Democratic People's Republic of Spagonia
Motto: Workers of the World, unite!
Anthem: National Anthem of the DPRS


Flag of the DPRS

Vital Information

Largest City


Official Language(s) Spagonian
National Language Spagonian
Denonym South Spagonian
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
Socialist single-party state
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
Legislature Ultimate Council
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from Spagonia
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Population 983,700 (est)
Land area 290.028 million
  • Total
  • Per capita
Last estimate
  • Unknown
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Currency Communita
Drives on the Right
Calling code 7790
The Democratic People's Republic of Spagonia, also known as South Spagonia, is one of seven countries in Chronicles of the Raven 2: Rebellion.


It is hot and dry here. This is why there is not a massive population, unlike its rivals.


Before the War

After Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip restored Spagonia, a group of people formed a micronation. For many years, this tiny country was unknown to all of Spagonia, until the Spagonian War.

Spagonian War

The Spagonian Rebels had found out about the micronation. The micronation created the Spagonian War, which broke Spagonia into five countries: The Rebel Kingdom of Spagonia, this country, the Republic of Spagonia, The Free Republic of Ainogaps, and the Kingdom of Meranco.

Events of Chronicles of the Raven 2: Rebellion

When Sam the Raven arrived in this country to retrieve the last Hyper Ring, the Egg Destroyer had taken over this country. Sam the Raven fought him, retrieved the Hyper Ring, and met Roven 2.0, who chased Sam back to the Rebel Kingdom of Spagonia.

After that, this country was ruined. Sam let the country exist, but it became less communist and more democratic.

Significant Populations

The country is heavily populated by robots, but there are only around 983,000 humans and animals.

Notable Areas

  • South Spagonian Secret Supreme Council: It is unknown where this is.


South Spagonia has one very famous landmark: The Elova Tower. This is said to be where the Secret Supreme Council takes place.


  • This country is based on communist countries, but it's most based off North Korea and the USSR.
  • Its rivals are every country on Eurish (except itself).
  • Like the Rebel Kingdom of Spagonia being the only kingdom on Eurish, this country is the only communist country on Eurish.
  • It has an exclave: a small city right of the Rebel Kingdom of Spagonia.
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