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Cquote1 Thank Ovilis...Savoice Demoy is not denying reality after all. Cquote2
Savoice after his reality not deemed an illusion

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The morning was a silenced closed opportunity for the escape from the facility. As I had been waiting long for the day to leave would come, I was only nine days into this rigid work. Had we gotten much of anywhere yet? Just about how long does it take for Ovilian law to change? Why hasn't nothing been accomplished yet?

By now, I wanted answers. So, I took a shower, gazed around my empty room, and headed to the Ovil's room. After all, it was just beside Satire's. There were the stairs then a door on the ceiling. It was high, but I found a strategy in. I rushed up the stairs and leaped onto the hanging fourier to his room. Then I crawled right up on it and knocked on the door.

He opened the door. "Savoice? How did you get up here?"

"I jumped from the stairs."

"You're not supposed to do did you know where I stay?"

"What do you think? I had to figure it out. Regardless, I came here to ask you why you changed my files."

"I... you were born here, Savoice, so I had to accomodate that."

"But Ovil," my fists balled, "if I was back in Pertan with no notice against me, then I wasn't illegal being there. You changing my files is illegal in Pertan and here."

"I can do what I want."

Into his convincing fire fuscia eyes and his cerulean hair I gazed without words. He has now presumed more power than me, I who was a Higher at one time. He even is willing to infringe the law of both regions to change me. Just me.

"Ovil," I said, "This isn't right, and you know it. You might as well get me an admission to return now before your company gets into deeper trouble."

"Yet, Savoice, you were the one that escaped much of the Pertanese laws. For example, your file said that you were docked for using your abilites out of control of the 'Almasia Law'."

"That 'Almasia Law' expired within the same century, Ovil."

"Or, for another example, you killed your father so that you would inherit his position of being a Higher."

"No..." Tense notions from the body shot through my veins. "I did not kill my father! Those anti-Vavy people did! Naikurose Eins killed my father, and I watched it happen with my own eyes!"

"How could I believe something like that? This Naikurose may have killed your father, but the way you perceive your duty then and now seems that you didn't care much."

My eyes began to sting, and the world noises became nulled. "Does it seem that I don't care when I don't know what to do? Does it look like on this face that I killed my father?" I swallowed hard, forgetting to breathe every now and again to absorb all that is going on here.

The Ovil sighed. "Why are you always fighting with someone, Savoice? Leave me be."

Something clumped in my throat. "You did this to me so I could suffer. My father supported the 'Almasia Law', but I didn't. Just remember that. And the 'Rongom Conditions' never pertained to all of you in Ovilis. I pushed it to be that way, though."

I couldn't handle it anymore. The tension had become too great to where I would have began to physically ail him. So, I leapt off of the hanging entrance back down onto the stairs. I stormed down the halls with visions tearing through me of my existence being here in Ovilis.

Plates were waiting on the tables, so I grabbed them and filled them all with meat. Pain shriveled against my beating heart, making it somber to thought.

"Savoice," Dagra's light voice came up beside me, "Are you alright? You look a little upset."

Do I really? Immediatly, I tried to give out a different look. "I'm fine, Dagra."

But then she sat down across from me to get a real glimpse. "Savoice...your cheeks are red..."

"Dagra, I'm fine. You can continue your work."

"Actually, Savoice, I wanted to talk to you about, um, you and me. I just want to get to know you more."

I began to eat to alleviate the emotions. "Say on."

"Um, so have you been outside of the District of Turiah before?"

"I want to."

"Mmhm. I've lived outside of there before--for a while. I was a refugee from Salwom with my parents, and we weren't allowed to be in Pertan. So, we ran to Ovilis instead. It's a little scary to live outside of the District, because there's alot of suffering that happens. But, it's not as bad as living near the Laliphorus Walls."

I glared at her then continued to eat.

"So, Savoice," she continued, "Have you been to Salwom before?"

"A few times. I had to go to settle disputes with the people. There's almost just too much war that goes on there."

"Hmm...alot of times they're fighting about land. But, the Tyria Grossa is sprouting against the Vavy laws. Maybe that's the source of it."

"Do you agree with the law?"

She gave me a good look with her widened forest eyes. "I...uh...well, I somewhat agree with it. I think that we should keep our origins outside of the picture of Platurian history because it gets in the way of education. Have you noticed that people wanted to start worshipping the Nylans? I just don't think that's right."

