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As Sonic fans know, there are many dimensions. The Chaos Dimension. The Sol Dimension. The Genesis Dimensions. The Sonic X Dimension.

All of them were peacefully separated... until a certain bunny/Black-Arm gets her hand on something that threatens to obliterate the peace. Good thing that there are heroes to stop her!

A small, young, innocent but impressionable turtle named Turles comes to town and warns everyone of the oncoming danger. Team Mask and Team Saturn, familiar with this danger, immediately decided to listen to this lad. But this time... their strength won't be enough. Will there be other people to help them? If so, will they save the realms and the very existence of time and space?

Or are they just on a suicide mission?

This roleplay will have lots of action; not just fights, but also chases where if you fight, you're certainly gonna die (or at least, be out of commission for a while), strategical situations when, again, you can't fight, and finally, fights. Because no one can go in an action roleplay without fights.

Note that when there are fights, you don't necessarily have to fight. You can be a tactician or a healer for the group instead of someone who's punching boulders.

There will also be moments when you have to stop and think before you just type your edit. Characters can die in this story (of course, only if the author is OK with it), and if you just try to rush through, you are certainly not going to have your OC live through the roleplay.


  • Censor swear words. (Damn, hell, arse/ass and crap are exceptions.)
  • Don't god-mod.
  • Stop yourself from auto-hitting.
  • Try not to make your character too important.
  • Put effort into your posts.
  • No sexual stuff. Keep it PG-13 at worst.


Involved Characters

The Saviors

Those who, good or evil, are entitled to save the separate universes.

The Rulers

Those who, good or evil, are entitled to splitting up and conquering the separate universes. (Feel free to add your own villains, as long as they aren't Saturday morning cartoon-esque.)

The Neutrals

People who don't care either way about the separate universes, and just want to stick to their own universe without any trouble.