Davis Kenshiki
Biographical Information
  • Physically: 22
    • Future: 24
    • 2nd Gen: 29
  • N/A
Romantic Interests
  • N/A
Team Affliction
  • Etemad.
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog, Spirit Being.
Gender Male
  • Dark brown colouring with dark blue eyes
  • Metal left arm.
  • Blue overcoat
  • White trousers.
  • White shirt.
  • One yellow glove.
  • Black shoes with neon green straps.
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Heroes
  • Magical Rod
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Cyrokinesis
  • Magic.
Super Forms
  • N/A
Other Information
  • N/A
English/American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A. N/A.

Theme Song(s)

  • N/A
  • Magic
  • Chess
Creator User: TheJayMaster

Appearance and Personality

Davis is known to be mature, along with a dash of sarcasm ever since he lost his home and father. He hardly takes anything seriously unless it's something personal.

Weapons, Powers & Abilties

Magical Abilities

Hydrokinesis - As being a Water Spirit Being, this power is natural to him. As he trained under his father, he learned how to attract water from ponds, lakes, etc.

Cyrokinesis - From being an expert at manipulating water, he can control the temperature of any liquid to solidify it.

Magic - As he lacks physical power, he focused on the path of using magic, being able to cast spells and other magical abilities. As he is a Water Spirit Being, he mainly uses water and ice spells.


Rod -  Davis uses a rod with a white jewel on top to of the end as a way to help him manipulate his magic spells. He can use this for physical attacks if he wishes.


Early life

Davis was raised by his father and taken care of his younger brother in his homeland. Davis joined the path of magic to assist his father, eventually losing an arm during one of his arms during a rookie mission. But that lost was put to rest once Jack had built a metal limb. Eventually as he reached the age of seventeen, a horde of demons appeared to prepare an attack at his home. His father, Lee had prepared to counterattack with his group of soldiers, and he asked him and Davis to leave the town quickly before their lives was lost. Knowing there was no point in protesting, he along with his brother runs away before the demons atack. Davis will always remember his father.

Friends, Rivals & Enemies


Jack Kenshiki. (Younger brother)

Sora "Ryan" Kurai

Frost Kōri

Ken Unmei

Midnight Eclipse

Sunlight Eclipse






None as of now.

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