Romantic Interests

Candace the HedgeFox

(Status:Dating;Lasting +3 Years)

Candace is David's current girlfriend. Candace had a crush on David ever since she was a little girl, but David was completely oblivious of that. Ever since Alexis and David broke up, Candace found this as a wide open opportunity to ask out her crush. Now the two do almost everything together. The two have a lot in common, as both of them skateboard and like to hang out on trees. According to David, Candace is a fun and energetic being.

Alexis Petals

(Status:Broken Up;Lasted 18 Months)

Alexis is David's ex girlfriend. Back in middle school, seventh grade in particular , the two were a cute couple. They only lasted for nine months until Alexis was swept off of her feet by Danny. After their breakup, things became pretty awkward for the two for a few months, but then it sunk in. As of now, the two are best friends and they always talk and hang out.


Cole the Echidna

(Status:Best friend;Honorary brother)

Cole and David are practically like brothers. The two have been friends since they were in elementary school and always used to beg their parents to have play-dates. As the two grew up together, they grew closer where they started to hang out. As of now, the two are best friends up to where they share a practical brotherly love. The two share a lot of great memories, like the first Swag Fest, skateboarding nationals, Cole's first skating injury, their near-death experiences, and the X games.

Christina the HedgeCat

(Status:Best friend;Honorary sister)

One of the first friends he ever had, Christina and David are really close friends. David happened to be Christina's first guy best friend and the two always talked. Now the two do a lot of things together, like hanging out at the mall and going to the beach. Although both of them are famous in completely different fields, the two seem to share a very close bond and trust.

Daniel "Danny" the Hedgehog

(Status:Best friend)

Danny and David share a close friendship with each other. The two met when Alexis introduced Danny to him. For a few months, David was taken over by jealousy and tried to pick fights with him. However this went away after a while, and Danny joined David's clique. Nowadays, the two are best friends and do crazy things together.

Michelle the Cat

(Status:Good friend)

David and Michelle are somewhat close friends. The two never really got to know each other that well when they were younger. However, as high school years came rolling in, the two started to talk more and became closer friends. The two now are close and they always dare each other to do crazy stunts and tricks.

Sonic the Hedgehog

(Status:Good friend)

Sonic and David are good friends. The two met when Sonic visited Mariala City, and hung out with his clique. David even taught Sonic how to ride a skateboard. Nowadays, the two almost share a brotherly friendship and still stay in touch through group texts, regular texting, and video chatting. Occasionally the two see each other and hang out.

Silver the Hedgehog

(Status:Good friend)

Silver and David are pretty good friends. The two met while they were hanging out with Sonic. David tries to teach Silver how to ride a skateboard, but he doesn't seem to understand it. However, he does know how to rap. The two don't see each other very much, and they sometimes text each other.


Jet the Hawk

(Status:Tough rival)

Jet and David are pretty tough rivals. The two met at a skate park, when Jet challenged him to an Extreme Gear race. David never heard of extreme gear, so he had to learn it. Once he did, he accepted his challenge. David was very close to winning, but Jet won. After that, he tried to teach him how to skateboard, however he refuses to ride one as he couldn't balance. Now, they always end up in fights when they see each other.


Sebastian the Fox Hybrid

(Status:Threat Enemy)

Sebastian and David used to consider themselves to be pretty tight. When the two first met, David and his friends found Sebastian to be a little uptight and a buzzkill. However, as the years went on, David and his friends started to adjust to him, and Sebastian became a lot looser. However, David's squad used to run away from him and do things when he's not there because they thought of him to be like the one who stops a party. After he threw a Swag Fest without inviting him, it was Sebastian's last straw and swore revenge on him.

As of now, Sebastian has left the group and is plotting some sort of revenge on David.

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