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Cquote1 "Maybe I am crazy. But that doesn't matter. This battle is not for my sake..." Cquote2
David The Echidna

David Kenshin Corliss

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David Passes his Strength On Online

37 (upon death.)
November 2nd
A good battle, Spending time with his family, children, Pizza, and Ice Cream Cake.
Drugs, Guns, the Media, and prunes.
Favorite Food
Least Favorite Food
Roughly half of the things he ends up making in the kitchen.

David was one of the earlier fighters of the Blitz Pit, and the father of Smash and Pearl the Echidnas. He along with his wife, Sarah, passed away on April 5th, several years ago. During his time alive, he was known as a great fighter, who showed to improve much quicker than many of the fighters in the arena. Much like Smash, he fought for the money to support his family.

His death is still a mystery...

Character © to Yusef1992/Smash The Echidna/Frost1992. In order of the usernames on Youtube, Myspace, and Deviantart, respectively. Smash The Echidna is also a member at


David Sprite

David was a tall, dark blue echidna with slick, short hair. His eyes were emerald green, and his face was somewhat pale. He had a thin, but sturdy build; at first glance one might mistake him for being somewhat flimsy, but his body was actually fairly well toned. He was often seen wearing a white jacket with two red stripes just below the shoulders, and red outlines by the zipper, (which he also often left open,) and his collar. Alternatively, he'd wear a white and gray jacket, over a plain white t-shirt and a sky blue ascot tie. He wore dark gray pants, but he had two pairs of shoes; plain red sneakers and stylish, glossy teal and black shoes.


David was a bit of the quiet type. He would usually speak in a soft tone of voice, regardless of who he was speaking to. He always had a calm and cool composure, and it seemed that nothing could phase him. He had a dry sense of humor and sarcasm, which might explain where Smash gets it from, but he was overall a kind and generous man. He always did his best to try and support his family and those around him, and put all of his motivation to help everyone into fighting. When it comes to family, he is the first person willing to put everything on the line for them.

Once he stepped into the ring, however, he became far more of a cold and calculating person. He wasn't above exploiting someone's weakness and punishing them for it. He was very pragmatic, but always within the rules of the Blitz Pit. When faced against someone on equal grounds, he would get really into the competition and show a rare display of hot-bloodedness. He always enjoyed the thrill of battle, but never showed it as much as he did when in a good ol' fashioned fist fight.

David had a tendency to pry into suspicious activities, usually ending in a confrontation with someone up to no good. Like Smash, mysteries seemed to gravitate towards him in his younger days; and he could not turn his back on any one of them because it would bother him until he found some closure to it. He was the type of person who had to see things through to the end.

Strengths and Powers

David was a powerful martial artist, rumored to be physically the strongest fighter in the Blitz Pit, bested only by The Berserker. He was a strategical fighter who always calculated the outcome of every move. He was strong, quick, and could endure quite a beating. As a young boy, he and his brother were both enrolled in a Karate class, giving him early experience. However, he dropped out before finishing his training due to personal reasons, and began training on his own years later as a young adult. His fighting style is Karate at base, but had evolved into a more street-brawling freestyle by the time he entered the Blitz Pit.

He was at his best in the last year of his life, where he started a winning streak of ten battles in a row; It ended when he attempted to defeat every single fighter in the Blitz Pit all at once, which was said to be one of the best matches in not only his career, but the entire history of the Blitz Pit.

It is rumored that he was a participant in the mythical Cosmic Championship. It is said that only the strongest, the most skilled or gifted indiviuals are hand-picked by the Cosmic Champion himself. Whether he won or lost is unclear.

David High Tension

A 'What-If' sprite of David's High Tension state.

It has not been confirmed, because no one has ever witnessed it, but it's highly possible that David could utilize his energy in the same way Smash can, if he learned how to. He may have even had the same super forms that his son does. He was powerful indeed, but there were still places his strength had not yet explored...

In Odyssey, David's alternate universe counterpart revealed that yes, he could use High Tension like Smash. His aura was green, in contrast to Smash's cyan. He also used a skill similar to Smash's "Divine Fist", and nearly obliterated the main villain in a powerful explosion which destroyed his own body in order to let the heroes escape. Inverse David's sacrifice proved just how immensely powerful David could have potentially gotten.

General Info

David spent his days fighting at the Blitz Pit in the morning's and occasionally during the afternoon, and spending the rest of the day at home with his family. The Blitz Pit was his main source of income, and since his wife was physically weak and had no job, it was the only source of income for them all. They lived outside of the city, though, so they didn't get many, if any bills at all.
Smash's Parents

David and his wife, Sarah.

Before he and his family lived in Greenflower Zone, They lived in Emerald Town. Smash was born there, and they lived there for 3 years. They then moved to Station Square, and Pearl was born. However, David had trouble finding a job in the city, and was too far from the place he was really interested in, which was the Blitz Pit. They moved to a little house in Green Flower Zone, which he found to be a fair distance from the Blitz Pit. He installed a solar panel on the roof to give them electricity, which saved them a lot of money.

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Though David was constantly fighting at the Blitz Pit, he tried to spend as much time with his family as he could. So much that he would occasionally bring his family there with him to watch him fight. Whenever he had cash to spare, he would buy treats for everyone, and occasionally a new toy for his kids.

