A Demon Rank is an inborn power belonging to all Demons (whether by genetics or by philosphy doesn't matter). This "Rank" has no real title or political meaning, as law is literally non-existant in the Abyss. Instead, it is a measure of power belonging to all Demons. The ranks are Z, F, E, D, C, A, S, and X. The weakest of Demons (Demon Larvae, Argros's, and other sub demons) are Rank Z. The strongest of Demons (The Demon Lords) are Ranked X.

Rank Descriptions

NOTE:The abilities in Each Rank are only in addition to the natural abilities that A Demon possesses. It also refers to only a majority of demon at said Rank.

Rank Z (Sub Demon)

Sub Demons are the weakest of the weak. They are usually barely Demons at all, in fact. The most common example is the Agros's. These Demons are basically undead that have been twisted horribly by the Abyss. These Demons are usually pathetic or non intellegent.

Abilities that go with it:

  • Immunity to sleep:Anyone with this Rank is immune to sleep.
  • Immunity to Mind Affliction:The Demon's of this Rank are not subject to minor mind effects such as mind control, unless they are non-intellegent.
  • Resistances:All Demons of this Rank have a lower limit of at least a 10% to Fire, Cold, and Acid.
  • Poison Immunity:All Demons are immune to Poison.

Rank F (Lesser Demon)

All Demons of this Rank are intellegent, and tend to be some of the younger demons. These creatures are not too strong, but can hold their own in the Abyss.

  • All lower abilities:The Demons of this Rank tend to have the abilities of all the Demon Ranks below them.
  • Summon Demon:All Demons of this Rank have the ability to Summon up to three Demons of Rank Z, or one of Rank F, a will. This is usually only used as a last resort.
  • Improved Mind Affliction Resistance:Demons of Rank F has an even better resistance to Compulsion, Mind Control, and the like. It's still not that good though.

Rank E

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