Dawn the Lycanroc is a recurring character in The Legend of Fox the Brave. She is a Dusk Form Lycanroc, a warrior of the Storm Fighters, the mate of Boulder the Lycanroc, sister of Crunch the Lycanroc, and mother of Sunny and Pebble. She was initially a Megastone Rogue, but joined the Storm Fighters following the Great Rebellion(the events of Sonic Forces), and has remained so since. She is also close friends with Rosa Smith, keeping her company throughout Dark Enerjak's occupation of the Storming Base in Fall of the Storm.


Being a Dusk Lycanroc, Dawn greatly resembles a Midday Form, but with orange fur instead of tan, and green eyes instead of blue, and a much thicker and longer mane that resembles a Midnight Form's. When enraged, her eyes become red.


Dawn is a calm, collected person who rarely, if ever, loses her temper. This makes her the complete opposite of her hot-tempered, hard-headed brother Crunch, who is always eager to rush into battle. Still, Dawn has strong motherly instincts and will leap to defend any children in danger, including her own son and daughter(though they are both grown up and evolved). Possibly because Austin and Boulder are such good friends, Dawn and Rosa are close friends as well, with Dawn providing comfort during Austin's exile in Fall of the Storm(as her own mate Boulder had fled the Base to help the children when Dark Enerjak took over).


Crunch(originally named Pebble) and Dawn were born to a Midday Lycanroc of a Sun Pack(a pack of Midday Lycanroc) and a Midnight Lycanroc of a Moon Pack(a pack of Midnight Lyanroc), but due to "half-Pack" Rockruff being forbidden, and their father being the leader of a Pack of aggressive Midnight Lycanroc, a vicious fight broke out that ended in their mother's death. Determined not to go with his father, Pebble(TWoD) fled, and Dawn followed him. Pebble renamed himself Crunch, and they quickly learned of the third Lycanorc Form, the Dusk Form, which they both chose to take. When the Coming of Alola happened, they wound up in the Four Worlds and decided to pursue the villainous Dr. Finitevus, which led to them crossing paths with Boulder, a Dusk Lycanroc with foresight who had recently Evolved. Dawn grew close to Boulder, which Crunch didn't like, so he ended up disappearing to make a deal with Finitevus in the hopes of driving Boulder away to keep his sister to himself. This backfired when Dawn furiously told him off, leading him to flee, and Dawn joined the Megastone Rogues after the Raid on Angel Island, which started the War of Darkness. After the Battle of Shadows in Dusty Desert(which started the lull in the War of Darkness), Dawn and Boulder had a daughter they named Sunny, who would later evolve into Dusk Lycanroc herself after the Battle of Lamarkie. Dawn took part in the Final Battle, which ended in victory in the Storming Alliance's favor, and Boulder and Dawn had a son they named Pebble, after Crunch's old name. During the Great Rebellion(during the events of Sonic Forces), Dawn was a Storm Fighter, as she successfully fled the destruction of the Base with Austin and became one of his Storm Fighters. She continued to take care of Pebble while he was a Rockruff until he Evolved into Midday Lycanroc, after which she took up warrior duties again. She remained a Storm Fighter after the Great Rebellion, as Boulder decided to join them to help Austin better, since the big German Shepherd was now deputy after the reveal of E.J.'s demise after the destruction of the Base.


Dawn's moveset is unknown.


Like all other Dusk Lycanroc, Dawn has the Ability Tough Claws, which boosts moves that make physical contact(i.e. Dragon Claw or Thunder Fang)


Being a Rock-Type, Dawn is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon, Resists Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, Poison, and has a Type-Advantage against Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug-Type Pokemon


Boulder the Lycanroc

Dawn is Boulder's mate, and loves him dearly. They have only had one true argument so far, but that was before they were officially mates, and was due to Boulder's doubts about his powers.

Crunch the Lycanroc

Initially, Dawn didn't like Crunch's overprotective nature, and grew distant from him when he chose to help Finitevus, resulting in him running away. They made up when Crunch repented and helped save Sunny. While Crunch maintains his hard-headed nature, he is now a loyal warrior of the Storm Fighters and has completely made up with his sister.

Sunny and Pebble

Dawn loves her children dearly and hates it whenever they're in danger, which stems from her motherly instincts.

Rosa Smith

Possibly because Boulder and Austin are such good friends, Dawn and Rosa are good friends as well, often hanging out with each other. Dawn also kept Rosa company during Dark Enerjak's occupation of the Storming Base during Fall of the Storm while Austin had been forced into exile, and Boulder had fled.


Due to the Rule of the Worlds, Dawn is immune to the Metal Virus, as she is Alola-born

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