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The Death Egg (デスエッグ, Desu Eggu) is a massive orbital fortress, constructed by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. A true study in evil mega-engineering, the spherical spacestation resembles the face of Dr. Robotnik himself, with concave eye-sockets and a mustache rendered in kilometers of vacuum-hardened plasmasteel. Hosting some of the Doctor's most deadly creations of all time, this vast stronghold serves as the scientist's final base in the early Sega Genesis-era games.


First seen as the last level of the game where you fight Silver Sonic and afterwards Dr. Robotnik in his Giant Mech, after the macines destruction the whole Death Egg was destroyed.

The Death Egg was destroyed and crashed on Angel Island forcing it to fall. Knuckles confronted the intruder but Dr. Eggman managed to trick him into believing that he wasn't a thief after the Master Emerald, but Sonic was. In truth Dr. Eggman wanted the Master Emerald for it's powers against gravity to fly his Death Egg. He set the Death Egg to be repaired on the island at Launch Base Zone and eventually manage to get the Death Egg up into space again.

Dr. Robotnik eventually stolen the Master Emerald and betrayed Knuckles trust and with Sonic's help manage to get aboard the Death Egg to destroy it.

Dr. Robotnic reconstructed the Death Egg this time in deep space. Tails constructed a rocket that requires 8 emeralds to power so everyone fights for the emeralds and eventually the Death Egg gets destroyed.

Serves as the final racecourse. This stage is the sixth track of the Blue Grand Prix (Blue being the hardest of the three available tournaments), coming after Milky Way, and also serves as the venue for the Final GP, a two-car battle around just this one course. As with most other races in the 2nd Chaos Grand Prix, you have to complete three laps of the track to finish, and the fastest racer gets a Chaos Emerald.

In Sonic Battle, another Death Egg makes a brief appearance at the end, although it is just a small arena for the game's final bosses, Doctor Eggman himself and then a berserk Emerl. This is most likely its strongest incarnation as it is shown having the ability to destroy several stars with the "Final Egg Blaster". Strangely, it was never shown to have been destroyed.

In Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, there is a track called Egg Hangar that is based on the Death Egg. Ristar also
Songendeath egg

The Death Egg in Sonic Generations

makes a cameo appearance.

One of the locations that the Time Eater consumed was the Death Egg during Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It was here classic Sonic had a re/match with the Death Egg Robot.


  • The Death Egg is a blatant reference to the Death Star, the Galactic Empire's giant planet-destroying battle station, shaped like a moon from Star Wars Episodes IV and VI. Unlike the Death Egg, which smaller and not better equipped, the Death Star is equipped with a colossal amount of weaponry, including a single superlaser, capable of destroying an entire planet.
  • In Sonic 2 through Sonic 3, the Death Egg's real purpose was never actually revealed until Sonic 3 and Knuckles. When Knuckles attacked Sonic in the Lava Reef Zone, the next act shows Sonic on a platform with the Death Egg in the background where its eyes light up and the whole place becomes covered in a white flash. When everything becomes visible again the whole Volcano is shown to be mildly active again, with pieces of the Zone becoming fragile and floating among the Lava and effectively making the Boss fight with Eggman more difficult. This suggests the Death Egg is a World Devastator and may have been used to strike fear of rebelling against Eggman. This would seem to parody the Death Star, which was made for the same purpose of striking fear in the Galaxy.
  • In the boss battle of the Lava Reef Zone, and just in the Hidden Palace Zone, you can see the Death Egg in the background. It was also seen after the boss battle at Launch Base Zone.
  • In Sonic X, an object called the Egg Moon resembles the Death Egg, except it's only half mechanical and it doesn't have Eggman's face.
  • In Sonic OVA the Egg Generator looks kind of like the Death Egg.


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Sonic X the Remake

Death Egg

Super Sonic destroys the Death Egg after defeating Silver Sonic and Eggman. It later crashes into Angel Island. Eggman tricks Knuckles and says Sonic is trying to steal the Chaos Emeralds. After Eggman betrays him, Sonic and Knuckles destroy the Death Egg. Eggman makes another one but, this one is capable of destroying star. Emerl sees Eggman destroy a few stars and becomes beserk. Sonic later defeats Emerl.

Death Egg II

Eggman Builts a second Death Egg. Tails holds a fighting competition to see will fly into space with his one-seat rocket with the Chaos Emeralds.

Death Egg Mark II

Eggman makes another one using the body of the Egg Dome.

Fan games

Ultimate Sonic

A new Death Egg will be constructed and work as Dr. Eggman's Adventure Field which can only be accessed by Egg Carrier. It will be equipped with Dr. Robotnik's own made Eclipse Cannon with the data he stole from Space Colony ARK.

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