Del'taan are large and muscular, and their skin had a charred texture, but they normally cover their body up in Power Suits to enhance their already great skills. They have a small tail, which has a sharp prong like bone at the end, used for self defence.


The Del'taan were created after experiments by Black Doom on the then desolate planet Vir'krugar. After noticing his creations became sentient and turned against him, he led an army to exterminate them, but they were brutally defeated, and he noticed their extreme technological knowledge, and cunning tactics, so he abandoned them. Over the years, multiple wars between the clans triggered a cataclysmic event that caused Vir'krugar to become uninhabitable, leading many Del'taan to evacuate. The Del'taan then began invading many worlds, which were far smaller than Vir'krugar, to temporarily sustain their quickly growing population. After many years, General Atokad found large planets in the Solar System, and built Project Delta, a Battlestation, to help conquer them, after learning of powerful individuals living there from Black Doom.


The Del'taan believe in the 'great skyward God', who will one day revive Vir'krugar. They make complicated and intricate patterns in neon colours to please their God.

Base of Operations

The Del'taan previously had no Base of Operations, but after General Atokad built Project Delta, they finally had a Battlestation to unite themselves in.


The Del'taan originally lived in technological cities in the Volcanic Region of Planet Vir'krugar, but it was destroyed in a cataclysmic event, forcing them to invade other, far smaller planets, to temporarily sustain their quickly growing population, in mountainous or warm regions. 

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