I nodded. "I see your point there. The Nylans are only our ancestors--not gods. But, I still think that the people should be able to know the truth on how this world came about."

She smiled. "Well, at least we're not too far off on the same opinion."

"Maybe we are."

Looking down at the ground, she listened to me eat the deeply rooted meats of tension. Her eyes moved slowly along the edges of the table.

"Savoice," she sighed, "You're really attractive."

I choked, and she was alarmed. "Number two, I'd say," I coughed. "Number two."

"What do you mean?"

"You're the second person that's told me that. Thank you for the compliment." If I wanted somthing from her, I had to exchange the compliment. "You look rather nice today, too."

"Oh, thank you so much." Her face went red as mine presumably did. "Um, I'd better get back on my working." She stood up.

"Wait," I grabbed her hand and kissed it. "Do well today."

She couldn't help but giggle just a bit from the peaks of her throat. Her hand pulled away slowly with the desire for another hold but recognized that the duty of cafeteria management was much more important. Her little feet slid quickly into a back room out of my sight.

Now I had her hypnotized. She would be willing to do anything for me any time of the day. The other short-tempered worker walked up beside me.

"She's just flushing out for you," she said. "What a lucky male."

"Hey, you're missing out much of me." I turned to her. "Savoice Demoy."

"I know who you are. We've already met before."

"Let us meet again, because before this time, you didn't like me. At least, that's what you told Moderator Ghonpherti."

"Wha...? I don't like you." But, she happened to storm off at that moment.

I just continued to eat as if it were all casual for females to submit to looks. All of the meat was my mate for now. But, I have a purpose in mind for eating as I do to cower females.

Eating time would not last for a lifetime, so I went downstairs to the garden once again. There just had to be a way out of this place through here. The trees were notioning an ending point from the long path which it made, and the natural animals stayed in their bounds as they remained near the entrance door. Even a serpent made a hole near all of the activity.

I walked down the trail for a long time, thinking about the Ovil. He is as this dome which encloses what should be free. And as for Najarv'sye, he's just a condtender, too.

Up ahead was Interpreter Myaari sitting alone as he spoke to a roaming bird. "That's what I told the others yesterday, and they seemed to just not understand. If I had told them more, maybe they would have been able to make a conclusion for once."

"What are you doing?" I said.

"Savoice--of all people. Why are you out here?"

"I asked you first. I'm here because I want to find a way out of here."

"What? Already?" He laughed. "You'll get used to it--I promise. I was just out here waiting for the Interpreters to come out here and talk some more about the meeting from yesterday. But, as always, only about two or three come."

"Why do you hold meetings outside of the ones that are assigned? That's probably why most people don't even come."

"That's fine. Most people gain the greatest inspirations sitting by themselves."

I sat down beside him. "Do you know a way out of here?"

"Of course not. Otherwise, no one would be here but me."

"You're not special. Why would you still be here? Would you run like everyone else?"

"No, no. Unlike alot of the people here, I volunteered to be here."

Well, no wonder he's the captain. "Who would volunteer to be here? It's boring here."

"I would, like I just said. Do you know who Wequt is?"


"He's the one that's a dark brown color with the long hair and bright blue eyes. He doesn't talk alot."

"Oh, yes. About time I got his name."

"Well, he volunteered to be here, too. So, we kinda hang out here and talk together."

"He talks?" The whole time I had been here in Ovilis had I never seen this Wequt talk. He would just sit there and take notes.

"Yes, he talks! He wouldn't be able to be an Interpreter if he couldn't talk."

"Oh, well I thought anyone could be drafted."

"Him and I volunteered together."

"Hmph. That's strange." I moved my eyes around the dome. "Why is this garden closed in?"

"What do you think? It's closed so no one like you escapes. I just can't believe you have it in your mind to escape already. How many days has it been? Like ten days now?"

"Something like that. I don't even count anymore."

"Well, do you have any questions about the meeting yesterday or the one before that?"

"Why do you all ignore me?"

"What? Savoice, sometimes I wonder where you get all this. We've never really ignored you. And actually, you kinda are the best talker in the room."

"Nice flattery, but do you mean it?"

"That's why I said 'kinda'. I have never met someone that speaks with perfect understanding. But, you're a good one."

