Death is the alter ego of Champ. The once cute and friendly Chao becomes a rage filled and bloodthirsty savage.


Champ loses his two tone coloration in this form. His body becomes mostly black in color and his eyes become a solid yellow. The emotion ball floating above his head turns into a blue flame. A yellow crescent shaped marking is stretched across his chest with a thin orange outline surrounding it. A pair of sideways-facing horns protrude from the side portions of the top of his head. These have dark red colored tips with purple tips on top of those. A longer pair of slightly curved spikes stick out of the back of his head. The outer half of these have a flame-like design with mixes of red, orange and yellow. His arms have a similar coloration and end in a single spike, with two shorter ones on the backs of his hands. His tail becomes long and purple with a triangle shaped tip. His feet now have purple outer halves with faint red coloration separating the two halves. His wings strangely seem to disappear despite him still being capable of dlight


Much like Nightmare, Death becomes an embodiment of rage and desires nothing but destruction, viciously attacking all who stand in his way without second thought. Unlike the cursed Lycalo, Death doesn't require feeding on blood and views his want for mayhem as a fun game and will stop at nothing to make the world his personal playpen. He also seems to have more focus on his sole objective and rarely gets distracted.


Death's stats as a Chao are maximized to their full potential, giving him exceptional stamina, power, speed, flying and swimming abilities. Additionally, his natural Pyrokinetic abilities have been imbued with the Lycalo darkness and the two have been combined as a result. Much like his counterpart, he uses this ability in streams of dark fire from his mouth as well as covering his entire body in it to damage those who come into contact with him. Death's most formidable ability is his immortality and invulnerability. While he can be knocked back and stunned from attacks, he suffers no injuries no matter how damage dealing it is and cannot die by any means.


While Death is extraordinarily powerful as a Chao and is a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to more powerful Mobian foes, he unfortunately cannot deal any severe damage. At the most, anything he attempts comes off as annoying at most, even with weak opponents. His dark fire abilities hold a bit more power behind them, but nearly anyone is able to shrug it off. While Death is unaware, he's mainly to serve as a distraction of sorts while his master moves in for the kill.


  • Death still considers Nightmare a master and will obey him most of the time. They also share the telepathic communication Twilight and Champ share, allowing them to speak to one another and for Nightmare to give orders.
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