David had a favorite spot to train in Greenflower Zone. Atop the large hill with the waterfall, not far from his house, it was the same area in which the entrance to Cat Chao Garden would later be hidden. He favored the hill for many reasons, one particularly being the beautiful view of the zone. It was also peaceful and quiet, which allowed him a place to think when he was troubled. The pond on top, which eventually lead to the waterfall, was also another refreshing point. He would occasionally take Smash and Pearl up there during the summer. During his final days, David began to train Smash himself, hoping to one day pass on the torch to him.

The Inverse Counterpart

Cquote1 "A man who turns his back on his family, is no man at all." Cquote2
Inverse David

The Inverse is an alternate universe that mirrors Mobius and all the related and nearby worlds--from the lands to the people. While most of the people familiar to Smash and his friends were near opposites in this world, David Corliss stood out as being more of his counterpart, having experienced similar adventures and hardships that Smash did. Inverse David's children died seven years prior to their encounter; an incident he feels he could have prevented and strongly regrets to this day. After meeting the adult, alternate universe counterparts of his children and heard their desperate plight, he promised that he would do everything in his power to see them safely back home.

Inverse Appearance

Much like the original David Corliss, Inverse David had short, midnight blue hair, pale (yet yellowish) skin and emerald green eyes. His style of clothing was similar, yet he wore a long black trenchcoat and dark brown trousers in contrast to original David's white colors. Like the other inverse Mobians, he was noticeably taller than anyone else in the group.

Inverse Strengths

The biggest difference showed in his fighting style. Inverse David focused primarily on defense and taking heavy hits for others, despite being more than capable of dishing out massive damage with his bare hands and feet. He also worked very well with other fighters, performing team attacks and always having their backs guarded.

Inverse David was also a master of High Tension, capable of even using MAX High Tension for extended periods of time. Both stages had the same cyan and green auras respectively. However, he revealed in their first encounter against the fused Velious Wester that he could push it even further. High Tension Overdrive is a dangerous, forbidden technique that eats away at the user's own lifespan, in exchange for great power. In this form his aura changed to a pure white, and was so intense that his body could scarcely be seen within it. Inverse David was locked into a hopeless situation in which he knew he wouldn't survive, and went all out to make one last heroic stand to hold off Velious while the rest of the group made it safely back to their world. His strength was such that he destroyed one of Velious' clones with a single punch, and his speed allowed him to escape his vision long enough to unleash his most powerful attack: Sacred Fist. The impact from the punch caused a massive explosion that decimated a good portion of Demon's Isle, as well as his own body.


David and Sarah were both created on the same day Pearl was (which is ranging from a few days to around over a week after Smash was created). For years, all we knew about them was that they were dead, and that David was a famous fighter at the Blitz Pit. We never knew how they died. Then later it was "revealed" that Metal Sonic killed them both. But that turned out to be, to put it bluntly, too stupid to be true. That idea was quickly scrapped, and their deaths remained a mystery once again. It stayed like that ever since.

This brought up a few small problems throughout the series. Nobody knew how they died, and nobody ever looked into it at all. Not even Smash, or anyone else in his family. Not even the family members who weren't involved in some kind of nationally/globally threatening situation every other week or so. It makes one wonder "Why not? It's been 7 years. Somebody should have done something by now."

Which was where Memories of David The Echidna came in. It was an attempt to patch up the plot holes left behind from the old canon stories. While it answered some questions, it ultimately wasn't enough to justify why things went the way they did. I then realized that in order to fix all the issues the series had, I had to rework it from the ground up. Now the mystery of David and Sarah's deaths are spread across the series



He has not made any official appearances, but he was mentioned in the Cosmic Championship. An alternate universe version of him appeared in Odyssey, with a similar history and fighting style as Smash.


Memories of David The Echidna: A first person narrative in the eyes of David himself; the story reveals the details of his passing.

Other Appearances


Relationships with Other Characters

Characters by the same creator


Rose The Echidna

Rose is his mother, making her Smash and Pearl's grandmother. She constantly worried about him fighting at the Blitz Pit, but came to accept that he could handle himself. She became a very wealthy woman after David won one of the World Tournaments held at the Blitz Pit, and gave every last bit of the prize money to her. She still has some of that money on her to this day.

Terry "Spikes" The Echidna

Terry was his younger brother, by a year, and the only person in his family to be born with spikes on their knuckles, hence the nickname. Like him, he was a blue echidna, but he was a much lighter shade of blue. He and Spikes got along well, and used to spar when they were younger. When David dropped out of their karate class, Terry continued on until he mastered the art. Ironically, David grew into a fighter while Terry became the head of a construction agency. He was also the one who built David's house out in Greenflower Zone.

Sarah The Echidna

Sarah was his wife; a beautiful silver haired echidna. The two were actually childhood friends, and they've been together ever since they were seven years old. David loved her dearly.

Smash The Echidna

Smash was his first child; his son, who took after him in many ways. Though Smash was generally a lot more positive than he was, which he thought had something to do with his mother's generally cheerful personality. He had high hopes for Smash's future, and began to train him a few months before he passed away.

Pearl The Echidna

Pearl came not too long afterwards. When he and Sarah began raising Pearl, along with Smash, that was when he was at his happiest.


It is unknown who he befriended in his time.

Fun Facts

  • David's artwork and design came 4& a half years after the day he was created.
  • When his picture was drawn, he fairly quickly gained a number of fangirls.
  • David was a bit of a "Mama's Boy".
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