Defectus Equites (Latin for Eclipse Knights) is one of the clans in Mobius.


The Eclipse Knights were first formed when Aveena, the current Priestess of the Moon, wanted to create a guild to rebel against darkness. Because of her liking to the moon, that's where she got "Eclispe" from. Where she got "Knight" from, is unknown.


If you want to be part of this clan, ask in the talk page of which character you want to be in and what rank.


Aveena "Nightwing" Moonblade.

Her one protector: Leraku "Griffinblade" Erudon

(By one, i mean only.)





Treasure Hunters

Rank Guide

Leader - The main leader of the group, all ranks listen and follow the orders of the leader.

Embassadors - A rank lower than the leader; thus they are as important. Can get involved with meetings and can make decisions if the leader is absent. Are normally equally skilled in magic, swordplay and health.

Health/Healers - Rank for those skilled mostly in healing then any other.

Mages/Magicians - Rank for those skilled mostly in magic then any other skill.

Warriors - Rank for those skilled mostly in swordplay then any other.

Treasure Hunters - Those who are chose to collect treasure for the group, like gold, jewels, weaponry, spellbooks etc.

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