Cquote1 Welcome to a world beyond your Imagination, where magnificent beasts roam, we call it, Delphonus...... Cquote2
Opening of The Claw Saga
Delphonus (Del-fon-us) is a Planet that appears in The Claw Saga (Invasions I-III), it is part of The Rigis Star System.
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Delphonus Currently

Background Info

Delphonus (Del-fon-nus) is a beautiful planet with 8 continents, Asgultha, Telsavia, Iroka, Glithada, Furgera, Icandra, Moltema, and Metallica. Asgultha is the paradise continent, it is shaped like a deformed North, and South America. Telsavia is the factory continent, it is shaped like a Spiral. Iroka is the Relic Continent, its current appearance is of a small rectangular with wavy edges. Glithada is the Oracle Continent, it is shaped like a cross with a star in the center. Furgera is the Forest Continent, it is shaped like an Ace. Icandra is the Artic Continent, it is shaped like a deformed pentagon with a constant flow of wind circling. Molterma is the Volcano Continent, is shaped exactly like Icandra, but without the wind. (Metallica is the Metal Continent or the New Continent, it is made of Metal and shaped like an octagon, it wasn't created until Claw was defeated). this world was once peaceful, until he came...



  1. Asgultha (as-ghoul-tha)
  2. Telsavia (tell-save-via)
  3. Iroka (I-row-ca)
  4. Glithada (Glith-a-da)
  5. Furgera (fur-jer-ra)
  6. Icandra (I-cun-dra)
  7. Molterma (Molt-er-ma)
  8. Metallica (Metale-li-ca)


The Oceans are called Seas on Delphonus

  1. Grand Sea
  2. Turbulent Sea
  3. Dead Wind Sea
  4. Dark Sea
  5. Frozen Sea
  6. Magma Sea
  7. Iron Sea

Other Locations

  1. Asgulthian Islands
  2. Storming Mountains
  3. The Underground Oasis
  4. Isle of Guardians
  5. the Hidden Isle
  6. Primo Draxun Remains
  7. The C.L.A.W. Satellite
  8. The Core of Delphonus

Important Notes

The Claw Saga was created in the Year 2000, back then, the original story was the Fourth and Fifth Invasion. all things, when Created, were Original's to me. I never knew about Metallica as being a band, so back then, to me that was an Original Name. The C.L.A.W. satellite was originally the First part of the Story, in which I learned about Space Colony Ark eight years later, so to me, The C.L.A.W. satellite was also Original.


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