Dawn Laima Morris is a character who appears in the roleplay, Into the Future as the daughter of Twilight the Lycalo and Lucinda the Angelfox


Dawn only appears in the Good future of the RP. Her birth was short of a miracle as a result of Twilight's incompatible genes. Even once she was born, her life hung in the balance for half a month before she was able to finally come home to her highly anticipating parents. She was born a tiny and frail girl and would get either injured or ill very easily. As such, she was under constant protection by her parents as they wouldn't allow her to be deprived of seeing the beauty the world has to offer.


Short brown fur covers Dawn's body with streaks of sky blue found in various places. She's small and frail given her age and condition. A pair of pale blue feathery bat wings protrudes from her upper back.


Chibi Dawn

Dawn loves you~!

Dawn is an incredibly shy and timid girl. She speaks very quietly and a lot of the time, it's difficult to hear what she's saying. She typically waits for approval to speak or act, even when it's not necessary. She's as caring as she is shy and tries with all her might to bring out the positives in people.


Her powers are few if any at all. She did inherit her mother's Photokinetic abilities, but due to her inexperience and frail state, it only allows her to dimly illuminate a dark room. However, it has been discovered recently that her powers could possibly have some sort of potent healing ability hidden within it.


Angel form

When Dawn has an extreme desire to protect people, especially loved ones and finds herself helpless to do so, the intense buildup of emotions will trigger an angelic transformation. A radiant golden halo spawns above her head and her wings become massive and change shape to better suit her new form. Her Photokinesis makes a noticeable increase in power and she can use her wings to fly short distances. Her voice dons an echo and her personality becomes firm and strict to those who triggered this form.


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Being frail and a bit weaker than a normal Mobian, she can break bones more easily. It can take just a fall to break her bones. It also causes her to get sick a bit more easily. Her shyness and timidness can also be used against her, as in being teased in unpolite ways.

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