"I try to get the other interpreters to go deeper in the subject, but they don't seem to understand. Every time I try, they ask an irrelevant question that doesn't get us anywhere. By the way, when are we going to change laws?"

"That all depends on a conclusion that we come up with as a whole. I'm really into that idea that we first came up with about the perspective of reality. Our pasts ultimately determine how we see the world."

"What about the concept that we brought up about yesterday, the one about how Ovilis has no mercy for anyone? I think that should change."

"You think it should change? Why didn't you say anything?"

"Well, I wouldn't have a feisable argument to support it." I thought about Interpreter Kon'effin. "I think that we're starting to treat Ovilis like a person just like Najarv'sye did. I mean, Ovilis shouldn't have mercy for anyone because it can't understand anything. It's like a default. You know what I got from that meeting?"

"What?" He asked. Meanwhile, "Wequt" and Interpreter Lalsu approached to enter the conversation.

I continued. "I think that the more that one focuses on the terrors of Ovilis, the more they are pulled into it, too. If the people treat it as nothing, then they won't be affected."

"That's a good thought actually," Interpreter Lalsu sat down beside Wequt.

"That's not my entire thought of it yet. Perhaps we have associated people as the rulers of Reyonis Platura because of an empty need from the Vavy principles, so more of the people are exaggerating their vision."

"Are you saying that it's fake?" Interpreter Myaari said. "If so, that would be denying reality."

"Well, what if what we see as reality may not be real? Then, it's not 'denying reality' because it's not reality at all."

"And then there is the argument of what is real or not," Interpreter Lalsu said. "That's what we tried to cover at the first meeting."

I observed him. "Weren't you doing this once before? You told me that. I mean, what did you do to get to the solution?"

He looked at the ground and blinked. "I don't remember."

"I think you do. What was the resolution to it?"

The eyes of the wandered fox shook in the desperation for ignorance. No word would leave his mouth, no face would tell me the solution.

"What was the resolution?"

"There wasn't one. I-I...I can't remember."

I turned back to Interpreter Myaari. "We can't deny reality until we've accepted the reality first. There is no way that one can say someone is denying reality when the accuser can't tell what reality is from the start."

Interpreter Lalsu blinked quickly to regain focus. "Why are we talking about this? We're supposed to be talking about the meeting from yesterday."

"Very well," Interpreter Myaari said. "Do you fellows agree that there is a mind behind Ovilis controlling the planet?"

"Isn't that what we established yesterday," Interpreter Lalsu said, "that there are punishments pending against us about the Vavy principles."

"Whoa, we didn't establish that," Myaari said. "We said that there is possibly a--."

"Why did you change the subject?" I said.


"No, you, Interpreter Lalsu. You didn't want to talk about reality anymore and instead talked about punishments."

"I want something accomplished being here, Savoice."

"Okay." I let him go, because he will, sometime in this conversation, expose himself. I just have to pay attention closely.

" are we still talking about the punishments or what?" Myaari said.

"You were speaking. Sorry."

"That's fine. I just feel that maybe it's not a person ruling over Ovilis or even Reyonis Plautra. It could be just ourselves unintentionally doing it."

"There could be a small population that knows about it for certain," Interpreter Lalsu said.

"Yeah, maybe."

"The whole population can't possibly control a whole planet in their minds," I said. "That would incapsulate our abilities."

"Well, it depends on what ability you have," Interpreter Myaari said. "If you have the abilities that are able to make people do other things, then maybe it can have a toll on how we think."

Wequt looked at the ground. "P-Powers," his dark voice overshadowed astonishment around us. "Do the Vavys have powers?"

"He..." My eyes were fixed on Wequt's mouth.

"No new news to me," Myaari laughed. "I think most of the people here on Reyonis Platura have abilities besides Purine Bloods. Maybe the Vavy loyalists have abilities against our will."

"Maybe so," I said to myself. I stood up to leave. "I need to go my way now."

"Bye, Savoice," Interpreter Myaari said.

"Leaving already? Hmph. See you at the 'expression' tomorrow," Interpreter Lalsu said.

I didn't even respond back. I just went ahead and soared to my new destination.

I pounded on the executive door. When the time came, Dojyu Coffnaigh opened the door.

"Ah, what an unpleasant surprise," he said. "It's Savoice the void."

"Let me through here. I want to get to Moderator Hoberzt's door."

"You do realize that you're not supposed to be here, right? No one told you that, huh?"

