Delilah the Cat
Dark Side
First Appearance (and only appearance so far)
Sonic Hunt
Evil, Sharp Metal
Light, Soft things
Fire, Lava, Anything really hot

Delilah the Cat is an evil 12 year old cat that is a spy for Dr. Eggman. However, she to goof around and tease people. The cat is not very smart (unlike another hero cat, Emmy Rose Hedgehog), but is strong like that of Blaze the Cat. There's a big difference between Blaze the Cat and Delilah, because Delilah has freezing abilities, and Blaze has fire abilities. Delilah is also known as one of the Ultimate Lifeforms. Delilah is only in the RFU (Rainbow Fanfic Universe).


Delilah was born around the time of the Perfect Chaos incident, originally named Dilysa (die-lease-uh), yet she was not born around Station Square, where the Perfect Chaos incident happened. Actually, she was born in Ice Cap Town, part of the country, Ice Cap. Delilah (Dilysa at the time) originally had water powers, but after living in the freezing climate of Ice Cap Town, her water abilities turned into freezing abilities. Her parents were Justin Claws and Lily Claws. When Delilah was only a year old, her father was robotized by Dr. Eggman and turned to the dark side. Delilah is tried to get revenge on Eggman and is tried to take her father back, but instead was also robotized and possessed by Dr. Eggman. Dr. Eggman then called her Delilah. Although not looking like a robot, this cat's robotic body is created just like Shadow the Hedgehog. This meant that she was robotized after Dr. Eggman figured out how the Dr.'s grandfather (Dr. Gerald Robotnik) created and worked Shadow. In this case, Delilah is known as one of the Ultimate Lifeforms.

In The Games

Delilah only appears in Sonic Hunt, and may appear in Sonic Hunt 2.

In The Books

Delilah appears in a Gar-Art Studios chapter book project called The Adventures of Lightning the Hedgehog: Book I. Her personality is different in this book, and she ends up on the good side in the end. She doesn't appear in any other books in the series after this.

In Sonic X

Delilah may appear in Sonic X: Season 4.


  • Speed: ★★★
  • Strength: ★★★1/2
  • Stability: ★★★★


Teasing, annoying, loves things blowing up.




  • Justin Claws
  • Lily Claws
  • Blizzard the Hedgehog is Delilah's brother. Blizzard is a hero, though, not on the dark side. So because of this, Delilah is Blizzard's "evil" sister.


Special Attacks

The FreezeFreeze Attack is where Delilah can freeze her opponent for 10 seconds. The attack is tiring, though, so she can't use it that often.

Below 0 Attack is where Delilah causes her opponent to become cold and stiff, keeping the opponent from being flexible.

Although not an attack, Delilah can ice skate better than anyone else in the RFU.


Freezing Delilah is when Delilah has all 7 Chaos Emeralds, using the emeralds' negative energy. She can freeze her opponent and keep her opponent frozen for 20 seconds. She can also go faster.

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