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Prologue: Convicted

Unknown Location, Westopolis, United Federation - April 19th 2015, 03:25 AM

It was cold. Dark. Damp. I could feel the shackles tugging against my wrists, holding me in place. I was hungry, thirsty and in pain. For three days, I was imprisoned. I was mocked and tortured. He walked up to me, slowly and menacingly and grabbed my face, making me look at his own.

"You, little lady, are going to give us details on everything you know," he whispered directly into my face.

"I cannot," I replied quietly.

He slapped me across the face with the same hand he grabbed me with. I winced as his hand hit me.

"You can. You just choose not to, you stubborn little bitch. Now tell me everything you know!" he yelled, unintentionally flinging spit into my direction.

A let the room quieten down for a moment before responded, "I cannot."

The tiger that stood before me growled and slammed my head against the concrete wall behind me. The pain was almost unbearable. I suddenly felt dizzy and sick.

"How 'bout now?" he asked, continuing to grasp my forehead.

I couldn't think straight. I was trying to respond, but I couldn't finish the sentence, "I cann..." Everything then went black. I'd become unconscious.

After a few hours I woke up and was immediately frightened by a black blur standing in the corner of the room. I couldn't see very well. Like I said before, my vision was blurred, but I could see the person, thing, whatever it was, walk up to me. It had a very deep, voice. It sounded ill. As if it's throat had been sliced with a razor from the inside.

"Your will is strong," the person said to me. I was breathing heavily, scared. This wasn't one of The Convicted's thugs. This was something very different.

"You will be a queen," the person continued. The person walked right up close to me and caressed my face. I quite visibly cringed. Then, they scratched my face, deep enough to scar it later. It stung like a bitch. The mysterious person then walked out and I closed my eyes, trying to resist the pain from the wound.

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