Delta Search is an unusual combat-locating technique, and is one of the techniques from the Project Delta combat style.

A second technique, of the same name, is used by many other beings as a standard locating technique.


The Project Delta form uses the impressions created by beings in combat in the Chaos Force to locate their target, before launching into a surprise attack method, bending the folds of reality around themselves in a startling attack intended to cause a target to flinch, while at the same time unleashing a Delta Wave for damage.

The standard form uses the even smaller impressions in the Chaos Force of beings and even items, and as such can use those small indentations to locate these to a VERY high degree of accuracy, within a five-kilometre radius.

However, if someone forcibly masks themselves in the Chaos Force, such as a Chaos technique like Chaos Shroud, or through a Soul technique or genetic ability, then the technique cannot locate them, no matter what.


Project Delta Form

Standard Form



Technique Rank

As there are two different forms, each has a different rank. The Project Delta form, as with most of their techniques, bears an A-rank.

The ordinary variant, however, has a C-rank, due to its accuracy at locating targets.

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