over at Lee and smiled. Not smirked, actually smiled. "I mean, we can't wait forever."

Lee blinked, then stood to her right, ready to fight this time.

Blizzard stood uncertainly, wondering if she should approach the group or not while they were distracted. "No... not yet."

Ion Looked at Sneer. "First time I've seen you smile!" He said before reaching her left.

Luna smiled. If he genuinely wanted to be one of her lackeys.... this was going to be a foolproof plan. Of course, she had to watch her back - he might hurt her with his immense power. Grinning she turned towards the heroes. "Actually, Xophtre, I think that your inclusion shall be perfect. So perfect, actually, that it will need more planning. Thus, I must do away with all the goody-two-shoes." Luna raised the scepter, and light magenta light started to flash. Then, purple beams were fired at everything, and when the onslaught was done, they formed rifts, sucking everyone up.

Mac was completely blindsided by the attack as he was sent flying into the left rift. NO! Our plan... it was perfect! Damn you Luna! He flipped a multitude of times before ultimately leaving his realm.

Kennedy was also not expecting this. "Rifts in time, Luna! Away with the theatrics and face me like you mean-" Luna, annoyed with Kennedy's behavior, fired a laser at his chest, knocking him into the second portal on the right. I will not stop until I will avenge my allies! Kennedy thought as he was sucked up in the rift.

Schnee quickly got on her motorcycle and tried to ride to Luna in an attempt to grab the scepter, but it was useless. Her and her motorcycle were swept in the chaos, and Schnee blasted flying into the overhead portal above the heroes.

The villains were all unaffected by the rifts.

(OK, guys, I have this planned out. Overhead portal - Elias, Vendeta, Tranq, Sneer, Lena, and Schnee. Left portal - Ion, Jim, Tel-Eth, Skye. Right portal - Flyby, Keira, Lee, and Iris.)

When the portals had opened, the white wolf and the winged one attempted to warp away, but their warping item fell into two separate portals. Skye got in the left portal to get her Fusion Shard, and Keira flew into the right portal to catch her axe.

"Oh crap, not again!" Sneer growled, trying to find something to hold onto before being sucked up into the rift. "I'm gonna beat you up so hard, then-" Her threat was cut off as she fell in.

Lena growled as she was sucked into the portal. Meanwhile, Jim was forced into the left portal.

Lee tried to follow Sneer, before being pulled in a different direction. He blinked repeatedly, realizing he no longer had his armor and was pretty much helpless.

Flyby jumped away from the portal, but it's force gripped him, yanking him in.

Ion noticed the rift he got a mean glare at Luna before dashing as fast as he could, only to be sucked backwards in the left portal. "Your Villainous efforts will only be your downfall Luna! You will learn the hard-" Ion was cut off after passing through the portal. The Genesis Lord looked at luna and thought. "On second thought, I think I should focus on getting vengeance on that blasted dimension hopping hedgehog! I don't really need that scepter, I can use my own powers, but I always wanted to invade the reality beyond our own. That will have to wait for another time." He said before turning back towards the portals. "Until then, I will focus on my part of the plan." he added to his thought.

Vendeta disappears into the overhead portal. Tel-Eth looks at the Rulers again. This is definitely a setback in the plan he thought to himself No matter. If the Savour's escape, it can still come to fruition, and if they don't i'll show my hand. No matter who wins this war...the Scepter will be mine. My people...i'm coming. He is then pulled into the portal.

Tranq's unconscious body was sucked into the overhead portal. When he was almost in the portal, he opened his eyes, said, "Wha—" and disappeared into the portal.

Iris was pulled into the portal on the right. Unlike some of the others, she didn't try to resist. As she was pulled into the portal, her left eye faintly glowed blue, and a look of dawning comprehension could be seen on her face as she disappeared into the portal.

Elias, before he could do anything, was sucked into the portal above him.

The one thing all of them knew for certain was that it wasn't good, and their fight to save the dimensions had grown harder to win.

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