Not to be confused with Dean the Hedgehog, Dean the Rabbit, or Dean the Cat

Dean the Wolf is a young Kinetic ready to face the world.


Dean was a normal young wolf for quite a while, but eventually, he was abducted by Dr. Eggman along with many others, who were put in experiments. Dean was used to test the Kinetic Scrambler, a device worn like a gauntlet that could give the user one kinesis at a time, in random order. At first, he was tricked into obeying Eggman, but he eventually saw the damage he caused and turned on Eggman, defending his village. He then left for Station Square, to find his place in the world, to escape Eggman, and to train his kinetic ability.


Dean is very caring and always willing to do a kind deed, but he's also a bit of a trickster, is very stubborn, and is easily distracted. He is slightly naive, but not to the point of going with anyone. He is very relaxed most of the time, being able to keep his cool in the heat of battle, although he is a bit paranoid about Eggman hunting him. When it comes down to it, he'll protect his friends and family, even if it means risking his life.


  • bacon
  • making friends
  • fighting unjust causes
  • sleeping


  • evil
  • being told he's weak
  • having to leave his friends
  • being beaten

Abilities and Quirks

Dean is know to smell things from far away, and will often chase these things (bacon, fumes, etc.). He has great agility, as well, clearing the roughest of obstacles with ease. These two abilities make Dean very energetic and good at tracking people. His Kinetic Scrambler, invented by Eggman, randomly picks any kinesis except for Astrokinesis, and give Dean these powers for up to 3 hours. He also has natural psychic powers, but they are held back by the Kinetic Scrambler.

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