This is an article about Darkvine the Galago, a character created by Jaredthefox92 on 12/23/2012.


Darkvine looks like Tyko the Galago in some ways, yet Darkvine has more dark green color on his fur and he looks more dangerious. Darkvine's teeth look brown and almost wodden like. Darkvine always has a scouring look on his face and some scratches on him that might have come as a result of battle, or him hurting himself in anger.


Darkvine is purely sociopathic and insane. He will kill/attack anyone who dares tread in his forest, such as a group of AMA scouts found out the hard way on a recon mission through his woods. His isolated and insane demonor stims from him being litterally left in the woods to die at a young age. Darkvine was never taught the goodness of others unlike Tyko who observed and played with other animals and travelers as a child. 

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Darkvine can usually be scene in a grumpy mood.


Darkvine was first seen when Iceheart had a mission to find a lost recon team who was under his command and see what happened. Iceheart found them all killed by a not so friendly Darkvine. Iceheart had a battle with Darkvine and won, yet Darkvine was able to temporatly escape. Darkvine has also been known to attack AMA motor pools near where his woods are. 


Darkvine's powers stim from plants just as his brother Tyko's do. The diffenrce is Darkvine uses his powers to attack others more often. His powers have a variety of plant powers like Tyko and he is also belived to be able to regenerate through photosythisis. 


Other than his powers he is known to be a good hunter. Also he is good on surviving on his own, He also is gifited with the natural Galago ability to jump high and from tree-to-tree.


Darkvine is skilled in ambushes and also plant based long range combat. He at aiming his attacks. 


Darkvine is phyrophobic and is also weak against fire attacks. (One reason why he doesn't venture of to the SOL kingdom to attack Blaze.) He is very foolish in his attack patterns and often will go into a blind frenzy instead of planning his attacks. Darkvine is also weak against Ice based attacks. Finally Darkvine's powers are hindered in urban environments where plant life is inhibited. 

His Theme song:

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