Darwin is an echidna from planet Gheir that now lives in Mobuis. He lives with his best friend Gray the hedgehog and other Gheirans. Darwin is one dullest crayons in the box, yet he is somewhat of an inventor. Darwin is doomed to be a normal abnormal Mobian, due to his rather uneventful birth and his lack of magic powers (more because he doesn't want magic). Most of the reason his life is eventful is because of his friend's enemies and whatnot. Since he has no huge villains, he always tends to be a side-kick, comic relief character, and/or a plot device.

Full name
Drew K.
Age appearance
Home planet
By Friends: Darwin, Dar, Moe and Darwo. By Enemies: Pink, and Pinky.

Back story (As of living on Mobuis)

Darwin was born on the planet Gheir, nothing special. He grew up with Gray and they have always been best friends. A few years back, Gheir was blown up, and many died, some did not. During the death of Gheir, Darwin was unconscious, so he didn't have to witness the death of his planet. When he landed on Mobuis, he had lost most of his memory, except for some memories that Gray brings up. From there he found his wanna-be rivals, Henery; his opposite, Niwrad; and ???? (yes, those are their names, and how they are spelled). Along the way, he had "received" the D-van, a space and time traveling van, from Henery.

As of recent

Currently, Darwin is believed to be dead, or at least no where to be found in this universe, or any other. No one's really sure what to do, Henery and Niwrad imply that he's alive, and he just doesn't want to live with his friends anymore, but Project Change believes he just missing his body after becoming a ghost. But only Niwrad can confirm.



Elain (sister)

Desmond (cousin)


Roy "Gray" Dusk

Project Change






Honoo "Flame" Pyron

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Neo Gray

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Fighting Style

Darwin is a melee type fighter, meaning that he fights close up. He tends to use his feet more than his fists, but does throw on occasion. Sometimes he'll try a neck-snap if he gets the chance, but usually he gets caught before he can snap it.

Gheirian Fighting

These are the types of powers Darwin can get from the power of the 5 Gheirina Shards

Speed shard: Darwin moves at about the speed of sound in a tornado like fast, then usually grabs by the neck or kicks.

Fire shard: FIRE >:D It can be combined with the others

Lightning shard: ZAP!

Ice shard: I think it's ice...

Other shard: only works along with the others

All 5 shards: GHEIRIAN PRIME!

Team Fighting

Darwin usually tends to be one on one, but the other part of the time he fights alongside Gray. Most of there moves consist of one of them being used a weapon. A common one is when Gray puts Darwin on a chain and swings him around, while Darwin has cleats on, and usually sleeps because they can do this move for a while. Another is when gray goes into a spin dash, while Darwin kicks Gray at the enemy.


Darwin has gained a few different abbilities throughout his adventures.Most of them aren't really huge, or often used, but they're there.

Darwin is able to change to any color he wants, except red, but he prefers to stay blue.

Darwin is able to become a ghost at any given time, but he really has no use for it.

Darwin can have an unlimited supply of masterballs, but he really has no use for them.

Darwin has the ability to become a hedgehog at will, but all he's able to do is spindash, other wise he's sick.


"What is this 'common sense' you speak of?"

"Sorry, kinda stuck in the roof."

"Eh, I gave up on my brain a while ago."

"Ha, you guys have go to cars to be idiots..."

"Your point?"

"10 bucks? where can I get that? *looks to the woods*"

"It's just a giant arm about to eat our sou- I mean..."


Darwin doesn't know his own age, since he has no use for it.

Darwin's headband actually makes him weaker. Not so much for training, like Goku, but just to keep back his full strength, though he isn't often seen without it.

Darwin can hold his breath for a really long time, so long it was though he could breathe underwater.

Other than the enemies listed above, no one is really known to hate Darwin, in fact people look to him for social advice, but he usually can't help.

Darwin's name is "Darwin" because I was obsessed with the name at the time, so much so I wanted to buy a fish for the soul purpose of naming him "Darwin." (Not due to Charles Darwin, but I always think a fish named "Darwin" would be the coolest thing.)

When Darwin first landed on Mobius, he was an absolute wimp, cringing at the site of tomatoes, and hiding whenever hearing the word "Ninja." Since then he was become an experienced fighter, even surpassing Gray, his trainer, in strength.

Currently, Darwin is now inventing alongside Leraku Erudon. Since Leraku had lost MOST of his powers, and Darwin had no real use for his home with Gray, and would rather pursue his inventing careaer. Though Gray has to try and beat Darwin at that too.

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