David's Project 8 is a fan game created by Darkest Shadow. It is a skateboarding game, where anyone can just hop on a skateboard and go to wherever the road takes them. It is a game targeting teenagers who are in to skating games, and somewhat an adventure.

Concept Story

David's Project 8 was inspired by a somewhat popular Gen. 6/7 console game called "Tony Hawk's Project 8". The creator of this game used to play that as a child and sometimes he still plays it now. The main pro and mascot of the game, David Sabato, was inspired by real life pro skater: Tony Hawk, and what's a skater without a skating game? Most of the levels are based off the Gen 7 versions of the game, and the story line somewhat follows it as well.



David Sabato, the famous skater from Mariala City is around town visiting. A reporter comes up to him and sees what he has planned. He found out that this area has unbelievable skateboarding talent, and he wants to pick the top eight skaters to become part of his new skating team; Project 8.

The player starts out in a house in Suburbia. You can skate around and find new skaters. You then meet a guy who tells you about Spot Challenges. Anyone can make it to the green line, the orange line is Amateur, the blue line is pro, but if you make it to the yellow line, your SICK! If you see spot challenges for grinding, air, natans spin, manualing, stalling etc., you can move up the ranks. There are also other common challenges, such as classics, gapping, photo shoots, and filming. You start at Rank 200, and the more challenges you complete, the more ranks you go down.

Once you complete enough challenges, you meet the filmer on your game's very own iOS. He has a way to unlock the gates to skatepark. In order to do this, you have to simply wallplant onto the gate to break it open.

If you completed lots of challenges, you'll find somebody in a Beaver costume trying to open the gate that leads out of Suburbia. Ollie over the racing RC Car so you can control it. Then, you have to grab onto the RC Car and a kicker is placed for you to get enough air to wallplant the gate switch. From there, you can go into Main Street. 

From there, the Capitol, City Park, and the Hilltop are already unlocked. If you complete enough challenges and move up enough ranks, Tony Hawk is found at hilltop for a skatepark competition. You need to score over 30,000 points in order to get into the bracket. 30,000 points is Amatuer, 150,000 points is Pro, and 600,000 points is Sick. You have 30 seconds to complete that. After you do that, you'll move down a lot of ranks.

Somewhere around there, you'll find a guard blocking the school. He won't allow you to go in, because it happens to be somewhere before 3:00. You then find the General at the Capitol. Complete his challenge to unlock the school. The kids will run out and be free, and you will be able to go inside the school.

Later on, you'll find a nerd who wants to make a science experiment by mixing a concoction which will blow up the gates that block out the slums. If you can get that challenge done in a certain amount of time, the gate will bust open and there will be a passage to get into the Slums.

After a certain amount of challenges are passed, David's going to host another competition that's all about the half pipe on the school grounds. The curriculum to get into all 3 brackets is the same as the one for the Hilltop Competition.

Right from the Slums, if you go down enough, you'll enter the Factory. Your dad will be inside the factory, trying to figure out how to get inside the rest of the factory. Complete his challenge, and then bail into the wall to break down the walls and open the factory. Sooner or later, you should head back to Suburbia to complete your very first demo.

After the demo, you should head down to the skatepark to complete your next competition. You need to score over 50,000 points to get into the amateur braket, over 250,000 points to get into the pro bracket, and 800,000 points to get into the sick bracket, all in half a minute. Afterwards, you need to score a certain amount of points and get a score over 90 to complete the challenge.

After several challenges are complete and you are around rank 40 or 30, the news reporter will be in front of the Hilltop and Fun Park Enterance. Complete his grind challenge to unlock the Fun Park. After you unlock it, and complete many, many more challenges, David Sabato will be hosting his last competition.

After becoming ranked #9, go down to Main Street to Complete David Sabato's final challenge. You need to stoke the audience, just like it's a demo, while David escapes to go to the top of the Hilltop. You then need to follow the filmographer while doing 10 tricks. You need to only use the filmer's route, and end up at the Hilltop by a minute. You will then need to perform tricks with Tony, and then you will get onto Project 8. To move down the ranks, start obtaining more "SICK"(s).

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"David's Project 8" has a somewhat complex gameplay. You start out picking a type of skater from the following: "Kid", "Punk", "Punkette", "Star", and "Adult". From there, there are several options you can use to customize your player in "Your Room" once you select your skater. You can change his or her facial features, hair, clothing, and/or equipment. After that, you go out into the first place.

The game is set up into places; there are several places in the game; such as Suburbia, Main Street, City, Shore, Fun Park, and more! When you perform tricks, the nearby people applaud you, and you can even earn a certain token called a "Stoken". You can trade in stokens at the Skate Shop in "City" for new skate decks, pro tricks and specials.

A few of the characters have their very own challenges for you to complete. For instance;Photo Challenges, Tape Challenges and Classic Challenges. Others are miscellaneous. You can even complete pro challenges, where you meet one of the pro skaters and challenge them.


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