Death Egg-Mondo is the Final Boss of the game Sonic Heroes 2 and is accessible by Team Super Sonic. It is piloted by Dr. Magic, the game's true antagonist.


The Death Egg-Mondo is the Death Egg itself. It is titanic, as stated by its name, equipped with laser beams, cannons an
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d energy shield. It can also transform into a humungous robotic mech and attack.


The Death Egg-Mondo is fought in the dark atmosphere of the planet, ascending to space. The player takes control of Super Sonic, Super Tails and Super Knuckles. Super Sonic has the ability to fly very fast, even avoiding some attacks and performing an enhanced spin dash and homing attack. Super Tails can create a shield and fly to avoid attacks. Super Knuckles uses his attacks in a more enhances way and are very powerful, powerful enough to destroy some attacks of the machine.

The player can switch between these three characters and must constantly collect rings to retain his super ability. The player does not lose rings if hit. At first, the player must fly and reach the Death Egg, which is flying away, delivering many projectiles such as laser beams, rockets, meteorites and small ships. Upon reaching it, the player
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The Death Egg in its robot form (corner left), ignore the Eifel tower

must attack its core. Hitting the core enough times will result into victory. At some points, the Death Egg will transform into a huge robot and rush towards the player, delivering attacks with its arms and legs, while shooting beams and projectiles. The player can attack it in various parts of its body to destroy it at that moment. During gameplay, Dr. Magic can be heard in his megaphone, as well as all the heroes and Eggman, cheering the team and providing information. At some other points, the Death Egg will stop moving and the player must destroy several parts of its body to deactivate some of its attacks. Its most powerful attack is the Death Egg Beam, which is shot from the eyes.


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