Dempsey the Tiger

Biographical Information
AgeMid 30's
  • None (it is unclear on whether he has relatives or not)
  • Tank
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
  • Height: 4'4"
  • Weight: 81 lbs
  • Fur: Peach fur with white muzzle (with black streaks around his both sides of his muzzle)
  • Hair: Short Dirty Blond hair
  • Eyes: Brown/Hazel
  • Light Green shirt/pants
  • Leather belt wrapped around his shoulder
  • Light brown shirt
  • Brown boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations None
  • Thundergun
  • MP40
  • Monkey Bomb
  • Olympia
Abilities Various (although this is uncertain)
Other Information
American V.A.Steven Blum
Japanese V.A.???
Theme Song(s)
Appearances None so far

Dempsey the Tiger is a marine soldier as well as a zombie survivor. He is based upon the character Tank Dempsey from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Physical Description

Like the actual Dempsey, he has peach fur with black tiger stripes on both sides of his muzzle, a short dirty blond hair, including marine outfits, and as well as his leather grenade belt strapped around his shoulder.


His mission was to rescue Peter, but his memory was erased caused by the effects of Element 115. All he can remember was surviving from hordes of zombies, with the help of Takeo and Nikolai, while they were being observed by Richtofen.


Dempsey has excellent reflexes and marksmanship when it comes to battling hordes of the undead. He also wields weapons that were not developed elsewhere around this planet, as the "Wonder Weapon" known as the Thundergun, which can blast zombies up to 7 feet away, making this one of the most deadliest firearms ever.


He is prone to sickness when coming upon a teleporter, thus reducing his ability to aim well and shoot at zombies due to his experience of vertigo. Plus, he is easily intoxicated when consuming Nikolai's vodka.


Being a soldier, Dempsey is brave, tough and level-headed, although he dislikes Richtofen to an extent, despite being his ally. He was also threatened numerous times by the insane scientist/soldier, yet Dempsey is still alive, mostly because Richtofen would rather watch Dempsey be humiliated, which hasn't worked most of the time. He also takes an extreme dislike towards the hellhounds (despite that Richtofen likes them, but he gets attacked as well).



Running low on ammo!

K to the I to the A, zomb***h!

Die you undead flesh hordes!

As much as you hate my face, I hate your weird and unpleasant accent, Richtofen.

I wonder what this vodka tastes like...?

Stupid undead flesh hordes, you're dead already!


Likes & Dislikes


  • Killing zombies
  • Thundergun


  • Richtofen's insanity

Biggest Fears

  • None(?)

Friends and Foes



  • Nikolai the Hamster- Does enjoy sharing vodka with Nikolai, although Dempsey prefers to use the Jugger-Nog, which makes him somewhat invincible for a limited time. Dempsey couldn't seem to hold onto Nikolai's vodka, much to Nikolai's disapproval, since Dempsey was unable to drink his vodka well.
  • Takeo the Ferret- Seems to get along with Takeo, but obviously views his as "a bundle of bad@$$", much to Takeo's annoyance.


  • Richtofen the Foxolf- To an extent, due to his dislike of his insanity and being threatened by being used as his "experiment".


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