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Grief, god of war and conflict has decided to start a war with the country of Uralia in order to provoke it and cause a larger regional war. He has sent his Eternal Army. to launch an all out unprovoked invasion of this large and sovergn nation. When two Uralian soldiers stationed on routine border guard duty are suddenly attack by Grief's mobolized hordes of bloodthristy soldiers it is up to them to hold the line against this agressive invasion into their homeland.

Included Characters

Balta Baldrova wolf (Rebooted Uralian version.)

Alexander bear

Gicandice the cat

The Eternal Army

The Uralian Army

Part 1: Border Skirmish

Balta gazed through the pillbox observing the land in front of her. It was a cold day and she was admittedly a bit hungry. All she could see outside was a bit of settled snow and a few deciduous trees blanked in frosty white snow. The chilling wind blew against the trees and their branches swayed against the breezy tide of wind. However, in the dark gray bunker Balta was stationed all she could see as she turned back inside to look behind her was a few crates and an iron coated door. “Border guard is very boring. At least the scenery is beautiful outside today.”

She continued to scan around with her rifle as she was instructed to do to make sure there weren't any signs of trespassers into Uralian territory. While she viewed this as a noble act necessary to defend the motherland, still she felt it unexciting and depressingly dull.

Soon however she heard the door behind her unlock and closely come open with a loud clanging noise. She turned around once more and placed her hand on her holster in case it were a hostile. In walked into the pillbox a familiar face, her comrade Alexander bear. He was a tall and very hearty bear with a serious face on while he wore his black ushanka hat. He seemed to be carrying something in a small wooden box. Balta lowered her guard and saluted to the bear. As he raised his head after lowering it to get inside the door.

“Comrade, I bring food.” Alexander let out in a monotone voice.

“I forgot it was meal time” Balta replied back to Alexander

“Da, comrade sergeant just gave order for chow.”

“I see, please use that makeshift box of crates as table then.”

Alexander and Balta walked over to the small stack crates and sat on the ground to where they crates where chest level to Balta and able to be used by Alexander. She gazed up as even as she sat Alexander still towered over her on the other side of the crate. Her knows picked up the scent of food, but it didn't smell all that appetizing, still she was hungry so she couldn't complain.

“Are you sure that will be enough to feed both of us, Alexander? You know that you eat much more than I do.”

“Da, a man is not man if he lets woman starve before he does.”

Balta gazed into Alexander's eyes coal black eyes. He was an older veteran in the Uralian Army who has served long before she entered service. While his expression looked that of someone who was apathetic he nevertheless was known to have a compassionate and caring side for younger soldiers. While Balta felt somewhat against denying her comrade his adequate portion of food her own hunger was disturbing her as her stomach growled.

“Take this ration.” He said as he handed over some food to her.

Balta took out her knife and opened it up. She could see there were some potatoes, some meager amounts of unknown meat, and a few pieces of bread. Balta started to consume her meal as she heard Alexander's gobble down his meal. She paused and let out a slight chuckle.

“You hardly are ever one to pass up a meal comrade,”

“Is as old saying goes Baldrova, the army, it marches on its stomach. Yours is just smaller than mine.”

“I have to keep up my feminine figure, comrade.” Balta said in a playful tone.

“Heh, not in war comrade. A soldier must be fueled and supplied as any weapon or vehicle.”

“Da,da. Yet who would be so foolish enough as to attack Mother Uralia?” Balta replied.

“This I do not know, it could be Uralia’s foes from the west, east, or south.”

“Do you think we will go to war with the western powers?”

“I hope not Baldrova, the motherland has her own problems with the western tyrants and the Yellow Monster.”

“Oh don't tell me you believe the stories about the giant yellow monster feline sir.”

“Da, I do. I've heard stories Baldrova. The Yellow Monster, she is real. I've heard reports from our comrades in the east. Some believe the Yellow Terror maybe even be guarding Motherland itself, protecting Uralia’s mountains from invaders. “

“Let’s just hope the army doesn’t decided to conscript witches and vampires next.”

“Funny, for a she-wolf.” Alexander replied with one of his rare smiles portrayed upon his face.

Balta and Alexander eventually finished their meal. They tidied up and prepared to go back to observation duty. However once they did so they found something was amiss out from a few kilometers from their pillbox. Alexander took out a pair of binoculars and scanned the area with them.

“I see movement.”

“Perhaps some of our soldiers in wrong place, sir?” Balta asked curiously while preparing to look through her scope.

“Nyet, we are under orders not to be out far from our posts.”

“Villagers perhaps?” She replied

“I don’t think so, I see weapons being held. Black helmets too.”

“We should warn the others then?”

“They’re getting too close Baldrova, ready your rifle!”

