This is an article about Dena the Hedgehog, a character created by Peanutjon on 01/8/2013.


Dena has a head that is a recolor of Tiara Boobowski. She has yellow skin, with a green poof of hair. She wears red goggles and a short blue dress with blue jeans. She has red bracelets on both arms and magenta shoes, with pink stripes of paint on them.

Classic Appearance

Classic Dena is a recolor of Amy, and uses one of her more recent artworks from Sonic Channel. Unlike Amy, however, she has yellow skin/hair/quills and a purple dress, alongside a purple headband. Also, her rings are more silver-ish. She also has blue eyes instead of green and does not wear gloves.


Dena is very kind and friendly, but a little hostile when she first meets someone. However, she is easy to get on the good side of, unless you hurt one of her friends.


Dena was born to Cheryl and Jesse Hedgehog in a small swamp. When Dena was two, however, Cheryl and Jesse were kidnapped by Dr. Eggman, though Dena was hidden by her parents in a small cave. She raised herself for a couple of years, but was found by her current best friend Roxy when she was four. Roxy's parents helped take care of Dena, and Dena and Roxy became fast friends. Later on, when Dena and Roxy were fourteen, Dr. Eggman once again attacked the area. Dena and Roxy battled him, and met Sonic, who Dena shortly fell in love with. However, after Sonic left to defend somewhere else, Dena got over her crush on Sonic. Later on, Dena and Roxy met Sarah, a mysterious cat who doesn't talk much. When Eggman attacked again and kidnapped Sonic, Dena, Roxy and Sarah worked together to defeat Eggman and save Sonic, using a robot Roxy built named Robot Nick. Afterwards, Dena, Roxy, Sarah, and Nick formed a team called "Team Slider". Later on, she met Dean the Hedgehog, who is actually her younger brother born in captivity, and Harley the Bat, who joined Team Slider too.


Dena has the ability to perform what she calls a "kick-slide", in which she slides backwards and kicks anything nearby.


Dena has the skill of using a whip, which she calls the "Woplish". It is her weapon, like Amy's Piko Piko Hammer. She's also very stealthy, and can follow people without them knowing she exists.


Like most other Sonic characters, Dena cannot swim. Also, she is very weak to smoke, and will fall unconscious almost immediately after breathing some in.


Sonic Riders X-Treme

  • I think I can win! (when picked)
  • Ok, I guess. (when picked)
  • Let's do it! (when picked)
  • Whoa-whoa-whoa! (when attacked)
  • Watch out! (when attacked)
  • Eek! (when attacked)
  • I did it? (A rank/1st place)
  • Wow! (A rank/1st place)
  • That's what I thought. (B rank/2nd place)
  • Well, I guess I did good. (B rank/2nd place)
  • I could've done worse. (C rank/3rd-7th place)
  • I wish I had won... (C rank/3rd-7th place)
  • No... (F rank/8th place)
  • As expected. (F rank/8th place)


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