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Cquote1 My desire was once to be the guardian of your pitiful village. But now, I desire to be it's demise. I want to hear your screams of I extract my revenge upon all of you. Cquote2
Darkyle The Hedgehog
Darkyle The Hedgehog

Darkyle, a mysterious villain who attacked the village of Tillia years ago. He murdered Kyle Tyris the third, and threw his son off Angel Island. He was briefly fended off by Keela Tyris and her mother before he could wreak anymore havoc, and they soon made their escape.

His original goal was to steal the Gemblade from Kyle's family, claiming to be the 'rightful owner' of the sword, but by the time he had the chance to seize the legendary blade, he realized that he did not even care anymore. He became more interested in simply killing them off and gaining more power by whatever means necessary.

He appears as an enigma to everyone, but the Tyris family are the only ones who know who he really is. Darkyle was defeated by Kyle Tyris, and is thought to be dead.

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Darkyle sprite3
Darkyle Cape

Darkyle, as he was to appear in Odyssey

Darkyle has black fur and stringy, messy hair that stops above his shoulders. His quills stick out straight, with the top ones leaning slightly downward and the bottom ones tilted upward. His eyes are blood red, matching his gloves and shoes. He wears a shirt similar to Kyle's, but the colors are different. The main part of the shirt is faded red while the sleeves are black with a red stripe going down it. He also wears gray pants. He has never been seen wearing a different outfit than this, although he was later seen wearing a black cape with red lining. He also keeps a large red sword strapped to his back, the sword is about as big as he is. The last item is his ring on his right wrist. A dark lavender ring with a dark red jewel on the top.


Darkyle is cruel, cold hearted, ruthless, and despicable. He doesn't care about anybody, nor will he think twice about not doing something good for anyone else other than himself. He slays people as if he were taking revenge on them, even if he doesn't even know them. He has a burning hatred towards everyone, but the most infuriating people to him are Kyle's family. If he doesn't kill someone, he uses them to get something he wants through deceit. And the only thing he seems to want is power. Despite being a dangerous swordsman already, he has an insatiable lust for for it, and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Strengths and Powers

Darkyle's strong points are mainly in his swordplay and trickery. It's unknown all of what he's good at doing. But he has been seen piloting an airship similar to the Egg Carrier. But his power is what makes him frightening. His fighting style is identical to that of Kyle's, but Darkyle physical strength is incredible. What's more, he has power over all 6 elements and Darkness. He is a force to be reckoned with, or avoided all together.

Darkyle Intro
The source of his power comes from the dark lavender ring around his wrist. It is, in actuality, an Elemental Ring. The strongest of it's kind, wielding the power of nearly every kind created, including distorted negative versions of each element--which he can only access when using the ring at it's full power. The Life ring's ability is the only subversion out of all the powers he has. Instead of working as an emergency life-support

Darkyle, by Chames the Hero

system, its powers are corrupted and allows him to drain the life out of others at will. It will also regenerate his health when super. His deadly 'Life Drain' power can be interrupted if attacked, (although the most powerful version of it takes up an area of effect and immobilizes whoever is caught inside it, so in order to interrupt that he will have to be attacked from the outside.) or avoided when a non-tainted Life Ring is equipped. It can also be completely neutralized when the unique upgrade, named the "Immortality Ring", is present.

While he is free to control the elements, he mostly resorts to destroying his opponents with his large sword. Unlike Kyle, who wields a one-handed sword with both hands, Darkyle's sword is legitimately meant for two hands, and is wielded as such. The sword itself has no special attributes, however Darkyle can empower it with the ring for different attacks. His most commonly used special attack, "Blood Sucker", drains away a minor portion of the victim's health and absorbs it.
He knows a surplus of sword skills, some being identical to Kyle's, though many are vastly different and far more lethal. Some of his techniques threaten to instantly knock out or even slaughter an opponent.

Super Darkyle New
Due to the ring being frighteningly powerful on its own, Darkyle can freely use it to perform a super transformation, although the strain from transforming shortens his life-span and holds other hidden dangers even he knows little of. When Super, his quills grow longer and lean upwards, while his hair turns spiky and wild. His body gains a violet glow, while the ring has a fiercely powerful reddish purple aura. His power takes a huge buff (at the cost of losing some defense and durability), and he gains the ability to fly. In this form, he is far more prone to using his elemental prowress in battle, as they are at their strongest without distorting them into negative elements. His sword skills are even deadlier than before, as he is capable of unleashing massive sword beams to strike an entire party of foes, (Comet Blade) and can send out a flurry of lightning quick attacks to utterly destroy a single target. (Slaughter) He can also absorb energy-based attacks and power his ring even more, though he is not immune to them. Using the Dark and Earth elements in the ring, he can also inflict various poisons to his foes.

He has a second stage in the super form where his quills grow even longer and stick upwards in a more threatening way. His entire body is shrouded in an explosively red aura, and the sclera of his eyes turns pitch black, leaving
Darkyle Final Form2
only a piercing red glow for the rest of it. He transforms into this state when he gains complete control of the full potential of the ring. Aside from being even stronger in this form, all of his elements become distorted and negative, somewhat reversing the effects of each of them. It is only in this form when he can successfully pull off a corrupted version of Kyle's "Hyper Blade" technique, and make it even more fatal at the same time. From time to time, the ring will automatically create a barrier around him so that nobody can hurt him, while he regenerates himself. He can still fight just as fiercely even with the barrier up, which is just about unfair to anyone unfortunate enough to go up against him. While many powerful attacks can get through to him anyway, the only way to actually destroy the barrier is to attack it with all 6 elements at the same time in a powerful attack. Barrier neutralizing skills work just as effectively.
Darkyle Silhouette


It is very possible for Darkyle to fall victim to his own power--or rather, the ring's power. What exactly happens to him if he does is unknown, but it may not end well for him at all. It means nothing good to his enemies, either.

General Info

Darkyle was last seen on an airship around the time Chaos had flooded Station Square. He and Kyle fought each other, and Kyle was the victor. Darkyle is currently thought to be dead.





Darkyle started out as a black Sonic recolor with red eyes and black gloves. He still does have red eyes of course. He had a sword that looked like Kyle's old cutlass, but red. Blood red. He also had another form where his eyes turned completely red with no pupils, four arms and a red cutlass in each hand. That, was a monstrosity at its best. His backstory was waaaay too sketchy, and kept changing. First he was supposed to be an evil clone of Kyle, then he was supposed to be the dark side of Kyle, then he was supposed to be the evil clone of Kyle's father who grew up and was only a few years older than Kyle. Then he created a clone of Keela to have a sister, but that didn't last long at all. Then he was just unknown. No one knew who or what he was or where he came from. Conveniently at that time he had already been defeated and was thought to be dead. And now, became what he is now. Darkyle took the longest out of them all to get everything straightened out, besides Smash.



The Dark Sword: (NON CANON) His first appearance in an actual roleplay. The roleplay became non-canon sometime afterwards. There were a few other roleplays he appeared in but they were not very important nor memorable.

Odyssey: Darkyle was meant to appear, but never did. He will show up in a dramatic return in the revised version for the series.

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Relationships with Other Characters

Darkyle has no known family or friends. Only enemies.


(Characters by the same Creator)

Kyle Tyris The Hedgehog

He absolutely hates him for reasons unknown. He would go to lengths beyond imagination to have him dead.

Keela Tyris The Hedgehog

He despises her, and will do anything to kill her. However, she is the least of his concerns.

Kyla Tyris The Hedgehog

He loathes her, and wants to make sure she dies.

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