"No one didn't. But, I have gained trust in this place, so I'm going in." I tried to get past him.

"Hey, hey, remember our scenario, Savoice? By the way, did you hear anything strange yet?"

"No. Let me through here."

He had a good baracade on his mind, leaning on the door toward me. "You're not allowed to be here."

"Hey, you need me?" Moderator Hoberzt came behind Dojyu Coffnaigh. "'re not supposed to be in this area."

"Go away, Byer," Coffnaigh smiled. "I have this one."

"If he needs me, I can assist him," Byer said.

"I just said no."

With no hesitation, the contentious male marched off.

"As for you Savoice, I suggest you leave," Coffnaigh said.

"I will just return later." I turned and went my way as he slowly creaked the door closed behind me.

I went back to my room, looking into the mirror once again. There was the black ceiling telling me that there was no other. The beams were still the same. The hanging bed structure hung like an undisturbed web. The recliner was never adjusted since the day I came. The shower pores were still there. Everything was normal here, so I took a seat on the recliner chair and relaxed.

There was something strange about Interpreter Lalsu today, and I think I know what it is. He was an interpreter once before, meaning that he was involved with Callinaiva last time. When Callinaiva was an Interpreter, he began to have issues. From what I remember Moderator Hoberzt told me, they were required to forget Callinaiva's real name so nothing would spread around. By him saying that he didn't remember was a lie to me. He was just ordered to forget.

But, I wonder why. I have to know more about this matter so that I don't end up the way Callinaiva did. It is not that I do not want to be an executive (I want that more than anything). I do not want to be a humiliated example of why Ovilis is corrupted with denying minds of torture.

Then, my thoughts went to Wequt who finally spoke once after being here for a while. The only thing he said concerned powers of the Vavys. Perhaps, he understands what powers are to people. After all, the Pertanese did try to limit the use of abilities through the olden "Almasia Law". But, Interpreter Myaari put it best: we don't have a will against the Vavys.

Tired I am, but it seems to early to sleep. I closed my eyes as my thoughts began to roam around meaninglessly. Dagra has an attraction to me, a deficit to where I need to be. I don't know--she might see me one day and remind me that I'm "ruthless". Or, she might take the kiss of the hand to the next level. She is rather cute in the looks, and does have an intentionally anxious approach toward me, but there may be a concealed evil in her. Moderator Elleai did warn me that she is able to hypnotize others.

Abilities. It makes everything more difficult, especially when one's is not good enough.

The only ability that I have is being able to absorb other abilities and have them come out not physical, but to penetrate in the target's mind. Yes, it does work for a moment, but when they return back to what's relevant, they will brace me down.

Most times I had to use my abilites when I was in Salwom, where people use their abilites all the time, to settle disputes. Once they figured out that I was the one playing the "I'm burning" trick on them, they would instead go to attack me. Then, my loyal assistant Xaklik would intervene, with the ability to generate wounds on targets' bodies.

But me being carried around was tiresome. I took classes in self-defense under the Bondas Covoy system and made sure that I was future ready for any fight. Even against Moderator Ed-Nonon if he tried again.

I took a look around the room once again. Something was sticking out from behind the recliner as a batten stick swerved into the ground. A threat was arising.

Walking over to it was the manifestation of a circle shape embedded into the floors. The planks seemed well cut, with no edges, and was twisted over. The bar sticking out played as a handle with those strange Ovilian symbols engraved into it.

Not again.

I tried my best to retain anxiousness, but it began to show out. My hands were shaking with no remorse, my mouth trembled with fear, my head throbbed in perplexion. Dojyu Coffnaigh told me to keep it in, but I don't know if I can do that.

Heavy breaths of torture ailed my dry mouth as my hand quivered over to the lever. I thought that if I touched it, I would die, but instead it was cold and dry like my eyes. I turned the lever open, cranking the noise of dragging floors in friction with one another, and pulled it up.

Water it was sitting in that little hole. It was as bright as the minty aqua vibe that lightened the room. This wasn't just water. It may be Ovilian Vavasa--the most purest of water on Reyonis Platura.

But, I didn't drink it. I stood up and walked outside of my door to point this out to someone. The help to blink forged my appearance of tranquility.

"Hey, you," a light accented voice steered me over, "you olright?"

"There is vavasa in my room, come and look."

