Biography of Denis

Denis, is known as the dark Tails cousin, is dedicated to serial killer, tastes like Hard Rock and Heavy Metal opts is unio since the creation of the "metal guys!" in 1956 as artistic designer and still is dedicated to that with the band, as well as know how to use weapons, dedicated to the creation of a guitar shaped cross that I call "firecross´´ and the gift to Tails.

a great painter

characteristics of Denis
nickname the dark painter age 16
skills design and drawing, fly, playing the bass, use weapons with perfection and be a friendly rocker with society
likes Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, the phono players, lara-Su, play the bass, be dark, drawing and design, belong to the Metal Guys! and drinking DR.Pepper without thinking
dislikes pop music, reggaetonn, greed, errors, DR.Pepper Diet, toxics and the twits
alignment anti-hero
attire black boots, white gloves, Black cuff with pins, a black cross, piercings and pins
gender male
fur black and white
theme song

working with the ``Metal Guys!´´

known as the dark painter, Denis was the artistic draughtsman and designer of costumes for

the gift for Tails

a drawing created by the same

the band to which belonged his cousin Tails, was hired in 1956 by recommendation of Tails to the Sonic producer.In addition to creating art in the band he was a member in 3 albums, which was the bassist and singer sometimes at the same time.In the sponsors collaborate too by signing with trademarks like: DR.Pepper, Nokia (was the first member to use a cell phone), Yamaha and many more.

Many songs that he composed the band and decided that tribute used as its main theme song "Get A Grip´´ from the album" tribute to Black Sabbath´´.When drew a cover of album was use headphones and listened to Rock or Metal, so the said "music we concentrated, his power is so powerful you not roar of from it´´, sometimes it took photos by separate members and to make the best pose of each home put in the disk and he added details.

his way of being of the same and others

You can know you that it brings darkness, has its negative and sometimes positive, now talking of as it is with himself, Denis is a bit quiet, it is not very optimistic everything so not you smile to all. It looks like an Emo with a little Punk, a percentage of creative and dark rock.Many of their creative artistic makes them under music, an example was the album of the "Metal Guys´´ called" UNKNOWN´´, which inspired the music video "Headless Cross´´ of" Black Sabbath´´ to see dark monks thought in an equal to the video locker room, so the band had in mind a scary project.Now its attitude towards the society changes radically, he is very friendly with his friends, loves to learn new things, likes to talk about Rock and Metal and help those who are in trouble.

they are very different, isn't it?

His family relationship with Tails

His relationship with his cousin Tails leads very well, Denis is 3 years older, I taught to use various musical instruments, such as: the harmonica, bass, double bass, electric organ and technical on guitar.On issues to the music, the style of Tails in the rock is more different Denis, since Tails likes hard rock, rock and roll and psychedelic rock; whether they are the Beatles, Cream, Deep purple, Creedence and derived bands. Change Denis, his music varies more Heavy Metal, Trashed, Gothic, and others; whether the Sex Pistols, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Helloween, and others.But how large family share their tastes and learn new between them, things that sometimes Tails teaches you to repair air props and aircraft, and Denis to chaff all system audio, amplifiers and speaker, and even bulbs for the sound devices.

creativity, music and art

Knowing far Denis, one may think that it is a Darki or something of the kind, but honestly is a being that although it seems a rarity,he have more creative mind, musical and artistic.They are the 3 skills that best highlight of the.


stresses in the arts of drawing, their work is carried out in the band that integrates.Also dedicated to making photo drawings of their peers or who you have.

Does his style is noticeable to the naked eye, but? appearances are deceptive?

His musical style

All your music is inspiring creativity, his works are based on rock music, so it comes to Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, psychedelic, rock, Power, Trash, Gothic and Black. That is why Denis is considered as "the dark painter´´.

a creative mind

As you know, Tails and Denis in addition to sharing physical, also features share almost the same way of thinking, as well as Tails is creative in the air engineering, Denis is creative in the sound system, so it always likes to repair sound objects.

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