The Deathskew are a race of murderous demons that existed thousands years before the events of The Worlds Enemy. They were Tribal up until the the near end of their Golden Age, where they had several super advanced technologies. They resemble hedgehogs with features from species of lizards, and have several demonic qualities.

After Shockwave the Dark rebelled against them, they went nearly extinct. They now reside deep in the 566th layer of the Abyss instead of on Earth.


Deathskew are typically black, purple, grey, indigo, or blood red. They are in most ways similar to humanoid hedgehogs, but have a fox like muzzle, and their fur grows in a tough, scale-like pattern. All Deathskew have three spikes protruding from their backs. Their eyes are pupiless, unless they activae a special ocular power. A full grown male stands at around 4'6 and almost always have a rather large build. A full grown female will be slightly smaller, and slightly less muscular.


The original Deathskew

The original Deathskew was made by the powerful demon Dyondra over 4000 years ago as a testament to his power. He soon created more Deathskew, and placed them on Earth, specifically in a fictional location known as the Deadlands. As Dyondra's vision of poster children, they were very powerful, horribly cruel, and most of all, merciless.

Spreading like Wildfire

It did not take long for the Deathskew to spread. In only a few decades, they had quickly destroyed almost all life around them. The Deathskew would not stop there, and procceeded to spread across the continent. Nothing could stand in their way.

Regime Change

At some point, a child who name means "Shockwave" in our language was born. This Deathskew's parent's died shortly after his birth, and he was left to fend for himself (a near impossible feat in such a harsh society). After some time, the constant fear of his life and the stress and agony of his loneliness, he unlocked his Elemental Eye.

At the age of fourteen, this child showed his incredible powers by brutally murdering multiple Deathskew as an act towards increasing his rank in the Demon Anarchy. After a few years, he became the seemingly unkillable general of the Deathskew army.


Deathskew are pretty much always Chaotic Evil. They have no concept of law or compassion whatsoever, and show this through how they handle horrid acts commited daily. While they have no laws, all "Ranks" are simply held through sheer power. The lack of law would normally make this moot, but for fear of their lives, no one breaks ranks.

Killing someone of equal rank is called "passing time" and "training". For someone of lower rank or an enemy, it is called "asserting dominance". For anyone of a higher rank, the term becomes "seizing power". Cannabalism is not uncommon, as eating the flesh of another can grant much more power.

As far as emotions go, the only ones present are usually the seven deadly sins, and the love of brutal acts they commit. While some love exists in family bonds, a Deathskew's own life is important among all others. While they see humans as inferior, they possess similar traits such as barbarian practices, bloodlust, and a never ending lust for power (no such lust for power compares to that of a humans however...) 

While punishents are technically nonexistant, someone of a higher rank will usually give the threat of death/brutal torture to anyone who dares defy their orders. These threats are all but empty.

Demon Rank

All capable, mature Deathskew have a Demon Rank of A, classing them as among the highest of Greater Demons. This grants them the abilties linked with said Rank. They definitely deserve said Rank, as their power eclipses most of the other Demon races.

Some, such as Shockwave, hold Demon Rank S.


The Deathskew have two prominent members.

  • Dyondra:The "Father" and god of the Deathskew race.
  • Shockwave the Dark:The traitor of the Deathskew.


Powers possessed by all Deathskew

The following powers are possessed by all Deathskew from birth.

  • Necromancy:All Deathskew are capable of controlling the dead and undead energies.
  • Umbrakinesis:All Deathskew are capable of controlling Shadow's and Darkness with the power of their minds.
  • Illusion induction:Deathskew can create powerful illusions. These illusions can be simple, or they can behave solid and intellegent. It is even possible to make the illusion seem so real it is impossible to tell the difference.
  • Regeneration:Deathskew can regenerate limbs, organs, or bones should they be damaged or removed. They cannot regenerate their brains, head or heart. If beheaded, ridden of a certain amount of body mass, or cursed by a great power(should the curse end in death) they will die.
  • Superhuman Abilities:The speed, power, senses, reflexes, durability, and stamina of even a Deathskew child outmatches any normal human.
  • Resistances:Deathskew are immune to all poisons, most diseases, and a good many curses. They are also highly resistant(but NOT immune) to Mind Control.
  • Dark Sustenance:Deathskew can survive for months at a time without food or water, and several days without air. Deathskew have no need to sleep.
  • Inherent Elemental Eye:All Deathskew possess the ability to awaken the Elemental Eye, a powerful ocularpower that gives them a wide range of abilities that make them many times more dangerous. However, due to the need for actual emotion for the Elemental Eye to manifest, less than 1 in 500 actually manifest it, and even less become anything significant.
  • Demon Rank S:

Elemental Eye Powers

The following abilities are only known by the select few Deathskew that manifest their elemental eye.

  • Elemental Eye
    • Enhanced Vision:The Elemental Eye allows someone to magically alter their visions to see in any way possible. This includes seeing clearly through any object, seeing heat, or seeing energy (such as ley lines and electrical currents). They can see through and break most illusions.
    • Visionary control:A Deathskew can guide certain energies with the use of their eyes. They also attain highly increased illusion abilities,
    • Ability Copying:The Elemental Eye can be used to copy any non genetically, magically, or otherwise exclusive/unique move. The user can then use it for themselves, but can be restricted depending on physical limitations.
    • Necrotic Eye Beam:Deathskew can fire beams of Necrotic Energy at foes from their eyes. These beams will cause necrosis in any living target. The attack itself can be weak, but its speed is great and it can easily be dangerous to the living.


Deathskew need little physical nutrition. Instead, they can survive off the darkness around them for a long period of time. They can also draw nutrition from the negative emotions of others, allowing their own cruel actions to fuel their hunger.


Deathskew were once a very common sight in the Deadlands. These deathly plains were the perfect enviroment for them. This land is covered in seemingly bloodstained sands, and very few grasses. Evil creatures and elementals roam what was once the Deathskew's great land. It seemed that some of the old stone formations are the remnants of their anarchy.

Now, they live in the 566th layer of the Abyss; Dyondra's domain. This area is a chaos of floating islands surrounded by thousands and thousands of thunderclouds, each raining acid snow and sending lightning down to the scorched islands below. It is said that the further you go down, the more insane you become.


  • They are the first species made by the author User:HS664.
  • The few philospher's mildy aware of their existance believe that the died out because their lack of laws caused so much Chaos that it caused them to slaugher eachother.
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