A male with a creamy beige color of long quills put his hands on his hips. "Vavasa is in your shawars."

"Please, just come and look."

He plodded over into the room with me, taking exploration of his eyes along with the tour.

"See, look," I pointed to the substance. "Is that strange to you?"

He walked closer to it, his heterochromia, darkened green and blue visions focusing on the waters flowing slow as a pile of blowing feathers.

A frown came about his face, and his mouth tightened subtly with focus. "What is that?"

"You tell me. It definitely wasn't here before."

"Aren't you going to tell the others?"

"You know, when I do that, I just get rejected, or what I think is there isn't anymore. that you're here as a witness, you have proved that this is indeed real!"

Immediately, I ran out of the room to the executive's door. "Open up, Coffnaigh. I've got something for you, now!"

"Hey, Savoice," Interpreter Kon'effin was passing in the hall, "You should be careful messing with the Ovil next time. It will save your life."

I stopped knocking. "What do you mean?"

"You got docked again. One more and you're out." He leered and cocked his head and strode away.

Dojyu opened the door. "What do you have for me?"

"Come to my room. Something changed again."

So, the two of us went to the room and took a gaze at the strange, well-like system installed into my ordinary dorm floors.

"Hm..." Dojyu Coffnaigh stood with who he called "Finalizer Jalade". "What do you think this is, Savoice?"

"I want you to tell me. You said that someone could have 'fixed' the room up. Who do you think it could be?"

"Well, it's obviously not in your head...or maybe we're seeing it because we were told ahead of time so we'd expect it in our visions."

"Then you might as well say that everything around us is just the same."

"Maybe it is something from the Ovil," Finalizer Jalade blinked, "like a message."

"How would he be able to do this?" Coffnaigh sighed. "This is not in the rest of the rooms, so there is obviously something wrong."

Thank Ovilis. For once, I would be right to the Ovilians near and far. Savoice Demoy is not denying reality after all.

"If I were you, I would report this right here," Coffnaigh smiled. "Go to your mirror and tell him everything and see what he can do to solve it. He is a Higher, after all."

"Will you stop fooling around like you have been this entire time? For once I'm right, and you still treat me as if this was another illusion."

"So, you accepted them as illusions. You're very gullible, like I said. You let the people shift your views of the world without them even trying to."

I grit my teeth. "I don't serve anyone but myself."

"Then go to the mirror. Tell that imbecile how you feel about all of the lying perceptions for you." Even though the room was tense, he did not move a muscle, nor did he panic. He was a rock without even erosion to coax him down.

What is wrong with him? Every time I try to express my adversity to him, he doesn't seem to understand. He doesn't even empathize much. Everything to him is...nothing. It's just nothing.

An ache of the eyes mellowed in reminders of the installed well. "Coffnaigh...why?"

"Hey, hey," Jalade said, "Leave him alone, Coffnaigh. He needs some toyme to think." He began to leave the room. "I'm reporting this to de other Finalizers."

"Don't you say a thing," Coffnaigh glared at him. "If you do, you will get a dock."

"Truth need out. If it's not, no one will know de dangers of dis place." Jalade was very disobedient, but worked well in my favor. Now, I would be the Higher looking into the mirror with Coffnaigh gone.

"Eh, that didn't work," Coffnaigh said. He shrugged. "Oh well. I suppose the others will see what you mean now, Savoice. Unless it somehow disappears." He began to leave.

"Maybe you're the one that did it."

He still yet continued in his slow stroll out of the room. "Denying reality once again." He didn't even close the door behind him.

"Dojyu, if I get taken out of here in these last eleven days being here, I will expose you." I slammed the door closed.

I think I have it set. It may be Dojyu Coffnaigh doing this. He didn't take this as light. He seemed a bit nervous to me trying to find an explanation. Let alone, he attacked me being a Higher and such, a sign of feeling threatened. He was slow to come inside, and even asked me what I thought of it. He probably wanted to change it up so I perceived it differently.

Of course! That's what he meant when he said there may be no sorrow yesterday. He's the one denying reality. That's why he never shivers to me when I argue with him! He's changed his perception of the world shaped around an image of pride.

If he wants to point the finger to me, I need to turn it back on him. Before I know it, he'll try to change me to the point where he's right and I'm wrong. So, I've got a treat for him, too.

Tomorrow at the meeting, I will make everyone deny their reality--just for him.

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