"Catch me if you can, guys !" (Typical words of the hedgehog when he escapes from police)

"This place seems very familiar....." (Just after he is been put in prison)

"Ah ! K.O, my friend !"

"Sonic ? A cool dude, i guess, but he believes in a fake hope. This world has never known gratitude and it will never will. And that fat guy with mustache and glasses, Eggman, he really needs to find a hobby."

Name: Dean

Race: Hedgehog

Age: 18

Residence: Mobius, Spagonia

Backstory: Born between the streets of Mobius and with an entire life lived with thefts and small crimes, he lost his parents during a car accident and for this he finished in an orphanage till he learned to take care of himself and he managed to escape from it before he could be given to some adoptive family, a thing that the young hedgehog was not interested at all to have. His true family was dead and that was enough for him to know that being taken by someone else would have just made him suffer more.

Personality: Arrogant and cheeky but even kind of heart, as a sort of moral code, Dean always refused to hurt innocents and to steal from whoever has little if not anything to survive, choosing as targets just dishonest rich people, mostly business men and billionaires. For this reason, many police officers and agents respect him, seeing him as a honorable kid that has just made the mistake to choose the wrong path, instead of a true criminal. 
He often considers his work more a passion than just a need to survive, finding amusing to observe the upset expressions of his victims when they notice their safes completely empty as well as escaping from police and from whoever tries to capture him.
Despite he helps gladly people that ask to him for help, he doesn't believe in justice as much as Sonic the Hedgehog, believing instead that whatever are his decisions and his actions, mobians will always look down at him and no one would help him if he would be in danger. But even with these his beliefs, he doesn't like at all when villains like Eggman break the peace of his world just for useless and nonsense wishes of power.

Abilities/Skills: Excellent thief and burglar, he has never met in all his life a safe that couldn't be opened by him. He has a good charisma too and in extreme situations he can be a dangerous fighter in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, using mostly his fists to knock out and take down his opponents even if armed or equipped with guns or blades.

Weaknesses: The most important one is the memory of his family and the moment when he lost them. Telling him about that usually forces him to let his guard down, giving to his opponent the chance to take him down. When his enemies outnumber him he usually tends to flee and if his escape route is blocked he often begins to panic, same if he finds an opponent that can use words better than him.

Likes: Spagonia, stars, walking between nature, humor, relaxing music, stealing, fleeing from police, helping others, Sonic and his friends, playing to videogames.

Dislikes: Orphanages, Eggman, injustices, fake and backstabbing people, liars, opportunists, bullies, suffering, racism, evil.

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