The son of Sam Stag, Dean rebelled against his destiny as the guardian of the next Ringmaster. Viewing Disaster Club as a hive of scum and villainy, Dean joined Beautyface, who promised to let him escape the role of protector, even if it means fighting his father.


Difficulty: Easy

Health: 1400

Playstyle: Zoner

Dean is a simple zoner, having a variety of projectiles to keep his opponents at bay. This makes him easy to pick up and play, seeing he can just spam projectiles all day. However, he is not great up close due to his lacklustre normals and lack of combo options, meaning Dean players have to keep moving and hope they don’t have to fight directly.

Dean’s Throttles are more dependent on the enemy’s playstyle than anything else. Throttle 1 can handle more offensive playstyles where Charge In is a massive threat, while Throttle 2 better handles defensive playstyles.

Special Moves

Move Name Input Type Description
Slice Beam DC Up+DC 1 button/DC 2 button/DC 3 button Command Normal Dean creates a short beam of energy and swings it like a lightsaber. DC 1 button hits low, DC 2 button hits mid and DC 3 button hits high. Better range than his other normals.
Bolt Beam IMG 0408+DC 1 button Special Dean fires a laser beam from his hand. Can be angled downwards in the air by pressing DC Down. Generic projectile and Dean’s primary tool for zoning.
Tribolt IMG 0408+DC 2 button Special Dean fires 3 rapid blasts of energy one after the other. Can be angled downwards in the air by pressing DC Down. Less damage than Bolt Beam, but the increased number of projectiles can keep the opponent blocking longer or even result in them getting hit by the second two after blocking the first.
Air Cutter Beam IMG 0408+DC 3 button on the ground Special Dean fires a laser beam from his hand before slicing upwards, acting as an anti-air move. Shorter range than his other projectiles but made up for by the large area and being Dean’s only real anti-air.
Ground Cutter Beam IMG 0408+DC 3 button in the air. Special Dean fires a laser beam that cuts along the ground, acting as the Air Cutter Beam’s direct opposite.
Pulse IMG 0408+DC 4 button Special Dean releases a pulse of energy surrounding him, hitting anything in an extremely small radius. Knocks the opponent away from Dean, even on block, making it essentially Dean’s panic button for when the opponent is too close. OK in air.
Hyper Beam DC HCF+DC 1 button+DC 2 button Super Dean fires a massive screen-covering laser beam. OK in air.
Laser Rain. DC HCF+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Super Dean fires a large number of lasers into the air that flies down on his position a few seconds later. Dean can move freely during the move after firing the lasers, letting him continue his pressure. OK in air.
Hunter Beam. DC 1 button+DC 2 button+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Finishing Strike Dean grabs the opponent and throws them into the air. He then fires a massive laser beam at them that carries them into space, before curving round and pushing the opponent back into the ground in front of Dean.


Throttle 1: Lasers are faster but deal less damage.

Throttle 2: Increases laser chip damage.



“I’m not in the mood for this…”

“Remember you brought this on yourself.”

“Let’s go.”

“I don’t need more training.” (Vs. Beautyface)

“Just so you know, I don’t enjoy this.” (Vs. Thundereye)

“I choose my own destiny.” (Vs. Sam Stag)

“I know what you’ll say. And, no, I won’t.” (Vs. Ringmaster)

“One of your toxins, Beautyface?” (Vs. Dean, first)

In Infinite’s voice This is far stronger than a toxin, Dean Stag.” (Vs. Dean, second)

"You're damn insane." (Vs. Bazenhower)

"Another naive hero..." (Vs. Shadow, Omega, Blaze and Max)


“Glad that’s over.”


“Stop wasting my time.”

“I know when I’m ready.” (Vs. Beautyface)

“I’m guessing you enjoyed that?” (Vs. Thundereye)

“I never want to see your face again.” (Vs. Sam Stag)

"And you've saved the world?" (Vs. Shadow, Omega and Blaze)


“I have no time for you. Don’t get in my way again or I won’t hold back.”

“Why do you keep fighting even though it’s so pointless? Leave, and don’t ever try and fight me again.” (Perfect Win)

“I don’t care what the family legacy is. I make my own destiny, do you hear me? This life is mine!” (Vs. Sam Stag)

“Rugal? Is that you? I never thought you’d come back here. Then again, you never were especially intelligent, were you?” (Vs. Rugal)

“The only reason I’m helping you is because we have similar goals. You’re a damn psychopath, but at least you’re fighting for the right thing when no one else will.” (Vs. Beautyface and Thundereye)

"If you're heroes, how can you explain this nightmare world we live in? How do you explain Disaster Club? Do you not care about saving us unless it hurts you too?" (Vs. Shadow, Omega, Blaze and Max)


“Just get this over with” (Escaping a combo)

“Let’s end this quickly.” (Activating Overclock)

“Oh, c’mon…” (Defeated)

“More fights? If you insist…” (Going up a rank in online)

“Guess Beautyface was right about my training…” (Going down a rank in online)

Arcade Mode

Good Ending

Dean fights Sam Stag as the final boss.

“I didn’t want to kill my father: I merely wanted to teach him a lesson. Beautyface didn’t understand that, so I stopped her before her rampage could continue. After defeating my father, I left this life behind. By hitchhiking and calling in favours, I made my way to Chun-Nan. I don’t know what it is, but I feel I may have a purpose there…”

Bad Ending

Dean fights Beautyface as the final boss.

“I tried to tell Beautyface that I didn’t want to kill my father, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. I disintegrated her with a laser beam before running from Thundereye and the bandits that followed him. I’m now on the run from both the Lightning Gang and Disaster Club. I need a friend to help me...and I may have an idea where to find one.”


  • Completing arcade mode once with Dean unlocks His World (Zebrahead Version) for the jukebox.
  • Completing arcade mode a second time with Dean unlocks the Level 1 Arena: Crowd Scattered stage from story mode as a regularly selectable stage.


Beat Eat Nest(Normal battle theme)

X-Matic(Vs. Sam Stag)

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