Early Life

In a tiny hospital in uptown Mariala City, Meline the Hedgehog and Ray the Fox gave birth to a young hedgehog-fox hybrid. They picked the name David, because they just really liked that name. Her mother was so happy to have baby David in her arms.

As a baby, David almost always needed attention and a clean diaper. He used to always climb and jump on the couch and jump off the legs, even though he falls and gets hurt. He hated naps and always wanted to stay up, late. He even jumped on his crib and tried to balance himself on the rails.

One day, when he was only three, his grandmother was told that she was suffering from leukemia, which greatly startled his family. David had no idea what it was, but his parents tried to break it down for him. At that moment, he was truly scared. A year later, David's grandmother died, and he went to his first funeral. He didn't know what was going on, but he was still upset. David's father lifted him up so that he could hug her grandmother for the last time before she was lowered into the dirt.

Discovering His Talent

Years went on, and David entered the first grade. He was only 8 years old, and he found an interest in skateboaring. He always went down to the skate park to watch the older skaters trick, grind, and his favorite, wipe out! When he told his parents about this, they were horrified. They were worried about severe injuries and how dangerous it was, but that wouldn't stop him.

It took a lot of convincing, but David's father reasoned with his mother, and they let him try. He received his first deck, and went to his first skateboarding clinic. At first, he fell.... a lot..... and got a lot of bruises. But he got much better over the first few weeks. He started to get even better than the teenagers who were teaching the clinic. The talent that David had for skateboarding blew everyone away.

During the skate clinic, David befriended a boy named Cole, who also seemed to be doing pretty well in the clinic. The two started to hang out a lot. Also, a bunch of skate coaches came to evaluate the kids' talents in skateboarding. When they spotted David, they were interested and wanted him to join the junior elite team of skateboarders. David accepted their request, and joined the junior elite skateboarding team.

Preteen Years

Starting to Rap

During middle school, David got very interested in hip-hop and rap music. Luckily, his friends taught him the art of rapping, and David got interested in songwritting. He wrote amazing verses and rhyming words came easily flowing to him. He was truly an ace at this.

He mostly started to rap to impress his friends. Then, him and his friends figured. Skateboarding, rapping, arm wrestling, chugging soda, fights, talking, and break dancing? What could be possibly cooler than that. That's when David and Cole finally decided to have these crazy nights called "Swag Fests", where a bunch of teens gather up in a large ally and show their swag. Once every half year, a bunch of popular kids came to the first one. Everyone described this to be absolutely awesome and epic.

First Crush

Around the same time, David's friends were teasing him about his new crush, Alexis. They were constantly telling him to ask her out and be a man. Finally, he took their advice. With a big heart, and confidence to spare, David asked out Alexis. The fox had to 'think about it' for a few minutes. What he didn't know is that Alexis was crushing on David since the second grade. She almost broke down in tears, as she told him "Yes" They were the cutest couple in middle school. Even the upperclassmen respected it.

Musically Influenced

David decided to take up drumming in the band to prove to his new girlfriend that he also had music talent besides "screaming random words". He was absolutely outstanding, and he easily surpassed all of the other drummers in the school. As of now, his parents were so proud of him, that they bought him his own drumkit for his thirteenth birthday to rock out on.

A year later, Alexis asked David to be in one of her songs to do the rap verse of her song. David was thrilled that for the first time ever, hundreds of thousands of other people will listen to David rap. The people who worked at her studio absolutely loved his amazing talent in rapping, and wanted to sign a deal with him so he could become a star. David accepted this offer, and he is now going to Reply-Then-Edit Studios more often.

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