Defusion is a powerful multi-elemental counter-attack, created by Statyx the Hedgehog specifically to defeat advanced elements.


When the opponent launches an attack involving an elemental combination, this attack can be used, but only if the user controls one of the elements that make up the incoming attack. The user focuses the element into the palm of their hand, then thrusts it forward into the attack. This results in an addition of one of the elements from a foreign source being forced into the attack. This in turn causes the attack to become unbalanced, with the end result being that the incoming attack discharges harmlessly, leaving the user of Defusion unharmed.


Due to the increasing amount of users with advanced elements, Statyx knew that despite his mastery of electrokinesis, if he could not grow stronger or find a way to counter the advanced elements, he and others would soon be overwhelmed. This became all the more obvious when The Nine Raiju Fangs, a group made up of those who used advanced electricity elements, attacked G.U.N., nearly defeating Statyx if assistance hadn't come along. Deciding against trying to master the elements used against him, Statyx decided to counter them with what he had. Thus, the technique Defusion was created.



Despite the simplicity, the fact that this attack is capable of making advanced elements virtually useless, and with virtually no negative backlash to the user, this technique is ranked as C-to-A Rank.

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