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Darshina is the fan-made island on the planet of Mobius/Earth, created by Akamia.



Darshina was once a piece of the continent of Asia. With time, it broke off from the mainland, and the people on it were terrified of what was happening. Time passed, and they developed their way of life. During this time, they were allied with the Eggman Empire exclusively for trading goods, before its fall to Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends years later.

Post-Eggman Empire

With the Eggman Empire erased from the political map, the Darshinan Government has become independent, and at this time trades with no other countries. Their way of life has evolved to include a single guardian of their state, which they call their Champion, and their mountain ranges have become home to the artifact known as the Eternal Ice.

Armageddon Event

When Dread the Hedgehog fell to Guardian Jezz, the news went throughout the world, and the world rejoiced. Darshina was no exception. Following this news came 3 years of peace. Then started the Armageddon Event.

It was revealed that a dark being called Armageddon the Evil bore the Staff of Darkness, within which contained Mephiles the Dark. Using Mephiles' power, Armageddon pulled Earth out of its dimension and into his own, prepared to destroy Umbra and everything he loves.

Darshina was one of the few to succeed in holding off Armageddon's increasingly dangerous monsters, through their current Champion, Jayhan Bostayn. Striker the Hedgehog then came to the island in hopes of acquiring the Eternal Ice, besting Jayhan in combat, but failed his mission losing to the Eternal Ice Guardian, Liin the Arctic Fox. With that, Darshina was left alone by Armageddon's forces.

Post-Armageddon Event/Guardians of Earth era

Jezz the Hedgehog's efforts were recognized throughout the world, and many mourn his death in Armageddon's realm. Darshina has erected a memorial to the great Light Guardian in his memory. After the Chaos Emeralds have become the Gaia Stones once again, Jezz and Shelly the Hedgehog's children have come to find the Eternal Ice before their new nemesis, Garcandin Transk, retrieves it. Liin the Arctic Fox, however, will simply not allow it. He even denies the Champion access, realizing he has allied with the children. The guardian and the heroes battle then over access to the Eternal Ice. When Sonic the Hedgehog appears to explain everything, however, Liin relents and allows the heroes access, ready to guard the Ice against Dr. Transk.

When Garcandin finally arrives, the Liinan Mountains have become fortified with many ice-based defenses, ready to fend off Dr. Transk whenever he comes near. Garcandin manages to get past these defenses and enters a battle against the guardian. Liin loses the first time, and Garcandin enters the Eternal Chamber. Then Liin comes behind Dr. Transk, with the heroes (Sonic, Shawn, Lisa, and Jayhan) coming out from all sides. Garcandin, knowing he has lost, retreats, never to bother Darshina again.

Darshina has been at relative peace ever since.















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