Balta poked her weapon out of the port of the bunker and took the safety off. As Alexander feared she could see multiple soldiers dressed in unknown uniforms approaching. She scanned through her scope and found their weaponry to be exotic and foreign,
“Not any of our guns, they must be invaders!”

“Wait for my signal Baldrova.”

“Da sir.”

“Do you see officer?”

“Nyet sir.”

“Then he must be behind them, they’re organized.”

Balta waited and watched as the invaders advanced closer and closer, she could see them treading through the snow. She picked what she could only guess was their squad leader and aimed her rifle upon his head. She had her finger on the trigger but she wouldn’t dare pull it until given the order to do so.

“Let them get just so close comrade. Wait for it, a little more…Now open fire!”

At Alexander’s order Balta fired without hesitation. Her bullet was projected out of her rifle and before the soldier in her sights knew it he was hit right between the eyes and he went down. The other soldiers noticed their point man incapacitated and began to fire upon the bunker.

Alaxander then began to return fire with his sub-machine gun. She could hear the loud spray of endless bullets as his gun let out round after round of ammunition upon their foes. Soon however she could see the fire of the enemies guns being fired from their own guns, unlike normal weaponry these soldiers fired rounds that lit up in a bizarre light purple color and they hit all around the outside of the concrete fortification.

Balta took aim and unleashed another round of her semi-automatic rifle at another soldier who was getting too close. She got a lucky headshot and the bullet went right into the soldier’s dark black helmet as he fell backwards upon the ground.

“Right flank, enemy marksman!”Alexander let out.

As her gun was swiftly adjusted Balta took aim once more, this time it was at a soldier who was hurrying up to take aim. She beat the man to the chase as she gave off a quick shot and the bullet impacted his chest.

Alexander ducked as best he could in the bunker and stated to reload his gun. Knowing she had about one more shot left and she had to make it count. She surveyed the enemies’ formation and saw one of them trying to set up a heavy machine gun, she quickly shot at the man trying to set up the gun in the snow. His squad mate carrying the tripod quickly fell back.


“I’ll cover you!” Alexander replied.

By this time Alexander had been able to successfully reload his sub-machine gun. Balta on the other hand ducked and began to take out the empty magazine of her rifle before tossing it to the side and taking out a fresh new magazine to replenish her ammo supply. Alexander rose up to provide her covering fire as he sprayed the enemy with round after round of his sub-machine gun. Balta loaded the magazine of her rifle pulled back the small lever to adjust it into the chamber. She rose up once more and scanned around with her scope. However something caught her attention. What appeared to be a sort large armored vehicle on tractor treads was heading right towards them.

“Sir, what is that thing?”

“Enemy tank, get down!” Alexander said as he grabbed her shoulder and forced her and himself down out of sight of the tank.

The aggressor’s tank soon moved into position. It turned its turret and aimed its main canon to fire upon the bunker. It let off a round that impacted the side of the Uraian fortification. The bunker soon erupted and boomed with noise. Balta could feel the entire structure shake and soon dust filled the interior as pieces of concrete were blasted off from the shelter.

“What do we do sir?”

“I don’t know, all I have is a few grenades. If I can get close I could open the hatch and toss them in.”

“That’s suicide sir! You’ll never make it!”

Suddenly the ground started to shake more, but this time it emanated from the direction of the door/ Balta and Alexander began to feel nervous. Then another loud booming noise was heard again. Soon the sky over the bunker was somehow eclipsed in darkness. Balta gathered the courage to peek out of the bunker while the tank aimed at them. As she did she gazed out in utter disbelief of what she saw.

A giant yellow foot stomped down before the soldiers, the soldiers started to shake as it landed but soon started to shoot at the leg of the foot. Alexander raised up to view outside the bunker as well. Both Balta and he were confused about what was happening.

“It must be the Yellow Terror” Alexander said

“First a enemy attack and now this?” Balta said nervously.

The black colored enemy tank aimed its canon upwards to fire upon the monolithic beast, however before it could get a good shot the monster reached down and grabbed by the flanks and lifted the tank upwards. After a few moments the tank came crashing down towards the ground crushed as if it were strangled and its armor was bent. It impacted the ground causing a loud metallic clanging noise after its impact as well as scattering dust and debris everywhere.

The soldiers that were launching their attacks started to retreat. Balta wanted to take a few shots at them so she raised her rifle to pick off a few of them fleeing. However Alexander grabbed the top of her gun and gently pushed it downward. She turned to see him shaking his head, Balta then realized that they didn’t know if the monster was friendly or not and didn’t want to alert it to their position.  Balta just then starred at the fleeing soldiers, as well as the towering giant a few meters away from the damaged bunker, all that was running through her mind at this point is that this has been one hectic day.

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