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Deep Inferno is the sixth and last stage in Team Shockwave's story in Sonic Shockwave Riders.


Following the path of the beam, the trio is led to a mysterious ancient wasteland of volcanoes.


The race takes place in the ruins of an ancient factory at the hills of volcanoes. The track is filled with cracks, ruins and lava, making very hard for the player to race. The race begins on a wooden platform which hangs suspended over a crack of lava (see image). The platforms ends and the player races on the hills of the volcano while dodging ruins and fireballs which roll down the hill. At the peak, the player makes a jump and can take 2 paths: The first path is if you fall inside the volcano. The player enters a secret passageway inside the burning crater which leads him outside. The second path is if you manage to pull off the trick an dland on the other side of the volcano. After the volcano, most of the part of the stage is a demolished bridge which passes above hot burning lava. The player can also enter some of the small cracks and ride inside them as shortcuts. In many parts of the stage there are volcanic fumes which block the player's eye sight, making it even harder. The stage is notable as being one of the hardest stages in the game but also one of the best designed.


There are a total of 3 racers in the game: Lavinia, Atticus and Amy. The mission is to perform tricks and gather 300 points. There is a time limit.

Mission Get 300 points by performing tricks.
Characters Atticus or Lavinia or Amy


  • The stage is one of the hardest in the game.
  • This stage is one of the creator's favourite stages.
  • The mission in this stage does not make sense according to the story.