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Name: Daybreaker

Gender: Female

Species: Phoenix/Eagle?

Height: ≈4 ft, 02 in

Weight: 45.8lbs

Age: ???

Alignment: Evil

Personality: Daybreaker has been very impulsive and violent since the moment she was created.

Likes: Starting fires, destruction, freedom

Dislikes: Interferences, being challenged, pacifist characters

Positive Traits: Energetic, Courageous, Enthusiastic

Negative Traits: Impulsive, Violent, Pugnacious

Friends/Relationships: Dr. Eggman (creator), Sonic, Tails, and Silver (main enemies), Blaze, Rouge, Metal Sonic, and Shadow (Rivals)

Abilities: Flight, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis


Due to the fact the Eggman has promised his creations that one of them would become an "Ultimate Life-form" and that none he had made so far fulfilled that prophecy, Eggman decided to create another artificial life-form using energy, powers, and DNA structures from Blaze, Wave, Silver, and Shadow. His newest creation, first called "Project: E-451" took a total of nearly twenty months to complete. After his creation was finished, it did not act as Eggman expected. At first, Project: E-451 was destructive and violent; it would incinerate anyting it touched. As a result, E-451 was contained and restrained for months, until Eggman gave it special gear to minimize its power. E-451 was named "Daybreaker" by Sonic and his friends when they first saw her wreaking havoc in the Green Hills.

Physical Descriptions

E-451, or Daybreaker, is a white Phoenix with gold-orange tiger stripes, deep red and yellow eyes, flaming hair, tan fireproof gloves and skirt, and gold armour with a red ruby on the chestplate, just for aesthetic.


  • The "E" in her code name stands for "Eggman".
  • The number 451 in her code name is a reference to Ray Bradbury's novel title, Fahrenheit-451, in which it is said that paper starts to burn at a temperature of 451°F.
  • Daybreaker's name and attire is inspired by the villain, "Daybreaker", from the My Little Pony franchise.
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