Deep Impact is a powerful punching attack, used by those in the Brotherhood of Guardians, particularly Knuckles the Echidna.


The attack begins when the user pulls back their arm with the intention of throwing a punch. As the user is doing so, they charge and concentrate energy into their fists. The user then throws the punch, which releases the concentrated energy around the user's fist. The focused energy splits hydrogen atoms in the air, creating a powerful concentrated explosion. The explosion carries an incredible amount of force behind it, able to easily launch opponents. This attack is more easily used by focusing the energy through the knuckle spikes on the gloves of those in the Guardian of Brotherhood, allowing the energy to be released with more concentration and accuraccy. This attack is very dangerous in that on top of its incredible power, no visible indication is given of the energy being concentrated; the attack seems to be a normal punch until one witnesses the explosive power released. However, charging the energy takes valuable time, causing the attack to be fairly slow. As such, this attack is best used when the target is either pinned or otherwise unable to dodge.





Due to the slow nature of this attack requiring more technical expertise to make sure it hits, this attack is either a C or B-rank attack.

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